The Murder of Eichmann

 Jim Taylor
(Foreign Correspondent)

Early in January of 1959 I was contacted in Washington by a minor French official, who purportedly represented the Service de Documentation Extérieure et Contre-Espionage (S.D.E.C.E.) the highly-respected external intelligence service of the government of France. I was quite skeptical when this man unfolded a proposal to me whereby I could become the only person in the world to interview a certain former Nazi colonel in South America.


Adolf Eichmann in 1942

Although I have always enjoyed excellent relations with the French government ever since I served for a period of time with the French Foreign Legion of Vichy France, I, nevertheless, did some checking on this official. He proved to be legitimate, perhaps not in the strictest meaning of the word; but he was actually an employee of the French government, though he was really not representing his own country but an international intelligence organization. Or, if he was actually representing his own government, he wanted it to appear to me as if the French were not officially authorizing this mission. Later, I could easily understand the reasons for this dissimulation. Anyway, this fact didn’t disturb me at all, because it is a common practice or method of operation for all countries with intelligence services, including the U.S. It soon became apparent that the French officer was also representing the world-wide Odessa movement. In addition, he had formerly worked at Interpol.

They knew the exact location of this ex-Nazi colonel in Argentina, despite the fact that the Israelis and other Zionist groups had been trying unsuccessfully to track the man down since World War II. For an advance fee, I was hired to interview this Nazi. Later, I was informed that they really did not care about any interview, but merely wanted to use me to convey to this fugitive the fact that he was in extreme danger of being captured, and that he should go to Chile, where he would be safe and well protected – something which could not be guaranteed any longer in Argentina.

This was supposed to be a quiet assignment in the shadowy world of intelligence, but it turned out to have repercussions of world-wide impact, involving violations of national and international laws. It would also enable Israel to delight in the use of terrorism and extreme torture. And, finally, it would end with a death sentence for the ex-Nazi involved. The end for him would take place in the most cruel sort of hypocritical kangaroo court which had absolutely no right to try him, let alone any possible legal jurisdiction in the case.

My own mission was seemingly routine and danger-free. The gentleman in question was not in hiding. I did not have to hunt him down. But he later became the victim of a highly complex and most controversial maneuver. I would not be involved at all in the later stages of this case, but it would soon make front-page news all over the world, and, of course, scarcely a civilized voice would be raised anywhere on this globe during the entire sordid affair. The world for the most part would stand by without protesting; or would throw gasoline on the fire by becoming a party to the hysteria of mass revenge in the minds of the people of a newly-formed state – a country that laughed at and violated openly laws at random to achieve the final vindictive judgment.

As we got further into the details of this project, I should have known then that it would be a world-shocker just by the nervous and uncertain manner of my contact as he outlined what he termed “this little project.”

Here is what he told me: “A former Nazi official is living in a suburb of Buenos Aires. A net is closing in on him but he is carelessly unaware of it. Both Simon Wiesenthal, the Vienna-based so-called Nazi hunter who is largely financed by American Jews; and Israel’s notorious secret service have been trying to locate this man for years.”

“Why do you want to save him?” I quickly inquired. “And if he is not in hiding, why have they not already captured him?”

“They are not certain that he is the right man, and we have proof, furnished by several intelligence agencies, including some off-the-record pronouncements by the CIA, that this man committed no personal crimes against any Jews. He was rather well-known at one time and very active in the movement of aiding Jewish residents of Hitler’s Germany to emigrate to Palestine.”

“But how can you be positive that this individual is innocent?”

“Because several other countries have conducted complete investigations of his record. If he is guilty of anything except carrying out orders, then you would rightfully have to execute every man and woman who lived in Germany during those years. But after so many Jews were killed or died of medical epidemics during World War II, the Zionists now believe that laws are only for the other fellow when these laws stand in the way of their ideas of total revenge on German people all over the world. They certainly do not intend to follow any legal means in their pursuit of revenge against mankind in general, because their promotion of a world-wide feeling of Holocaust guilt enables them to disregard all laws in what they do. It is the well-formed policy of the Israelis to hit back at anyone, guilty or innocent, who ever wore a German uniform. This appears to be a psychological reaction to build up strength to offset any docility the Jews prudently evinced during the war years. If they kidnap this man, he will be quickly tried and executed to help the Jews save face, so to speak, or regain their pride of nationalism in Israel in the eyes of the world. You know – it’s that old ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ sort of Old Testament ideal about God’s revenge. And Golda Meir even saw fit to enlarge on that Biblical quotation by demanding ‘ten eyes for an eye and ten teeth for a tooth.’ It is too outrageous a situation for logic, laws, or reasoning.”

“And what, exactly, do you want me to do?”

“Just inform him of our instructions about how to get across the border to Chile. And you may have some difficulty in convincing this man that he is in danger and should leave Argentina immediately, because he has been there since 1950 and as yet no one has ever bothered him. You can speak with him in Spanish or English, but to make a crucial point might require some German words. How is your German?”

“Not that good. I’ll have to go with Spanish and English.”

“He also knows Hebrew and Yiddish.”

“Well, I know nothing of those two dialects.”

“Anyway, we have a note to him with full instructions for you to deliver which is in both French and German.”

“Are there any Israeli agents in Buenos Aires now?”

“Yes, Isser Harel’s Israeli Central Bureau of Intelligence and Security (MOSSAD) sent men to Argentina three times in 1958, trying to locate this man. They will soon learn of the former German colonel’s whereabouts. From top-secret reports, we know that MOSSAD intends to either murder this man in Argentina or kidnap him and take him to Israel for a mock trial, followed by a highly-publicized and theatrical type of execution. The Argentine government will not allow this man to be extradited, because officials in Buenos Aires believe the ex-Nazi to be innocent of war crimes. We have their complete cooperation in this matter. We know every step Wiesenthal and the others take. We have monitored their efforts for many years. It is more difficult to keep track of the work of some of the more enterprising MOSSAD people. But neither organization knows yet that he is living near Buenos Aires. However, we expect them to run it down very soon, so you should leave right away.”

