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Neo-Conservatives: Bolsheviks of Tomorrow?

Thomas G. Mysiewicz When Moses Levy (“Karl Marx”) penned his manifesto, few imagined that, rather than eliminating poverty and social inequalities, it would serve as a tool for the actual mass murder of close to 100-million Christians. When Lenin (Ulyanov), … Continue reading

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Germany after World War One

Ben Kriegh The history of Europe during the period prior to World War I is a muddle of wars, changing boundaries, and displaced peoples. By 1871, Bismarck had unified the Germanic Kingdoms and Duchys into a single state, called the … Continue reading

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The “Naked Communist Thesis”:

Some Reflections on the Ideas of W. Cleon Skousen 20 Years Later Peter H. Peel, Ph.D. I. The Morphology of Revolution This section will be largely limited to comparisons of the Bolshevik coup d’йtat of November 1917 and the American … Continue reading

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