A Short, Irreverent History of the World

A.N. Outsider


The Jews really are a remarkable people, but not for any of the reasons they claim. For example, in some mystical pre-existence phase, before the Beginning, they invented their great God Yahweh, created in their own brutish image. Eventually He became bored with the vast void and emptiness of space, and 5994 years ago decided to create a universe with some interesting inhabitants to amuse Him. To make it even more interesting, He created night and day. After looking it all over the following week, he pronounced it good, and He made the Jews his favorite creation – His Chosen People. In fact, they were the only true human beings; all other tribes and animals are goyim, created only to serve as slaves, beasts of burden, or sources of food.

God’s Chosen People then proceeded to replenish the earth, and except for a few mistakes, migrations, and massacres, things appeared to go reasonably well until some tribes from the North, not being aware of their subservient status, wandered down and foolishly occupied territory which Yahweh had destined for His Chosen. Obviously, this could not be tolerated, so old Yahweh trumpeted His orders from the mountain, came down, and joined His People in slaughtering millions of the sub-human intruders. (Several of these genocidal holocausts, whether real or imaginary, are still celebrated in Jewish holy days.) This kind of bloody warfare continued intermittently for a few centuries without eliminating the insolent goyim, so a new tactic had to be found to supplement the sword.

Greek language and culture, as well as several of the older religious legends were studied for ideas, and many possibilities appeared. Quite conveniently, tough old Yahweh, with the help of a nice Jewish girl, now begat a son, an emasculated, feminized semi-god who espoused such semi-appealing traits as meekness, humility, poverty, altruism, chastity, mercy, peace-making, honor, trust, truthfulness, integrity, tolerance, and loving one’s enemies. What wonderful traits to find in one’s enemies!

It might be a bit difficult to sell this bill of goods to the goyim, so several inducements were incorporated, with many more to come later. This new Savior would assume the guilt as well as the punishment for any infractions of the rules, including the Original Sin of not being born Jewish. All converts were assured of endless bliss in an indescribably beautiful Heaven after death, if only they would whole-heartedly believe. Furthermore, rebirth into the new life was alleged to bring such peace and satisfaction that living in this Vale of pain and tears would be not only tolerable, but actually enjoyable. On the other hand, those who never heard the salvation message, along with those who heard it but were unable to believe, were doomed to spend eternity being mercilessly tortured in a fiery pit of burning sulphur. That ought to really get them!

Somewhere in the dim, forgotten past the Jews has formulated and faithfully practiced their Golden Rule that “when you learn to fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.” It was recently quoted on television by a well-known Jewish writer-philosopher, so it is still considered current and useful. This made it easy for the Great Teacher to attract a few missionary-helpers, and before long things were going great. In fact, some of the new converts were so zealous that it was feared the infection might spread to God’s Chosen. Some of the female goyim appeared attractive and submissive, which also posed a severe temptation to the young hot-bloods of the Tribe.

The Learned Elders were equal to any emergency threatening their People, so they added more ground rules to the convoluted Mishnah already at hand. Among them it is stated that female goyim are available to the Chosen, and fair game for labor, entertainment, and gratification, but nothing more. If a Jew-boy weakens and marries one, he is to be publicly and officially declared dead by his family and the tribe, with appropriate mourning, funeral ceremonies, and subsequent shunning. If a goy aspires to cultivate one of God’s Chosen Females, he is to be promptly eliminated. Anyway, killing goyim is recommended whenever feasible, since that is not considered murder. The Ten commandments and the Golden Rule are not involved, since they were admittedly never intended to handicap the Jews. This brings to mind old Moses, one of their most Venerated Figures. After a hundred years of archaeological digging and exploration and careful study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, no evidence has ever been found that Moses ever existed, although there are at least three older sects with legends of a baby prophet being found in a basket in the bulrushes. Similarly, there is no trace of evidence for Abraham, Solomon, David, Joshua, Saul, John the Baptist, or Jesus the Christ. Israel has maintained exclusive custody of the scrolls, and other scholars and translators have no access to them. Could it be that this secrecy is due to fear that revelation of the sordid origin of these religions would cause a total collapse of the house of cards, without which Israel probably could not survive?

In order to keep the new religion under control without destroying it, appropriate insults and obscenities were devised and applied from time to time, with occasional massacres to keep the goyim in line. But in spite of all of its contradictions and inconsistencies, the religion spread to Europe, with many adherents so zealous that they were willing to suffer and die for their faith. The new doctrines were ambiguous and unclear, so many different interpretations appeared, resulting in the formation of opposing sects. The sects sometimes became so antagonistic that, with some outside agitation, major wars developed between them, with casualties running into the millions. Here these mixed-up fools were slaughtering each other in righteous indignation or wrath, while at the same time treating their real enemies with kindness and consideration! This was even better than the Learned Elders ever had reason to hope for.