“How much time do you think I have?”

“A few days, perhaps two weeks at the most. Not more than a month at the outside. We know that the Israelis first got word that this man was definitely in Argentina from a West German Jew, a lawyer who is a public prosecutor in an Argentine province. This official found out about the man in a round about manner from a blind man, who is part Jewish, and who lives in a town in the interior of Argentina. This blind man’s daughter, about 21, was dating the ex-Nazi’s eldest son. The former German colonel is using the name of Ricardo Klement. But the man’s son made the mistake of using his real name. However, the boy does not live with his father and the Israelis have not yet found the former officer’s place of residence. But it is only a matter of time before they do. Every Jew living in Argentina is assisting the Israelis in this search-and-destroy-mission of terror. Mr. Klement lives at 4261 Chacabuco Street in Olivos, a suburb of Buenos Aires.”

“Are the Israelis watching this address at present?”

“We do not think so, or they would have grabbed him by now. They were monitoring it last year because they were misled by the blind man into believing that the man who owns the property was the man they wanted. The owner is an Austrian immigrant named Francisco Schmidt but he does not live on the premises. Mr. Schmidt bought the land in 1947 and built the house which has two living units, a duplex, in 1948.”

“Why can’t the Argentine government be persuaded to allow West Germany to try this Klement if he is to be tried any place? that would be the logical solution for all concerned. If Mr. Klement is innocent, then he will not be convicted in a fair and impartial trial. If the alleged crimes were committed in Germany, then that country should try him, not Israel which did not even exist as a nation at the time of the violations of which he is accused.”

“Well, of course, Logically and legally, he should be tried in Germany, if at all. But, according to the West German government’s official prosecutor’s own statements, Mr. Klement would not be convicted in any German court, because there is not enough evidence against him. That is exactly why the German prosecutor, who is a Jew, violated the laws of West Germany by withholding the information on Mr. Klement’s whereabouts from his own government. Instead of bringing the man to trial in West Germany, which by law he, as the official prosecutor of that country, would be required to do, he secretly gave all his information to the Israelis so they can capture Mr. Klement and either kill him or try to get him to Israel for the world-wide publicity such a fake trial would bring the world Zionist entity. This illegal business of a ranking West German official deliberately deceiving that country; and then, in turn, giving secret West German information to Israel, does not set well with France or any other of several European nations which have full details on this case. But Jews are like that in any country, even in the United States. Citizenship in a country is always secondary to assisting Israel. And when the two come into conflict, which is most of the time, to hell with the citizenship. It is certainly no coincidence that many of the anti-American radical leaders in the U.S. were and are Jews, from the Rosenbergs on down. The FBI has a long list of people who are wanted on charges of trying to destroy your government, and most of them are Jewish.”

“How do you know that Mr. Klement will talk with me? How will I convince him that I am not there to arrest him or harm him?”

“After living in Argentina for so many years unmolested, he will probably not be afraid of a North American like you. He has a wife and four children, three born in Germany and one in Argentina. You can assure him that his family will be able to join him in Chile later. It is not necessary yet for you to know his true identity. But I will tell you that, besides the names of Klement, he has also used the names of Otto Heninger and Otto Eckmann. Just to make sure you are talking with the right man, his wife’s maiden name is Vera Liebel. His three eldest children are Nicholas, Dieter and Horst. There are no Fingerprints on file any place for him. But he spent six months as an American prisoner-of-war at a camp at Oberdachstetten after he was captured on May 11, 1945 near Ulm. On the American records he was listed as a Luftwaffe corporal named Adolf Karl Barth.”

“The if these fact check out, I’ll know I have the right man.”

In preparing for this trip, I went to the American National Archives in Alexandria, Virginia to study documents in the German section of World War II. Of course, I had already figured out that this officer in Argentina was Colonel Adolf Eichmann and not someone named Klement. I was positive he was THE Adolf Eichmann, whom the Jews of the world were taught to hate as someone worse than the Devil himself. He was always described by the Zionists as a sadistic monster; but never has any proof of any crimes been offered to the press.

My plane arrived in Buenos Aires in the early afternoon of January 30, a Friday, after only one stop at Recife, Brazil. As the plane made its approach to Ezliza International Airport, I could see the very beautiful city of Buenos Aires basking in the war mid-summer January sunshine. The main river delta of the Rio de la Plata has an estuary about two miles wide. It was easy to understand why the early Spanish explorers had been so enthralled with this sea and land vista that they called it Puerto de Santa María del Buenos Aires.

When a photographer snapped my picture as I left the plane, I was highly suspicious of him until I learned that it was just a commercial venture to make money from tourists. These enterprising cameramen develop the photos very quickly and have your image printed upon a dinner plate before you get through customs. They they present it to you along with the most persuasive sales talk in order to get $16 from you. I don’t know how they get the plates done so fast, but they use high-pressure sales tactics in trying to sell them.

I checked into the Hotel Claridge in the heart of the city because I knew the concierge there. In Latin countries the concierges are much more than hall porters and they can be most helpful with both arrangements and information. Some of them are intellectuals and retired university professors with a vast knowledge of their city and country. And this man was a walking travel bureau. I wanted to question him before attempting to locate Señor Klement, alias Herr Eichmann. When I left the hotel I avoided taking a taxi from nearby and got one about six blocks away, just in case anyone might be interested in what I was doing in this city. After checking to see if I was being followed, I gave the cab driver the address of 4261 Chacabuco Street in Olivos, a nearby suburb just north of Buenos Aires and not far from El Tigre River. Olivos had many holiday and luxury residences near the Rio de la Plata. Farther from the resort area along the river front, the dwellings were much smaller and far less pretentious, mostly single-story houses with small gardens. It was an area where many German and Austrian immigrants had settled after World War II. By means of the General Bartolomé Mitre rail line, this area was linked to the center of Buenos Aires.

