The Immigration Riddle Unwrapped

The flooding of the western nations with non-Whites is no accident, but part of a premeditated plan, says

Ivor Benson\

benson - immigration

“We are at present working discreetly but with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands, because to impugn the sovereignty of the local national states of the world is still a heresy for which a statesman or publicist can perhaps not quite be burned at the stake but certainly ostracised and discredited.”

Professor Arnold Toynbee
Speech to the Institute for the Study of
International Affairs, Copenhagen, June 1931.

A SINGLE PARAGRAPH from a paper read by Professor Arnold Toynbee at a conference 56 years ago will help explain one of the most baffling socio-political phenomena of the years since the end of World War II, namely the massive penetration of all the western countries by unassimilible population elements from the so-called Third World.

The western countries’ separate immigration laws and regulations, everywhere producing exactly the same disturbing and disruptive results, can now be seen as a single global policy of population control being severally implemented.

Policies which hitherto seemed to make no sense and were generally attributed to the short-sightedness and incompetence of political leaders of all parties can now be more easily understood as aspects of an ingeniously contrived conspiratorial enterprise designed to advance the purposes of a United Nations-endorsed ‘New International Economic Order’ (NIEO) – the official euphemism for world government.

Any plan aimed at wresting “this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states” would have been unthinkable without a global population control plan as one of its major components. It was only to be expected, therefore, that the arts of dissimulation and obfuscation have had to be used on a grand scale to prevent the people of the West from finding out that the ugly and frightening race-relations problems inflicted on them were deliberately intended to serve purposes which the politicians would not have dared to acknowledge.

A sponsored and massively financed invasion by unassimilible aliens designed to confuse and fragment the white populations of the West, pre-empting any possible solidification of resistance to the one-world revolution, has taken two distinct forms. Britain provides a good example of what has happened, and continues to happen, in many other western lands.


In Phase 1, commencing almost immediately after the end of World War II, hordes of alien immigrants were deliberately brought in by the plane-load from the West Indies, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc., and delivered to all the main population centres – London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester, Bristol, etc. – where they were immediately placed on full public assistance and provided with housing.

A former member of the flight staff of the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) informed us that a regular shuttle service was maintained between Britain and India and between Britain and the West Indies; most of the newcomers, including women and children, had little or no command of the English language and had no industrial skill; and it was obvious that none of them was traveling at their own expense. They had simply been recruited for the purpose of immigration.

Prevented by an aroused public opinion from continuing on the same scale with Phase 1, the plotters were ready with Phase 2, the cunning trick of admitting as ‘refugees’ those who could no longer be admitted openly as ‘immigrants.’

The continued importation of alien population elements into Europe and North America can now be clearly recognised as a gigantic, well planned and costly para-military operation, much of it routed through East Germany, the main staging post for bogus refugees flown in Soviet airliners from the Far East and elsewhere; from East Germany they are pushed out in bus-loads into West Germany, Denmark, Holland and Switzerland, and in boat-loads across the Baltic into Sweden and Norway, to be further distributed by all kinds of illegal means into Britain and across the Atlantic to Canada and the United States of America. Anyone who believes that all this could have been the result of an exercise of personal initiative by the migrants, and all their own expense, would have to be naive to the point of weak-mindedness.

Western governments have played a passive but no less important role in the promotion of this huge fraudulent enterprise, by maintaining a set of immigration laws, regulations and procedures ingeniously contrived not to hinder the progress of Phase 2, a studied and premeditated negligence and impotence.


“In politics,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt, “when things happen you can be sure they were planned that way.” All the more so, of course, when things go on happening.

It could hardly be fortuitous that these laws and regulations have continued to offer no hindrance whatever to the law-breakers. The invaders are placed on full public assistance and sooner or later given full citizenship.

Nor is the role of the western governments entirely passive In Britain, for example, there is a state-funded Advisory Bureau always ready to intervene with urgent night court restraining orders to prevent immigration officials at the airports doing what the book tells them is their duty, that of immediately expelling persons whose papers are obviously fraudulent. The British government has had to hire a large ship at Harwich to accommodate illegal immigrants who arrived at Heathrow airport as a group, carrying papers that were blatantly false, and whom the airport officials were prevented from deporting. The ‘processing’ of claims for refugee status could go on for years. Meanwhile everyone knows for certain that the immigrants will never be deported; they are merely undergoing a costly process of legitimisation (at enormous expense to the British taxpayer).

