American Education: Forty Years of Waste, Fraud, and Subversion

Arthur J. Jones

jones - american education

American education today, at all levels in virtually every state in this country, is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the parents and taxpayers during the last 40 years. To most of the world this costly con game we call public education is an open joke known to everyone but the parents of America!

It is only when their children, supposedly educated, graduate from our high schools and colleges and compete with each other for high-paying jobs that they discover how woefully uneducated they are. And even then, as in case of Black and Hispanic youths, they are too ignorant to realize their own illiteracy and instead blame employers for rejecting them because they are simply “White racists”.

The truth is, the amount of money spent on public education in this country is greater than it has ever been before. Yet, all we are getting back for all this money is one generation dumber than the preceding generation! Altogether, this nation will spend over 506.5 billion dollars on educating, or attempting to educate, the children of this nation in the coming school year. (USA Today, August 24, 1994) The education budget alone for the Chicago Public Schools, from September of 1994 to September of 1995, has been set at 2.9 billion dollars! (Chicago Sun Times, August 16, 1994) Included in this sum is 162.3 million for racially balancing the Chicago Public Schools, in accordance to a federal court order handed down by federal Judge Milton Shadur back in the late 1960’s. Since that infamous ruling by this leftist Jew federal judge, the once majority-White student population of Chicago schools has been reduced to only 11% of the public school population! And still the buses roll, transporting hordes of Blacks and Mexicans into formerly all-White schools and taking tiny handfuls of White students into the crime-infested Negro and Hispanic schools.

Yet despite all the money spent on education, despite all the extra incentives and special programs and courses designed to encourage and inspire students to stay in school and learn, year after year, the SAT scores and the less demanding ACT scores, required for college-bound students, keep going lower and lower.

In 1994, 42% of the high school graduates had taken the SAT exams, which comes out to about 1,000,000 graduates. A perfect score on the SAT is 1600, which measures verbal comprehension and the ability to do higher mathematics. In 1960, the national average on the SAT was 975. In 1994, the national average had sunk to 902. (Atlanta Journal, August 25, 1994)

Again, lack of money is not the problem. In 1965, per pupil expenditures stood at $2,700. By 1995, the amount spent on each pupil in public schools of this country will be on the average over $5,000. And right now, the New York City public schools average $6,107 per pupil. So lack of money is not what ails our schools.

Nor are the classes too crowded as the liberals claim. In fact, the average United States classroom now only has 18 students, down from 25 students back in 1965. However, in South Korea, which among 14 industrialized nations placed first in academic skills, the average class contains 49 students. In that international competition, the best the United States could do was a dismal 12th place!

In 1960, 39% of adults aged 25-29 did not have a high school diploma. By 1990 that drop out rate had been reduced to 12,1%. Yet, those figures can be very misleading. For while the per cent of drop outs may have declined over 30 years, the actual number of illiterate or barely functionally literate Americans has increased tremendously. For example, 90 million American adults cannot write a simple letter or read a bus schedule, or fill out a bank deposit slip, or even understand instructions given to those asked to serve on juries. And 26% of American public school students are in special education classes, that is, “special education” for slow learners or what are known as “EMH” students – educationally mentally handicapped!

This basic ignorance shows up in college, where in 1990, 21% of all college freshmen were taking remedial math; 16% remedial writing; and another 18% remedial reading. Illiteracy also shows up in the work place. In a survey of 200 major United States corporations, 22% of the companies surveyed in 1990 were teaching reading; 41% were teaching basic writing skills; and 36% of these companies were teaching some of their employees how to do basic math.

And the United States military has had to dumb down their training manuals on how to operate and repair the costly equipment used to defend this country to the level of comic books. Despite the much vaunted victory over Iraq, most of our casualties in that war were from our own people firing on each other, usually from great distances. This was simply because of incorrect coordinates given on maps, or reading radar screens incorrectly.

In military maneuvers in Europe, United States forces in competition with our NATO allies almost always do poorly, despite having the superior equipment The presence of large numbers of Negro soldiers in United States Army units, holding positions for which they were not mentally equipped to handle, was largely the reason for such poor performances in the field.

From my military service, including the year I spent in Vietnam, I feel the more non-Whites in the unit, the less it became a first class fighting force. Other veterans, especially retired career military men, I’m sure will agree with me on that.

Now, the question is what has happened to what was once the greatest educational system in the world? How has American public education come to such a sorry state of affairs? That is not an easy question to answer.

There are many areas of public education to be dealt with in this article and each area – elementary, junior and senior high and the college level – has unique problems to be dealt with.

At the elementary level, the goals of reading, writing, and learning simple arithmetic are no longer apparently the objective of the classroom teacher. Instead of learning the very basics – the phonic system of sounding out each word – most teachers use the whole-word technique or the look-say method of teaching reading, which was originally designed for teaching deaf mutes. (Anthony Sutton, America’s Secret Establishment, 1986, page 71) The result is most students can’t read above the level of the sixth grade by the time they graduate from high school. After four years of college, the average college graduate reads at a tenth grade level!

Now, one reason for this is the books used in todays schools. Paul Copperman, in his 1978 book The Literacy Hoax, reveals that it has become the custom of American textbook publishers to publish, for the average United States public school, books whose reading level is two years below the grade level of the students reading the books! And for “minority” students, they have an entire different set of textbooks, whose reading level is even lower than that set for White students! (Copperman, page 82)

Thus both White and Negro students are deliberately given textbooks to study from that are actually below the abilities of the students. So even the most intelligent student will be working below his ability to master the subjects studied.

In no other country do the publishers of textbooks deliberately engage in a program of planned educational retardation. And the motive for this is quite simple: the more students who read poorly, the more need there will be for remedial reading classes that will call for special remedial level textbooks, that these publishers will be happy to supply for the right price!

Yes, simple capitalist greed is one factor behind the decline of American public education. But there are other factors as well that have little to do with greed, except perhaps in the lust for power by the two largest teachers unions in the country: The National Education Association (NEA) and The American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

These two unions dominate the entire American public school system. And they are avowedly on the far left in their educational philosophy and in their political positions.