As we neared my destination, the houses were not as well built. It seemed to be a neighborhood of quiet streets where people go to work early and probably some distance away, and return home late. I could also tell that it was a section where the movements of any stranger would be at least noticed, if not monitored. To my very great surprise, I saw a couple of walls on which swastikas had been daubed long ago and the paint had not completely worn off. I wondered if some anti-German group had painted the swastikas there or if some of the German immigrants themselves might have done this art work long ago. Hard to fathom. It hardly seemed likely to me that any former Nazis would want to call attention to themselves in this manner.

When my taxi finally turned onto Chacabuco Street, which wasn’t even completely paved at this time, I thought momentarily that I might have been given the wrong address and that my entire trip here would be to no avail. I had always envisioned ex-Nazis as living here the way they are pictured on American television and movies – on fine estates or in villas secreted behind sturdy iron gates, where guards or German shepherd dogs keep vigil. I had heard many stories about Swiss bank accounts and many valuables stored in Spain and Italy as the Third Reich began to crumble. It was simply unthinkable to me that this poverty-stricken place could house one of the most important SS men of World War II. I then began actually to believe that this fellow Klement might be innocent. Or else he must be the exception to the general rule of lavish-living Nazis as reported to the American public through Zionist-controlled newspapers and Time magazine. I had heard a great deal about ex-Nazis living here in style with mistresses etc. This definitely did not look like the place to find them.

I asked the taxi driver to let me off a few blocks from 4261 Chacabuco so that I could walk up the street to the house without giving much advance warning or attracting too much attention from the neighbors. It was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit and humid, the kind of weather I liked. I had left my tailored suit at the hotel. I was dressed in a light blue, short-sleeved shirt, no tie, and dark blue pants. I didn’t want to be too conspicuous in this neighborhood.

As I neared the address given me, I noticed that the house was surrounded by a low fence. There were several large trees in the yard. A blonde boy of about six was playing in the yard. I looked for some sort of bell on the fence gate, as is customary in Latin countries, where privacy is respected and has a special meaning. But, finding none, I walked through the yard past the child toward the front door. Both the door and the window nearby were open. There was no air conditioning, of course.

Seeing no one, I called out for Sr. Klement, in Spanish. I thought that even speaking in my inferior German might attract too much attention. I looked at my watch. It was now 6:12 P.M. local time.

After about ten seconds a balding, middle-aged man of average height entered the front room and stared hard at me. His eyes seemed to squint as he apparently tried to determine if he knew me or not. I thought that he might be far-sighted. He was slender and appeared to have ill-fitting false teeth. I waited for him to speak. He did not do so.

Then I greeted him in my rather poor German.

He asked me what I wanted, in German. I quickly informed him in Spanish that I was an American with connections in Chile and that I wanted to help him, or, at least, the people who had sent me wanted to do just that.

He understood me. But he mistook the purpose of my visit, assuming that I just wanted to sell something or had some business deal in Chile to offer him. I then had to tell him that I had journeyed all the way from the United States to see Herr Klement. I wanted him, if he were Mr. Klement, to grasp quickly the importance of my visit. This time he seemed to understand.

He told me that he was Ricardo Klement, invited me into the next room, and asked if I would care for some wine. I was given a glass of red domestic wine. I thanked him and waited for him to be seated. As I sipped this wine, which was certainly not of the best quality, I remember thinking that an ex-Nazi colonel should be serving a better grade of wine.

I also thought it highly unusual that he did not appear to be nervous or even suspicious of a stranger at his door, an unknown whom he had never seen before. He didn’t seem even a bit distrustful when I informed him that the Israelis were hot on his trail and that they had made him number one on their most wanted list.

“They cannot touch me here,” he declared. “I am an Argentine citizen.”

“They don’t recognize Argentine laws,” I quickly informed him. “Let alone citizenship of any country.”

Right off, he made it quite clear that he would have no part of going to Chile for his own safety. He also made it a point to tell me that justice was on his side, because he had committed no crimes and had killed no Jews; but, on the other hand, had helped many of them to re-settle in Palestine. And, in his favor, he thought, was the fact that the West German government had not made any effort to find him and charge him with any type of misconduct. Nor had the Allied powers. He felt safe and secure. No one had bothered him in all the years he had lived peacefully in Argentina. He did not believe the Zionists would dare to harm him or kidnap him, let alone put him on trial or murder him. They would have to produce evidence against him, he claimed. He also reasoned that the Argentine government would never consent to his extradition to Israel or any other country to stand trial.

I can still vividly recall his exact words that day. “The United States, the United Nations and the Western powers would never allow me to be kidnapped by Jewish terrorists with no legal authority here in Argentina. They have no right to do this and they have no legal right in Argentina to break laws,” he exclaimed, as he waved his hands in the air.

“You are over-estimating the humanitarianism of both the U.S. and possibly the U.N. too,” I warned him. “Since World War II, the world and especially the United States have bent over backwards to favor the world Zionists and their cause. They can do no wrong in the biased eyes of Americans today. That is the present international theme, simply because of their supposed suffering during the war and earlier. And remember, if the U.S. would stand by callously and even assist the Zionists, as in 1948 when hundreds of thousands of innocent Palestinians were displaced from their homes to create the present state of Israel, then just don’t expect that same country to raise even a small voice of protest, if the Jews want to execute you, with or without a trial.”

