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Arthur’s Sword Shall Sing Again!

Ian Stewart There is a deep longing within men for the past. Every people have a myth relating to the “Golden Age” when they and their gods were in harmony and blessings of heaven and earth were showered upon them … Continue reading

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The U.S.A. – A Melting Pot?

Of White Nationalities – Yes! Of Races – No! Gen. R. Never IT IS A FACT and truth of history that the U.S.A. was created by White Racists to be a White Racist society – it was NOT a melting … Continue reading

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Nature Sets the Monarch’s Course

The Nordic Press Nature presents a world of wonder which ever unrolls before our eyes. We can marvel at the simplicity of a grazing herd, or lay back on a sunny bank to watch the play of light upon the … Continue reading

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