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Witch Doctors for Christ

Nicholas Carter From Christianity to the next three largest religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam… from the classical worlds of ancient Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome to the Celtic, Teutonic and Scandinavian lands… from Oriental Semites to the ancient American … Continue reading

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Race, Religion & Samisdat

Eric Thompson A great German statesman and philosopher once remarked that “One had to decide whether one would be a politician or a religious reformer.” Unfortunately, too many people in White America and Europe have failed to make this decision … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead, part 2/7

Colin Jordan UNITY: ILLUSION AND REALITY The preceding indication of the kind of people needed for the instrument of battle can now be re-enforced conversely by an examination of the kind of people we need to exclude and avoid entanglement … Continue reading

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