Strange as it seems, the new religion survived and spread among the Aryans, but it had to be updated and enhanced to meet the aesthetic, intellectual, and cultural requirements of advancing civilization. And in order to meet the religious needs of more people, the new deity was fragmented into three parts, known collectively to the clergy as the Tri-Une God or Trinity, and the clergy were the only ones presuming really to understand his complex nature. The common people understood only that if they needed a Father-figure to lean on or to answer their ultimate questions, He was there in Heaven, a distant relative of old Yahweh and probably having the same nebulous residence. If they wanted love, wisdom, companionship, forgiveness, or salvation, the Son was also there, always ready to come to their aid. If their needs were more complex, the Holy Spirit could guide them heavenward in the mysterious ways of righteousness and holiness.

Joint committees of rabbis, priest, scholars, and kings were convened to decide which of the many religious legends, fables, and lies would be acceptable to the now more educated masses, and which were so ridiculous or repulsive that they must be discarded. There never was a true consensus, but a compendium of translations, interpretations, truisms, and wishful thinking was finally formulated and transcribed in the most elegant language and poetry of the time. Of course, it had to be re-done periodically, but there was no shortage of volunteers for the job, Men of God with their Divine Revelations.

As sophisticated music was coming into vogue, great poets, composers, musicians, and fine instrument makers appeared, all for the glory of God. The music took many forms and was very effective, majestic, joyful, prayerful, or imploring, depending on which mood the clergy chose to induce at the time. The rituals became very impressive, and the cathedrals with spires reaching almost to Heaven were truly inspiring. Artists and sculptors contributed their finest work and there was competition and rivalry to see which city-state could build the tallest, the most magnificent, or the most intricately carved structure. The poor serfs and artisans were taxed and enslaved for years to build these edifices and to maintain their popes and bishops in the style to which they aspired, all for the Glory of God. If the Great Teacher were to return to earth, as many of the followers claimed to expect, he would be puzzled as he sought in vain for evidence of his simple teachings in the lives of the people.

This inborn knack for faking sincerity has been a tremendous asset in the Jews’ campaign to bring about Yahweh’s will on earth. It has made them, perfect masters in the theater, which they have exploited with great skill to inculcate countless nefarious ideas into the minds and lives of the unsuspecting goyim, while making fortunes for themselves. With their duplicity and fanaticism (enthusiasm) the Jews are the greatest salesmen, regardless of the value of their product. If they fail in fulfilling a promise, contract, or vow, they have annually renewed (Kol Nidre) their right to perfidy and perjury renouncement in advance. If they are threatened by unhappy clients (victims), they usually have brethren in high places who will come to their aid, legally or otherwise. With typical audacity they have invaded the various fields of art, music, literature, entertainment, economics, politics, philosophy, ethics, justice, law, and medicine. With the unfailing help of their news media they have attained positions as critics and arbiters in every field, even including etiquette and protocol. They appear to have convinced most of the goyim that the ugliness is art, discord is music, vulgarity and obscenity are the root of comedy, and degenerate licentiousness is the ultimate goal of sophisticated playwrights and novelists. Poetry is barely connected words without rhyme or metre. Unlimited indebtedness (to them) is desirable, and bankruptcy or fires are honorable and legitimate means for transferring their debts to innocent parties. All races (except Jews) are equal, and the ultimate crime is “anti-Semitism.” As usual, they pervert or invert our language, this time by ignoring the fact that the only true Semites are the Arabs and the Sephardic Jews, while the Ashkenasi Jews who predominate in Israel, Europe, and the United States, have no claim whatever to being anti-Semitic.

The Gentiles have tolerated and/or adopted so many of the Jews’ ideas that we should be wondering if we really are as stupid as they claim us to be. At one time or another they have been physically expelled from nearly every civilized country in the world for infiltrating and corrupting its morals, ethics, art, religion, economy, currency, and political system. Here, in the U.S., we allow them to dominate not only our Congress, but our news and entertainment media, our school system, our churches, our central bank system, our legal and medical professions, and our book publishing. We have the incongruous spectacle of a mediocre president (thought to be secretly “anti-Semitic”) being subjected to a media-managed trial for relatively trivial offenses and finally submitting his resignation to a Jewish (dual loyalty) Secretary of State in an allegedly Christian nation.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), a tax-free, unregistered foreign agent, lobbying for Israel, publishes Sunday-School lessons, pictures, and other literature for the major Protestant denominations, all fostering the myth of Judaeo-Christian community of interest. It has been very successful in instilling and maintaining the idea, suicidal for us, that the Jews are God’s Chosen People and we must support and protect them if we hope to survive and prosper. They also maintain massive files of up-to-date politically useful information with which they can, and do, foster, impede, or destroy the careers of rising young professionals as they see fit. Having a budget and staff rivaling that of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the League provides many other services, all for the benefit of Israel.