“You know your country better than I do,” he told me in a voice tinged with despair. “Obviously, I do not wish to argue the point. But I really do trust the Americans. They treated me well when I was a prisoner of war, even gave me excellent medical attention and good food. I am positive that the American people through their great newspapers, and with their spirit and zest for the right of an innocent person, would protest greatly if the Zionists tried to harm me.”

“You are not very well informed. Our newspapers are almost totally under the control of liberals who play up to the Zionists, especially in New York, the center of the publishing industry. I venture to predict that not one single newspaper would take your side. Even if they believed you were innocent and had absolute proof of it, they would not dare to stand up for you. They will gleefully watch and even applaud while you are exhibited in some kind of mock trial and perhaps executed. They simply cannot afford to offend the Jewish segment of our population at this time. Things have changed since the days when we refused to admit Jewish refugees in large numbers. The U.S. is now Zion. Any publication attempting to gain a just hearing for you would be put out of business quickly. As for the Americans treating you so humanely while a prisoner of war, at that time they did not know your true identity.”

He smiled. “But there are so few Jews in the United States as compared to the total population. I cannot believe that the other 200 million Americans would subjugate their sense of right and wrong to the insane wishes of a small minority of Zionists in New York.”

“Well, you better believe it, because it is true.”

“Anyway, if they did try me in Germany or even Israel, I would be found innocent. I assisted the Jews in Palestine. They all know this. The worst I could get would be a few months in prison on some technical charge as an SS officer.”

Now it was my turn to smile in amazement. “You keep believing such myths and you’re going to end up six feet under the ground, maybe under the sandy soil of Israel. You will get a death sentence automatically in Israel. Evidence has nothing to do with a case like this where the only thing that prevails is national hysteria, backed up by all the various Jewish hate organizations in America. To disbelieve or even discount the highly-regarded French intelligence reports that I have read would be sheer folly. Even idiotic! What you are doing is like committing suicide, for all practical purposes.”

I could not press the matter. I had completed my part in this case. He was adamant. He had no intentions of disrupting his life by going to Chile. But I did make an appointment to talk with him again the next day. I wanted to check his identity thoroughly. As I got up to leave, I turned and asked him one more question, “If the Israelis do grab you, what will you do? How will you react?”

“I will offer no resistance. I will cooperate fully. I will go along peacefully because I don’t believe I will be harmed.”

“Then you’re a dead man.”

As I left his home, I noticed two men in a car watching me. One had a camera in his hand. I knew instantly that they were not tourists. And I knew I had been photographed. I suspected that it was not the Argentine authorities who were keeping me under surveillance in this manner. That night, as I walked slowly down Florida Street, a promenade and shopping street in Buenos Aires, I noticed the same car following me. In a city of extremely fast drivers who seem never to slow down, it was easy to spot a car traveling at a snail’s pace. The next day, on Avenida Callao and again on Avenida Nueve de Julio, I noticed a man with thick, dark hair and wearing large sunglasses following me.

When I returned to my room at the Claridge that night I knew immediately that it had been searched, though nothing seemed to be out of place. I could smell the odor of heavy European tobacco, which is not used much in Latin countries. The maids would not have been very likely to have used it. Of course, I had learned long ago not to leave anything at all in any room which could ever reveal anything of importance about me. I then remembered that there was a sheet of paper in my raincoat pocket about insurance for rental cars in Argentina. It was in both Spanish and English, and had been handed out to all departing passengers from incoming planes. I reached into the closet and took it out of the pocket of my coat and held it up to the light. I had to smile when I noted two pin pricks, one at each corner of the top of the page. I always looked for tell-tale thumb tack marks on any document suspected of being photographed. It had apparently been unfolded and stretched out on a table or wall to be photographed. They could easily read it. But they might be looking for something which wasn’t there, like a coded message. I laughed as I thought of someone wasting time and effort trying to make something out of an advertisement. It did show thoroughness on the part whoever was interested in me and my visit to Argentina. And all this seemed to confirm my belief that the Israelis were, indeed, watching this former Nazi’s home.

On my second visit to Mr. Klement, alias Eichmann, I talked with him about his life in Argentina. He admitted that he had been in the American camp at Oberdachstetten and that he had been a member of the Schutzstaffel or SS, the Nazi military security police. He answered all my questions politely and without hesitation. In order to make doubly sure that I was talking with the real Eichmann and not some clever impostor, I deliberately mispronounced or changed the names of German towns and dates which I had gotten from his record. To my surprise, he showed his Teutonic passion for accuracy by correcting me on all of them and gave me the exact information I had been given about him. Knowing that he had been captured by the American Army on May 11, 1945, near Ulm, I asked him, “The Americans took you prisoner in April of 1945, didn’t they?”

“No,” he quickly replied. “It was on May 11, 1945 as I was walking down a road near Ulm with another officer. We had dressed in enlisted men’s uniforms so that the Americans would not learn we were SS officers, unless they happened to know that all SS officers have a tattooed blood type under the left arm. We had heard that the Americans would shoot any SS officer they captured.”

“And you told them you were in the tank corps, a Panzer division, didn’t you?”

“No, I pretended to be a Luftwaffe corporal,” he corrected me, without any hesitation.

So I had no more doubts about his true identity. He even told me how he had escaped from the American camp and from Germany. In March of 1946, he worked at a lumber camp in the German province of Upper Franconia. He had already taken his wife and children to Austria and he visited them there in 1950. Then he made his way to Italy, where a Franciscan monk at Genoa got him an International Red Cross refugee passport in the name of Ricardo Klement and a visa for Argentina. Once in Argentina, it was easy for him to obtain identity papers in the same name. It was in July of 1950 that he landed in Buenos Aires. His wife and children came to Argentina in 1952 from Austria. He invested his meager savings in a laundry in Olivos. Unfortunately, it went broke. Then he worked for a banking firm, Fuldner y Compañía at 374 Avenida Córdoba in Buenos Aires. This company was headed by a German immigrant. For a time he worked for this company in Tucumán, about a seven hundred miles from Buenos Aires. He was never at any time in hiding in Argentina, except that he was not using his real name. He could have lived some place in the vast interior and never have been found. He never seemed to be hiding his way of life in Argentina. And his having been an SS officer could easily justify the change of name.

