Building the Future National Socialist State: Outline

Martin Kerr


“…[O]ur task, that of building a National Socialist state, represents the work of the coming centuries…” – Adolf Hitler, My Political Testament, April 29, 1945

Above is a photograph of an architectural model of a gigantic building designed by Adolf Hitler. It was variously called the Volkshalle (“Hall of the Folk”), the “Grosse Halle” (“Great Hall”) or the “Ruhmeshalle” (“Hall of Glory”). This enormous structure was intended as the centerpiece of a rebuilt post-World War II Berlin. This city itself was to be renamed “Germania,” or as the Führer himself referred to it, Welthauptstadt Germania(“World Capital Germania”). On one occasion, he remarked, “As a world capital, [Germania] will only be comparable with Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Rome! In comparison to this capital, what will London or Paris stand for?”

The tragic conclusion to the War prevented, temporarily, the creation of this monumental hall and the city that was to surround it. Yet, even as the War itself was underway, the Fuehrer and his co-workers continued to plan for this glorious future. Blueprints were refined, and test structures were built. For it is never too early to plan for the future.


Of course, the construction of a future National Socialist state consists of much more than just designing buildings and plotting out street grids. To those who are nearsighted, it may seem grossly premature to spend time in contemplation of a future NS state. After all, at this very moment we are still struggling just to assure our continued racial existence. But if we presume to lead our folk into the future, it is incumbent upon us to at least possess some idea where that future will lead! As one comrade commented, it is never too soon to know where you are headed.

Ultimately, what the NEW ORDER envisions is the establishment of a National Socialist state on the North American continent.

For understandable historical reasons, when the term “American National Socialism” is used, some people incorrectly assume that this would involve transforming the American social and political landscape into a clone of 1930s NS Germany.

There are two tendencies that contemporary, American National Socialists need to avoid when discussing Hitler’s Germany as a model for the US and Canada:

(1) The tendency to over-idealize the Third Reich, and use it as an exact model for 21st century American National-Socialism in every detail.

The Third Reich was a work in progress, not a completely realized NS state. There were aspects to Hitler’s Germany that were not totally NS. Had Hitler been granted more than six scant years of peace before the onset of the War, the New Order that he envisioned would have matured and evolved, and these non-NS elements would have been purged.

For example, although the lower ranks of the German military were thoroughly NS by the outbreak of the War, there were elements among the senior leadership that remained bitterly hostile to Adolf Hitler and his movement. The most serious attempt on the Fuehrer’s life was the attempted coup d’etat of July 20, 1944. It was carried out by reactionaries and monarchists within the German High Command. They were the greatest internal threat to the Third Reich, not the liberals, nor the Communists nor the anarchists, nor even the Jews.

Also, Germany historically had an extremely rigid class structure. An important goal of the NS movement in Germany was to decrease class differences and expand social mobility. Indeed, a prime task of the Hitler Youth was to see to it that class differences would be significantly narrowed (if not completely eliminated) among future generations, so that a genuine folk community could take the place of the materialist consumer-society of the Old Order, in which wealth, rather than racial health, determined the worth of a man.

So, we do not want to link ourselves today to features of 1930s Germany that were not really NS but were just artifacts of the pre-Hitler regime that had not yet been superseded by the New Order.

Beyond that, NS Germany was just that: Germany. Germany has its own unique history and national character, and National Socialism in Germany was to a degree a reflection of these unique qualities. American National Socialism, on the other hand, must grow out of the historical experience of the Aryan peoples in North America. We have our own unique history and national character, and this must be reflected in the manner in which National Socialism finds its political expression here.

For example, the German personality tends to be more authoritarian in nature, while the national character of Aryan Americans tends to be more individualistic. This tendency towards greater individualism will be reflected in an American NS state (while at the same time, the social disease of hyper-individualism that runs rampant in the US today will be extinguished).

In this same manner, we expect that British National Socialism, French National Socialism, Greek National Socialism, Australian National Socialism, Swedish National Socialism, Serbian National Socialism and so forth will also be expressions of the unique folk-values and folk-histories of those Aryan peoples, and not photocopies of Hitler’s Reich or Hitler’s movement.

In short: a North American NS state will differ in many particulars from National-Socialist Germany in the 1930s.

