XIII: The Struggle for Truth

         Whether alive or dead in the flesh, the predestined Child of Braunau – Adolf Hitler, – lives forever in National Socialism, his creation and integral expression. To understand the latter is to understand him: to see him in the proper light and to place him – whether one be, personally, attracted to him or not, – on the proper level and in the proper class among the galaxy of exceptionally great men. And that is precisely what most National Socialists, even those who remained after 1945, irreproachable in their profession of faith – even “fanatical” ones – (let alone our enemies, and the world at large, which lies for the last ten years under their influence), apparently fail to do, out of lack off, feeling for cosmic realities and, in particular, out of lack of awareness of the rhythm of Time which explains an laws of history, when not also all great happenings.

         One should carefully distinguish the ephemeral N.S.D.A.P., – the National Socialist German Workers Party;[1] an organisation in view of precise aims, which have their place in German and European history, – from the everlasting National Socialist Idea.

         The Party came (officially) into existence on the 24th of February 1920; in fact, already in 1919. It was a revolutionary body determined to win power for its Leader – and for its members, – to rid Germany of the enslavement and shame resulting from the Versailles Treaty, and – for the first time in the history of the West, – to apply, on a broad scale, solid – eternal – biological principles to social and to political life. It had, however, the characteristics of even the very best organisations of our Dark Age: their inherent clumsiness; their all-too-human short-comings. There were all sorts of people – fearless idealists and time-servers; heroes, nay, demi-gods, and an immense majority of irresponsible, sheep-like creatures, and a few influential traitors – among the thirteen million members it had at the height of its glory. It achieved a lot, and yet it failed. It has, since 1945, ceased to exist as a body, and even if it be, one day, destined to rise again under its old name and everlasting Sign, will never be restored exactly as before. Cannot be; for it belongs to Time, and in Time nothing is ever restored. Should not be; for restoration would mean stagnation, whence incapacity to face new circumstances and overcome new dangers.

         The National Socialist Idea is not the Party. Not only was it in existence – “in the air” – more or less in its present-day garb, before the Party (the Proclamation of Friedrich Lange’s “Deutsches Bund,” in Heidelberg, on the 9th of May 1894 – when Adolf Hitler was five years old – has all the traits of a National Socialist Manifesto; and so have Hans Krebs’ declarations in 1904), but it is, in its essence, as old as the oldest contact and first clash between the Germanic race and the outer world. Fundamentally, it is nothing else but the expression of the collective will of the race to survive and to rule; of its readiness to combat and eradicate all that which, from without or from within, stands in the way of its survival and expansion; of its healthy consciousness of itself – of its strength; of its youth; – and of Godhead within itself: a biological reality stressed in political and in social life, rather than a “political” idea. One could say that Theodoric the Great acted in the true National Socialist spirit when, fourteen hundred years before the famous “Nüremberg Laws,” he did all he possibly could to prevent marriages between his Goths and the racially less pure – less Aryan – people of conquered Italy, let alone people of altogether non-Aryan stock. And I have many times and in different writings pointed out that there is no difference in purpose and in standpoint between the National Socialist attitude to life and that of the ancient, warrior-like Aryans, worshippers of Light, who were conquering North-West India, setting the caste-system, conceived on a racial basis, between themselves and the conquered people, and praying the Vedic Gods for “many sons,” prosperous flocks, and “victory over the dark-skinned Dasyus” – for Lebensraum – several thousands of years before 1919, 1933, or 1935.

         One could go a step further and state that, in its essence, the National Socialist Idea exceeds not only Germany and our times, but the Aryan race and mankind itself and any epoch; that it ultimately expresses that mysterious and unfailing Wisdom according to which Nature lives and creates: the impersonal Wisdom of the primaeval forest and of the ocean-depth, and of the spheres in the dark fields of Space; and that it is Adolf Hitler’s glory not merely to have gone back to that divine Wisdom, – stigmatising man’s silly infatuation for “intellect,” his childish pride in “progress” and his criminal attempt to enslave Nature, – but to have made it the basis of a practical regeneration-policy of world-wide scope, precisely now, in our over-crowded, over-civilised, and technically over-evolved world, at the very end of the Dark Age.

         In other words, it is impossible to understand National Socialism unless one integrates it into the cyclic conception of history as suggested by Tradition, i.e., unless one sees in it not a political system among many others, – not an ephemeral “ism,” product of ephemeral circumstances, – but the last, (or, as we shall see, the one before the last) effort of the permanent and more-than-human Forces of Life within this Time-cycle, against the accelerated current of degeneracy characteristic of any advanced development in Time, or, in one sentence, unless one sees in it the effort “against Time” at the very end of the last Age of our present Cycle.

         Seen in this light, the whole well-known struggle to free Germany from the enslavement to which the Versailles Treaty had reduced her, – the National Socialist struggle for “freedom and bread.” (and far space); for the German people’s right to thrive in healthy creative activity, – is the last (or, rather, as we shall see, the one before the last) phase of the perennial Struggle for Truth within the present Time-cycle the form which that perennial Struggle was bound to take at our epoch, i.e., at the end of the Dark Age. And Adolf Hitler is the most heroic of the heroes who, in the course of history, stood in the way of the world’s fated downward rush towards its doom; the One Who comes back, in His last desperate attempt to save that which is still worth saving, before it is too late, – the typical Man “against Time.” He embodies that eternal Nature-wisdom to which I have alluded in the former paragraph – the only wisdom that deserves the name of divine, and opposed it, – not human arguments, – to the false science, and false religion and false morality and, of course, also false political conceptions of our decadent Age, and made Germany’s struggle for freedom the occasion of a broader systematic struggle for the liberation of higher mankind from the chains of the Dark Age. And made the Sign of the Sun – the Sign of Health[2] – the Symbol of both German and Aryan regeneration, and Germany, the holy Land of the West – the Stronghold of regenerate Aryandom.

         Considered as the twentieth century expression of the age-old yearning of Aryan mankind to free itself, here and at once, from the appalling determinism of decay, National Socialism begins before Adolf Hitler’s political career. Its un-recorded but real evolution as an incarnate Idea, – its true history – starts with the future German Führer’s gradual awakening to the consciousness of his own scale of values, of his fundamental aspirations and repulsions, and of his mission: the awakening of the Man “against Time,” as such.

* * *

         There are, to my knowledge, – unfortunately, – no records of Adolf Hitler’s childhood. And, enlightening as it surely is, the little one can gather about it from a conversation with his most sympathetic old tutor, Herr Mayrhofer, (who is still living in Leonding, near Linz, and whom I met twice) and the little he mentions himself in “Mein Kampf” (which is not an autobiography) is not enough to buttress such a definite (and unusual) view of him as the one put forth in the present study. The one apparently authoritative picture of the future ruler’s life and character, years before he “decided to become a politician,” is to be found in the very good book in which August Kubizek – the one friend he had in early youth, – has related the story of his four years’ friendship with him, namely from 1904 to 1908.[3]

         In those years – i.e., when he was over fifteen, less than nineteen, – Adolf Hitler’s main traits of character were already fixed, and visible at every step of his: in all he said or did.

         His scale of values was already that one which was, in later years, to set him apart from every political leader of our times. And the psychological (the real) basis of his philosophy the source of his unshakable faith in it, and the key to his whole career, – was already definite. In other words, the man he was to be – the Man he could but be, under the given circumstances, – had already taken shape and was, with the sureness of instinct, with a mysterious, inner knowledge, a logic of his own that baffled all human calculations, invincibly following the path of his tremendous destiny. And the features of the rapidly awakening personality were unmistakably those, and the unfailing, baffling logic, that, of a Man of the type I have, in this book, characterised as “against Time”: of an inspired, ruthless and realistic – extraordinarily far sighted – fighter for a Golden Age ideal, in the depth of our Dark Age.

         And, were we able to trace the history of Adolf Hitler’s evolution further into those very early years which he describes as providing (from the standpoint of events) “little to remember,”[4] it is not only probable but certain that we would find, in him, up to the very beginning of his life, the self-same, deeply distinctive traits of character, the self-same fundamental aspirations – the same person. Such men as he are not, as so many people seem to think, the “product of circumstances,” but predestined beings who use the given circumstances to the utmost, for a purpose which far exceeds the obvious, immediate aim of their action, or, to speak the language of ancient Wisdom, – and one is, ultimately, compelled to speak that language, – great free Souls,[5] no longer bound by the law of birth and rebirth, who choose to be born in the environment (within the race, the country, the social stratum) in which, and to grow into leading men and to struggle as such under the circumstances under which they are to act the most efficiently, in the highest interest of Creation. They are children and adolescents “against Time” before leaving in history the mark of their passage as Men “against Time.”

         One of the most noticeable traits of people “against Time” – no less than of those I have described as “above Time” – is that they fit nowhere in the world as it is; that their moral and aesthetic – and practical – standards: their conception of happiness and unhappiness, their idea of “success” and failure, and of usefulness, in one word their values, and its, have nothing in common. And, from all that his friend A. Kubizek relates about Adolf Hitler’s adolescence in Linz, that appears precisely to have been the case of the future master of Germany, .at that time a no doubt remarkably gifted but, in the estimation of cool-minded grown-ups, “unpractical” youth, who had recently left the middle-school without completing the course of his studies, and nourished the ambition of becoming a great artist – a painter, or perhaps an architect – with little material prospects of fulfilling it, and who lived on his widowed mother’s meagre pension, and roamed about the streets – or the countryside – and occasionally went to the theatre (taking admittedly the cheapest seats,) and made gigantic plans and spoke – already – with compelling eloquence, – of things that interested nobody but himself, while other boys earned their living and helped their families, or were learning something “useful.” “He just fitted into no social frame whatsoever,”[6] concludes A. Kubizek, after having tried to, analyse the reasons why his friend, despite capacities by far above the average, failed, even in subsequent years, to “get on” professionally. “He had not the slightest ambition of securing himself a livelihood”[7] and of being comfortable. He did not wish to be “comfortable.” He did not – and never was to – think in terms of comfort or of personal “happiness.” What others called “enjoying life” was something absolutely foreign to him.[8] Nor could he “take things as they came” and live lightly, free of worry, entirely within the present.[9] He was, at a very early age, intensely aware that things were wrong in the world round him – wrong in every walk of life, in every domain of thought and action, from A to Z, – and he felt himself duty-bound to change them; not to change this or that in them, leaving the rest untouched, but to change them ruthlessly and radically, for they were radically wrong, and to build everything anew, according to principles different from those that had prevailed up till then.

         And this was not a mere wish, a more or less vague desire or day-dream. It was a purpose that he pursued with “deadly seriousness”[10] and unfailing consistency,[11] busying himself long before hand with the most minute details of his plans in every particular case, without for all that ever losing sight of the spirit and general lines of his creation as a whole, so much so that that “extraordinary seriousness” and consistency – and merciless radicality[12] – struck all those who knew him as the main trait of his character. He pursued it – nay, already in those years in which he was not yet politically active; already while he himself still believed that art would remain, throughout life, his first and foremost concern – with that feverish impatience which finds its expression in the words: “Now, or never”; with the haste inherent in all earnest action “against Time.” And that impatience – that tragic awareness that “tomorrow will be too late” – was to stamp his whole career as a ruler and as the Founder of the last true civilisation within the Dark Age. In it, in fact, lies the source and the explanation of Adolf Hitler’s most drastic – and most criticized – steps in later life and the sign that National Socialism, that most heroic of all reactions against our Dark Age, historically still belongs to this Age, while transcending its spirit.