For example, here are a few of the positions supported by the NEA: universal, free health care for all, including illegal aliens; abortion rights for children without parental notification; sex education for children; a “gay” rights curriculum. However, the NEA opposed testing teachers for educational competence, narcotics, alcohol, or AIDS. In 1992, one out of every eight delegates to the Democratic National Convention was an NEA member. And the NEA endorsed Bill Clinton for President by a margin of 88%, to 12% opposed. And with a political war chest of $750 million dollars, the NEA can just about elect or defeat anyone they want to.

They can, and do, also establish the curriculum of the public schools, which is overwhelmingly a radical left curriculum, top heavy with utterly useless, worthless information, often little more than fantasies of the authors.

Starting in 1968, there was a big push to include the so-called “Black History” studies as a separate course and to be distinguished from United States History. In virtually every large and medium sized town in America, demands to teach about all sorts of heretofore unknown Black inventors, scientists, explorers and war heroes was launched by the NEA.

In my own hometown of Beloit, Wisconsin, population 35,000, Negroes descended on the local school board demanding this new “Black History” be taught. Since I had just graduated from the local high school in 1967, I was surprised at how militant the local NAACP was about this issue. So I obtained a list of the authors the NEA teachers union recommended be used to teach the new “Black History” course. And this is what I found: of 43 authors in the NEA’s book list entitled The Negro American in Paperback, 41 of the 43 had extensive records of support and affiliation with numerous front groups set up by the Communist Party, U.S.A. (CPUSA). No less than 12 of the 43 would-be historians of “Black His torri’ were identified members of the CPUSA.

One such NEA recommended writer was Herbert Aptheker, the Jewish editor of the CPUSA’S magazine of Marxist theory, Political Affairs. He is also the editor of another CPUSA publication Jewish Affairs. The NEA recommended this Communist’s book American Negro Slave Revolts published by the Communist Party’s own publishing company, International Publishers!

Once the “red” background of these authors was exposed to them, the Beloit Board of Education voted against the use of those books! That set off a minor Negro riot in the city. Several businesses were fire-bombed that same night the board rejected the NEA’s “red” books.

A special session of the board of education met a couple of weeks later and voted to approve the inclusion of “Black History” as an elective course for the coming school year, using the NEA’s list of communist authors as the basis for the course. (Blackboard Power, NEA Threat to America, Gordon V. Drake, 1968, Pages 174-175)

It seems there is a great deal of Communist Party influence in the NEA and its smaller partner, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). One teacher I recall was a physical science teacher named Jack Pineles, who confessed to this writer, “Do you want to know what I believe in, Mr. Jones? I believe in Communism.” When I asked him if there were anymore teachers like him in Beloit’s public schools, he slyly laughed and said, “You’d be surprised at how many of us there are.”

Apparently this penetration of American education by the CPUSA has been going on for at least 69 years. The late Elizabeth Dilling in her 1934 book The Red Network lists literally hundreds of professional educators, from school teachers to presidents of major public and private universities and colleges, who supported or actually were members of the Communist Party.

For example, in 1932, pressure was building to officially recognize the Bolshevik communists of the Soviet Union as the official government of Russia. Such recognition would then open up the door to United States government assistance and allow big American corporations to legally deal with the Soviets.

So the Communist Party, U.S.A., ever loyal to Moscow, got its orders to launch a national campaign to swing public opinion behind recognizing the first official Marxist country in the world. A petition drive was launched by the communists through a front group called the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR).

The petition read as follows: “In the interests of World Peace and as a measure of mutual economic advantage I urge the immediate recognition of the Soviet government of Russia by the United States.” Among the hundreds of professional educators who signed this Communist Party authored petition was Paul F. Voelker, then president of Battle Creek College. [Was this leftist professor any relation to the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, the most powerful economic position in the country, the Paul Voelker that was appointed by President Jimmy Carter?] (Dilling, Page 155)

Another supporter of the drive to recognize “red” Russia was Professor John Dewey of Columbia University, who was then president of a large and influential organization of public school teachers known as the Progressive Education Association, (PEA). These teachers, most of whom were trained at Columbia Teachers College, came under the influence of Dewey.

Elizabeth Bentley was a former member of the Communist Party from the 1930’s on through into the late 1940’s and who joined the Communist Party while attending Vassar College, a private women’s college. She went on to get an M.A. degree in Sociology at Columbia University, where she discovered the communists held weekly meetings with everyone from graduate students and professors, down to the food workers in the cafeteria! In fact, in keeping with the “democratic” nature of communist theory, the top “red” leader at Columbia University was not a professor, but a cafeteria worker! (Bentley, Out of Bondage, 1988, Page 21)

These “red” teachers, on graduation, have fanned out across the country and they in turn produced another generation of Marxist teachers, college professors, and university presidents. These were the sources of the so-called “New Left” agitators who actively worked against the United State during the “Cold War” era of the 1950’s and 1960’s, when the United States opposed communist wars of so-called “National Liberation” in Korea, Vietnam, and Latin America.

How heavy is this communist infiltration into American education? Without a doubt, Columbia Teachers College has been and is a “red” stronghold. Over the years, it has graduated over 100,000 teachers. Currently, over 25% of the public schpol superintendents in 168 United States cities over 50,000 in population are graduates of Columbia Teachers College, and it still produces hundreds of public school teachers in the United States each year.

This Marxist influence has found its way into the school books used in the public schools. The earlier mentioned “Black History” is just one example of what has been taking place in the schools and in the textbooks written by educators out to build a “New World Order.”

Here are a few more examples: In 1958, the late Professor E. Merrill Root, who taught for over 40 years at Earlham College, wrote a book entitled Brain Washing in the High Schools. This book was a survey of 11 history books then being used in the Evanston, Illinois, School District.