Almost without exception their ideas bring disaster when we adopt them. Their control of our immigration policies has ignited the fuse for an inevitable explosion in our country, not in theirs. Our schools are another good example, after integration, busing, permissiveness, new socially oriented textbooks, and “progressive” teaching methods. Socialism, which they promoted here and established by revolution in the Soviet Union, is now an obvious failure. Integration was promoted as a noble cause, but actual race relations in the U.S. are probably worse and more dangerous now than they have ever been. Major businesses are required to hire a quota of “minority” employees, but all too often they find it necessary to hire duplicate white personnel in order to get the work done. Integration has made a mockery of the judicial system; we aren’t supposed to notice it, but most of our crimes are committed by blacks, so should they be tried by a jury of their peers – or our peers? There is no way for justice to prevail with such different standards of behavior. We don’t want more riots, do we? Who arranged a black U.S. Capital and two black Miss Americas?

Three decades ago the entertainment and news media, literature, and theater were glamorizing the use of certain mood-altering drugs, claiming in some cases that they were not addictive. Some of the same media are now pretending to deplore the widespread use of drags and the concomitant crime, and advertising a nearly-futile “war on drugs.” For years these same media have been glamorizing and encouraging recreational sex without regard to the consequences. Now they are forcing sex education and instruction on many young children who otherwise would not have given it serious thought before reaching adolescence. So we wonder why there is an epidemic of venereal disease, pregnancy in school girls, and AIDS, which latter can’t even be reported as a communicable disease. Homosexuality is just another “perfectly normal” lifestyle, and “gays” are just a little bit nobler and nicer than other people.

There are so many other ideas that people ought to add up to get the results that now threaten us. Whose idea was the atomic bomb? Who were the spies who gave it to the Soviets? Who were the lawyers who defended the spies? Who was head of the Communist Party USA? Who founded and supported the NAACP? Who got us into two unnecessary world wars, and who benefited from them, and who is now urging us to start another one? Who are the leaders in most of the demonstrations against some of the policies the country really needs? Who screams loudest for free speech – except when it involves Israel or their beloved moneymaking Holocaust? Who but Jew lawyers, judges, and like-minded jurors would create the existing chaos about medical malpractice insurance?

It appears that Yahweh’s Chosen People have eventually won almost every round, and that David Ben Gurion’s peaceable kingdom, ruled from Jerusalem, is almost here, if only we will whip those nasty Arabs for them and hasten the climax of the Greatest Story Ever Told!

This eventuality would probably be the greatest set-back ever to befall humanity, since it would effectively end the era of mankind’s greatest achievements. Under the new regime, governed by the all-powerful tribunal sitting in Jerusalem, the former great nations, already impoverished by wars to please Israel, would be permanently enslaved by taxation to support greater Israel, “Eretz Ysrael,” extending from the Nile to the Euphrates River as promised by old Yahweh in the Beginning. Their massive police force patrolling most of the world is going to be very expensive, and certainly God’s Chosen People are deserving of the finest living that can be provided by wealth stolen from the despised (and envied) goyim.

If this scenario appears too stark to be credible, people should become aware of the recorded maps and plans drawn up by the current Learned Elders of Zion, available to anyone interested enough to look for the unpleasant facts. These Elders, while still unidentified, are real people, they are deadly serious, and they wield more power than you would ever want to believe.

If the American people continue to be governed by Jewish ideas, influenced by religion-based love of Israel, constrained by an age-old fear of the Jews, and allow themselves to be led into another insane, unnecessary, Jew-contrived war, we can expect nothing but national disaster of whatever kind. In fact, it appears that the disaster point has already been passed, and unless we have an instant mass awakening and new leadership it is too late. Too bad!

If you question some of the statements reported here, please consult relevant sections of the Talmud, and your Holy Bible. The evolution of religions, music, and culture are adequately reported in various histories of the Middle Ages. More recent history, though frequently biased, is helpful for study, and current events of historic significance are recorded from time to time, often incompletely, by the Washington Post, The New York Times, and other such accredited sources.

If one only superficially ponders the State of the Union in 1990, two disturbing questions may come to mind. First, why are grown-up, educated, otherwise normal Christians still unable or unwilling to distinguish between fantasy and reality? Second, if the Jews effectively impoverish and destroy the major nations, who will provide sustenance for Israel, since all true parasites require a viable host? Think about it all – if you are still able to think.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, March 1991

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1 Response to A Short, Irreverent History of the World

  1. xcvbe says:

    I agree with much if not most of Outsider’s history. But he mentions a president who gave his resignation to a dual Israeli sec of state [who/what is this] and the author also states that it is relatively easy to identify/find the current Elders of Zion and their maps/plans for the future–I would ask the author to provide any links or sources he has regarding this info. The only person I know of who may have this info is Doreen Dotan–an Israel woman who is an expert in the Torah and Hebrew language. She has a Utube channel and can also be found on little Big Brother’s Facebook. Peace in the New Order!


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