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Aryan Victory in Supreme Court Decision

The Nordic Press The incongruity of contemporary political thought lies not so much with conflicting political ideologies as in simple ignorance. As an example, in June of 1987 when the Supreme Court of the United States voided the last vestige … Continue reading

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What the Devil!

Allan Callahan A very perceptive man once opined that the world was created by the Devil when God wasn’t looking. This very logical observation got me to thinking, and also prompted me into doing some research on Mr. Satan. Although … Continue reading

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Puzzles for the Pious

Allan Callahan 1. Most theologians maintain that the logic of cause and effect proves there must be a God because every effect must have a cause and if you trace these series of causes and effects back far enough you … Continue reading

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Solomon’s (Not So) Wonderful Temple

Allan Callahan When the Byzantine emperor Justinian completed his great church, Santa Sophia, he exclaimed, “Oh, Solomon, I have surpassed thee!” This statement proves that he, like so many others before and since, was taken in by the tall tales … Continue reading

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Race, Religion & Samisdat

Eric Thompson A great German statesman and philosopher once remarked that “One had to decide whether one would be a politician or a religious reformer.” Unfortunately, too many people in White America and Europe have failed to make this decision … Continue reading

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Go Six Yourself

Robert Frenz I am no researcher when it comes to theories since I prefer my own to those of others. I rarely read fiction since I can dream up tales far more wild than those of space-warp Spielberg. Therefore, it … Continue reading

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Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me

Deitrich Eckart Translated by Dr. William Pierce Editor’s Foreword The following material has been translated from a pamphlet found in the NSDAP Hauptarchiv. Its German title was Der Bolschewismus von Moses bis Lenin: Zwiegespräch zwischen Adolf Hitler und mir, and … Continue reading

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Christianity – A Religion for Sheep

Ralph Perrier (Revilo Oliver) Our contemporaries are coming to a radically new understanding of the Jewish problem. One by one, and independently of one another, several of our best minds have re-examined the historical record or analysed the forces that … Continue reading

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