* * *

         The ideal in the name of which Adolf Hitler constantly rebelled against practically all he saw in living life – already as an adolescent, and then more and more as a young man and as a man thirty and over thirty – was nothing less than that which I have described in this book as “a Golden Age ideal”; the inner vision of a healthy, beautiful and also peaceful (necessarily peaceful) world; of the real earthly paradise, faithful image of cosmic perfection, in which righteousness prevails as a matter of course. There can be no doubt about it if one reads not only that interesting story of his youthful years which his friend A. Kubizek has written, but also all that he wrote and said himself in later, active life. And in an epoch such as that in which we are now living – when, all over the world, every possible attempt is made to present him not merely as “a war monger” but as the “war criminal” number one, – it is not superfluous to stress the fact that Adolf Hitler was, not only at the dawn of his awakening as a “Man against Time” but all his life, “a bitter enemy of war”[13] as such; the fact that he was by nature “gifted with deep sensitiveness, and full of sympathy for others”[14]; that his programme was essentially a constructive one, his struggle, the struggle for an exalted, positive aim, his aim: the regeneration of higher mankind (of the only section of mankind worth saving) and, ultimately, through the survival of regenerated higher mankind, the restoration of the long-destroyed harmony between the cosmic Order and the sociopolitical conditions on earth, i.e., the restoration of Golden Age conditions; the opening not merely of a “new era” for Germany, but of a new Time-cycle for the whole world.

         It is not superfluous, in times like ours, to remind the reader of all the Führer’s efforts to avoid the Second World War, even at the price of heavy concessions, and then, (when this had proved impossible) to stop it, while it could yet be stopped. It is not superfluous to recall the words he addressed his old friend Kubizek on the 23rd of July 1940, i.e. when, from a military standpoint, all seemed to be going on splendidly; when the Swastika Flag was fluttering over public buildings in the capitals of seven conquered States, – “This war thrusts us years back in our constructive work. It is deplorable. I have not indeed become the Chancellor of the Greater German Reich in order to conduct war!”[15] Not only was he against war for war’s sake (or for the sake of worthless motives) but he was against any form of useless violence, not to speak of “useless cruelty,” which was, under the Third Reich, according to law and (whenever detected) also in fact, a severely punishable offence.[16] The news of even such an understandable outburst of broad-scale revengefulness as that which took place during the “Kristall Nacht” (8th-9th of November 1938) – attacks on Jews and Jewish property, and burning down of synagogues in answer to repeated Jewish provocation, – brought him “to the pitch of indignation.”[17]

         That inborn reluctance to wanton violence is a trait common to all those whom I have called men “above Time” (such as King Akhnaton, the Buddha, or Jesus Christ) and to the great fighters “against Time,” Founders of new religious and cultural eras, such as Lord Krishna or, nearer to our times, the Prophet Mahomet, the only men with whom Adolf Hitler can be compared if one feels at all the necessity of drawing historical parallels.

         It is one of the signs that his ultimate aim remained – like theirs – a state of deep-rooted, lasting, (more-than-human) harmony, not of conflict among men; in other words, I repeat, a restoration of the original Golden Age conditions upon earth, the only conditions under which absolute health – which means: perfection, – ever prevailed. Considered in the light of such an aim, every necessary violence is a “deplorable” necessity (to quote once more Adolf Hitler’s own words about, the Second World War in 1940). Every unnecessary violence is a denial of the spirit of such a struggle “against Time” as that of National Socialism for power; a foolish provocation of the Dark Forces that stand in the way of its success, and. therefore a sin against the Cause of Truth. And that is the real, deep meaning of the Führer’s bitter words, addressed to Dr. Goebbels at the news of the “Kristall Nacht”: “You people have thrust back National Socialism, and spoilt my work for many years when not for good, through this nonsense!”[18]

* * *

         Adolf Hitler’s leading emotion is obviously his “love beyond all measure”[19] for Germany and all that is German. “He lived in the German people; nothing counted for him, save they.”[20] These words, describing the future ruler’s feelings al-ready in early youth, are true at all stages of his life. And his main intellectual, or rather, spiritual, feature, is perhaps that inborn, baffling intuition of history in the broadest sense of the word – of history as our planet’s destiny, – which lifts him straight above all politicians, generals and actual kings, to the level of the great Seers, and gives his whole career that extraordinary, “dream-like”[21] character of which Hans Grimm so appropriately speaks. The originality of his genius lies in the fact that he lived his German patriotism from a cosmic point of view, giving both Germany and the history of our times their true significance in the light of not merely human but cosmic evolution.

         I do not know whether Adolf Hitler would have been, at any period of his career, in a position to give a learned lecture about the cyclic conception of history according to ancient Wisdom. But I am absolutely sure that he felt, thought and acted, from beginning to end, in full consciousness of the eternal truth – both biological and metaphysical, – which this conception expresses. His writings – specially the general statements which he laid down in Chapter XI of the first part of “Mein Kampf” – his speeches before and after his rise to power, and more eloquently than anything, the great decisions of his life, prove that he did. The basical tenets and entire spirit of the National Socialist doctrine prove that he did. For what is the latter, if not a passionate denial of the wide-spread belief in the “dignity” of “man” as such (of any human creature of any race) and of the no less wide-spread and no less arbitrary idea of man’s “mastery” over Nature, and of his illimited “progress”? The denial of these dogmas in favour of an aristocratic conception of the Universe and, in particular, of history, in the light of which the noble races (and, among them, in first rank, the Aryan, the noblest of all) are alone capable of bringing collectively into material fulfillment, the whole wealth of higher human possibilities? Their denial, also, in favour of the bold assertion that history is, – in fact, has always been, – a long process of more or less slow decay from original perfection to a final state of chaos out of which one rises once more not through regular, unbroken evolution, but abruptly, – i.e., through revolutionary methods – to the state of health, virtue and beauty, i.e., of earthly godhead, which marks the springtime (all the successive spring-times) of Creation?

         Considered in its essence, it is, indeed, that, before anything else. More so: the fact that it is that governs, as we shall see, its attitude, – determines its position, – with regard to the various “questions” of our times, from the all-important, worldwide Jewish problem (which is anything but “modern”) to those affairs which, at first sight, seem to concern Germany alone. (And there lies precisely the hidden but actual source of its unpopularity in this Dark Age.)

         Years before he came to power; nay, years before he started his political career, – Adolf Hitler was vividly aware of that incompatibility between this Age, this world as we see it, and the healthy, glorious world of his dreams. And he sought the reality of the latter, when not in the historical Golden Age of our Time-cycle – so far behind us and so different from all we know that it is practically unthinkable, – at least in as remote a past as his imagination could reach: in the legendary Age before the dawn of recorded German history; the Age pictured in the old Germanic sagas. He did not study that age, as a student of archaeology would have. He lived in it through his own visionary’s intuition and through the magic of Richard Wagner’s music, which he loved. And far from being the mere product of an ephemeral youthful enthusiasm, that consciousness of the World of the Sagas was precisely that which, more decisively than anything else, “conditioned his historical and political views.”[22] It was the consciousness of the world “to which he felt he actually belonged.” And “all through his life, he found nothing for which he could stand with such pious devotion as he did for that world, which the Sagas of the German heroes had opened to him.”[23]

         In other words, it is the healthy, strong, beautiful Germans of the heroic Age who, in his eyes, represented real Germany; eternal Germany. Maybe they have, historically, lived only a few millenniums before the beginning of the present Dark Age (in what the Sanskrit authors call the Dwapara Yuga; the third of the four great Ages) maybe, already within this present Age of Gloom itself (I mean, in the very first part of it). That is not the point. The point is that, faithful in fact to Tradition, Adolf Hitler believed in the existence of earthly perfection as a reality both of the future and of a very, very remote past. The point is that, whatever might have been the epoch in which they – or their historical prototypes – actually lived, the men and women of the hallowed “world of the Sagas” signified, symbolised, for him, that earthly perfection, that humanity without a flaw for which he yearned with all the ardour of his heart and nearer and nearer to which one reaches to the extent one follows Time further and further up-stream.

         There is more. Strange as this statement may seem to the European, nay to the German reader himself, Adolf Hitler’s “immeasurable love” for his people is something greater than usual patriotism. It is, no doubt, rooted in that natural feeling of blood – solidarity which binds most individuals – and certainly all Germans, – to their countrymen. But it is, at the same time, the immediate outcome of a staggering intuitive knowledge; the expression of actual insight into the nature, meaning and destiny of Germany as the privileged Nation among all those of the same blood: the most gifted; the most conscious; the most fit to rule; in one word, the most objectively valuable section of Aryan mankind. It is, in spite of what many may think, nay, in spite of the judgement passed upon it by such a prominent figure of the National Socialist regime as Konstantin Hierl,[24] anything but the German counterpart of the British chauvinist’s attitude rendered in the well-known motto: “Right or wrong, my country!”

         True, Adolf Hitler himself has written in “Mein Kampf” that, had he “been French,” and had France’s greatness meant to him all that Germany’s in fact did, he “could not and would not have acted any differently from Clemenceau.”[25] But, if one is to consider him, and to try to interpret his historical career in the light of Ancient Wisdom, (and subsequently, in connection with the destiny of the whole world) one is forced to say: he could not have been French – nor English; nor even Scandinavian. He could not have been anything else but German, nay, anything else but a frontier German, doubly aware of the tragic injustice of man-made frontiers and of the natural unity of the Reich beyond and in spite of them-and of the natural unity of the Aryan race beyond and in spite of the boundaries of the Reich. More still: one is bound to admit that, far from exalting Germany merely because he was a German, it is, on the contrary, he who chose to be born a German because of the predestined – God-ordained – part that Germany has played and is more and more called to play on the side of the eternal Forces of Light and Life in their struggle against the Forces of disintegration, now, as the end of this Dark Age is drawing nigh; because, objectively speaking, the earthly salvation of the Aryan race – the regeneration of higher mankind – can only come from and through Germany: the one Aryan Nation in which the race is still sufficiently pure to be, under given circumstances, capable of total regeneration, while, at the same time it has, through the unbroken experience of danger, remained sufficiently awake to be fully awakened, and sufficiently warrior-like to carry on, to its end, the struggle against Dark Age conditions: the perennial Struggle “against Time,” for integral Truth.

