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So You Still Opt for Christianity?

J. W. Travis In recent years we have seen the emergence of an heretofore taboo practice of not merely calling into question, but actual condemnation of orthodox religion. This healthy step forward has been in evidence in various publications, including … Continue reading

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Alfred Rosenberg and Paganism

Guillermo Coletti “Should the subduing talisman, the Cross, break, then will come the roaring forth of wild madness of the old champions… The talisman is brittle, and the day will come when it will pitifully break. The old stone gods … Continue reading

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Music and the III Reich

Guillermo Coletti Of all the difficulties that the National Socialists had to confront in 1933, upon their coming to political power in Germany, perhaps the most challenging was restoring to Germany a cultural life of its own. The preceding political … Continue reading

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It Is The Law!

Wodenson (David Lane) How many times have members of the White Resistance heard this phrase from the Kohnservatives. Of course, neither the writer of this article, nor anyone who publishes it, would advocate breaking the laws of the Jews and … Continue reading

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Vandalism – The Big Lie

John P. Wardle The myth about Nordic “barbarism” which finds its modern form in the hatewaves unleashed against the Germans is in no way a new phenomenon. In times of yore, our kinsmen in Scandinavia also had to face the … Continue reading

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