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The History and Significance of the New World Order

Scott Spencer The concept and the reality of the New World Order are widely misunderstood, even by most patriots; or perhaps I should say, especially by most patriots. Some of this misunderstanding is caused by the shortcomings of the patriots, … Continue reading

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Oligopoly (rule by a wealthy few)

Major D.V. Clerkin The Jewish Money Power killed President Abraham Lincoln for two reasons: (1) Lincoln issued and spent into circulation $450 million in “Greenbacks,” U.S. Notes upon which no interest was exacted; (2) Lincoln had proposed repatriating the freed … Continue reading

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The Essence and Secrets of Freemasonry

Theodore Fritsch (Translated from the German by Capell Powell) The conception of freemasonry in the minds of many millions of people is that of an ideal league or confederacy of humanity which, filled with a noble spirit of freedom and … Continue reading

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