Professor Root, after thoroughly examining the textbooks, summarized his reactions to them this way: “If Jefferson is on the side of the angels because he loved ‘the common people’ but Washington is suspect because he belonged to ‘the gentry’ and ‘the colonial aristocrats’; if the Republican Party is the party of ‘the interests’ and the Democratic Party is the party of ‘the people’; if ‘nationalism’ and ‘100 per cent Americanism’ are low-brow but ‘globalism’ and the ‘United Nations’ are high-brow, we do not have ‘controversy’, we have indoctrination.” (Root, page 21)

And ‘indoctrination’ is precisely what many American students are getting, even at the most expensive, private, and elite universities in this country. Here is what Harvard graduate John LeBoutillier experienced as a sophomore majoring in United States history as described in his 1978 book Harvard Hates America: “I don’t give a shit about American history. I don’t give a damn about facts or dates or any of that traditional crap. Hell, I don’t even know what year the Civil War began. As far as I’m concerned, that type of history just plays along with the right-wing fascists who run this country… the very people I’m dedicated to overthrowing.”

LeBoutillier then describes his Harvard history tutor, who was a graduate student working on a Ph.D in history, but who had the job of teaching United States History to undergraduate students. “The speaker was Barry Schmidt. He was wearing a long, shaggy brown beard which almost hid his face. He was bald on top of his head and what hair he did have was tied into a pony tail with a red Indian ribbon. He was wearing a light green tee shirt and scruffy, torn blue jeans. He wore no socks, but was wearing a pair of expensive black loafers with a tassel on top.”

Continued Schmidt: “I might as well tell you now that I’m a radical – not a liberal – a radical. And we’re going to be working this year in here to teach some basic tenets of my radical thoughts. The first of those is that I’m firmly committed to the overthrow of all these right-wing fascist governments in the West today.”

When asked what he was writing his Ph.D. on, Schmidt answered: “I’m writing it on Marx and Hegel. The dialectic method of analysis. German economic advances. The whole bit. Really great stuff. In fact, we’re going to spend a big part of this year on it, even though this course doesn’t cover that. I just think it’s time you WASP brats had some understanding of the working class in society, some conception of the real value of labor, and some understanding of the fraudulent basis of capitalistic society.”

What followed was an outline of the course of “United States History” by Barry Schmidt, wrote LeBoutillier: “I was shocked by the whole encounter, by how different it was from what I expected. When I glanced at the assignment sheet, I was even more shocked. There were columns of readings by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, and Hegel. This was supposed to be my sophomore tutorial which laid the basis for my major in American history! And here I am reading this?” (LeBoutillier, Pages 1-4)

It turns out that Barry Schmidt and his wife have three other homes: one on Park Avenue in New York City; one in Palm Beach, Florida; and one in Aspen, Colorado. He drove a Mercedes Benz. Their Harvard home was purchased for them by his wife’s father, who was the chairman of the board of a large Wall Street bank! (LeBoutillier, Page 25)

So much for that toiling proletariat! With teachers like Barry Schmidt, is it any wonder how shockingly ignorant American students have become?

In 1987, a book titled What do our 17-Year-Olds Know? was released by publishers Harper and Row. This book was by Dianne Ravitch, Adjunct Professor of History at Columbia University Teachers College, and Chester Finn, Professor of Education at Vanderbilt University and former Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Education. The book contains the results of a survey of 8,000 high school students across the country. They tested the knowledge of these students in only two areas – history and literature.

And this is what they found, incredible as it may seem.

1. 32.4% are unable to identify the Declaration of Independence and what it means.

2. Only 40.1% know what the Federalist Papers are.

3. 24.7% of students place Lincoln in the time period 1860-1880.

4. Only 32.2% know the Civil War took place between 1850-1900.

5. 32% don’t know Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.

6. Only 21.4% have any idea of what the term “Reconstruction” applies to regarding American history.

7. 63% don’t know when Teddy Roosevelt was President.

8. 57.1% don’t know Woodrow Wilson’s time as President.

9. 52.3% place Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1929-1946.

10. Only 70% of students knew who the United States was fighting in World War II; an incredible 29% thought we were fighting Cuba, Vietnam, China, Iran, Korea, or Russia!

11. 44% do not know Dwight Eisenhower was President in the 1950’s and Joseph McCarthy, the anti-communist United States Senator is mistaken for the pro-communist Senator Eugene McCarthy by 29.4% of students.

12. Only 48.6% know who dropped the atomic bomb and when it was used and on whom it was used. Some students have it in their minds it was used on Germany to end World War I and others that we dropped it on China during the Korean War!

13. And for 37.3% of the 17 year olds’ across the country, the word “Sputnik” (referring to the first satellite to orbit the earth, launched by the Soviet Union) draws a blank!

14. But a word that should draw a blank, because it never happened, “Holocaust,” is recognized by 75.8% of the students for its reference to alleged Nazi genocide of the Jews in World War II.

Turning to geography and literature, their findings were just as alarming as the results they obtained in their history survey. Here is some of what they found in their literature/geography survey.

1. 30.7% can’t find the Mississippi River on a map.

2. Only 57% know what area comprised the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.

3. 15% can’t locate the Rocky Mountains.

4. Only 54.2% of Hispanics and 44,2% of Blacks can locate Great Britain.

5. And 35% of all students can’t find France!

When the question of the 38th parallel came up, “the smartest student” in a Los Angeles High School graduating class answered this way: “I learned that in the Vietnam War, North and South Korea fought against each other, and then there was a truce at the 38th parallel, and that Eisenhower had something to do with it.” (Inside American Education, 1993, Thomas Sowell, Page 5)

In the field of literature, today’s high school students have been denied exposure to the best writers and social philosophers of the Western World. Instead, they have been subjected to a meaningless, mindless, racially alien, collection of Marxist scribblers in the name of that formless vapid glop of mental droppings called “Multiculturalism”.

Here is the barren cultural wasteland of American education today: Of ten famous American and European writers – such as Charles Dickens who wrote Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities, Herman Melville who wrote Moby Dick, Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, James Fennimore Cooper Drums Along the Mohawk, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Ride of Paul Revere, Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea, and Mark Twain, the most well-known American author of all time for his novels Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn – only 39.8% of the students had read those books! (Ravitch and Finn, page 107)

Of poets and playwrights, that lamp of knowledge burns dimly in the minds of less than 50% of the students surveyed. Writes Ravitch and Finn: “The classic poets of the English language are apparently unfamiliar to most eleventh grade students in our high schools.” (Ravitch and Finn, Page 112)

For example:

1. T.S. Elliot’s poem The Hollow Men was familiar to only 45.4%.

2. Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was known to only 40.2%.

3. Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was read by 36.1%.

4. Beowulf by 45.8%.

5. Dante’s The Divine Comedy by 32.8%.

6. And only 43.6% of these students surveyed reported they had read just one or two plays by the most famous writer in Western literature, William Shakespeare! But a shocking 57% of these students had never been required to read anything by Shakespeare!

In fact, it appears there is very little required reading in the public schools, and if students are required to read anything at all, it is the contemporary literary bilge that passes for modern literature and the “new” history.

Consider the Gabler saga. Melvin and Norma Gabler became acquainted with the Texas State Board of Education back in 1961 when they happened to run across several items in the textbooks of their three sons. This led to a long-running feud with Texas educators and the New York publishers of the books used in the Texas public schools.

This war for truth and decency in public school textbooks started in Texas. However, because Texas is such a large state, what sells in Texas is generally sold to school boards in other states as well. Their fight has been told in two books, Textbooks on Trial by James Hefley in 1976 and in What are they Teaching our Children? by the Gablers in 1985. Here is just a brief rundown of their findings.

1. A fifth grade American History book which devoted 6.5 pages to Marilyn Monroe, including a sexy picture from Life magazine, complete with a sexually suggestive caption on her “sexy” way of walking. George Washington, in the same book, is mentioned briefly. (Hefley, Page 122)

2. An English grammar book that instructed the teacher: “drill on standard usage should be avoided… Encourage each child to make his own rules for writing and to stick to those rules.” (Hefley, Page 150)

3. A story in an English literature book about a little blonde-haired white boy forced to wear a dead snake around his head by his uncle. (Hefley, Page 151)

That is some of the depravity put in the textbooks in the 1970’s for elementary, junior, and senior high school students. As the 1980’s dawned, the Gablers were still carrying on the fight against morally degenerate textbooks. Here is some of their latest findings in their 1985 book.

1. A geography book with 14 errors – 8 of the errors give a higher GNP to Marxist countries and 5 non-Marxist countries are given a lower GNP than they actually have, (Gabler, Page 56)

2. A series of world history books and “social studies” books that glorify the communist leaders Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, and the communist Sandinista rebels of Nicaragua. (Gabler, Pages 58-59)

3. Role playing stories for children where they first play the part as killers than reverse the roles and become the murder victim. In one such story, a doctor kills an elderly patient with an overdose of morphine. The students are then instructed to discuss this question, “How old would you have to be before you would be ready to kill somebody?” (Gabler, Page 89)

4. And this nifty little poem was found in an eighth grade English literature book from a collection called The Inner City Mother Goose:

“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick,
snap the blade and give it a flick
Grab the purse, it’s easily done
Then just for kicks, just for fun,

Plunge the knife and cut and run.”

(Gabler, Page 83; which quotes page 147 of Language 8, Laidlaw Brothers Publishers, 1983)

Not content to mess up their minds with such trash the radical leftists and communists, who have control of the public schools, have now taken it upon themselves to use American children as Pavlovian lab rats, testing all sorts of weird, crack-pot, and subversive techniques out on them.

In some American schools the latest rage is “Death Education”. In such a course, students are taken on field trips to morgues and funeral parlors to view dead bodies. Then they are required to write their own obituaries! Other “useful” activities that take place in this course is that students are required to discuss the death of someone in their family, make a model coffin out of a shoe box, and even write a suicide note! (Sowell, Page 37)

Then there is “Peace Education”, where students are subjected to all the theories about nuclear warfare and what the United States must do to make sure we never use a nuclear weapon on another nation, as we did on Japan. And of course the NEA is firmly behind this leftist claptrap. In fact, Terry Herndon, former president of the NEA was the president of Citizens Against Nuclear War, a coalition of 50 different left-wing radical groups, labor unions, and various religious and environmental organizations. (Thomas Smith, Educating for Disaster, 1986, Page 30)

One of the most dangerous and unnecessary educational techniques falls under the heading of “Values Clarification”. This is the brain child of two Jewish educators, Sidney B. Simon and Howard Kirchenbaum. Values Clarification requires students to keep diaries on family members and reveal information about a child’s family that the family may not want divulged. Personal, religious, and moral beliefs are actively challenged by the teacher or class. And when subjected to this kind of Marxist-style group-criticism, old family values are weakened if not wiped entirely out.

Professor Richard Baer of Cornell University has described the Values Clarification technique in these words: “Values Clarification is a form of psychotherapy that teaches a profound bias against authority, traditional morality, and duty.”

And so it does. According to the latest figures from the United States Department of Justice, there are on average 500,000 violent incidents per month in the public schools. And 1,000 teachers a month are assaulted and require medical treatment, and another 125,000 teachers are the victims of threats against themselves. (Walter Wilhams, Conservative Chronicle, September 7, 1994, Page 23)

Kirchenbaum and Simon are also to be found promoting an extremely radical and subversive movement called “The Children’s Rights Movement”, first outlined in the book with the same name published in 1977. In this movement we find every nutty notion on school reform and child rearing you can think of. What “children’s rights” are we speaking of? Here are a few of the absurd “rights” today’s so-called professional educators are advocating.

1. The right to choose where one may live and with whom, regardless of the wishes of the parents.

2. The right to have adult friends that are not friends of the parents or legal guardians of the child.

3. The right to sign legally binding contracts.

4. The right to enter into sexual relationships with adults.

5. The right to use whatever drug adults may use – from alcohol to heroin.

6. The right not to have to attend school.

7. The right to earn money at a regular job, under age 16.

8. The right to a guaranteed income for those who choose not to work.

9. The right to an abortion, when the child demands it.

10. The right to vote, lowered to age 6! (Holt, Page 117)

These so-called “rights” of children are to be found in the 1974 book Escape from Childhood by the late John Holt, who taught elementary school in Massachusetts, Colorado, and California, as well as at the graduate student level at Harvard.

He wrote five other books on his educational theories and his books have become required reading at teacher colleges around the country. The New York Times blurb on Escape from Childhood says: “Astonishingly cogent. John Holt’s book is touching in its beautiful respect for children and its insistence on their dignity.”