At this particular time, I did not really believe any of the things he told me about having helped Jews in Germany. Like most people, I thought he just made this up. However, about 15 years later I found out that he really had been telling the truth that warm day back in 1959 in a suburb of Buenos Aires. If anyone wishes to check out this information about his assistance to Jews emigrating to Palestine, it is quite easy to do so. Just go to the American Archives on the World War II period at Alexandria, Virginia. It’s called the American Commission for the Study of War Documents. Request to see microfilm on RFss film roll 411, frames 2936012 and 2936069 (Records of the Reich leaders and SS Chief of German Police).

I also found this same identical information in both West Germany and East Germany, as well as in Israeli archives. However, the Israelis are quite touchy about this subject and many have had a “loss of memory” concerning their relationship with Colonel Eichmann during the years of 1938 to 1941. But I have seen all the documents, which prove exactly what Eichmann told me in 1959 – that he did help many Jews escape from Germany and was, at that time, considered their best friend. Needless to say, that did not help him when he was kidnapped and taken to Israel for a publicity stunt called a “trial.”

I was the only writer to interview Adolf Eichmann before the terrorists from Israel kidnapped him and spirited him illegally out of Argentine territory through a ruse that would not normally have fooled anyone. I was not in Argentina when this event took place. It was in May of 1960, over one year after I had seen him, that this audacious feat took place. An Israeli plane was in Buenos Aires, ostensibly to fly the official Israeli delegation there for the 150th anniversary celebration of Argentina’s independence. But this was a very shallow disguise for the real purpose, which was to kidnap and bring out Eichmann. He was drugged and slipped past Argentine customs and immigration officials while dressed in the uniform of a member of that plane’s crew. It was the aforementioned Isser Hard, head of all Israeli security forces, who masterminded the entire operation. And, I might add, he has never stopped bragging about it. He spent 23 years in Buenos Aires with an undercover team of specialists, including a doctor and a man whose specialty was forging documents. This criminal group operating on foreign soil had more false papers than were used in any operation since World War II. Mr. Harel and every member of the huge task force involved were in Argentina illegally and used fake identity papers in violation of the laws of the country.

Colonel Eichmann, whom I talked with as “Mr. Klement,” moved to a new house after I had my conversations with him. But he didn’t move far enough to escape the highly-skilled Israeli terrorists sent to Argentina for the express purpose of “getting” him. Eichmann refused to move to Chile and only moved to another suburb of Buenos Aires. He was kidnapped by Israeli terrorists as he neared his new home on Garibaldi Street in the town of San Fernando on May 11, 1960.

The Israeli criminals held him prisoner in a rented house until they were able to whisk him out of Buenos Aires on an Israeli plane to Tel Aviv, with only one intermediate stop en route at Dakar (now in Senegal, formerly French West Africa). French officials at Dakar were suspicious of the unusual flight by this Britannia plane. This was mainly because it was highly irregular for this type of aircraft to fly non-stop from Buenos Aires to Dakar, especially since the flight plan called for a refueling stop in Brazil at Recife. Another reason for such suspicion was that the plane was supposed to be carrying high-ranking Israeli officials back home from the anniversary celebration in Argentina; yet no high-ranking Israelis were on board. Normally this plane would have refueled at either Rio de Janeiro or Recife. But the Israelis had experienced a great deal of trouble in Recife on the flight to Buenos Aires and they were not about to land in Brazil again with such an important passenger aboard. After two French officials made a routine inspection, the plane was allowed to leave. So Eichmann arrived in Israel on Sunday, May 22, 1960. The happy Israelis congratulated themselves and celebrated their successful but highly illegal and criminal operation. Officially, the U.S. sent heartiest congratulations for a job well done – well done with contempt for international law and humanity.

But if that Israeli plane had landed in Brazil, this story would have had a very different ending. Shortly after the plane left the airport in Buenos Aires, Eichmann’s friends and relatives informed the Argentine authorities what had happened. Argentina asked Brazil to take Eichmann into custody when the plane landed at Recife, and the Brazilians intended to do so. The Israelis were shrewd or lucky. They skipped Brazil altogether.

The world press praised Harel’s well-trained professionals for pulling off one of the most successful manhunts in history. In reality, any group of Boy Scouts could have taken Eichmann because he was not in hiding at all. But the press stated that despite the fact that the entire operation was illegal, the resourcefulness, strength and dedication of the Israelis made it a textbook example of a very professional covert mission. There was never even a hint of a leak or a hitch during the entire period of the operation in Buenos Aires. Team members had minor problems with rented cars and a nosey gardener, but the mission was carried out with a perfection that is seldom achieved in such ventures.

It was indeed ironical that the words “Beth Hamishpath” meaning “House of Peace” were shouted by the court usher so all would stand as the three judges entered the courtroom in Jerusalem to open the trial of Colonel Eichmann. All three judges were “carefully selected” because they had been born and educated in Germany and had spent time in the so-called “death camps,” which were really work camps in which they were expected to work. To any impartial observer, it would seem that with such backgrounds as this all three judges would certainly be disqualified from serving on such a case as Eichmann’s. But then this was not a real trial in any sense of the word.