A law originally designed to enable governments to grant asylum to endangered victims of political persecution is now being used fraudulently and on a gigantic scale for the purpose of penetrating and destroying from within the cultural and political integrity of all the nations of the West.

Paradoxically enough, most of the immigration and other officials in daily contact with the stream of bogus refugees are blameless; all this is required of them is to apply strictly the regulations as written. Very many of them, as we have found from personal contact, are unhappy about the work they have to do and are sometimes deeply distressed by orders from on high which they are called on put into effect. Honest and conscientious civil servants, they can see what is going on but can do nothing about it without great risk of losing their jobs. “Don’t quote me!”, warned one immigration officer after he had explained how Asians with British citizenship are able to sell their daughters at £10,000 each to Asians from abroad who wish to settle in a country where huge fortunes are to be made.

Those mainly responsible for the perpetration of this gigantic fraud on the peoples of the West fall into several categories. Most important of all, of course, are the invisible rulers who finance party politics and control the media. Next are the politicians wholly committed to the ideological aim of exorcising “this mysterious force called sovereignty.”

No less important in this evil scheme of things is a small minority of strategically placed bureaucrats in every western administration, all ideologically motivated – or are we to suppose that it was in the secret services of the West and nowhere else that traitors like Alger Hiss, Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, etc., have been highly active and damaging to national interests since the end of World War II? In the light of so much proved betrayal of country and community, and of secret collusion with arcane powers in Moscow, would it not be most extraordinary if the revolutionary requirements of world population control had been overlooked?


Can it not be safely assumed that what we all know to have happened in the security services in all the other western countries had its exact parallel in many other departments of government, including international affairs and especially in immigration control?

People in the West have failed to understand what has been made to happen, but there was no way in which they could be prevented from seeing and painfully experiencing the awful consequences of a huge fraudulent geopolitical operation.

The situation in Britain, one of the prime targets of what Professor P. T. Bauer has described as an “undeclared, one-sided civil war in the West,” was summed up in the following words by Peregrine Worsthorne, editor of the Sunday Telegraph:

“The character of many beloved towns has been ruined, familiar landscapes desecrated. On the underground I feel surrounded by aliens. King’s Road, once my neighbourhood, is now like a nightmare vision of hell… Nor do I share any feelings of affinity with the British Commonwealth, or any sense of fellowship whatever with many of the new immigrants to this country… Increasingly I find contemporary Britain more wrong than right.

“To be frank, it would not be difficult for me to become disloyal to this country…”

(Sunday Telegraph Magazine, 26th October 1986)

And Max Hastings, editor of The Daily Telegraph, writes of the recent disorders in London:

“If I lived in or near somewhere like Brixton or Toxteth, I would be permanently terrified when I walked the streets. I would flinch at the sight of tough-looking young men, especially if I were white.”

Britain is obviously headed for a catastrophic situation, as Enoch Powell has warned. In Birmingham it is now admitted that 20 per-cent of the population is coloured, mainly Asian. At Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, on September 3rd, defiant parents refused to send their children to a local school where already 500 of the 590 pupils are Asian. And the only law-change which the government has been inclined to offer is to prohibit polygamous Asians bringing into the country “second and subsequent wives.”

An alien invasion, however, is only one half of the population control conspiracy; the other half has to do with immigration regulations and procedures ingeniously contrived and cold-heartedly enforced which have the effect of severely limiting the freedom of movement of persons of western white origin.

For example, while plane-loads of indigent and untrained Asians are being ferried into Australia and immediately placed on public assistance, it has become extremely difficult for any person of western provenance to emigrate to that country, and it is difficult, and in most cases impossible, for an Australian to rejoin his relatives in Britain, his ancestral homeland.


Far more distressing is the predicament of those white people who now find themselves confined in a shockingly misgoverned, marxist-totalitarian Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia); they are perfectly free to leave, but have nowhere to go because no western country will have them; and if they could go they would have to leave all their possessions behind. Exceptions in some cases only prove the rule.

What need for prison bars when laws can be made to achieve the same results? Zimbabwe is a prison for the law-abiding from which there can be no mass break-out of the kind so often staged by convicted criminals in all the countries of the West.

It can be stated as an incontrovertible generalisation that a South African or Rhodesian of British descent, who served in the British armed forces in World War II, wounded in action, decorated for valour by King George VI, self-supporting, has far less chance of being accepted as a resident in Britain and the former dominions than an indigent and illiterate immigrant from the Far East.