This is what John Holt thinks of the institution of the family: “Most of those people who talk angrily about saving the family or bringing back the virtues of the family do not see it as an instrument of growth and freedom but of dominance and slavery, a miniature dictatorship… It is a training for slavery.” (Holt, Page 27)

Here are a few more quotes to get the full picture of Holt’s ideas:

1. “There is no need why the adult friends of a child should be friends of his parents.” (Holt, Page 30)

2. “Children should have the right to own at least some property. I also want for them to have the right to buy and sell property, borrow money, make contracts and do everything financially that an adult may legally do.” (Holt, Page 144)

3. “Young people should have the right to travel and to live away from home without parents’ permission.” (Holt, Page 147)

4. “There is no necessary reason why parents should like their own children best, or like them at all; they might prefer someone else’s. Why not make it more easy for both adults and children to find those of the other group that they do like and spend more time with them?” (Holt, Page 162)

5. “Whatever rights the law grants to adults in the matter of drugs should be granted to the young… In short I don’t think we should “protect” children against whatever drugs their elders use and in a society in which most of their elders use drugs and many use them excessively and unwisely, I don’t see how we can.” (Holt, Pages 193 and 201)

6. “If and when the law allows people at an earlier age than now to choose to become independent and responsible citizens, I would want these citizens to have the same rights in the matter of sex as any other citizens, regardless of age.” (Holt, Page 211)

Needless to say, if these ideas were to become public policy, the concept of the American family would be utterly swept away along with such ideas as “race” and “nation”.

Now if John Holt was just one lone nut advocating these ideas, there would be little to worry about. But Holt was not alone when he set down these “rights” for children. He was part of a widespread movement among so-called “advocates” for children in the fields of education and social work.

Herbert R. Kohl is another advocate of “children’s rights” who has some radical ideas of his own. He advocates what he calls “the open classroom” in his 1970 book, The Open Classroom, which John Holt considers “indispensable for teachers”..

And former NBA president Terry Herndon raves, “to enter a new world, you have got to abandon the old one. The Open Classroom is a manual which will tell you which bridges to burn.”

Herbert Kohl has a B.A. in Philosophy from Harvard and received a Masters Degree in Special Education from Columbia University Teachers College.

Here is “the open classroom” approach to education new teachers are expected to use. Says Kohl: “The important point is that in an open classroom the teacher is no more required to behave like a ‘teacher’ than the students are required to be submissive children. The teacher doesn’t always have to be at the front of the room and lead, nor does he have to speak ‘proper’ English, nor defend a rigid system of ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’” (Kohl, Page 32)

Adds Kohl: “if an open classroom is to develop, the teacher has to learn to abdicate some of the power the school confers upon him. He has to be able to say I’m not going to grade, or I’m not going to punish people, or I’m not going to send anybody to the principal – and mean it.” (Kohl, Pages 78-79)

As for any of the work requiring papers written by students Kohl says: “Once they know about the rules of uniform spelling, they [the students] should be free to accept or modify them as they please.” (Kohl, Page 112)

So, the “open classroom” says never mind about grades, proper language, spelling, or classroom discipline. What if the school principal or some other authority would object to this anarchic way of teaching? Kohl has the answer: “keep two sets of lesson plans, one for the school supervisor that follows the curriculum and another for oneself that deals with the reality of one’s classroom.” (Kohl, Page 91)

In other words, new teachers adopting the “open classroom” teaching style should be prepared for resistance from school authorities and what he calls “reactionary parents.” (Kohl, Page 95)

To handle such opposition, Kohl says it is alright to present fake lesson plans to school authorities or parents who are concerned about the inability of students to learn anything.

This is sheer educational fraud and quackery. Teachers who lack the leadership necessary to housebreak a pup have been given the far greater responsibility to educate American students! And they have failed miserably.

The greatest example of deceit in public education which is still going on is the destruction of our neighborhood school system by way of forced racial integration of the schools.

The entire case for the racial integration of public schools is based on a bogus “scientific” test involving 16 Negro school children. This test, conducted by Dr. Kenneth Clark, a Negro psychologist, claimed that when asked to pick between a White doll and a Black doll, the majority of Negro kids chose the White doll.

This test was conducted in a racially segregated school in the south, so when the case of Brown vs Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas came before the United States Supreme Court, Dr. Clark’s doll test was cited by the NAACP’s Jew lawyer, Jack Greenburg, as the scientific proof that racially segregated schools caused “psychological damage” to Negro children.

On such a flimsy basis, the United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously on May 17, 1954, that racially segregated public schools were in violation of the “equal protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. What the justices of the United States Supreme Court were not told by Dr. Clark is that in testing 300 Negro children in racially integrated public schools in Springfield, Massachusetts, Dr. Clark received the same results. Negro children preferred to play with the White doll over the Colored doll. And in another test, in the South, he found Negro children preferred the Black doll over the White. But of course, this information he did not include in his testimony before the United States Supreme Court!

Thus, his doll tests essentially proved nothing one way or another. Nine years later in the case of Stell vs Savannah, Chatham County Board of Education on June 28, 1963, a federal court found Negro children were not damaged psychologically by attending all Negro schools, but rather that both White and Negro children were having their learning abilities “injured” by being forced to attend the same schools together.

Citing a cross section of figures from across the nation, it was established by the defendant school board that the average Negro student is, at the sixth grade, two years mentally behind his chronological age. And by the tenth grade, Negro students are three years behind. Testifying for the defense, a group of courageous scientists further revealed that: “there are differences in the size, proportion, and structure of the Black brain and endocrine systems, which within scientific limitations, compel predictable differences in the personality, and learning capacity of the two races.”

Cutting to the core of the liberal argument for racial integration, these scientists concluded that “prejudices, whether ethnic, religious, or racial, increase rather than decrease in a direct proportion to the degree of non-voluntary contact [forced integration] between two separate identifiable groups.”

Thus, for those reasons and others too numerous and technical to explain, the lower federal court ruled that “equality of educational opportunity” was “impossible” to obtain in racially integrated schools!