According to Hannah Arendt, a Jewish writer who covered the 1961 trial for the New Yorker, the translations at the trial were excellent in French, bearable in English, but sheer comedy in German, the only language heard through the earphones by Eichmann. The unintelligible gabble in German may have seemed quite laughable, but the Jews had a sinister purpose in preventing Eichmann from understanding the trial for his life. If he could not understand the fouled-up translation into the German language, then he could not defend himself and offer any proof of possible innocence. That was a pretty clever way of rigging the trial in advance, and it was even criticized by many Jewish writers from all over the world who covered the trial. Miss Arendt stated that although she was completely in favor of bringing Eichmann to justice, she criticized the Israelis for this cunning deception in not providing a good German translator for Eichmann. With the high percentage of Jews in Israel who were born in Germany, she thought it highly improbable that the Israeli court could not find one person who could translate the words correctly into the German language. Of course, that was just another carefully calculated means of railroading Eichmann right into the hangman’s noose.

Most reputable reporters covering the trial, even Israeli ones, stated or acknowledged that the sole purpose of the trial was not to convict Eichmann, but rather to advertise the suffering of the Jews in World War II. Eichmann was merely a scapegoat – a means to an end to gain publicity and thereby sympathy for the Zionist cause. So the simulated trial was of a case built entirely upon the so-called Jewish extermination theory, not on any concrete evidence about what Eichmann had done. So many years of mendacious propaganda condemning Adolf Eichmann made it certain that he would be “convicted” any time, any place. The name Eichmann was enough to convict and sentence him.

And, of course, even the Jewish writers, both in Israel and throughout the world, agreed that Eichmann’s “arrest” and “trial” were both illegal and were criminal acts.

Also, it should be noted in passing, that the Genocide Convention Resolution adopted by the United Nations on December 9, 1948, expressly rejected the claim to universal jurisdiction and provided instead that persons charged with “genocide” shall be tried by a competent tribunal of the state in the territory of which the acts were committed or by such international penal tribunal as may have proper jurisdiction. Israel signed this, then deliberately violated it by holding her own mock trial of Adolf Eichmann. This makes the entire trial and execution much more than a mockery of justice. It makes the trial a criminal act, even if Eichmann had been guilty beyond any doubt, which was never proven.

To put this illegal trial in even a more blunt perspective, what Israel did was violate the territorial principle just as much as if some African nation sent secret agents to Mississippi and kidnapped an American segregationist, then tried and hanged him in Africa.

Another law, overlooked entirely by Israel, was the Argentine law stating that the statutory limitations on all acts committed during World War II ended on May 6, 1960, five days prior to the kidnapping of Eichmann by Israeli terrorists who were in that country illegally and with false papers.

The actual trial engaged in a great deal of talk about Eichmann’s guilt but offered no proof or evidence of it.

Eichmann proved true to his word which he had given me about cooperating with his captors. He never gave them any trouble during his entire confinement and trial. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether Eichmann was guilty or not. But I have seen no proof that he ever harmed Jews. And as I have said above, I have seen proof that he went far out of his way to help Jews who wanted to leave Germany.

And on May 31, 1962, Otto Adolf Eichmann, who was born March 19, 1906 in the German town of Solingen, was hanged (murdered). His body was then cremated by the Israelis, who would not allow his wife to claim the body for burial. His ashes were then scattered over the Mediterranean Sea, outside of Israeli territorial waters.

I should like briefly to notice the almost unbelievable growth of MOSSAD, the cruel Israeli world terrorist group, since the days of Isser Harel back in the 1960’s. Operating under the shallow disguise of being an intelligence-gathering organization, MOSSAD is a vile group made up of the largest collection of murderers and war criminals in the world. Like all such elements of evil, the tentacles of this outfit now reach every corner of the globe, including every major city in the United States.

In Washington, D.C., MOSSAD has more influence than our own FBI and CIA combined; and possesses more sophisticated equipment than either. Mr. James Abourezk, a former senator from South Dakota, told me in Phoenix that B’nai B’rith of the Anti-Defamation League now has a 13-story building in our nation’s capital for the sole purpose of spreading Israeli propaganda lies and maintaining surveillance of members of Congress, as well as the White House. With an annual budget of over twenty million dollars, it is relatively easy for them to accomplish this. The elaborate B’nai B’rith offices occupy all floor of this building except the seventh floor. This floor, according to Mr. Abourezk, is occupied by the American branch of MOSSAD. Now our closest allies, such as England and France, do not have any intelligence organizations with headquarters in Washington. It would be illegal. But Israel does. It appears that the Israelis are exempt from all laws.

Our FBI is restricted by law as to how they may operate. But there are absolutely no laws or even restrictions, none whatsoever, on MOSSAD and their operations in the U.S. Although it is a terrorist organization representing a foreign government, no one dares to criticize it. The Israelis are given free reign to arrest people, deport them, and even murder them on American soil, without the slightest fear of ever being called to answer for these illegal and flagrantly criminal acts. There has never been even one mild rebuke from either Congress or the White House.

If you would like absolute proof of this, I can give it to you quickly. When Andrew Young was President Carter’s ambassador to the U.N., he decided to meet with P.L.O. leaders. Of course, MOSSAD carefully monitors the movements and phone calls of all U.S. officials and certain members of Congress. So they bugged the room in which this legitimate meeting took place in New York. About one hour later the Israelis had flown to Washington with a tape of this meeting, which they played for President Carter. Within just six hours of Mr. Young’s fateful meeting with the Palestinian representative, he was fired. There was no discussion, no pro and con, no meeting with cabinet members or Congressmen. When the Israelis tell a U.S. president to fire somebody, he obeys, and quickly. And he docs not do this tomorrow, next week, or sometime later. He does it on the spot – NOW. The Israeli terrorist organizations do not give an American President the luxury of thinking things over. They just say “jump” and the president humbly asks “how high?” That’s the way things are, whether you like it or not.

I could give you a thousand more examples of this mystic power; but space does not permit it. You may not like the facts. But this is the kind of America we live in today. And even though most Americans, and especially readers of this column, may not like this situation; you are afraid to try to do anything about it. So you deserve what you get!

