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Here Comes The Revolution – Ready or Not!

Eric Thomson I am a White Nationalist. As such, I believe that Our Race is Our Nation. The original, non-Zionist meaning of the word “Nation” meant a People. It had nothing to do with a particular geographical boundary. The Zionists, … Continue reading

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A Primer of Social Credit

Louis Even Translated from the French by Earl Massecar Wealth and Want Ottawa – “A family with four children aged four, three, two and one. Desperately poor. The children, with the exception of the four-year old, have no coats to … Continue reading

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A Commie Shows the Route to Success

The Nordic Press It will come as a surprise to some of the younger readers, but the government of the United States was, for a long time, responsive to the wishes of the Aryan population which had created it and … Continue reading

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The “Naked Communist Thesis”:

Some Reflections on the Ideas of W. Cleon Skousen 20 Years Later Peter H. Peel, Ph.D. I. The Morphology of Revolution This section will be largely limited to comparisons of the Bolshevik coup d’йtat of November 1917 and the American … Continue reading

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The History and Significance of the New World Order

Scott Spencer The concept and the reality of the New World Order are widely misunderstood, even by most patriots; or perhaps I should say, especially by most patriots. Some of this misunderstanding is caused by the shortcomings of the patriots, … Continue reading

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Speech at Brown University November 30, 1966

George Lincoln Rockwell Dr. Pierce: Introduction to Rockwell’s Speech at Brown University I’m William Pierce. I first contacted George Lincoln Rockwell in 1964. At the time I was teaching physics at Oregon State University and I was beginning to wonder … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary Nature of National Socialism

Matt Koehl This treatise by NEW ORDER Commander Matt Koehl first appeared in the Summer 1980 issue of The National Socialist, an earlier journal of the World Union of National Socialists. Written before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead, part 1/7

Colin Jordan DEMOCRACY BRINGS THE POLICE STATE “Democracy” has been made at the close of the Twentieth Century the great political key-word, the supreme criterion of life: something sacrosanct, standing unquestionably for the highest form of government, the best type … Continue reading

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