         In other words, both the quality of her biological substance and the particular stamp which history has left upon her, have made Germany the one Nation capable of taking the lead of Western Aryandom (when not also of Aryandom as a whole) in the last life and death struggle – the struggle for the survival and rule of the best, who are the predestined founders of the next Golden Age; the last phase of the perennial Struggle “against Time,” marking the end of the present Age of Gloom. And the inspired Man “against Time” who was, at the beginning of that phase, to act on behalf of the Forces of Light and Life, was bound to be a German, nay, the very embodiment of eternal Germany. And Adolf Hitler was that Man. And he knew it in the depth of his heart. He was perfectly conscious of the fact that his policy, both at home and abroad, was the only real German policy, and therefore the only conceivable one in the interest of Aryan mankind as a whole and – consequently – of the whole realm of Lift the only conceivable one “in the interest of the Universe,” to quote the words of the Book of books. For alone regenerate Aryan man can and will save what is, in spite of all, worth saving in this doomed world, and build a new earth – open a new Time-cycle – on the basis of principles eternally true. Adolf Hitler has repeatedly said so in his speeches. And repeatedly expressed in “Mein Kampf” the same fact, namely that he was acting “in the spirit of the almighty Creator” and struggling “for the Lord’s own work”[26] i.e. for Truth upon this earth: earthly Perfection; and that his “new ideas” are “in harmony with the primeaval meaning of things.”[27]

         What August Kubizek relates of his life in Linz and Vienna from 1904 to 1908, shows how early the future ruler had acquired a clear conception of his ultimate aim – the “ideal State” – and become aware of the spirit of the whole programme he was, one day, to set forth and to work out, with the help of enthusiastic millions of people; how early he knew what his policy would be (what, in fact, any policy in accordance with truth, i.e. with Nature, can only be): – at the same time national and socialistic; nay, socialistic because it was to be – is too be – national in the full sense of the word, first in the sense of racial; and national in that sense because that Godhead within us which is real Godhead, is nothing else but the latent glory of our race in its original perfection.

         To urge the German and, beyond the pale of the Reich, the Aryan in general – the youngest race of our Time – cycle, destined to the lordship of the divine Beginning of the next cycle – to yearn for and to strive with all his enlightened might towards that perfection on all planes, and to bring it, here and now, collectively as well as individually, into being (to the extent this is exceptionally possible, already during the Dark Age); to urge him to be, now, against the prevailing spirit of general contamination and general decay – against the current of Time, – the witness and the herald of the coming Dawn, and that, on a national, or rather on a racial scale, such is and remains the actual goal of National Socialism, the Hitler faith, however astounding this may yet appear to most people, to-day, in Year twenty-two[28] after “the first Seizure of power.[29] Important as they may have been after 1918 – or as they may be now after 1945, – the immediate political aims which could not and cannot be separated from the persecuted Weltanschauung are mere steps towards that one great positive, permanent goal.

* * *

         As I have previously stated, Adolf Hitler was from early adolescence, and probably from childhood, conscious of the shocking disparity that exists between “real life” – life under Dark Age conditions – as it drew his attention through thousand and one details, and his own conception of earthly perfection, a living reflexion of which he sought in the world of the old Germanic Sagas (transfigured, for him, in Wagner’s musical dramas) and – Kubizek tells us, – in the stately blonde young maiden to whom he never spoke, but whom he idealised from a distance as the resplendent embodiment of perfect German womanhood.[30] Instances of human misery, nay – and the importance of this can never be sufficiently stressed – instances of the age-old exploitation of animals by man,[31] which another person would have deplored, but judged unavoidable, or looked upon as trifling, or not noticed at all, provided him with an opportunity to feel indignant and to crave for entirely new conditions of life. But it is during the years of grinding poverty and complete moral solitude, which he spent in Vienna as a young man, that the experience of the wretchedness and ugliness of this present Age imposed itself upon him for the first time in all its tragic horror. He has described it in immortal words.[32] And, more than the daily contact with material misery itself (with material misery which he, by the way, not merely beheld, but actually shared), the sight of the degrading effects of that misery upon his people and upon their young children was unbearable to him.

         Two facts should, at that stage of Adolf Hitler’s life, retain the attention of whoever wishes to understand him and the Movement he was to start ten years later, obviously as a political Movement for the assertion of Germany’s rights, in reality, also as the moral and metaphysical basis of a new civilisation: first, the aloofness in which he lived, amidst the surrounding misery and degradation; and then, the thoroughness and detachment with which he studied the latter, traced its deep causes under the immediate, superficial ones, and became, through that clear knowledge, more and more aware of his own predestined role in this Age of Gloom. “One cannot ‘study’ the social question from above,” writes he, in “Mein Kampf.”[33] One has, one’s self, to experience the same perpetual insecurity of life, to be acquainted with the same pangs of hunger, to dwell in the same over-crowded, dirty, noisy surroundings as the disinherited classes, in one word, to live the wretchedness that gnaws into them and degrades them, in order to know what social misery means. The future German Führer has lived it, and suffered from it, personally, day after day, for months, for years, without it ever degrading or even changing him. He preferred to “exist” on hunger rations, rather than sacrifice his independence or sell more than it was absolutely necessary of the precious time he needed to study both books and men and to think. And when he had earned a little money, he preferred to buy himself a seat in the theatre – two or three hours’ holiday in the beautiful world of the old Sagas, to the accompaniment of Wagner’s solemn music, away, far away from the daily dreary wretchedness that seemed to be his lot for ever, – rather than treat himself to a substantial meal.[34] He refused publicity – and money – rather than to allow a story which he had written to he printed by a Jew.[35] Nobody can understand him save a true artist who is, at the same time, a true revolutionary: a person of one dream and one aim, like himself. But how well every such a one – every creator and fighter of his type, when surely not of his magnitude, i.e. every person “against Time” – does understand him!

         There is more. Not only did he live in uncompromising faithfulness to his ideals, inaccessible to the lure of material comfort and social advantages, but he shared none of the weaknesses of average mankind, not to mention the vices of that underworld into which fate had pushed him or, by the way, those of the so-called “better classes” of this fallen humanity. He rigourously abstained from alcohol and tobacco; and even when, occasionally, he could afford a diet other than his usual bread and milk, he ate pastry and fruits, not meat. His deeper instinct inclined him naturally towards that sort of food which people, in whose life an immemorial Tradition still plays a great part, call “pure.”[36] And the dictates of serious reflexion merely confirmed in him those of deeper, healthy instinct. Adolf Hitler was, in course of life, to become a more and more convinced vegetarian; and though disaster robbed him of the opportunity of attempting “after the war,” to give his views, gradually, the force of law, he remains, to my knowledge, the only ruler in the West who, both on hygienic and moral (and aesthetic) grounds, ever earnestly considered the possibility of suppressing meat-eating, and of abolishing thereby the standing horror of the slaughterhouses. This is reported by Dr. Goebbels in his “Diaries,”[37] and brilliantly confirmed by numerous statements ascribed to the Führer himself in the “Dinner-time talks,” also printed after 1945 by the bitterest enemies of National Socialism, certainly not with the intention of exalting him.

         As a young man, and nay, a very attractive one, Adolf Hitler withstood the manifold temptations of the corrupt metropolis – ignored the solicitations of women, rejected with disgust those of men, and kept the sacred “flame of Life” (to use the word Kubizek quotes) pure and strong and constantly under control within himself. He did so without the slightest intention of “mortifying the flesh”; without the slightest desire of “acquiring merit” for the salvation of his soul; simply because he respected that energy given to man for a higher purpose, and looked upon every wanton waste of it as a sin against the Race at the same time as a profanation of the divinity of Life. The “flame of life,” felt he, was to be dedicated to the selfless service of the Race, visible Vehicle of Life eternal. It was to be used, like man’s whole physical and moral energy, “in the spirit of the Creator,” i.e., in view of the attainment of perfection on earth. The entire National Socialist teaching concerning sex and sexual relations, with its well-known stress upon absolute health and racial purity, as laid down in “Mein Kampf,”[38] has its origin and its basis in that truly religious (although anything but “other-worldly”) attitude; in that standpoint of the “Man against Time” seeking, in defiance of the corruption of the Dark Age, to re-establish, here and now, the biological – i.e. fundamental – conditions of the earthly paradise; preparing the privileged, natural élite of mankind for the part it has to play in the formation of the god-like Race of the new earth, that will thrive in peace after this Dark Age has come to an end.

         And all Adolf Hitler’s positive measures in view of the physical and moral protection of his predestined people, natural leaders of Aryan man, after he came to power: his admirable laws for the welfare of mother and child; for the creation of ideal living conditions for workmen’s families; for the education of a healthy, self-confident and self-reliant, proud and beautiful youth; and his famous “Nüremberg Laws,” forwarding the growth in Germany of a pure-blooded Germanic race (forbidding sexual relations with Jews and, in fact, with non-Aryans of any description), have no other origin and no other meaning. Their aim – nay, the practical aim of National Socialism as such – was and remains not merely to improve the material lot of the German labourers (however important a part this immediate aim doubtless played in the success of the Hitler Movement in Germany, after the first World War); not merely to make the new State, comprising all people of Germanic blood – that “holy Reich of all Germans”[39] of which Adolf Hitler already spoke in his adolescent’s conversations with August Kubizek – a strong and prosperous State, but to regenerate the German people – the most conscious among the Aryans of the West – radically, and to organise them, in all walks of life, so as to create out of them the only dam capable of withstanding and thrusting back the threatening tide of inferior humanity, whose rise is, in this as in every Time-cycle, the increasingly tragic sign of an advanced stage of the Dark Age; capable of thrusting it back and of carrying, beyond its defeat, (and its destruction, at the very end of the Age of Gloom) the treasure of god-like life into the glory of the new Beginning.

         As I said before, it is difficult to state how far Adolf Hitler could have explicitly given expression to this point of view. It was, nevertheless, in reality, his point of view. In particular, he was and remained all his life vividly aware of the compelling necessity of preserving, nay, of forwarding, at any cost the racial aristocracy of mankind – the best elements of the Aryan race, – if this planet is not, after an appalling period of chaos, (after the end of the present Time-cycle) “to go its way, void of human beings, through aetherial space, as it did millions of years ago.”[40] Standing alone, personally untouched by Dark Age conditions at their worse, although deeply and painfully acquainted with them, he observed their effects upon the people in whom his unfailing intuition forced him to recognise, in spite of all, the predestined biological substance of an infinitely better mankind: the ones who are not yet, but who (to quote Nietzsche’s words) are “becoming,” or at least are capable of becoming supermen: his own German people. And, with serenity and with realism, he sought the causes of physical and moral wretchedness; the many causes: selfishness of the owning classes; indifference or cowardice of men in power; the grip of international high finance upon national economy; the influence of Jewry upon the national body and soul, etc.; etc., but under those many causes, the one cause: the rule of false values; the exaltation of untruth, which is synonymous of sickness; in all domains, rebellion against the spirit of the divine Order of Nature. That is what he had come to fight, so that the “reign of Righteousnes” be re-established.

* * *

         Adolf Hitler’s second and even more shattering experience of the horror of the present Age began on the 10th of November 1918, as he stood, half-blind from the effects of poisonous gas, among his wounded comrades in a hospital hall at Pasewalk in Pomerania, and heard from the clergyman the latest news: the “November revolution” and Germany’s capitulation; the tragic end of the first World War.

         More than four years before, he had joined the war with enthusiasm, as a volunteer in a Bavarian regiment, not in an Austrian one, clearly showing thereby that he was prepared to die anytime for the German people and “for the Reich that embodied them,”[41] though not for “the State of the Habsburgs” – that artificial State of many nationalities. For he considered the war in no way as an Austrian concern, but as a struggle of the German people (including, naturally, those of Austria) “for their existence”[42] – as a just war. And, he had done his duty thoroughly; faithfully. And although he had, for months already, (specially since the general strike of 1917) been fearing – feeling – that some diabolical traitors’ intrigues were being carried on to rob the German front-soldier of a victory which he well deserved, yet he had not expected such an end, and so suddenly….

