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The Battle for Your Mind

Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used on the Public Today1 Dick Sutphen SUMMARY OF CONTENTS The Birth of Conversion/Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735. The Pavlovian explanation of the three brain phases. Born-again preachers: Step-by-Step, how they conduct a revival … Continue reading

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A Real Case Against the Jews

One of Them Points Out the Full Depth of Their Guilt ✡ Marcus Eli Ravage ✡ Of course, you don’t resent us. It is no good telling me you don’t. So let us not waste any time on denials and … Continue reading

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T.S. Francis WHAT IS SOCIETY? Society is the social organization of any like-minded, blood-related, indigenous people. And since man’s nature is that of the social animal we must have societal structure of some kind, for our very survival and for … Continue reading

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Race-Mixing: The Key to World Peace?

Eric Thomson The promoters of race-mixing would have us believe that racial differences are the root cause of mankind’s troubles. The Marxists used to tell us that the root of all evil was “the class society”, which produced ‘awful’ things … Continue reading

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Why We Continue to Tell the Truth about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany

If we do not tell the truth about National  Socialist Germany, why should we expect anyone else to do so? James Harting On occasion, we receive the suggestion from people sympathetic to the NEW ORDER and to National Socialism that … Continue reading

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Russian Jews and Gentiles

Mme. Z. Ragosin A century ago, the Americans still had a country of their own, although they were admitting in droves the cunning enemies who were going to take it from them. They still had an educational system, as distinct … Continue reading

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Nicholas Carter Minority rights are acclaimed by everyone in the American Establishment as a moral principle of a high order. But this principle, which forbids discrimination, is applied in a discriminatory manner to non-White and Jewish racial minorities. Any dictionary … Continue reading

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The Money Myth exploded

Modern Taxation is Legalised Robbery Louis Even Published by The Institute of Political Action, Rougemont, P.Q. A set of brochures reaching 1,479,000 copies – May 1967

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The Multiverse: A One-Act Play

The year is 1990. A twelve-year-old girl, ARIANNE, and her FATHER are seated in a restaurant in Rockwell, Illinois (formerly Bloomington). [Waitress enters with a tray of food] WAITRESS: Here you go: a veggie burger deluxe for the young lady, a … Continue reading

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So You Still Opt for Christianity?

J. W. Travis In recent years we have seen the emergence of an heretofore taboo practice of not merely calling into question, but actual condemnation of orthodox religion. This healthy step forward has been in evidence in various publications, including … Continue reading

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The Diana Daftness

Colin Jordan With September a strange fit of madness came and gripped Britain for several weeks, convulsing the public at large with a high fever of hysteria. Scribes penned soaring and saintly eulogies. Flower sellers enjoyed the bonanza of their … Continue reading

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Origins of the Balfour Declaration

Dr. Weizmann’s Contribution James A. Malcolm In order to give the history of the Balfour Declaration it would seem necessary to explain why the Jewish problem and Zionist aspirations for self-emancipation in Palestine were of interest to me and how … Continue reading

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It was the Law in a Saner Time

Charles E. Weber, Ph.D. The races of mankind have developed in biologically different ways for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years. It has long been recognized that a biological mixing of the races (miscegenation) has produced undesirable results … Continue reading

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A Brief Look at the Einstein Myth

Wulstan Tedder Nearly everyone has heard of Albert Einstein – his name is now regarded as synonymous with ‘genius,’ his Theory of Relativity being attributed as having revolutionized physics. But in fact the Einstein story is largely a myth created … Continue reading

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The Political Soldier

A Statement Derek Holland DEDICATION To my long suffering parents and my closest political colleagues who have taught me the value of real friendship. INTRODUCTION This booklet has been written with the expressed intention of acting as a spur to … Continue reading

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