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What True Equality Would Really Mean

Allan Callahan The Jewish-American regime in Washington is committed to equality, there is no doubt about that; the only doubt is in regard to the depth of the commitment. In spite of huge efforts, and the doing of enormous damage, … Continue reading

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Verbal Ammunition for White Nationalists

aka The Anti-Jew Spew Antidote to the Communist Planet of the Apes Katrina Vanderpool This paper is dedicated to the task of dismantling some of the most widely used Jewish establishment arguments against White racialists. The technique involved here is … Continue reading

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A Negro Solution

Allan Callahan The difference in the thinking of White racialists and equalitarians makes an excellent study in contrasts. For example, the racialist looks upon negro culture as an object of interest, instead of something to “reform” or “make over.” It … Continue reading

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‘Populism’ and ‘Élitism’

Revilo P. Oliver CONTENTS Part I. POPULISM The Disunited States Democracy Religion Society Economics Political Philosophy Who’s for Democracy? Part II. ÉLITISM Britain’s Élite The Record The Mechanism of Conspiracy England Über Alles England Unter Alles Part II. Conclusion The … Continue reading

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