         The grief, the indignation and temporary despair that took him over as he abruptly acquired “the most horrible certitude in his life”[43] are so eloquently described in “Mein Kampf” that nothing can throw more light upon the future, Führer’s state of mind than an extensive, quotation of his own words: “I could not remain any longer” (i.e. remain hearing the news). “While my eyes once more stared into darkness, I sought my way back to the dormitory, threw myself upon my bed, and buried my burning head under the quilts and pillows.

         Since the day I had stood before my mother’s grave, I had not wept. When, in my youth, Destiny had been mercilessly harsh to me, I had faced it with growing defiance. When during the long years of the war, death had taken many a dear comrade and friend of mine from our ranks, it would have seemed to me nearly a sin to complain – for they had died for Germany. And when, in the days of the terrible struggle, the slowly advancing gas had taken me in its grip, and begun to gnaw into my eyes, and when the fear of becoming blind for ever had made me feel, for a second, as though I would weaken, the voice of conscience had thundered to me: ‘Miserable wretch! You feel like weeping, while thousands are faring worse than yourself!’ And I had put up with my lot in silence. But now I could not help weeping. Now I experienced how completely every personal suffering fades away before the misfortune of one’s Fatherland.

         So, it had all been in vain! In vain all our sacrifices, and all the hardships we had endured; in vain, hunger and thirst, for months without end; in vain, the hours in which, facing the terror of death, we had yet done our duty; and in vain, the death of two million men! Would not the graves of the hundreds of thousands who had gone forth full of faith in the Fatherland, never to return, break open and release the dumb heroes covered with mud and blood, – release them as revengeful spirits among the people at home, who had treated so disdainfully the highest sacrifice which a man can offer his country? Had they died for that, the soldiers of August and September 1914? Had the regiments of volunteers, in the autumn of the same year, followed for that the elder comrades? Had those boys of seventeen sunk for that into Flanders’ earth? Was that the object of the sacrifice that German mothers had brought the Fatherland when, with a grieving heart, they had sent the boys to their duty, never to see them, again? Had all that happened in order to enable, now, a handful of criminals to set their grip upon the Fatherland?!! … The more I tried, then, to think clearly about the monstrous event, the more my forehead burnt with indignation and shame. What was all the pain I felt in my eyes, compared with this wretchedness?

         What followed, were appalling days and still worse nights. I knew that all was lost. Only fools – fools or … liars and criminals – could put their hope in the enemy’s mercy. During those nights, hatred grew in me, hatred against the originators of that deed.

         In those days, I also became aware of my destiny. Now, I could only laugh at the thought of my own future, that had caused me such bitter worry only a short time before. Was it not ridiculous to build houses upon such foundations as this? At last it was clear to me that the very thing which I so often already had feared, without ever being able, in my heart, to believe it, had now happened.

         Emperor William the Second had been the first German emperor to hold out his hand to the leaders of Marxism, in a gesture of reconciliation, without knowing that rascals have no honour. While they still held the Emperor’s hand in one of theirs, their other one was already seeking for the dagger.

         With Jews, no pactising policy is possible, but only that of the hard “either – or.”

         “I decided to become a politician.”[44]

         This heart-rending autobiographical account could – historically – be described as: the passage of National Socialism from the stage of an expectant or latent incarnate Idea, to that of an active one.

         Surely the incarnate Idea is, when not as old as Adolf Hitler himself, at least as old as his earliest awakening to socio-political, nay, to philosophical consciousness in general. And that took place very early: already in Linz, when not before. Yet, then, and in Vienna, although his interest in social and political problems grew and grew with the daily experience of injustice and misery, and still in Münick, after 1912, the future ruler continued to think of himself primarily as of a future architect. There may have been moments, of course, in which he thought, or at least felt, differently. There were such moments – one such moment at least, and a great one, – already in his life in Linz, if we are to believe Kubizek’s account of it.[45] But the artist’s immediate goal soon reappeared. Horrible as – in Vienna, at any rate – many of them doubtless were, the experiences of daily life were not sufficiently appalling to push it out of sight altogether. Nay, during the war, when more and more aware of the necessity of opposing to the forces of international Socialism a national organisation which would be free from the weaknesses of the Parliamentary System, Hitler had begun to think seriously of becoming politically active, he had merely visualised himself speaking in public “while carrying on his profession.”[46] Now, his profession, nay, his art, – for he still was, and could but remain, fundamentally, an artist, – was out of question. Every activity which was not to contribute directly and immediately to free Germany from the consequences and specially from the causes of defeat, was, out of question; and that, not merely because Adolf Hitler loved Germany above all things, but because that more-than-human intuition that classes him among the few great seers of mankind, told him that Germany’s real, deeper interest was – is, absolutely, – the real interest of Creation; – the “interest of the Universe,” again to quote the immortal words of the Bhagavad-Gita. (And it is not an accident, – not a mere coincidence, – that I, a non-German Aryan intimately connected with England, Greece and India, should stress this fact. It is a sign; a symbol; the first expression of the homage of worldwide Aryandom to the latest Man “against Time” and to the truly chosen Nation).

         Out of the abyss of powerless despair – from that bed of, suffering upon which the nameless corporal Adolf Hitler lay weeping over Germany’s fate while his blinded eyes burned in their sockets, like red-hot embers; out of his appalling certitude that “all was lost,” that “all had been in vain” – rose the defiant Will to freedom and Will to power of an invincible people and, beyond that, and greater than that, the perennial cosmic Will to Perfection in all its majesty; the will of the German soldier who had fought in Flanders and – identical to it; expressing itself through it, – the impesonal and irresistible Will of the eternal Warrior and Seer above Time and “against Time”; the Will of Him Who comes back age after age, “when all is lost,” “when evil rules supreme,” to re-establish on earth the reign of Righteousness.

         From then onwards, the age-old Struggle for Truth – the Struggle “against Time” – was, in the West, to enter a new phase. It was to identify itself with the political struggle to free Germany from the bondage imposed upon her by the victors of 1918, no less than with the more-than-political one against the causes of physical and moral decay that were – and still are – threatening the existence of the natural aristocracy of the Aryan race. And the National Socialist German Labourers’ Party – the famous N.S.D.A.P., which Adolf Hitler soon evolved out of the tiny group of idealists (seven, including himself) originally called “Deutsche Arbeiter Partei,” which he joined in 1919 – was to be the one agent of the everlasting Force of Light and Life amidst the growing darkness of the Dark Age. I say: the one; for, contrarily to all other so-called movements of regeneration, religious and secular, this political and yet infinitely more than political Movement, attacked the very root of historical decay as such: biological decay, consequence of sin against the primary natural Commandant of blood purity; in other words (from the standpoint of original Perfection), sickness; tangible, physical untruth and that moral untruth (that false conception of “man”) which stands to the back of it.

* * *

         There are, in the records of mankind, few things as beautiful as the early history of the National Socialist Movement.

         The tremendous will-power, kindled through despair, on of which the latter had sprung, was, as I just said, nothing les than the divine Will to Perfection in its last (or one before last) effort to lead the best up-stream against the fated current of Time and to save through them whatever is yet worth saving in this doomed Creation. The material and moral condition under which the Movement took shape – the miserable, smoky room[47] in which six unknown German workmen sat and discussed with the superman who was soon to guide them, and millions of others, to the reconquest of national greatness these men’s utter poverty, their utter insignificance in the eye of the wide world and specially of those well-spoken of, comfortable politicians and party-leaders whom they were, within few years, to thrust into oblivion; their burning faith and which is more, the fact that their Leader – Adolf Hitler – was in possession of cosmic truth – are highly symbolical. All life begins in darkness. All everlasting things are born in silence and away from the lime-light of publicity; in faith and in truth And whatever is not born in such a manner, does not last However noisy and wide-spread be its success, it will not stand the test of time and that of persecution, let alone the terrible impact of the storm in which a Time-cycle comes to its end.

         The very early growth of National Socialism as an active, incarnate Idea, was like the growth of a corn-seed within the snow-bound earth; it was like the slow rise of molten rock within the depth of a slumbering volcano: unnoticed and irresistible. It was the outcome of a natural Force, in fact, of the oldest and mightiest of all natural Forces: of Life’s inherent instinct of self-preservation in presence of the Powers of death – the Force that links every Time-cycle to the following one, over almost total destruction. Started in 1919, officially founded in early 1920, it owes that divine Force its impulse which nothing, – not even the disaster of 1945 – was able to break.

         Throughout the wide world, governments representing sheer finance interests looked with satisfaction upon their latest handiwork: the Versailles peace-treaty, up till then the most infamous official document in history, intended to enslave Germany for all times. And the sheep followed their shepherds. And the parrots repeated the nonsense – and lies – which they had been taught: “This Treaty seals the victory of those who fought this war in order to put an end to all wars!” – while frenzied crowds demonstrated in the streets of the French towns howling “Germany must pay!”. Never had there been so many speeches, so many sermons, so many articles and books – such a “hullabaloo” – about “peace.” And never had victors yet behaved with such calculated barbarity.

         In the unconspicuous little room at the back of a café in Münick, however, Adolf Hitler – the Man “against Time,” – spoke to the tiny group of German workmen; to the rough men of pure blood and solid virtues, sons of the people among which he – He, the One Who comes back, – had chosen (this time) to be born. And his words were – and his whole life was – the answer to the lies of this advanced Dark Age. They cannot have been much different from those one reads in “Mein Kampf” although these were written five years later. He said “For me, as for every true National Socialist, there is only one doctrine: people and fatherland.

         We have to fight to, secure the existence and expansion of our race and of our people; to enable them to nourish their children and to preserve the purity of their blood; to secure the freedom of our Fatherland, so that our people may be in the position too fulfill the mission appointed to them by the Creator of the Universe.[48]

         He said: “Whoever speaks of a mission of the German people on this earth must know that such a mission can only lie in the formation of a State which holds it to be its highest task to preserve and to promote the noblest of all elements which have, in our people, nay, in the whole of mankind, remained unspoilt.[49]

         He said: “The German Reich should, as a State, comprise all Germans, and set itself the task not merely to gather and preserve the most valuable original racial elements in that people, but to raise them slowly and surely to a ruling position.[50]

         He said: “Men do not go to ruin through lost wars, but through the loss of that power of resistance that lies in pure blood alone.[51]

         He was aware of the downfall of the whole of mankind – including Germany – in the present Age. “Unfortunately,” said he, “our German people are no longer racially homogeneous.”[52] And aware of the primary cause of downfall: racial mixture, the result of forgetfulness of Nature’s truth. And aware of that truth, expressed in the oldest Book of Aryan Wisdom, the Bhagavad-Gita: “Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding; and out of this, all evil.”[53] He was aware of it, not because he had read the Book, (it is doubtful whether he had, at least as early as 1919) but because the impersonal Wisdom of the most ancient Aryans lived in him; because he was He Who has spoken in the Book – the One Who comes back. And he knew that the Wisdom which he preached as the key to earthly salvation “corresponds entirely to the original meaning of things”;[54] and that the way he preached – return to that primeaval, cosmic Wisdom in individual and in collective life, in thought and in deed, – was – is – the only way through which the chosen few can survive the last impact of the forces of disintegration and become the founders of the new Age of Truth. And that those chosen few are the best elements of the youngest great Race of our Time-cycle: the Aryan. He knew that too. And while he stressed in his speeches the necessity of freeing Germany, at once, from the immediate consequences of the Versailles Treaty – inflation; unemployment; growing misery, – his ultimate aim remained to raise her to that organised power which, in the light of traditional Wisdom, can only be termed as a “State against Time” – nay, the “State against Time,” enabling the best to carry both their privileged biological substance and their unmarred Golden Age ideal through and beyond the last storms of this Dark Age.

