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A Primer of Social Credit

Louis Even Translated from the French by Earl Massecar Wealth and Want Ottawa – “A family with four children aged four, three, two and one. Desperately poor. The children, with the exception of the four-year old, have no coats to … Continue reading

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Our Loan-run Economy

Gottfried Feder The following is an excerpt from Der Deutsche Staat auf nationaler und sozialer Grundlage (The German State on a National and Social Basis), by Gottfried Feder, originally written in 1923, 17th edition, Munich, 1933. Translation of excerpt 1982, … Continue reading

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Secrets by the Thousands

C. Lester Walker Harper’s Magazine, October 1946 Harper’s readers are familiar with Mr. Walker’s articles on the skilful mechanics of the Allied war. He now gives us a look at some of the disconcertingly effective tricks that were hidden up … Continue reading

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The Money Myth exploded

Modern Taxation is Legalised Robbery Louis Even Published by The Institute of Political Action, Rougemont, P.Q. A set of brochures reaching 1,479,000 copies – May 1967

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Funny Money

An Indictment of Our Government Hans Schroeder, Canada Most people in this country of ours are suffering under exorbitant interest rates and from inflation. I said MOST and not ALL, because some are able to keep up or even gain with … Continue reading

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