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Honest Abe’s True Colors

Abraham Lincoln reconsidered Gray Fox Much of Moriarty’s recent essay (Jan. 1997) is devoted to backpedaling from the man that General George McLellan called “the Royal Ape.” There seems to have arisen in Moriarty’s psyche some dim recognition that Lincoln … Continue reading

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Could the U.S. Break Apart?

Allan Callahan The U.S.S.R. was, until recently, the world’s largest country. Maybe it was too big to endure, but the speed at which it fell apart, once it started, surprised most everybody. Could the U.S. suffer a similar fate soon? … Continue reading

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“Grantism” and “Shermanism”

Allan Callahan It is probably common today for most people to look upon modern warfare as being much more “humane” than it used to be. They have read of conquered peoples being sold into slavery in ancient times, and sometimes … Continue reading

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