         He spoke with the compelling eloquence of faith, knowing that he was right – that the endless future of the Universe (not merely of Germany and Europe) would glaringly prove how right he was. He spoke with the wild eloquence of emergency, knowing also that the struggle he was about to start had to take place then or never; that there was not an hour to waste.

         And the sombre faces of the hungry, embittered men, who had fought and suffered, and yet lost, gazed at him with that unconditional admiration and confidence that is the essence of worship – the faces of the six, and, soon, of many more; of; hundreds, in ever broader meeting-halls, always too small to contain them; of hundreds of thousands under the open sky.

         “Men do not go to ruin through lost wars…” The magic words – these, and others, meaning the same, – rang throughout defeated Germany. And the hundreds of thousands no longer felt defeated. They now knew they had been betrayed. And they roared against the traitors and against the dark powers at the back of them – the dark powers that they (the German people) would one day crush. They felt strong; they felt young; – invincible and immortal. They felt what the best among them really were – had been, from the beginning of Aryan history, appointed to become – the masters of an unheard-of future; the proud founders of a new world (Only they did not – yet – know through what a terrible Via dolorosa they actually were to fulfill that staggering destiny). They gathered, more and more numerous, round the Man whose inspired speech quickened in them the highest possibilities of joyous heroism – and made them see old forgotten truths in a glaring new light; whose magic radiance filled them with self-assurance: whose love for them was limitless and gratuitous, like the love of a God. They beheld in him the Leader, the Avenger, the Saviour – the living embodiment of their unvanquished collective Self, which indeed he was. And they followed him blindly. Their love carried him to power; their love, and their hatred for those whom he rightly pointed out to them as the promoters of the humiliation of 1918 and of all the subsequent misery: the Jews, and the servants of Jewry, agents of the Dark Forces by nature or by choice, Germany’s – and the world’s – real enemies.

* * *

         Their real enemies and their only enemies. Adolf Hitler has pointed out no others. (And that is precisely the reason why the whole world – this doomed Dark Age world, stricken with madness, which exalts its foes and kills its friends, – has risen against him like one man). The fact is too important not to deserve a thorough explanation.

         Nothing is more unfair to National Socialism than the all-too-easy description of its inherent “Anti-Semitism” as “a means intended to turn the German people’s attention away from their actual exploiters” (meaning: the German capitalists), or, as a modern expression of the age-old “envy” of the Goyyim – of any Goyyim – at the sight of the Jews’ undeniable success in business. The first assumption, brought forth ad nauseam by the Communists and their sympathisers, – reveals either a complete absence of good faith or a complete misunderstanding of the Jewish question as such and therefore of all serious, vital “Anti-Semitism.” The latter may well be applied to Armenian “Anti-Semitism” (or to that of any commercially clever Levantines, whose trickery the Jews alone are able to outdo). It has nothing whatsoever in common with the profound, biological and therefore irreducible hostility which opposes National Socialists and Jews.

         No doubt, that hostility first burst out in a popular uproar in answer to all the tangible harm wrought by Jews against the German people during a few decades (and many a German whose family Jews had reduced to misery at the time of the inflation, after the first World War, welcomed the boisterous Anti-Semitism of the young Movement for personal no less than for national reasons); no doubt, the first thing that made Adolf Hitler himself a definitive enemy of the Jews was his knowledge of the anti-German part played by the latter, both politically and socially, in Austria and in Germany, already before 1914, in particular, his knowledge of the Jewish spirit and Jewish leadership of Marxism, and his awareness of the presence of Jews in the press, in the theatre, etc., behind all propaganda directly or indirectly aiming at the destruction of every healthy national instinct among people of German blood. In other words, National Socialist Anti-Semitism is – first – racial self-defence of the Aryan; a vigorous reaction against the mischief the Jews did (and are, by the way, since 1945, again doing) in an Aryan land.

         But there is more – and much more – to be said. What the Jews did and do (and cannot but do) is a consequence of what they are – and of what they remain even when they turn their backs to Jewish tradition (or pretend to do so) and become Christians, Theosophists, Buddhists or just “rationalists,” or Communists. And they are, fundamentally, irreducibly – already in the invisible Realm of which this world of shapes and colours and sounds is but a projection, – the polar opposite of the natural Aryan élite; the dark counterpart of the youngest Children of the Sun. As racially conscious as they, if not – alas! – often more so; as tightly bound as they to one another through the most compelling solidarity; through total solidarity (in practical – financial and political – no less than religious or so-called religious affairs) such as one can, in history, if at all, seldom come across; nay, as devoted as they to a merciless collective purpose. Only theirs is not the legitimate consciousness of true superiority and the blood-solidarity of Nature’s best ones; nay, it is not the healthy racial pride and patriotism of a real people in their place within the scheme of Life. Nor is their collective purpose by any means, like that of Adolf Hitler’s followers, “in harmony with the original meaning of things.” On the contrary! For the Jews are, in the first place, not a race in the true sense of the ward, – let alone “God’s chosen one.” They are neither an homogeneous variety of Semites nor a brotherhood of kindred Semitic types bearing to one another such a relation as that which binds together Aryans of “Nordic,” “Dinaric” and other types within the German nation. One needs but to look at them, in order to be convinced of this; nay, to look at them in the country where they have been gathering for the last thirty or forty years from all the ghettos of the world in the name of their common past and common nationhood: Palestine. One meets there, apart from the “classical” Jew, Jews of all physical types, including the Slav, including the “Nordic” – rare,, no doubt, yet present and not necessarily marred by the well-known visible signs of Jewish descent. And some of the members of the strange pseudo-ethnical, pseudo-religious world-community – such as, for instance, the so-called “black Jews” of Cochin, on the Malabar coast, – have no Jewish blood, in fact, no Semitic blood at all in their veins[55] which does not prevent them from feeling themselves “Jews.”

         The Jewish world-community is – has been, more and more, for centuries already – not a Semitic, nation but a raceless brotherhood gathered around a Semitic nucleus; a raceless brotherhood, however, as racially-conscious as any people can be; increasingly numerous cosmopolitan elements who put the usual characteristics of the raceless – faithlessness; unscrupulousness; disregard of order; soul-poisoning scepticism, – to the service of the racial idea that they have partly inherited partly adopted from their full-blooded brothers in faith and brothers in interests, and Semites – a very definite, inferior section of the broad Semitic race – in whom masterfulness in subtlety and intrigue outways by far all warrior-like qualities.

         And its collective aim, pursued throughout history with relentless consistency, is nothing less than the prosperity and power of the Jew, everywhere in the world, at the expense of all non-Jews. The consciousness of being (more or less) “children of Abraham” and the common “Law” under which, (nominally at least) its members live, may well keep the community together. Yet they are but means to an end. And the end – the common collective purpose: actual Jewish rule – is what really matters.

         It is an unholy purpose, the fulfillment of which would imply the dissolution of all races and of all genuine nationalities; of all natural communities, i.e., of all those that have a solid racial background (first the dissolution of the most gifted and most conscious one; of the most fit to rule – the Aryan – and then, gradually, of all others, including, ultimately, the Semitic nucleus of the Jewish community itself) and the ever-tightening grip of a soulless money power – the power of the raceless, gifted with destructive intelligence – over increasingly bastardised and numberless masses of Menschenmaterial, possessing neither thought nor will of their own, nor the innocence and nobility of real animals. It is the purpose of the Forces of darkness, whose influence grows, whose free play becomes more and more free and shameless, and whose rule asserts itself as a more and more obvious reality, as history run; its fated downward course. It is the purpose of Time itself, as Destroyer of all creation; as Leveller and Denier. And it is the purpose of the community, “in Time” par excellence; of the community who, like the privileged Aryan élite gathered around Adolf Hitler, talks passionately of its “mission” and calls itself “chosen” – and rightly so; but who omits to state that, contrarily to the pure-blooded disciples of the Man “against Time,” it has been chosen not by “God,” not by the everlasting Forces of Light and Life, to serve Life’s constructive goal, but by the Powers of Death, to bring about, through ever-increasing unfaithfulness to the original divine life-pattern, i.e., through increasing untruth, the end of this Time-cycle. The end, without a new beginning – for that is the intention, the tendency of the Death-forces. While the purpose of the National Socialist Movement – its real, deep purpose, far beyond all “politics” – was and remains the glorious new Beginning – the new victory of uncreated Light over the dark Powers; the new victory of Life in its original earthly perfection, of Order, in its true meaning, in spite of the temporary, unavoidable reign of Chaos; the Golden Age of the next Time-cycle.

         In one word, the sharp hostility between National Socialists and Jews means infinitely more than that which the detractors of the Hitler faith so lightly take it to be. It reveals not the usual tension between any two rival “racialisms,” but the unique opposition between the two poles of thinking Life at the very end of the present Dark Age. That is the hidden but real reason why it is absolute – and why its tangible expressions have been, and will, at the first opportunity, again be, so deadly.

         Adolf Hitler knew it. The wisest among his true disciples knew it, and know it. The all-powerful leaders of world Jewry knew it, and know it.

* * *

         The National Socialist struggle against international Jewry took, in broad day-light, the form of a tremendous holy war against Marxism – the latest large-scale Movement “in Time” – and, in a much subtler and indirect manner, yet, with equal deadly determination, that of a relentless action against all spiritual or pseudo-spiritual, open or secret organisations equally “in Time,” the influence of which is, in fact, no less than that of Marxism, directed against any attempt at an Aryan regeneration “against Time.” It took place and will, one day, be resumed – for no “de-nazification” policy can hinder the play of the invisible Forces – with the necessary Dark Age methods.

         War against Marxism seemed and still seems to be – and no doubt is, in the practical field, – the first task of National Socialism, only because Marxism represents, to-day, the most immediate menace; because it is the most successful brand of the old, very old Jewish mass-poison for Goyyims’ consumption, intended to bring about the decay of all races, the end of all true nationalisms, and the limitless increase of a Jew-ridden humanity of poorer and poorer quality in a duller and duller – uglier and uglier – world; in one word, the consummation of the downfall of Life upon this planet. Which does not mean to say that other brands of the same, the effects of which are less obvious, less rapid, are not, in the long run, just as dangerous, if not even more so.

         The greatness of the National Socialist Movement in this respect, lies less in the fact that it has, more vigorously (and efficiently) than any other party – or Church – fought against the “Communist danger,” than in that, that it has pointed out the right reason why the latter is “a danger” – the danger – and fought it for that reason alone.