Unexpectedly, the lawyers for the NAACP conceded all the scientific testimony from the Chatham County Board of Education’s scientists called to defend segregated schools was true and correct. So the lower federal court, acting on this scientific evidence, ruled in favor of maintaining segregated schools!

However, the wily Jew, Jack Greenburg, appealed the case to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled in favor of the NAACP without even examining the evidence.

Said the Fifth Circuit Court: “We reiterate that no inferior federal court may refrain from acting as required by the United States Supreme Court in the [1954] Brown decision, even if such a court should conclude that the Supreme Court erred as to its facts or to the law.”

In other words, the Fifth Circuit Court said don’t bother us anymore with facts or law, a new social revolution has been launched by this 1954 decision and we federal judges are to enforce its effects on the nation, not question its validity or truthfulness.

A second case, Evers vs Jackson, Mississippi, Municipal Separate School District in 1964 found federal district judge, Sidney Mize, ruling in favor of the NAACP, citing the prior ruling in Stell as the reason. However Judge Mize felt compelled by the evidence in defense of segregated schools to write: “In this case the evidence as to racial differences of such significance as to reasonably require the separation of school children for educational purposes, is overwhelming, undisputed and unchallenged.” Added judge Mize, “In the opinion of this court, the facts in this case point up a most serious situation, and indeed, cry out for a reappraisal and complete review of the findings and conclusions of the United States Supreme Court in the Brown decision.”

To remedy the alleged wrongs Negro children had suffered by attending segregated public schools, the federal courts began to forcibly transfer Negro students into previously all-White schools, and later White students into Negro schools. The result was to drive more and more White children out of the public schools and into the suburbs, where millions of White families have fled, rather than submit to the race-mixing dictates of the federal government.

And large scale race-mixing is precisely what the leftists and Jews hoped would occur when the forced school bussing to “racially balance” the public schools began. Proof that racemixing, not quality education for Negro students, is the real goal of the Liberals and Jews is found in the case of forced bussing that occurred in Boston in 1974. In that case, you had the federal courts ordering Negro students from Jeremiah E. Burke High School, a new, modern, school in the all-Black Roxbury section of Boston, being bussed into South Boston High School, the White Irish neighborhood of South Boston.

The percentage of Negro high school graduates from Burke High School going on to college was double that of White students attending South Boston High School, which was over a century old and in need of lots of repairs. (Edward P. Langerton, The Busing Coverup, 1975, Page 74)

Critics of forced integration of the public schools predicted that the end result of such a policy would be the chaos, violence, and massive ignorance found in the schools today. This educational catastrophe is a direct result of putting hordes of savage and genetically botched Blacks into the same schools as White children attend.

Now, after 40 years of this costly nonsense, the damage to American public education may be beyond repair. In fact, an entirely new and alien approach to education is quietly being inserted into school districts all across this country. This new technique or method has many names to conceal itself, but its correct name is Outcome Based Education (OBE).

Under OBE, all the courses are geared to accommodate the slowest learners in the classroom or in the school. Our brightest, most creative, and intelligent students, the few that there are, are forced to put their minds at idling speed so that everyone will be learning a course at the same time. No one student, or group of students, under OBE will be allowed to shoot ahead of the mostly minority coconut heads and peanut brains in the class!

The goal of OBE is to condition students to be docile, slow-witted, cooperative, and unambitious. Instead of learning basic skills such as reading, writing, and math, the OBE educated student learns “social skills”, such as participating in group decision making, compromising his beliefs. The aim is not to achieve excellence in academic work, because there is no grade to measure his progress, but to achieve an acceptable level of mediocrity from himself that will please his peers. Individualism is out, competition is forbidden, conformity is enthroned.

Adding to this lab-rat style of education are the various special minority group courses White students are forced to endure. “Black History” was the first, then along came the demand for “Multicultural education”, which includes now the “alternative life styles” and “sexual orientations” of homosexuals, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transsexuals, and every other degenerate, perverted, anti-Christian, anti-nature, or anti-White and anti-American doctrine or philosophy the liberal/leftist radical educational establishment can conjure up and have taxpayers pay for.

One such utterly worthless course now being inserted into the schools all over this country are the mandatory courses on the mythical, much overblown “Holocaust”. To our shame, the state of Illinois was the first state in the union to require the Big Jewish Lie of the “Holocaust” be taught in every public school in the state. Since that time, which took effect only a few years ago, the “Holocaust” is now taught in 11 other states and is inserted into the curriculum by various school boards in hundreds of Unites States cities.

And now that the Jews have their national “Holocaust Museum” in Washington, D.C. American teachers all over this country have been arranging field trips to visit this monument to Jewish power over our national government. Then for those who can’t swing the funds for a trip to Washington for their students, the Jews have set up 19 other “Holocaust” museums, 48 resource centers to obtain “Holocaust” propaganda, 34 archive centers, 26 research institutes, and at last count, 12 memorials.

So, when it’s time to study the “Holocaust” the Jews haven’t missed a trick. However, despite all this, they still are not satisfied with how the “Holocaust” is being taught.

In the view of the Jews who write the lies they would have American parents pay to have stuffed down the throats of their children, it is not enough to just read about it or see a few doctored films. They suggest instead, simulation games, with students acting out the role of Gestapo agents and other students playing the role of poor, persecuted, innocent Jews. They also suggest as a way “to teach moral lessons” that “the Nuremberg Trial” be acted out with students “acting out the roles of murderers, victims, and judges.”

Finally, Lucy S. Dawidowicz, a noted writer on the “Holocaust” believes for the “Holocaust” studies to be really effective, they must address a very touchy issue head on. Writes Dawidowicz: “The texts themselves reveal their shortcomings. Though most recite the facts, they do not stress the centrality of premeditated mass murder as an instrument of policy.”

“But the more serious failure to which I have already alluded, is the omission of the history of anti-Semitism – and especially its roots in Christian doctrine – as necessary background to the murder of European Jews… the Nazis would not have succeeded in disseminating their brand of racist anti-Semitism had they not been confident of the pervasiveness, firmness, and durability of Christian hatred of Jews.” (Lucy S. Dawidowicz, Commentary Magazine, December 1990, Page 27)

Now, the question is when did all these “multi-cultural” programs get started? As near as I can determine, the real down fall of traditional American education began in 1945 with the creation, at the end of World War II, of the United Nations and our membership in it. From that time on, with the creation of the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a concerted and united effort was launched to undermine and to replace the morals and values of former generations with an alien, un-American, curriculum centered around the concept of world peace through world government.