The Israeli secret service has a good many well-trained publicity agents who have led the world to believe that they are the finest organization of this type ever created. But that is a myth. Americans are often mesmerized by the image of MOSSAD’s invincibility and omniscience that is continually concocted and exalted by its partisans in the news media and popular literature published by New York’s Jewish-owned publishing firms. And the CIA also has something to do with the extravagant regard for MOSSAD, because our secret spy network is the most inefficient in the world. Naturally, when the two are compared, Israel’s comes out the better, which it is, when only the CIA is used in the comparison.

Take the Eichmann affair, which I have just analyzed for you. All the American newspapers praised Israel for this coup by stating that the Zionists finally located Eichmann in his Argentine hideout. Well, to begin with, Eichmann didn’t have any hideout. He lived openly without ever hiding from anyone; otherwise I would not have been able to walk right into his unguarded home alone, and in broad daylight.

Undoubtedly, this great image of MOSSAD is fostered in part by the cult of intelligence and national security inside Israel which has insulated it even there from public scrutiny and accountability. Press censorship in Israel prevents the truth from emerging. Media and government inquiries into some actions of the CIA are read by all Americans. But such inquiries in Israel are impossible. Everything is either censored or done in secret. Now, even the identity of the head of MOSSAD remains a state secret, something impossible in the United States.

The great difference between Israeli intelligence work and that of the CIA lies in the fact that the Israeli public totally supports any and all covert action, including every form of terrorism and torture known to mankind. By contrast, the American public does not favor covert action. Murder is not considered by the Zionists as unusual, but as a necessity for the survival of the Jewish state. And that includes the murder of Americans when it is to Israel’s advantage.

A secret report captured at the U.S. Embassy in Teheran has been shown to me by Iranian officials. It is a CIA report dated March 1, 1979, entitled “Israel – Foreign Intelligence and Security Services.” It attempts to present an in-depth analysis of Israeli intelligence services. The MOSSAD, the report states, has 2,000 employees, 500 of whom are officers; Israeli Military Intelligence, a separate agency, has 7,000 employees, of whom 450 are officers.

Now I happen to know from my other sources that MOSSAD has a lot more than 2,000 employees. They have more agents than that operating in the United States alone.

Here is another statement taken directly from that CIA report:

“The principal targets of Israeli intelligence are the Arab states; ‘collection of information on secret U.S. policy or decisions concerning Israel’; collection of scientific intelligence in the U.S. and other developed countries and gaining information about Nazi war criminals hiding out in the U.S.”

Here is one more direct quote from the report which should be of great interest to all readers of this magazine:

“The Israelis give top priority to discrediting pro-Arab groups and any German-American organizations in the U.S. They pressure all American publications to never print anything at all favorable to such groups because it might damage future Zionist control of U.S. political thinking, which is almost totally pro-Israel.”

This pretty well explains why the carefully-controlled U.S. establishment press never gives space to any views not favoring Israel. In the summer of 1985, an American traitor, Mr. Robert C. McFarlane, at the time chief of the National Security Council, invoked Israel’s supposed infallibility in an effort to overcome Secretary of State George Shultz’s opposition to Israel’s arms-for-Iran plan. He said to Mr Shultz: “Israel is not noted for dealing with fools and charlatans.” This statement was mentioned in the hearings last year. However, the statement is untrue. Israel has made a practice of dealing with such people. Take the case of Mr. Jonathan Pollard, for example, a U.S. intelligence official convicted of spying for Israel. Pollard was so stupid as to go around for years boasting about his work for the Zionists. Another unsavory character among the people used by Israel was Mr. Manucher Ghorbanifar, Israel’s key connection in Iran. This man is an inveterate liar and self-promoter who is also a former agent in the Shah’s Savak intelligence service. Of course, at the same time, he was also a MOSSAD agent.

Revelations in the Israeli press, the European newspapers, and the U.S. Senate report indicate that the American-Israeli arms pipeline to Iran has not only kept the war going all these years, but was initiated by Mr. Ghorbanifar and a couple of well-connected Israeli arms dealers. Ya’acov Nimrodi, one of these war merchants of death, is a founder of Israel’s military intelligence service. He made a fortune when he was Israel’s military attaché in Teheran by peddling U.S. arms to Iran for himself. I mean he kept the money. It did not at this time go to the Israeli government as profits. But the Khomeini revolution left Mr. Nimrodi out six million dollars owed to him by the Shah for arms, and also made him no longer welcome in a still-lucrative market. In 1981, a bitter and disappointed Mr. Nimrodi called upon the government of Israel to foment revolution in Iran (in the same fashion that he had assisted the Kurdish rebellion of Mustapha Barazani against Iraq) in order to put an end to the régime of old Khomeini and his mullahs. Mr. David Kimche was the other Israeli involved. I have already mentioned his illicit activities in an earlier column.

When asked about the morality of the arms sales to Iran, Mr. Nimrodi told the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, “The only moral thing is if it helps Israel. I sold arms to the shah, but if you ask me today if we should continue selling arms to the Khomeini régime, I would say ‘yes, what do I care if Iranians kill Iraqis?’ On the contrary, this is for the benefit of Israel. I am saying this loudly. I am not ashamed of it. And I don’t give a damn what the Americans think about it.”

When a suspected Lebanese terrorist was brought to the U.S. last September from the Mediterranean, he was half dead from having been tortured. Now the Department of Justice is concerned about the admissibility in court of his “confession” obtained after many beatings while in FBI custody. Although the FBI certainly did use cruel tactics in dealing with Mr. Fawaz Younis, the first suspected Middle East terrorist ever brought to this country, Italian intelligence sources maintain that it was Israeli specialists in torture who actually reduced this man to such a state that he would admit to any and all charges against him. Among the many injuries this man sustained, according to FBI reports, were fractured ribs and both wrists broken very badly. Of course, no one in his right mind believes that these serious injuries happened “accidentally” as was first reported by the FBI in the sting operation aboard an FBI-rented yacht. Mr. Francis D. Carter, the court-appointed lawyer for the accused, said he plans to challenge the admissibility of Mr. Younis’ statements to the FBI because of injuries from severe torture.

