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Race-Mixing: The Key to World Peace?

Eric Thomson The promoters of race-mixing would have us believe that racial differences are the root cause of mankind’s troubles. The Marxists used to tell us that the root of all evil was “the class society”, which produced ‘awful’ things … Continue reading

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The English Language Amendment

Allan Callahan As the racial darkening of America picks up speed, some of the white lawmakers in Le Grande Cesspool, D.C. are getting downright uneasy. They see non-whites, especially the massive numbers of recent times, as tending to cluster together, … Continue reading

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Some Reasons for Optimism

Allan Callahan There are more than a few reasons to be pessimistic about the chances for Aryan survival, but there are some reasons for optimism, too.

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Notes on Racial Idealism

Allan Callahan William Penn observed that “men are generally more careful of the breed of their horses and dogs than of their children.” And the situation, of course, is much worse now. Yet racial idealism is far from dead even … Continue reading

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They Call It ‘Democracy’; We Call It a Racket

John Tyndall analyses the holiest word in the political dictionary I have been accused by anti-Nationalists and fellow Nationalists alike of being a non-democrat. It is a label that causes me no loss of sleep; I have always regarded ‘democracy’ … Continue reading

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Race, Religion & Samisdat

Eric Thompson A great German statesman and philosopher once remarked that “One had to decide whether one would be a politician or a religious reformer.” Unfortunately, too many people in White America and Europe have failed to make this decision … Continue reading

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