The Uneskoites are also great believers and purveyors of the doctrine of “racial equality”. In 1950, UNESCO issued its first statement on race which said: “Race is more a social myth than a biological fact. The intermingling of people throughout countless centuries has destroyed any possibility of a so-called ‘pure’ race… The range in mental capacities in all races is much the same. There is no available scientific proof that groups of Mankind differ significantly in intelligence, temperament, or other inborn characteristics.”

Of course that is an outright lie, at least 60 years of IQ tests, performed at all grade levels, age levels, and social levels, from elementary students to military recruits to prison inmates, has shown a gap of at least 20 points between White and Negro test subjects. [See Audrey M. Shuey, The Testing of Negro Intelligence, 1966, Social Science Press, New York.]

There are literally dozens of scientists, like Arthur Jensen of Berkeley, R. J. Herrnstein of Harvard, Henry Garret of Columbia, and John R. Baker of Oxford University, among many others, who do not believe the Marxist claptrap of “racial equality.”

But UNESCO keeps pumping it out. The first UNESCO statement on race was issued in Paris, in July of 1950. The last UNESCO statement on race was issued from that fountainhead of human freedom, Moscow, Russia, in 1967.

However, two years after the United Nations was founded a little known group called the American Council on Education (ACE), issued a report in 1949 entitled Intergroup Relations in Teaching Materials. This report was a review of the contents of textbooks then in use in the public schools. What the focus of the ACE study was “textbook treatment of minorities”. This ACE study found “textbooks in use throughout the United States to be distressingly inadequate, inappropriate and even damaging to intergroup relations.”

So the word went out to change the textbooks. But little was done until 1960 when the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) made a study of American textbooks and found them not to their liking.

This ADL study found only 4 out of 45 books on history to their liking. Said the ADL: “while most books do contain some integrated photographs, the number of them must be increased considerably to reflect accurately our society.”

On Indians the ADL says: “In general the treatment of American Indians has changed markedly since 1949. Accounts of White deceit and of Indian culture abound as they never had in the past. However, much more progress is still desirable.”

On Jews, the ADL found that: “Some texts – but too few – have begun to state explicitly Jews are not a race. Most of them do not present a varied true to life picture of Jews in America today.”

On Nazis: “Nazi persecutions of minorities are still inadequately treated… American histories and social problems texts either omit it or gloss over it – along with the opportunity to teach lessons about intergroup prejudice and conflict to their student readers.”

The ADL study recommended that local school boards demand of book publishers that they produce textbooks that: “Present a pluralistic – rather than a 100% White, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon-view of history and the current social scene.”

Also, the ADL demanded that textbooks: “Portray minority groups not as ‘out groups’ – strange, different and isolated – but sympathetically and in depth as valuable, dynamic, contributing elements in our culture.”

The ADL also said the new textbooks should: “Deal frankly with past and current barriers to full equality in citizenship and constructive intergroup relations, and with ongoing attempts to achieve both civil and human rights for all.”

Finally, the ADL vowed to: “Influence school systems to act as agents of change by refusing to purchase a text simply because ‘it is the best available’. Some major large-city school systems have been urged to assume this position, more must be encouraged to follow suit.”

As a result of this study, American textbooks were rewritten so that they would be, to use a current term, “politically correct”. That doesn’t mean the books are true, accurate, fair, objective accounts of history or any other subject, it just means they have been rewritten to please and placate some pampered racial, religious or sexual minority.

Now in researching this article, over and over again, I kept asking where do all these wacky, bizarre, subversive and immoral ideas come from? From where do the “Madhatters” of American education get their ideas?

At first, I thought all these so-called reforms that have made a shambles of American education must have come from the brain of some master Marxist. And there was some of that, as I have shown here. In fact there was a great deal of early Marxist infiltration of the public schools. However, where did the Marxists get their ideas of education? And how does their system compare with what is taught in American schools?

Consider the 10 points or rules of conduct followed by the Soviet Youth Group, The Pioneers.

1. A pioneer honors the memory of those who have given their life in the struggle for freedom and the flowering of the Soviet Motherland.

2. A pioneer is a friend to children of all nations of the world.

3. A pioneer studies diligently, is disciplined, and courteous.

4. A pioneer likes to work and takes good care of public property.

5. A pioneer is a good friend, cares for younger children, and helps grown-ups.

6. A pioneer develops courage and does not fear difficulties.

7. A pioneer tells the truth and treasures the honor of his unit.

8. A pioneer develops his physique and does exercise every day.

9. A pioneer loves nature, he is a protector of green plants, useful birds, and animals.

10. A pioneer is an example to all children.

(Urie Bronfenbrenner, Two Worlds of Childhood U.S. and U.S.S.R., 1973, Pages 42-51)

There is really not much to quarrel with in those points or rules for Soviet youth. But other than that, those are pretty good rules for anyone to follow.

And as far as what is taught in Soviet schools, that came as a surprise. According to the former Moscow bureau chief for the New York Times, Serge Schmemann; “Rare is the Russian who was not reared on The Deer-slayer or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, who is not familiar with Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Sinclair Lewis, John Updike, Isaac Asimov. One Russian told the writer, “It would not be an exaggeration to say that in childhood we all were reared on American adventure literature – James Fennimore Cooper, Jack London, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, O. Henry – a whole constellation of names…” (Ravitch and Finn, Page 14)

So Russian children are enjoying America’s top writers, while American children are, thanks to the ADL, the NAACP and the NBA as well as UNESCO, given over to the soul-sapping, race-destroying, daily drippings of the “politically correct” hacks and whiners of that “Multicultural” fantasy land that has become American education.

But long last, I believe I have tracked the “Beast of Miseducation” to its lair, or rather its habitat, and it is not from the former Soviet Union. Their system of education is right on track because they did not let the educational quacks in – rather they booted them out and many of them came here.