If results uniformly and consistently produced can reasonably be expected to reveal what is purposed, it can reasonably be assumed that one of the main purposes of this population control is to prevent an exodus of Whites from the former colonies and other Third World countries, which are now falling increasingly into disorder after having been supposedly ‘liberated’ from colonial rule. The Whites are being forced to remain where the world’s faceless rulers want them to remain and where it is hoped they can still be of use.

The West’s white people are being boxed collectively, but only experience their imprisoned condition individually – hence the absence of collective awareness and response. In other words, it is only when they want to move that they find out that they are prohibited from doing so.

Here is a glimpse of the Canadian immigration scene:

“We know how Tamils and Sikhs and other Third World visitors who have been lying, cheating and sneaking their way into Canada illegally have been treated by Canadian immigration with kid gloves, the right to remain and immediate and full welfare payments. But we’re now only beginning to learn how our Immigration Department treats white visitors who wish to remain in Canada but don’t lie and cheat and try to rush to the head of the line or sneak in.” (Canadian Intelligence Publications, Box 30, Flesherton, Ontario)

The Toronto Globe and Mail, in a report from Vancouver, tells the story of 36-year-old Frederick Nachbour who, with little knowledge of the German language, was recently ordered by the Immigration Department to be deported to Germany; Nachbour was brought to Canada when 10 months old and had lived in Canada and America ever since, the last 13 years, in Canada, where he owns a flourishing business; his parents acquired Canadian citizenship but were told that little Frederick would have to wait until he was of age before he could apply. Technically, it seems, Frederick Nachbour is at fault for not having done so, and he leaves behind six brothers and sisters, all Canadian by birth.

The usual explanation of such deportations, of which there have been very many in Canada, Britain, Australia and the United States, is that no application for resident rights can be considered unless submitted from a consulate abroad.

Writes Ron Gostick, of Canadian Intelligence Publications:

“Is this what Immigration are telling the Tamils and Sikhs? Such rank hypocrisy! Such a flagrant double-standard and obscene anti-white racism! This mornings news tells of Ottawa’s plans for building large refugee reception centres, apparently for ever larger floods of Third World refugees. Meanwhile, deport Germans, Russians and other Caucasians, even if they have been living here and contributing to our country for decades!”

In the United States a similar phenomenon of consistently applied double-standards has taken the form mainly of permitting continuous illegal immigration from Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

The slackness and apparent helplessness here displayed would be wholly incomprehensible if not, in fact, intentional. Millions of the ‘illegals,’ most of them so-called ‘wetbacks’ from the South, have now been offered legitimisation of their presence in the United States on very easy terms if they declare themselves – treatment very different from that meted out to innumerable honest and hard-working white people who have been found to be technically at fault.


The thesis here offered is that the immigration laws and procedures in most western countries are separate components of a single global population control plan, and that this plan is only an aspect of a money-powered revolutionary operation that has been gathering force since shortly before the turn of the century.

The presentation of such a thesis would be incomplete without some reference to categories of persons for whom immigration barriers have no more stopping power than gossamer.

The first such category that come to mind is that of the super-rich – the likes of Rupert Murdoch, the international media magnate, and Armand Hammer, who, as agent of western big business, helped to build the Soviet Union as an industrial giant. For such as these, as news in the press daily testifies, the whole surface of the globe is their legitimate ‘place of residence.’

Next in order are the merely rich, who, for about £150,000 are able to claim rights of residence wherever they please.

Effective exemption from restrictive immigration laws can also be expected, virtually as a right, by professional political agitators, even known terrorists, provided only that they belong to the revolutionary left.

Another category, perhaps the most important of all, remains to be mentioned. We frequently hear about the hindrance encountered by Jews wishing to leave the Soviet Union but never about any difficulty in finding a country in the West that will admit them for permanent residence and eventual naturalisation.

Dr. B. A. Kosmin, in his history of the Jewish community in Rhodesia, quotes Mr. A. E. Abrahamson, a community leader, as saying in 1973:

“We see the elimination of almost an entire generation of young men and women who leave us to study in South Africa and overseas and, save for a few, never return.”

(Majuta, B. A. Kosmin, Mambo Press, Harare, Zimbabwe)

Very many Jews have emigrated from South Africa in recent years, some of them notorious fugitives from justice, most of them to settle in America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. There is no mention in Dr. Kosmin’s book, or in Dr. Gideon Shimoni’s history of the Jews in South Africa, of Jews encountering any immigration problems anywhere.

Is it possible that the Zionist role in global power-politics has something to do with this anomaly?

This article was transcribed from Spearhead,
P.O. Box 446, London SE23 2LS, England.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, April 1988

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