Neo-Conservatives: Bolsheviks of Tomorrow?

Thomas G. Mysiewicz

Mysiewicz - Neo-Conservatives

When Moses Levy (“Karl Marx”) penned his manifesto, few imagined that, rather than eliminating poverty and social inequalities, it would serve as a tool for the actual mass murder of close to 100-million Christians.

When Lenin (Ulyanov), Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and the other 1917 revolutionaries seized power in Russia, there were no plans to murder entire segments of the population (at least that anyone knew about). Rather, the Bolsheviks represented that they were empowering the people (proletariat) and were going to create a workers’ paradise. Further as a tool to help smash the industrial “bourgeois” and individual nation states, free trade was to be promoted, along with cooperation with international banking and financial interests. This included the taking of substantial lines of credit and complete protection of banking interests in Revolutionary Russia.

Now that communism is “dead”, we are told, there can be no repeat of its horrors. Yet, in America, it is apparent from Federal activities in recent years that the Bolshevist repressive structure is being recreated here, aided and abetted by those having a common religious ancestry with the creators of the original. But were are the rank-and-file troops?

I think one only need look as far as the Zionist-inspired philosophy of neo-conservatism to find individuals sufficiently mindless (“ditto”) and willing to put into place a system that will destroy the values they claim to hold dear.

With neo-conservatism, the “class enemy” is officially the ephemeral “liberal”. However, in reality it is the poor, the homeless, “burdens on society”, those wishing to be paid a living wage, and “whackos” (including all non-kosher political activists, white separatists, etc.). These will have to go out and get nonexistent jobs or presumably starve.

A good example of this philosophy is provided by Rush Limbaugh in between pro-Israeli promotions, rantings about an alleged holocaust, and attacks on far-right whackos as exemplified by the Freemen, David Koresh and white separatists. Limbaugh promotes free trade agreements such as NAFTA that put American whites in competition with slave labor worldwide. Further, he portrays the Federal Reserve credit system as benign and even beneficial to “middle America”. He supports elimination of most welfare. And he is vociferous in his support of Federal and other police enforcement conducted against “criminals”, drug people and “whackos” – along with the massive standing-army-type police, justice and prison system that entails.

In reality, the neo-conservatism proposed by Limbaugh and a host of other promoters has resulted and will result in the export of the bulk of living-wage jobs overseas and will depress wage rates in remaining production/industrial jobs. Further, created service-sector jobs are barely sufficient to support a single person, let alone a family.

The unemployment and underemployment created by this free-trade policy force many individuals onto forms of welfare and break up (and prevent the formation) of families. The neo-conservative’s answer is to block welfare, food stamps and other forms of assistance, presumably those cut off can either find nonexistent jobs or starve like the Ukrainians under Stalin.

In a non-debt-based system, the savings from cheap slave-labor produce would at least free up capital for economic expansion. However, with the debt system beloved by neo-conservatives, all surplus capital is soaked up for interest payments (now the largest Federal budget item). This system also dooms most small business – the so-called engine of the neo-conservative economy – to the statistical likelihood of bankruptcy since the Federal Reserve does not expand the FRN/Credit supply fast enough to allow net repayment of outstanding debt.

As small businesses are systematically eliminated by the growing debt monster, their founders gradually join the ranks of those displaced by free trade.

Neo-conservatives frequently claim to be for tax cuts to, as Limbaugh puts it, empower middle America. However, the free trade policies have eliminated huge amounts of tax revenues from import tariffs that have been shifted to … middle America. This is reminiscent of the Bolshevik maxim “all power to the people” and about as true.

Ultimately, the neo-conservative rhetoric of empowerment is just that and elimination of regulation is but a code phrase for allowing the business and financial powers that promote neo-conservatism to do as they wish. The neo-conservative support of massive prison building, overpaid law dogs (making 3 or more times what their charges are paid), and a host of judicial hangers-on is much like ancient pyramid building in that it temporarily disguises economic rot. But, like Bolshevism, the neo-conservative hodgepodge is doomed to fail and, so, those prisons will be needed after all.

Neo-conservatism cannot produce any more than the failed Leftist policies it proposes to replace, i.e., impoverishment, excessive concentration of wealth, abortion and illegitimacy due to financial stress, unemployment, depressed wage rates, bankruptcy, and eventual political liquidation and mass murder to deal with the resulting unrest.

The very neo-conservatives parroting demands for reduction in constitutional rights to trap criminals, drug pushers and “whackos” – and demanding prisons and Arizona-style concentration camps and chain gangs – while ignoring the economic causes of many of these problems, may one day find themselves on the receiving end. Ditto. Because, as old-line Bolsheviks were eventually liquidated after they had helped eliminate the initial target groups, neo-conservatives may find that they are not held to be as valuable by their Zionist masters as they vainly believe themselves to be.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, September 1998

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