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T.S. Francis WHAT IS SOCIETY? Society is the social organization of any like-minded, blood-related, indigenous people. And since man’s nature is that of the social animal we must have societal structure of some kind, for our very survival and for … Continue reading

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The Political Soldier

A Statement Derek Holland DEDICATION To my long suffering parents and my closest political colleagues who have taught me the value of real friendship. INTRODUCTION This booklet has been written with the expressed intention of acting as a spur to … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler – German nationalist or Aryan racialist?

Matt Koehl There has been a tendency, even among some sincere National Socialists, to adopt the attitude that Adolf Hitler, while undoubtedly a very great man, was after all only a product of his times, and that he thus shared … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead, part 4/7 – FOLK

Colin Jordan The immediately preceding instalment in this series dealt with one of the great Rs in the lexicon of the Vanguard: Religion. This instalment proceeds to deal with the second: Race. It does so within the context of the … Continue reading

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