         Considered from the point of view of cosmic Wisdom, Communism, or rather Marxism, is not a danger because it threatens the owning classes of this earth with dispossession and the subsequent unpleasant compulsion of daily labour, and aims at the total abolition of capitalistic economy. That, – the main cause of all the “hullabaloo” against the Communists outside National Socialist circles – is a detail, and a minor one at that. The world has nothing to lose through the disappearance of capitalists and of the rotten system they represent. On the contrary! And, although private ownership, inasmuch as it be the product of personal work, and not of speculation, is recognised in the National Socialist Party Programme as “a legitimate right of the individual,”[56] I would go so far as to say that, even so, it would not be an irreparable catastrophe, were that also to be wiped away in the storm of radical economic changes.

         Marxism is also not a danger because its true adherents – people who live thoroughly “in Time” – have little leisure for Christian and other metaphysics and, in particular, little curiosity about what might happen to them after they will be dead. Nay, it is no danger because Karl Marx’s basic teaching concerning history – his famous “historical materialism” – attempts to explain all evolution in Time without the help of the hypothesis of “God” and of the human “soul.” That – the main cause of the uproar against “Communist atheism” among Christians and other spiritually-minded people; and the main excuse set forth by the Catholic Church to justify its ban on the “materialistic” doctrine – is also a detail. And the idea of God, as the overwhelming majority of Anti-Communists uphold it, is vague, anyhow; vague, and of no practical use whatsoever. The danger of Marxism lies, as Adolf Hitler has pointed out in “Mein Kampf”[57] and in numberless speeches, solely – absolutely – in the fact that its conception of man as a mere product of his economic surroundings and of destiny as a play of purely economic forces, implies the denial of the importance of race and personality; – the denial of the natural hierarchy of races and of the irreducible differences in kind and in value between one race and the other, no less than that of the natural inequality of individuals, even within the same race. In other words, it lies in the fact that Marxism is man-centred – not life-centred – and equalitarian; in contradiction with the spirit of Nature, not in harmony with it; false, from the standpoint of cosmic wisdom, like historical Christianity (the source of those moral and spiritual values, in the name of which the capitalistic Democracies are, or rather pretend to be Anti- communistic) and like all Jewish teachings for Aryan use, but not more so. It lies in the fact that, among all such teachings ancient and modern, Marxism is in addition to that, by far the most popular and the most militant. As I said: for the time being, at least, the most successful.

         Adolf Hitler has rightly stressed that the definitive victory of such an Ideology would mean the end of life upon this planet – which is precisely the aim of the more-than-human Forces of disintegration that stand behind world Jewry. The tragedy, however, is that it would not mean such a rapid and dignified end as one might imagine. It would mean, first, a general and irredeemable bastardisation of the whole human species and an unbelievable increase of the number of human beings – “producers” – at the expense of the rest of life – increase, till the last beautiful wild animals are killed off and the last patch of forest cut down, to make place for more worthless two-legged mammals; – and then, when all the possibilities of nourishment which the earth can provide even with the assistance of perfected agricultural technique, are exhausted, war for food;[58] bitter, savage war to the finish (also with the assistance of perfected technique) until the doomed species has blown itself to pieces. It would mean, in other words, “the reign of quantity” in all its horror, and then, – in the absence of any biological élite capable of starting a new Time-cycle – a full stop; on this planet at least, the final victory of that death-tendency which is, from the beginning, inherent in every manifestation within Time. And it is that which Adolf Hitler, – the Man “against Time” – has striven to avoid, through his struggle against Communism, i.e., against applied Marxism.

         The non-Communist world – nay, the Anti-Communist world, – has understood neither the nature of the growing menace nor the real meaning of the National Socialist Struggle. Moreover, most of those who, in and outside Germany, before or during the Second World War, have answered Adolf Hitler’s call to arms against the Communist danger, and most of those who, to-day, realise how right he was, seem to have seen and to see in his struggle hardly anything more than the “defence of the West.” But it is not “the West” alone that was, and is, threatened in its biological substance, and consequently in its further evolution, by the latest man-centred, equalitarian Weltanschauung of Jewish origin incorporated into the latest powerful world-organisation – one could say: the latest Church – under Jewish leadership. It is the entire Aryan race: the man who, in Cape Town, Sidney or Ottawa, has, up till now, kept his Germanic blood pure, no less than the “European” of Germanic blood; no less than those Aryan minorities of Asia that the racially conscious European is too often tempted to forget or to underestimate: the Persian, to the extent he has, specially throughout the last one thousand five hundred years of the most stormy history, withstood the curse of blood-mixture; the Indian Brahmin and Kshattriya, whom the Caste System has, up till now, kept aloof and protected; in particular the Brahmin of Kashmir, outwardly at least, one of the finest types of Aryan humanity. It is, nay, all pure or relatively pure races of the world that are menaced, including the non-Aryan; including the Semitic nucleus of the Jewish people themselves – and no one knows that better than those racially-conscious Jews, once holders of highly responsible positions within the Communist Party, who have been, during the last few years, charged with “Zionism” i.e., Jewish nationalism, before Communist Courts and sentenced to long terms of hard labour, when not to death.[59] (Adolf Hitler has written: “After the death of his victim, the vampire himself dies, sooner or later.”[60] The poison of man-centred, equalitarian internationalism, intended to bring about the ruin of all races – specially of the Aryan – for the benefit of the Jew, is ultimately bound to work also against its originators. For the Death-forces are not selective. They spare nobody; – not even their agents.) The fact is that, at the root of that disregard for personality and specially for race, which characterises Marxism, lies the conceited belief in “man” as the measure of all things; in “man” as “the master of Nature” (not merely a part of it; a living species among others); and the illusion that anything endowed with a more or less human shape is of unquestionable value and must be allowed to live, nay, kept alive at any price; the sickly superstition of “man” – that “Jewish lie” which Adolf Hitler so brilliantly exposed in the eleventh Chapter of “Mein Kampf” – as opposed to the true, aristocratic Religion of Life.

         But the lie is, as I have said, no monopoly of the Marxists; no consequence of Karl Marx’s particular conception of man as the product of his economic environment. It is the common basis of all man-centred, equalitarian philosophies old and new, Jewish and non-Jewish,[61] and specially of the Jewish philosophies of international scope, which all draw an arbitrary line between “men” and the rest of living creatures, thus denying, the oneness of the realm of Life and the universality of its iron laws. It is, in particular, the moral basis of historical Christianity.

         It matters little what hypothesis or what dogmas be set forth, in order to make it sound like truth. The important fact remains that the Jewish lie, – snare of the Dark Age – is accepted as truth by the Anti-Communist forces of the West outside the National Socialist Movement, primarily, by the Christian Churches (the “bourgeois” political parties just do not count). The fact remains that these forces share with the Marxists themselves, be it under a different form, the superstition of “man,” origin of the attitude that leads to decay. And that is why none of them was, or is, Anti-communist in the true sense of the word. Not only did they and do they not fight Marxism on account of the real danger it represents, but every one of them would, ultimately, represent the self-same danger as it, were they to day as militant and full of faith as they once were. They are, at the most, the rivals of conquering Marxism – or would like to be. While in non-Christian countries, the Christian missionaries are precisely the people who, through the alarming increase of a half-educated, bastardised population, seething with discontent (the immediate result of their equalitarian preaching coupled with medical aid) prepare the way for Communism with miraculous efficiency – extending to the whole world (be it in the manner they are the last ones to desire) the mischief which the Dark Forces have once wrought in the Near East and in Europe, through Christianity itself.

         In other words, the National Socialist struggle against Marxism is merely the most obvious aspect of the general – infinitely more than political – deadly struggle of the bold new faith in Light and Life against every form of untruth – every doctrine setting up “man” against Nature, every cult of imperfection, in this last part of the Dark Age. It is not to be separated from the struggle against the Christian Churches, against Free Masonry, and all such international and antinational so-called “spiritual” bodies as unduly distort and exploit teachings originally “above Time,” in order to forward the aims of the Death-forces.

         Only the latter struggle had to be more subtle, for practical reasons easy to understand.

* * *

         It is written in “Mein Kampf”: “Poison can only be overcome through counter-poison, and alone a shallow bourgeois mind can consider the middle line as the way to Paradise.”[62]

         “A philosophy filled with infernal intolerance will only be broken through a clear and absolutely true new idea animated with the same spirit and defended with the sane tremendous will-power.

         “One may, to-day, well regret that, in the Ancient World, which was much freer than ours, the first moral terror appeared with the coming of Christianity; one cannot, however, put in doubt the fact that the world has been, since then, dominated and oppressed through tyranny, and that tyranny can only he broken through tyranny, and terror through terror. Then only can new conditions – constructive ones – be created.

         “Political parties are inclined to compromise; creeds, never. Political parties take contradictors into account; creeds proclaim their own infallibility”[63]

         “That which gave Marxism its success was the perfect collaboration of political will and militant brutality. That which prevented national Germany from moulding German evolution was the absence of a decisive collaboration of brutal force and of the political will of a man of genius,”[64]

         “The conviction that one has the right to use even the most brutal weapons always goes hand in hand with fanatical faith in the necessity of the victory of a revolutionary new order upon this earth.

         A movement that is not fighting for such high aims and ideals, will therefore never resort to the most extreme means (or weapons).”[65]

         These and other such sentences (there are many more in what one could call the Book of the new Aryan faith) define with amazing exactitude the National Socialist Movement as an upheaval “against Time,” and point out the fundamental difference between Adolf Hitler and all such great historical figures as I have, in these pages, described as men “above Time” and men “in Time” – “Sun” men, and “Lightning” men. They glaringly show how foolish it is to compare the Founder of National Socialism with Napoleon – as so many have done, – or to accept the well meant but no less erroneous – though by far less popular – description which a few of his English followers have boldly given of him as a “political Christ.”[66]

         Napoleon is but the pocket edition of Genghis Khan. Yet, – considered from the cosmic standpoint – he is a man of the same sort as he: a war-lord and an organiser who put his genius to the service of his family and of nothing more, not, by any means, because he saw, or thought he could see, in it, the vehicle of some great impersonal Idea, but simply because it was his. In other words: a man altogether “in Time.” Men “in Time” either have no ideology at all and do not pretend to have any, or they pretend to serve a faith “above Time” or “against Time” and exploit the latter for their own ends (like all the false Christians who fought for themselves in God’s name, and all the false National Socialists for whom the struggle under the Swastika Flag was only a means to work themselves into power) or else, – like the sincere Marxists – they have an Ideology which is, itself, an Ideology “in Time”; an Ideology which is in contradiction with the divine final y of Creation, and therefore expresses the will of the Death-forces.