(2) At the same time, while we do not want to slavishly imitate the Third Reich in every detail, we do not want to distance ourselves from the underlying fundamentals of the National Socialist worldview articulated by Adolf Hitler.

In this regard, the bible of National Socialism is, has always been, and will always remainMein Kampf. This book is the cornerstone of NS belief. Beyond that, we should look to Hitler’s Germany as an example of how NS theory was translated into reality, within the limitations of time and space that constrained Hitler and his co-workers.

The National Socialist worldview, as laid forth by Adolf Hitler, is built on eternal truths that are universally valid. To turn our backs on these because Hitler’s Germany was not perfect in every respect would be the height of stupidity!

To summarize:

• It is not our goal as American National-Socialists in 2015 to replicate a museum-like duplicate of 1935 Germany on American soil; and

• It is the goal of American National-Socialism to apply Hitlerian thought in an intelligent and practical manner to the unique historical situation confronting the Aryan population of contemporary North America.


A successful NS revolution will not mark the end of the National Socialist struggle in North America. Rather, it will only be the end of the first stage of that struggle, and the beginning of the next stage: the construction of the NS state.

We cannot know in advance what the situation will be following an NS assumption of power. Will we control the whole continent, or only part of it? Will the revolution be peaceful or not? Will we be faced with a complete breakdown of society, including the physical infrastructure, or will society be essentially intact? How strong will the Movement be in relation to the strength of its enemies (who will not disappear just because they have been defeated)? What will be the attitude of the White population to the new NS government?

These are all unknowns and unknowables. Consequently, we cannot describe in detail what steps we will take to build an NS America, because we do not know the specific problems that will confront us at that time.

But we can lay out an outline of for the evolution of an NS state out of the ruins of the Old Order.

Phase I: THE ASSUMPTION OF POWER. This may happen through peaceful elections, through popular acclaim, or by other means.

Phase II: CONSOLIDATION OF POWER. As mentioned above, our enemies will still be present even after our initial assumption of power. They will use every means at their disposal – no matter how depraved, inhuman or desperate – to unseat the new NS government before it has firmly secured its grip on power. During this phase, we will have to dismantle the remaining enemy forces, both leftwing and rightwing. We will also have to guard against attempts to unseat us by formerly “friendly” White Nationalist allies who have a different vision of a White future than National Socialism. Former partisans of the Old Order who attempt to derail the NS revolution will also have to be dealt with.

Phase III: A WHITE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC. After the consolidation of power, we will construct a White People’s Republic on the ruins of the Old Order. But this, too, is not our ultimate goal. Instead, in is another transitional stage, in which the most basic and immediate elements in building a new future for our Race are implemented. A constitutional convention will be called to revise the old US Constitution and bring it into accord with NS insights and goals, especially with regards to Race and to the Jewish question. Other existing institutions will be brought into alignment with National Socialism. In particular, a new educational system will be formed that will raise future generations of White youth in NS values and attitudes. The military will likewise be thoroughly National-Socialized.

Phase IV: THE NEW ORDER. Eventually, a purified National Socialist state will supersede the White People’s Republic. This new NS state we call the New Order. It will emerge gradually, one small step at a time. The full process may take generations. But once it is accomplished, we will be in a position to fulfill the ultimate goals of the Hitler Movement: the establishment of a civilization that is both thoroughly modern and completely in harmony with Nature. This new Hitlerian civilization will assist the Aryan race on its ordained upward descent, as foreseen by visionaries such a Friedrich Nietzsche, Lincoln Rockwell, Matt Koehl, and Bruno Luedtke.

We will forge links of steel with our NS comrades overseas through the World Union of National Socialists, and in cooperation with them we will construct a worldwide National Socialist New Order. And yes, the great plans that the Fuehrer had for Germania will be realized; and yes, our new Aryan Imperium will last for a thousand years – if not longer!

Today we are engaged in a naked struggle for racial survival, and it is this present conflict that must be in the forefront of our minds. But at the same time, let us not lose sight of that glorious future which awaits upon at the victorious conclusion of our efforts.


This article first appeared in NS BULLETIN Number 351 (Fourth Quarter 2015).  The NSBis the official publication of the NEW ORDER. Subscription rate is $35 for six issues, payable in a check or money order drawn on a US bank. Alternately, subscribers may send well-concealed cash.


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SOURCE: Building the Future National Socialist State: Outline by Martin Kerr

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