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Racial Origin and Earliest Racial History of the Hebrews

Eugen Fischer Translated from the German by Charles E. Weber, Ph.D. Translator’s Introduction The August-September 1983 issue of Liberty Bell contains my translation of and introduction to an article by the German geneticist, Baron Otmar von Verschuer, in which its … Continue reading

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The History of American National Socialism

Martin Kerr CONTENTS Part I: 1924-1936 Introduction •  The Movement’s Beginnings: Teutonia •  Heinz Spanknoebel and Gau-USA • Friends Of The New Germany Part II: 1936-1941 German-American Bund • The Bund’s 1936 Trip to Germany • What Hitler and the … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead, part 4/7 – FOLK

Colin Jordan The immediately preceding instalment in this series dealt with one of the great Rs in the lexicon of the Vanguard: Religion. This instalment proceeds to deal with the second: Race. It does so within the context of the … Continue reading

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