         Christ (be he a man and a myth, or only a myth, it makes no difference) is, like the Buddha, a figure typically “above Time.” His one resort to violence (against the merchants in the temple) is either a personal inconsistency of the historical Jesus or – more likely – a concession of the Gospel writer to popular hatred of the money-maker and money-lender. Original Christianity – in striking opposition to historical Christianity – finds its expression in Christ’s words to Pilate: “My Kingdom is not of this earth.” It is, like all mystical doctrines of escape, meant for those who turn their backs to “the world,” i.e., to all actual and possible manifestation within Time, and seek pure Timelessness, and who, therefore, automatically forsake violence, which is inseparable from Time. (Even Akhnaton, – one of the very few men “above Time” who are not men of escape, and, to my knowledge, the only one who undertook the unbelievable task of establishing – or trying to establish – a State “above Time,” – did away with violence, as we have seen, to the extent he could).

         Adolf Hitler is a typical Man “against Time” – like Rama, like Lord Krishna, the most widely remembered Aryan heroes who fought and ruled in India already before, or at the dawn of, this Dark Age, and, nearer to us, like the very noblest Figure of the Arab world, the Prophet Mohamed. As I said in the beginning of this book, all real great men “against Time” are, ultimately, also “above Time,” inasmuch as any ideal of integral Perfection is necessarily timeless. In other words, that towards which the great men “against Time” strive – Adolf Hitler like the others, – is “God”; Perfection beyond Time as the Archetype and Principle of that perfect, tangible life-order which they seek to bring – to bring back; or rather to hasten back; – into the world. But they thoroughly know that no changes upon this earth, and specially no changes in the direction of primaeval Perfection in and, which is more, at the end of this Dark Age, can be brought about without violence. They know – infallibly – that, more the Forces of disintegration and death are successful, i.e. more the Dark Age is advanced, more violence is indispensable in order to break the current of decay; at least in order to stand in the way of the rush of Time, as a witness (and an active precursor) of the coming glorious Dawn of the next Time-cycle. And they accept that physical necessity. Contrarily even to those men “above Time who, such as Akhnaton of Egypt, dream of an earthly “Kingdom of God,” they are prepared to make use of violence – of “utmost brutality,” to quote Adolf Hitler’s own words, – to the extent it is to forward the sacred purpose: “the destruction of evil-doers and the establishment on earth of the reign of Righteousness,” of which it is spoken in the Bhagavad-Gita; the foundation of the socio-political order which is “in harmony with the original meaning of things” – true to the eternal cosmic Order – as again Adolf Hitler has, with, crystal-clear insight, understood and proclaimed.

         The very fact of historical existence – existence within Time – sets a dilemma before all those who already strive towards Perfection; they must either turn their backs to this world of strife altogether, and seek the timeless inner Kingdom of Peace, which is not of this earth; or, if that which they want be an earthly paradise, seek it, by all means, against the current of Time; against the formidable and ever-increasing pressure of the Death-forces throughout any Time-cycle and, specially near the end of one, but then, far from renouncing violence, fight the Forces of disintegration with the self-same ruthless weapons as they use; with violence; with the impact of quantity; and, if necessary, – if expedient, – even with lies; with the weapons of the Dark Age, the only ones which can and will match theirs.

         For centuries, perhaps for millenniums, – perhaps ever since the day Lord Krishna proclaimed upon the Kurukshettra battle-field the Gospel of detached Violence, creed of every hero “against Time” – no man has understood that dilemma so clearly, and faced it with such boldness and such consistency as Adolf Hitler. And unless one also understands it; unless one at least realises that it is a dilemma – i.e. that one cannot go both ways and that, after one has chosen, one is to tred the path to its end, – one will behold neither the evolution of National Socialism (before 1933; between 1933 and 1945; and after 1945) not the history of the Second World War, which is narrowly connected with it, nor the subsequent history of our times, in the proper light. And any judgement one might, then, pass, will be false from the cosmic – and a fortiori from the historical – point of view.

* * *

         Adolf Hitler chose to use the Dark Age weapons because, – contrarily to that other uncompromising champion of Truth, Akhnaton of Egypt, who lived 3300 years before him, – he fully realised that there is, in this world, no peaceful escape from the grip of the Dark forces. He realised it as he experienced that his German people, and, along with them, the whole Aryan race – the youngest creative race of our Time-cycle and the only creative race for centuries; the best – were threatened in their existence by the agents of the Death-powers; cornered; and that their definitive downfall and disappearance would mean the definitive downfall of higher organised Life upon this planet, with no hope of resurrection. That experience did not begin on the day Adolf Hitler was told that the First World War was lost for Germany. It had been familiar to him for years. But the news of the loss of the war and then of the infamous Treaties of Versailles and Saint-German imposed upon Germany by her victors, and the sight of the following misery, gave it further depth, further acuteness, and a further tremendous hold on him. A growing sense of emergency, a feverish haste – not unlike that, which one can trace in the building of the capital of King Akhnaton’s ideal State – drove him forwards, defining his whole policy in its positive and negative aspects, at home and abroad, to the end.

         His Gospel of Germanic pride and glorious healthy earthly life – ”freedom and bread” – coupled with the hard blows of the early Storm Troopers’ fists, that kept order in his public meetings and, when necessary, fought his battle in the streets, broke down whatever opposition stood in his way to power. There was, in that blending of mystical insight, elemental logic and well-organised brutality – of truth and youth – that characterises National Socialism, a grandeur that appealed to the masses and to the very best of the best people: to those exceptionally intelligent and reliable men who have retained the raw vitality of the masses within their psychological make-up. Temporary set-backs[67] only kindled the bitter determination of both. And the struggle started in 1919 was a staggering triumph. On the 30th of January, 1933, Adolf Hitler was acclaimed as Chancellor of the German Reich. A few months later, the Reichstag was to vote him “illimited powers,” so that he might, without hindrance, remould the whole State, and direct Germany’s foreign policy according to his programme – which he consistently did to the extent it could be done in spite of the undermining activities of a well-hidden and – alas! – extremely efficient pack of traitors in Germany itself, and in defiance of the increasing hostility of the whole world, i.e. against the pressure of the coalesced forces of this Dark Age.

         It is an error to believe that “after a time” the National Socialist State “should have” – could have, in the first place, – avoided evolving into a “police State,” i.e. a State permanently dominated by the consciousness of emergency. In other words, it is an error to believe that, in 1933, – or 1934 – the struggle was “over,” and conditions of emergency a thing of the past. From the moment Adolf Hitler acquired a free hand to remould the German Reich according to his ideals, the National Socialist struggle merely entered a new phase. It was no longer the struggle for power. But it still was the Struggle for Truth; for cosmic Truth applied to social problems and to politics in our advanced Dark Age, i.e. the Struggle for Truth, with unavoidable Dark Age methods. And for that very reason – because it is the State “against Time” par excellence, – the National Socialist State could (and can, were it again to take shape during this Dark Age) only be a State resting upon an iron coercive and military organisation; a State in which every free citizen feels himself a soldier – a voluntary soldier, glad to submit to integral (inner and outer) discipline, for the advent and defence of Adolf Hitler’s ideal Reich, (the Kingdom of Truth “against Time”) – and in which every enemy of the new Order lives under the constant threat of denunciation and arrest, hard labour in a concentration camp, or death; what a well-known hater of the Hitler faith has tried to slander under the name of an “S.S. State.”[68] (The word is, in reality, the greatest compliment paid, to the glorious revolutionary State “against Time.”)

         “A revolution,” says Konstantin Hierl, one of the men to whom the National Socialist regime owes the most, in the practical field, “can only be a transitory state of affairs, (ein Ubergangszustand). And he adds: “Also the absolute system, of government connected with the National Socialist revolution should have been only a transition, and could not be the first aim of a German revolution.”[69]

         It is true that revolutions in the usual sense of the word – such as the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution, which are but passages from given conditions “in Time” to different conditions, also “in Time”; steps along the downward path of history – can only be “transitory states of affairs.” But it is, from the cosmic standpoint, an error – an understandable error, maybe, yet, a fundamental one, – to consider the National Socialist upheaval as a mere “German Revolution” of the same type as those. Being an upheaval “against Time,” the National Socialist Revolution was, – and, as long as its guiding, Idea lives in the consciousness of a militant minority, remains, a transition, no doubt, but a transition between advanced Dark Age conditions and coming, Golden Age conditions, yet hardly dreamable. And therefore only with the end of the Dark Age – with the end of every influence of the Forces of disintegration and, subsequently, the end of all opposition to the truth it stands for, – can and will “the absolute system of government” connected with it cease to have its justification, and the National Socialist emergency State “against Time” give place to a normal form (which will then be a Golden Age form) of collective life a form devised for a few – very few – god-like men and women, of the best blood, uncontested masters of a beautiful regenerate earth more than broad enough to contain them and their descendants for many generations, and to feed them, without them needing to kill or harm or exploit any living creature; the glorious fulfillment of those very ideals of perfect health and more-than-human strength and beauty that the heroic Third German Reich has striven to impose yesterday, against the current of time, with Dark Age weapons.

         That is the proper meaning of Adolf Hitler’s own comments upon the “humane pacifist Idea” according to which every human life is supposed to have such an enormous “value.” The humane pacifist idea is, in fact, perhaps quite good, once the highest type of human being has already conquered and subdued so much of the surface of the world as to make himself the sole lord of this earth,” writes he, in “Mein Kampf.”[70] “The idea can, in that case, cause no harm, inasmuch as its application” (meaning: its application in its present-day form) “will be rare, and finally impossible” – “impossible” precisely because, then, there will (for very many millenniums at least) no longer exist any politically dangerous or racially inferior elements, capable of corrupting the best and of marring the harmony between actual life and its divine pattern. But now “the highest type of human being” – the best of the best among Nature’s chosen race, – are far from being the “sole masters of this earth.” Now, we are still in the Dark Age, – sinking into it more and more. And therefore comes the logical conclusion of the inspired Man, Founder of the Dark Age State “against Time”: “Also erst Kampf, und dann vielleicht Pazifismus” – “So, first struggle, and then, perhaps, pacifism.”[71]

         All but a very few people have thoroughly misunderstood – and millions have most unjustly condemned – the coercive methods of the Third Reich and its drastic steps intended to protect Western Aryandom against the Jewish danger (and against the influence of any man-centred, international Weltanschauung, all. of which are, in the West, Jewish products.) They have misunderstood them precisely because they have refused to acknowledge the infinitely more than political significance of National Socialism, and to see, in it, what I have called an upheaval “against Time.” And they have condemned them because, as I have stated in the beginning of this book, evolution in Time goes hand in hand not with a decrease in violence (on the contrary!) but with a steady decrease in honesty regarding violence, and in understanding concerning the right use of it. They have condemned them while tolerating (and, more often than not, defending) all manner of horrors, among others, vivisection, that most degrading of all crimes against Life. They have – unknowingly, perhaps, but in fact, – condemned them, because the drastic coercive and preventive steps taken by the National Socialist State against the actual or potential agents of the Dark Forces had, inasmuch as they were taken in the Führer’s spirit, their full justification in the light of cosmic Truth, which our Dark Age denies; because one had resorted to them not in order to try to find out means of patching up a sickly humanity or of prolonging the life and enjoyment of the vicious, but in order to make possible, here and now, a new world of the strong in which vice and disease would be unknown; because one had resorted to them not “for the sake of suffering mankind” – of mankind in its present-day, contemptible state – but “in the interest of the Universe” in the sense these words are used in the Bhagavad-Gita.