I speak of the Jews. Not the Marxists, per se, but the Jews as a race. The Russians kept control of their educational system, while we let the Jews take ours over.

It started at the beginning of the 1930’s in National Socialist Germany. Adolf Hitler recognized the Jewish poisoning of his people’s culture and drove them out of the country, where many fled to America. Wrote Hitler in his book Mein Kampf: “What had to be reckoned heavily against the Jews in my eyes was when I became acquainted with their activity in the press, art, literature and the theater… This was pestilence, spiritual pestilence, worse than the Black Death of olden times and the people was being infected with it.”

“The fact that nine tenths of all literary filth, artistic trash, and theatrical idiocy can be set to the account of a people, constituting hardly one hundredth of all the country’s inhabitants, could not simply be talked away; it was the plain truth.” “But what inevitably remained incomprehensible was the boundless hatred they [the German people] heaped upon their own nationality, despising its greatness, besmirching its history, and dragging its great men into the gutter. This struggle against their own species, their own dan, their own homeland, was as senseless as it was incomprehensible. It was unnatural.” (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Pages 58 and 60, Manheim edition, 1971)

So the same nonsense, the same filth, the same moral corrosion of America today was experienced by the Germans 71 years ago, in 1925, when Hitler first wrote those words. It was Jewish control of Germany then and it is Jewish control of America now.

In researching this article, I discovered the one true source of the madness that passes for American education today and it is not Soviet Russia, but Israel! It was in the book Children of the Kibbutz. Every single so-called educational reform, innovation, or technique for teaching of the last 50 years, you will find was already in practice in Israel, even before Israel was created by the United Nations in 1948.

The “Kibbutz” is a literal communist society and it is alive and well in Israel. Here is how the Jews educate their children.

1. “All courses in the humanities and social sciences are taught in the light of Marxism.”

2. “A characteristic of the Kibbutz teaching method is the absence of competitive rating systems as a motivational technique. All students are promoted at the end of the school year, regardless of their performance.” [In America this is called “social promotion”.]

3. In addition to no grades, there are no exams on what was studied.

4. The teacher constructs his class on a “democratic basis.” Students address the teacher on a first name basis. He in turn calls them “comrades”.

5. The teacher “consults with his students”, rather than inform them of decisions he has independently made.

6. The final choice of what is to be studied, “rests with the class, not the teacher”.

7. Students may “leave the class at will – to get a drink, to go to the toilet, or for any other reason which they deem important”.

8. The discussion method of teaching, rather than the lecture by the teacher is the preferred method.

9. Students are free to criticize the teacher for anything.

10. The Kibbutz classroom “is marked by the greatest degree of informality”. [Such as in Herbert Kohl’s “Open Classroom”?]

And when it comes to such radical “reforms” as “sex education” or coed dormitories or females playing sports formerly reserved for males, the Jews of the Kibbutz are way ahead of everyone. For example, here is the reported behavior of young Jewish children for the second through fourth grades.

1. “Masturbation among the second grade children is reported… Few attempt to conceal their masturbation and some even masturbate in class.”

2. “In both the second and fourth grades, boys and girls shower together.”

3. “Homosexual behavior among girls of the second grade is observed… Moreover, boys and girls often lie on top of each other and hug and kiss each other in public, with no sense of shame. At least one boy would kiss like a man of 20.”

4. “In general, group interaction, including games is bisexual; boys and girls not only play the same games, but tend to play them together.”

All these quotes came from Children of the Kibbutz by Melford E. Spiro, Schocken Books, 1971, pages 257-280.

So we see, that the un-American nature of American education is the alien philosophy and teachings of the Jews. That is where all the so-called “educational reforms” have sprung from, and no place else!

The Jews have taken hold of the education of our children and by doing so, they are altering, no rather they are determining, the destiny of the White people of this nation.

This alien form of education, this chaos of racial conflict and mass ignorance was all sparked by the adoption of the Jewish Kibbutz style of education, with its doctrine of social egalitarianism.

And time is running short. Every year a million more non-Whites enter this country, and they soon make demands upon our schools to accommodate their needs. For example, in schools on the north side of Chicago, as many as 50 different languages are spoken in the schools by students, and they have to be taught in their own language!

And under President Reagan’s watch, the funding for subsidizing this cultural chaos rose to 25% of the money spent by the federal government for programs promoting “English as a second language”. Under President Carter, it was only 4% of those funds! (Sowell, Page 75)

Thanks a lot President Reagan. The wogs of the world should erect a statue in your honor for helping to undermine White culture. Also aiding in the destruction of White culture, was a United States Supreme Court ruling in 1974, Lau vs Nichols, where the supreme idiots of the Supreme Court ruled it was an unconstitutional denial of the “equal protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to provide an English-only education to non-English speaking school children. How utterly absurd!

Yet it is the absurd, the insane, the immoral, the un-American and the anti-White and anti-Christian teachings that make up American education today. And like it or not, you are paying for it through your taxes on your property and/or your income.

Well, this alien way of learning might suit the Jews of Israel, it might help the Blacks and Hispanics and the Asians, it might work fine for the queers and lesbians, but it does not suit the racial and spiritual needs of our people. For we are White people! Aryans! The greatest, most noble race on earth. We are a free-born race of builders, creators, dreamers, inventors, explorers, and yes, conquerors. “Equality” is not and never was our goal. We want always to excel!

For this is the nature of our race. This is the nature of the nation created by our race! We shall never let it be otherwise! And rather than die slowly on the death bed of racial integration, or bend our knees in worship of a Jew-fashioned Marxist Mulatto goddess, we must fight for an educational system to preserve the great heritage that was and can be again – Aryan America!


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SOURCE: Liberty Bell, November 1996

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  1. jOE PENNY says:

    American Education: Forty Years of Waste, Fraud, and Subversion | Racial Idealism
    More than forty years, at least from 1945 in my opinion nearly one hundred years
    This is the picture of the western hemisphere were this has taken place not just in America, but America is the jewel in jewdendom clown.
    Does anyone think it would serve the purposes of the Jews to have a “intelligent population ” and if the populations of the west were “intelligent” then we would not be living in a world like this!


  2. GUSTAVO says:

    Ocorreu o mesmo no Brasil.


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