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Is There a Black Christ in Your Future?

Allan Callahan The notion of a black Christ may shock most Christians, but they should have expected this to come up, sooner or later. The Reverend Billy Graham said years ago that he didn’t look upon Christ as white, but … Continue reading

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A Very Important Fraction

Allan Callahan We have all heard the term “racial equality” till it is running out of our ears. Advocates say there are no differences between Whites and Blacks except color; although, when pressed, some will admit a few other physical … Continue reading

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A Negro Solution

Allan Callahan The difference in the thinking of White racialists and equalitarians makes an excellent study in contrasts. For example, the racialist looks upon negro culture as an object of interest, instead of something to “reform” or “make over.” It … Continue reading

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Shiva Naipaul’s African Journey

Allan Callahan The late Shiva Naipaul, who died in 1985, was an Asian Hindu writer from Trinidad. In the 1970s he got to wondering what terms like “liberation,” “revolution” and “socialism” actually meant to black Africans, and wanted to find out, … Continue reading

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a candid conversation with the fanatical führer of the american nazi party “Genocidal maniac!” “Barnum of the bigots!” These are among the more temperate epithets hurled regularly – along with eggs, paint, pop bottles, rocks and rotten vegetables – at … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead, part 4/7 – FOLK

Colin Jordan The immediately preceding instalment in this series dealt with one of the great Rs in the lexicon of the Vanguard: Religion. This instalment proceeds to deal with the second: Race. It does so within the context of the … Continue reading

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