         Nay, inasmuch as the men who were trusted to carry out those steps did so selflessly and without passion, simply because I they knew it was their duty as Aryan fighters for the Cause of Truth, they acted exactly as the Blessed One has urged warriors to act. And one can safely say that, despite all individual cases of unfaithfulness to the spirit of detached Violence (cases with which one is bound to reckon, at such an advanced stage of the Age of Gloom as the one in which we are living) no State in history has, as a whole, embodied the moral outlook of the Bhagavad-Gita, as the Third German Reich has done.

         That was enough for typical Dark Age people – people whose man-centred moral outlook is the exact opposite of that expressed both in the oldest Book of Aryan wisdom and in Adolf Hitler’s words and deeds and regulations, – to feel personally threatened through the mere existence of such an organised power “against Time,” and to hate it.

         And that hatred is, as we shall see, the real cause of the Second World War.

* * *

         Adolf Hitler’s whole constructive policy – all he did to give manual as well as intellectual work the dignity of happy, dedicated service, and to make every labourer’s life a healthy, self-respecting and interesting one; all he did for the welfare of mothers and children; all he did for the cultivation of bodily efficiency and qualities of character in boys and girls, from the age of six onwards, in the different sections of the beautifully organised pan-Germanic Youth Associations – the famous Hitler Youth and the B.D.M.[72] – and then, at the age of sixteen, in the squads of the Labour Service[73] for six months (or more) and in further bodies preparing them to the privilege of becoming worthy citizens of the proud new Reich; all he did, on one hand through the admirable Nüremberg Laws (1935) and, on the other, through the most active encouragement of early marriages and of joyfully consented racial selection, to raise sexual relations from the shameful status of “an amusement” or of a drudgery or of a “business,” back to that of the dispassionate duty of the healthy and pure-blooded towards their race, in honour, innocence and joy; all that, I may, nay, the whole structure of the National Socialist State – its very existence – had one aim and one alone: to breed, out of the best Germans, a nation of supermen in the Nietzschean sense of the word; a nation of “heroes like unto the gods,” to repeat the words of Homer.

         And, as I said before, the Führer pursued “that aim not just because the Germans were his people, but because his, more-than-political, nay, more-than-human insight pointed them out to him as the only people sufficiently pure-blooded and, at the same time, sufficiently militant to be the saviours of the Aryan race, here and now, in its present-day emergency, and to become the instruments of its regeneration and survival, beyond the stormy end of our Time-cycle.

         The well-known National Socialist policy of German expansion towards the East is the logical consequence of Adolf Hitler’s efforts to raise not only the biological quality of his people (through racial selection) but also their birth-rate, while doing all he could to avoid coming in conflict with England i.e., while refusing to claim, for Germany, colonies overseas. It was as clear and consistent as could possibly be: if every healthy and pure-blooded German was to have as many children as he or she could – the more the better, – (and that was what the National Socialist State was urging them to do), then surely that yearly increase in population was to live somewhere and somehow. And if emigration overseas was to be discouraged (in order to avoid all economic rivalry with England, in those days in which there still existed a British Empire) then the growing millions had to find another outlet, for Germany was anyhow, and already before Adolf Hitler came to power, too small for the population she had. The new outlet was to be “the East” – the rich corn-lands of Ukraine, and further still: Russia’s illimited expanses.

         This policy has been misunderstood, even in strongly Anti, communist circles, and criticised, often nearly as bitterly as the bold stand of the National Socialist State against the Jewish danger. Adolf Hitler has been described – already before the war – as a “war monger,” and the wholehearted response of the German people to his appeal for “more babies” as an “output of cannon-fodder”… all because nobody outside a National Socialist minority understood the meaning of that appeal or of the far-sighted Ostpolitik.

         In order fully to understand both, one has – again – to consider National Socialism from the standpoint of cosmic evolution and to recognise, in it, the great Movement “against Time” at the very end of the last Age of our Time-cycle. One has to realise that, throughout a Time-cycle, but specially as one nears the end of one, the number of human beings increases all over the world, while their quality decreases no less alarmingly. Any Time-cycle could be briefly and picturesquely described as man’s passage from the Garden of Eden into a huge international slum. The passage is imperceptible; it takes myriads of years. And yet, one gets an idea of it if one looks back far enough into the past. It takes place at the expense of the noblest forms of non-human life, while the altogether inferior forms keep pace with fallen man.[74] And it goes hand in hand with a more and more conceited – and blasphemous – self-assertion of man in opposition to Nature; an increasingly vicious will of man to defy the divine finality of Creation: – the intended survival of the healthiest specimens of every species: men and other creatures – in order to over-run the earth with his own brood of poorer and poorer quality.

         That sinful will, coupled, as time goes on, with positive hatred for the eternal, natural Order, has found its latest main expression in the system of false values which stands, at an interval of two thousand years, behind both the Christian and the Communist revolution – the system according to which “man” is everything, and man’s “happiness” the end of all desirable activity – and in an increasing effort not to stop the silly application of “science” to the prolongation or preservation of superfluous lives – oh, no! – but, on the contrary, to encourage it, and then to organise the every day more enormous Menschenmaterial for the benefit of the Forces of disintegration. These, i.e., their agents, tend, admittedly to do away with the vast international slum which the world has become, but… only in order to drill the slum-dwellers – ultimately – into factory robots with one ideal: work, work, work; “production,” ever more production, and cheap enjoyment – ever more enjoyment – quantity, and ever more quantity… till more and more millions of bastardised world-citizens have completely killed Nature for “man’s” sake; till there are no more deserts, no more forests, no more inviolate mountain fastnesses, no more broad landscapes free from human habitations and from the sound of wireless dance-music; no more jungles – for the dullest of human beings is, in the eyes of the Communist as in those of the Christian, and of all believers in man-centred ideologies, worth more than the noblest royal Bengal tiger or than the most gorgeous banyan tree.

         In the eyes of the believers in quality, however, (in the eyes of those who deplore that broadening disparity between actual life and its divine pattern, which characterises evolution in Time) any Bengal tiger, nay, any healthy cat – any healthy tree; any perfect sample of manifested Life – is worth far more than an ugly, – degenerate human bastard. Alone man in his perfection – superior man “like unto the Gods,” not the patched-up weakling that this conceited Age exalts – is to be looked upon as “the highest creature,” “God’s image,” etc… National Socialism – and that is the root of its conflict with Communism, no less than with Christianity as the latter has come down to us, – strives to bring back that conception of man into living reality, and to prepare the reappearing of such a human type, through the preservation and strengthening of the best in our fallen Age, not at the cost of the other healthy and beautiful creatures of this earth but, no doubt, – and without a qualm of remorse – at the expense of those masses of racially inferior humanity which the Dark Forces are now organising, with the help of the Jews, their permanent agents, under the sign of the Hammer and Sickle. For those organised masses are, as Hans Grimm has clearly seen – alas, after the disaster of 1945 – tomorrow’s threat to the very existence of higher mankind (not “Asia’s” threat to “Europe,” – by any means! – but the threat of raceless numbers to the pure-blooded Aryan of Europe and Asia, America and South Africa and Australia, and to the pure-blooded and noble non-Aryan, also of the whole world.)

         That is, I repeat – one can never stress the point enough, – the deep opposition between National Socialism and Marxism, nay, between National Socialism and all man-centred, equalitarian creeds, of which Marxism is merely the latest in date and the most consistent. It is the opposition between the Golden Age ideal of quality at all levels of existence, and the Dark Age dream of organised human quantity, submerging all life, until it itself finally sinks into chaos and death.

         But we are, now, in the Dark Age – and, which is more, near the end of it. This is a fact which nothing can alter. And just as “tyranny can only be broken through greater tyranny, and terror through terror,”[75] so can quantity only be crushed through quantity. And so can the impact of well-organised, raceless masses, devoted to a false idea, only be held back and overcome through the stronger impact of still better organised, disciplined millions of the best Aryan blood, inspired with a fanatical faith in eternal cosmic Truth (or, at least, in that much of it as they may need to know, in order to kindle their fighting efficiency to its maximum.)

         The truth which Adolf Hitler gave his people, so that they might become and remain the bulwark of Aryandom against the impact of a bastardised world drilled in Marxism (the latest Jewish revolutionary creed “in Time”), can be Condensed in a few simple sentences: “We Germans are the only possible leaders of Western Aryandom. That is our “God-ordained” – Nature-ordained – mission. We are, therefore, valuable – irreplaceable. Therefore we must live; live and thrive; become numerous, at the same time as we breed an élite. Numerous at any cost (in this Age, in fact, pure-blooded quantity is the raw material out of which, here and there, quality emerges; great men are often born in large families.) Therefore: become a pure-blooded quantity; produce as many healthy Aryan babies as possible! But we are a nation without space. And we need space for the many babies; space in order to live and fulfill our mission. We don’t want to become England’s enemies. The English are, like we, of Nordic blood (or mostly so). People of the same best blood should collaborate in view of the same lofty aim: the rule of the best of their common best blood. It is the original intention of Nature; the spirit of the eternal Order, against which we do not wish to sin. England can be (we hope) converted to this standpoint. But Russia has become the citadel of Marxism, – that hated Jewish snare. It is, apart from that, a broad, rich land; can provide plenty of space for us, and all possibilities of our growing into a huge people. Huge, and of exceptional quality, therefore invincible; the lords of this earth along with our Nordic brothers, the English. Therefore: expansion towards the East – Ostpolitik!”

         It was not cosmic Truth in its entirety, as Adolf Hitler himself intuitively felt it. But it was a part of it. And a part of it – an aspect of it – free from any admixture with untruth; free from any concessions to the moral superstitions of this Age. It could have provided a sufficient basis for the beginning of a first Western and then – gradually, – world-wide pan-Aryan collaboration (including that of the Aryan elements of Russia herself, and of Asia) against the forces of disintegration and their agents, i.e. “against Time,” if only England had not betrayed her own blood and deliberately started the Second World War.

         The fact that all Adolf Hitler’s efforts to avoid the war – or to end it speedily and victoriously, at least honourably – remained fruitless, proves by no means his inefficiency as a statesman or as a strategist. It only proves that the forces of disintegration – the coalesced forces of our Dark Age, embodied in all-powerful international Jewry – were, in spite of his insight, in spite of his genius, too strong for him; that it needed a still harder “Man against Time” than he, in order to break them; in other words, that he is not the last Man “against Time.”

         He knew it himself, from the early days of the struggle. And nothing shows more clearly how aware he was of his own place and significance in the history of our Time-cycle, than the words he addressed Hans Grimm in 1928, in the course of a conversation that lasted an hour and a quarter: “I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. And that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work (die Vorarbeit); only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the one. And I know also what is missing in me (to be the one). But the other One still remains aloof, and nobody comes forward, and there is no more time to be lost.”[76]

         Or, to speak the language of most ancient Tradition, the One-Who-comes-back, age after age, “whenever justice is crushed” – the One Who had actually come back in him, to reassert eternal cosmic Truth in our times, through the most heroic and most misunderstood of all political and more-than-political struggles – would have to come back at least once more during the present Time-cycle. For this Dark Age was not to come to its end in Adolf Hitler’s life-time.

Emsdetten in Westfalen, (Germany) 4th May, 1955.

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