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Fimbulvetr is Here

Winter is a-commin’ in, but that not why intelligent Britons are shivering these days. They have felt in their hearts the chill that men were fabled to feel when they were touched by the shadow of the wings of the … Continue reading

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Aryan Eugenics

Maj. D. V. Clerkin An absolute requirement in the formulation of the Aryan Republic to come is a well-planned Eugenics program; that is, the improvement of the Aryan race through selective breeding. The historical downfall of prior Aryan civilizations – … Continue reading

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Against individualism William L. Pierce IT HAS been opined in past issues of this magazine that man’s most dangerous myth is that of equality: the myth which, in its starkest form, says that every featherless biped, regardless of race, gender, … Continue reading

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The Roots of Civilization

William L. Pierce Human intelligence has more than one facet. The relative degree of development of the different facets varies from person to person and, much more markedly, from race to race. White Americans must learn to distinguish between these … Continue reading

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