The Way Ahead

Colin Jordan




Democracy Brings the Police State • Democracy is What Democracy Does • The Coloured Invasion • Communism Comes to Britain • Democracy is Death • Rejection of Democracy • National Socialism Not Fascism • With Hitler to Victory • The People We Need • Starting the Revolution in You


Unity: Illusion and Reality • Right Wing: National-Socialists Are Not • The Removal of the Coloureds • Dealing with the Jewish Problem • Dismissal of the Sidetrackers • Christianity and Royalty against Race • Aristocracy’s Jewish Blood • Nationalism’s False Rebels • Detachment from Jewish Dissidents • Anti-Hitlerites of Nationalism • Political Playboys and Clowns • Skinheads • Mind-Drugging by “Music” • Time-Wasters, Louts and Boozers • Queers and Satanists

PART 3 – Unity: Illusion and Reality

Religion: The Heart of the Matter • Nature’s Purpose • Christianity’s Jewish Nexus • Paul the Prime Purveyor • A Confession of Jewish Purpose • A Black Record • The Deadly Dualism • The Jehovah of the Christians • The Saviour’s Sheep of Submission • Creed of Racial Ruin • Birth and Death: Who Decides? • Society’s Spiritual Sickness • Belloc’s Bridle • Christianity’s Props • What to Do about It? • Hitler and Christianity • A World of Difference • Legend of the Lost Tribes • The Aryan Religion for Today • Our Symbol of Light and Life • Odinism • A Creed of Nature • Conservation and Animal Welfare • Life Struggle for Fulfilment • Religious Practice • Our Ten Commandments • Levelling the Odds

PART 4 – Folk

Human Degradation: Democracy’s Design • This is Genocide • Lost Worlds and Vanished Civilizations • Cosmic Collision • Hans Horbiger: Theorist of Fire and Ice • Racial Definition • What is “Aryan”? • Europe’s Five Native Races • Europe’s Ancient Alien Influx • The Negro • The Blood of the Race • The Malpractice of Blood Mixture • Civilization’s Racial Cause • Sumeria and its British Connection • Egypt and India: Aryan Colonization • Greece and Persia: Aryan Civilizations • Macedon and Rome: Aryan Too • The Celts • The Goths • Aryans in the Americas Before Columbus • South America’s Secret Civilizations • The Descending Racial Darkness • Australia, New Zealand and Canada • White Birth Rate Slumps • U.S.A.: Ruination of Utopia • The Final Outcome: Whites Overwhelmed • Reaching Racial Readiness • Racial Unity above Class and Country • The Revolutionary Advance Required • Rejecting Divisive Nationalism • Whites of the World Unite! • Selective Reproduction • War on Race Ruin

PART 5 – Eugenics

Democracy Based on Racial Debasement • Eugenics in Sparta and Rome • U.S.A. Pioneers Sterilisation • Hitler’S Rapid Racial Reform • Lebensborn: A Racial Welfare Service • Are They Human? • Hereditary Diseases and Defects • Jukes and the Spread of Degeneracy • Shockley Speaks Out • Repressing Research • Denigrating Genetic Management • Commitment to Better the Breed


Is Electoineering the Way to Win? • The Great Pretence • Rule by Brain-Bender Box • Party Curse of Compromise • Haider, Le Pen, Fini: The Way of Self-Defeat • Stopping a Rebel Party • Electioneering: Dead End Road of Failure • Forms of Power to Pursue • Sabotage The System!


Starting the Revolution • Self-Power: The First Step • Resolutions of Right Conduct • Home Correction of School Indoctrination • Overt or Covert Activity? • Overt Vanguard • Study Groups • Beating the Enemy’s Barbs and Blockades • The Commuity of Residential Proximity • A Vanguard Youth Movement • The Vanguard Settlement • The Volksberg Lesson


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