Just to show you exactly where American allegiance lies, the House of Representatives voted 394 to 0 for a resolution calling for the United Nations to overturn the 12-year-old official statement that Zionism is racism and more repressive than any other such “isms.” Naturally, Representative Gerald Solomon (R-NY) was behind this non-binding vote in the House. I do not think the U.S. will succeed in getting the U.N. to rescind such a factual and proven declaration, which was voted on by 127 countries.

The MOSSAD agents I have mentioned are certainly disgusting blots on humanity. And, I might add, that the tarpit of violence in the Mideast today is Israel’s constant threat to use nuclear weapons on the unprotected Arab world.

Despite Washington’s rhetoric, I have proved many times that Israel is no friend or ally of the United States. Now ABC Newscaster Sam Donaldson has just about proved the same thing in his new book Hold On, Mr. President. On page 87 of that book is found the following:

“As for selling arms to the Ayatollah’s Iran, President Carter discovered that Israel was doing this even while the American hostages were being held. On April 15, 1980, he confronted Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the Oval Office. At first Begin denied it and lied about it. But when Mr. Carter described for him in some detail the exact type of aircraft that at that very moment was being loaded at an airfield in Israel, Mr. Begin admitted his guilt and said he would stop the shipment if Mr. Carter would make a personal request to him. Carter did just that. But of course the shipments continued from Israel.”

Remember that the above words were written by a man who is pro-Israel in every way. Even Mr. Donaldson realizes that a war criminal like Mr. Begin will lie until they put him in the ground.

There is an additional quotation from Mr. Donaldson’s book that I would like to mention because it clearly illustrates from another source what I have written many times about the complete willingness of President Reagan always to lie for the benefit of the Israelis. I insist that Mr. Reagan is forever ready to lie, to fight for, and perhaps even to die for his beloved Zionist state. He was never willing to fight for the United States of America, as is clearly evidenced by his getting out of his army unit and hiding out during World War II as legalized draftdodger in uniform at a movie studio, derisively renamed “Fort Roach.” But there is no doubt in my mind that, given the opportunity, Ronald Wilson Reagan would gladly fight and die for Israel. He fights for the Zionists every day at the White House, as Mr. Donaldson’s book verifies. Furthermore, it is my own personal belief that Mr. Reagan would not only battle the Arabs he hates so vehemently so save Israel, but he would even fight against the United States to preserve the Zionist state from any harm. And, I might add, there are many others in Washington willing to do the same.

On page 107 of Mr. Donaldson’s book we find this:

“Reagan’s Hollywood career was built on using words to project a fictional scene, an emotion, a feeling as defined by the script’s author. Like any good actor, he puts himself into the story line, he believes it, and he says it…. In the press conference held on November 19, 1986, when he asked repeatedly about a third country’s (Israel’s) involvement in his sale of arms to Iran, he repeatedly denied any knowledge. Told that his chief of staff Donald Regan had confirmed the fact on the record, he replied, ‘No, I’ve, I never heard Mr. Regan say that and I’ll ask him about that.’ Regan and the president’s other principal advisers, watching on television, knew that kite wouldn’t fly. A few minutes after the press conference ended, a White House statement was issued in the president’s name acknowledging that a third country had indeed been involved. Why had Reagan misstated the facts? Because he didn’t want to identify the third country as Israel.”

There you have exactly what I have been trying to get across to you and here it is – from ABC’s Sam Donaldson. I repeat that Mr. Reagan will go to his grave lying for Israel, no matter how much it harms the United States of America.

Oh yes, I have one more apt quotation from Mr. Donaldson, a man who has been close to the president for over seven years on a daily basis. Mr. Reagan’s press secretary, Larry Speakes, “got on” Donaldson for asking questions which might create an international incident during the visit to the White House of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. On page 125 of the book is Sam Donaldson’s answer to this impertinence from an inferior:

“Now, really. If I had chosen the moment of Mubarak’s visit to ask of Reagan why there were so many pictures of him campaigning with a yarmulke on his head but never a fez, I could see Speakes’ point.”

As you can see, some of Mr. Donaldson’s book reads like my column. Perhaps he reads Liberty Bell.

As for the American people in general ever standing up to Israel and saying “this is enough”, it will never happen. You over-burdened taxpayers who totally support Israel are too cowed to even think about it. And, unfortunately, you can’t make attack dogs of toy poodles. But if you American poodles don’t learn to fight back, in a few years you will find yourselves outside your warm and comfortable kennels and where you will have to learn to survive against great odds. When it is too late, you will wish you had fought back.

The supreme delusion of mass insanity that has infected America in the backbone persuades you that the only abnormal person is the one brave soul who refuses to join the madness of the misguided majority, the one who stands alone and tries to resist, perhaps in vain.

It seems to me that the black paradox, a travesty of infatuation, lies in the fact that now most Americans view anti-Communism as being far worse than Communism.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to be tolerant of an American society that has sympathy only for misfits, only for drug addicts, only for people with AIDS, only for maladjusted, only for queers and only for outright criminals in our land. Some of these need help. Help them. But I think it’s also time for all Americans to stand up and cheer for the people who accomplish things, the achievers, the ones who recognize a problem and do something about it, the man who works hard and has never been on welfare, the man who has his hands on the shovel and never for a handout, the ones who look for something extra to do for this country. In other words, I mean honor the winners, the leaders for a change.

© 1987 by Jim Taylor and Trans-Global News Service

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, August 1988

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