Manfred Roeder: Hero of Our Time

as told by

Norman White


Manfred Roeder in the 1980s

In the popular imagination, Germany (or at least the Western part of it) is a country that in 1945 was liberated from ‘tyranny’ and now functions as a ‘free democracy’ where the state no longer locks up those of whom it disapproves. The reality is very different, as the story of Manfred Roeder will illustrate.

Roeder, farmer and lawyer, married, with a family of six children, is at present a political prisoner – in fact one of many – of a system he totally rejects. He is serving a 13-year sentence in Butzbach Prison, Western Germany, imposed in 1982 on trumped-up charges of masterminding a terrorist group and of being an accomplice to a number of bomb and arson attacks.

Since 1970 Manfred Roeder has been regarded by the authorities in that part of Germany where he was raised, and by the bought news media, as the most outspoken and effective critic of the régime. Along with all those who expound patriotism and condemn American-imported and -imposed decadence, degradation, and race-mixing that are characteristic of Western Europe, he is labeled a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘racist.’ Such terms are fast becoming badges of honour.

Manfred Roeder has risked all – his profession, his security, his freedom, and indeed his life – in the struggle to defend his country against the destructive forces of subversion and perversion which corrode all nation-states in Europe today: pornography, dissoluteness, drugs, modern art, the pollution of nature, the distortion of 20th century history, and the denigration of the white race. He has been pursued all around the world and forced to live ‘underground’ for several years, simply for making political statements and gestures, insisting on free speech and acting as an example for every German patriot in his country’s present condition of servitude.


Roeder was four years of age when Hitler came to power. His memories of childhood and youth are happy ones, of enjoying life to the full, playing, singing, and hiking with comradeship and excitement. His parents too were like almost all Germans of those days, happy to live in a healthy country which imbued a strong feeling of unity among all classes, with a sense of confidence between leadership and people of a kind scarcely known in the 20th century.

Roeder’s father was an electrical engineer and civil servant, and officer in the German Army in both World Wars and a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party [NSDAP] and its Sturmabteilung [SA] (defence force). “A man of honour from top to toe,” in his son’s words, he was barred from working in his profession after Germany’s defeat in 1945 – a fate shared by millions of his compatriots under the rule of the occupying forces who had brought [the ‘blessings’ of] ‘democracy’ to Germany (as well as communism). Treated like a criminal, Roeder Senior was forced to clean the streets under extreme physical hardship until he literally broke down – the penalty exacted by the Allies against those Germans who had supported and believed in National Socialism. [Yours Truly’s father, a civil engineer (Tiefbauingeneur) by profession and an officer in, and a member for a number of years before Hitler came to power of, the SA, was one of those millions who shared the senior Roeder’s fate after the war. He was not only prohibited from working at his profession and was forced to work as a bricklayer, but was also beaten up by a gang of Red thugs, led by an old-time Red, Stadtrat (City Councillor) Goethe, who had been installed in the city government of my hometown by the U.S. Military Government because he was of the approved political persuasion. Hail the 1945 Liberation from Tyranny!] – Editor, Liberty Bell]. But despite all, he refused to capitulate to the lies, deceits, and distortions of ‘democracy’s’ propaganda machine.

As a loyal member of the Hitler Youth movement, the younger Roeder volunteered for army service at the age of 16, and fought during the last four months of the war in the bitter campaign on the eastern front and then in the defence of the Reich’s capital, Berlin, against the Red hordes. He escaped from Russian imprisonment and probable transportation to the Gulag along with millions of other German fighting men who had been captured. Returning to school for two further years in Berlin, he studied literature and law and eventually took up the profession of attorney. His youth after the war was spent amidst the horrors and degradations of a shattered Germany in which the Allies ruthlessly imposed their so-called ‘de-nazification’ programme which resulted in tens of thousands committing suicide and hundreds of thousands of others being done to death at the hands of the vengeful Zionist-directed occupying powers.


In adult life Roeder became active politically in the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) until, after five years, he came to see that, just like the Social Democrats, that party was actively participating in the destruction of Germany’s moral foundations, in the persecution of German soldiers, and the defamation of some of the nation’s finest sons, such as Hans-Ulrich Rudel and Otto Skorzeny. In 1970, together with his wife, he went out onto the streets to protest against the filth and the pornography that are endemic in all liberal-democratic societies. Within six months, and without spending one mark on publicity, he and his helpers had collected 1 1/2 million signatures of protest against these tendencies, and the lower house of the puppet parliament in Bonn was forced to abandon its plans to loosen anti-pornography measures contained in its Penal Law Reform. These were, of course, introduced later ‘through the back door,’ as is the way of ‘democracy.’ This action marked the beginning of the Deutsche Bürgerinitiative (German Citizens’ Initiative), which directs its activities in apparently non-political channels against environmental pollution, nuclear power stations, sex education in schools, pornography, drug-abuse, and the falsification of modern German history.

Later, and fired by his burning desire to free Germany from the treacherous stranglehold of ‘democracy’ and to restore to Germans pride in their nation, Roeder founded the Freiheitsbewegung Deutsches Reich (Freedom Movement of the German Reich) at the Reichstag in Flensburg in 1975. He was unanimously elected its official speaker and on 23rd May 1978, the 33rd anniversary of the unconstitutional arrest of the legally constituted German Government, the movement assumed the lawful administration of the Reich. Grand Admiral Dönitz, who on May 1st 1945 became the legitimate Head of State in succession to Adolf Hitler (who came to power constitutionally in 1933), vested in Manfred Roeder the legal and political consequences of provisional representation of the German Reich until such time as a free German government of all Germany could be constituted – that is when the American and Russian colonies set up in 1945 are erased from history.

From that date in May, nine years ago, the movement under the leadership of Roeder assumed the Imperial Conservatorship (Reichsverweser), thus securing the continued legal existence of the Reich. This was a legally correct act, although a revolutionary one, and it achieved the purpose of filling the vacuum left by Dönitz’s statement that he no longer regarded himself as Reichspräsident. The marionettes in Bonn, content with the imposture of their satellite state authority set up by Germany’s conquerors some forty-two years ago, have never acted to ensure the continued existence of the Reich. Manfred Roeder is thus Reichsverweser until Germany’s freedom is regained.


All of Roeder’s actions have been generated by his determination to save nature from destruction and exploitation and to save nations in their historic structure and tradition with dignity and freedom. In the latter context his activities include demonstrating outside the Nuremberg Palace of Justice on the 30th anniversary of the execution of 11 German leaders in 1946; firing shots over the walls of Spandau Prison at midnight on the 80th birthday of Rudolf Hess; writing the foreword to Thies Christophersen’s book The Auschwitz Lie (published by the German Citizens’ Initiative and available from Liberty Bell Publications in the USA); speaking out against the defamation of German patriot Albert Leo Schlageter, who was summarily executed by the French during their occupation of Germany in 1923; and publicly protesting against the scandalous life sentence imposed on an innocent German soldiers by the stooges in Bonn after he, Windisch, had 18 years earlier been vindicated by Americans, Poles, and even Russians of alleged ‘war crimes.’

For the content of his foreword to The Auschwitz Lie a book which pained the raw nerves of the Zionist mythmakers – the German Bar Association deprived Roeder of his licence to practise law. These tools of the puppet state of Western Germany considered him ‘unsuited’ for the legal profession because he does not believe in “the accepted judgments of contemporary historians” (!) or “the secured facts and knowledge of history” (sic). Thus the system of liberal-democracy is determined to make us all compliant automatons not entitled to hold heterodox opinions. The foreword to the book also spelled trouble with the government, and Roeder was brought to trial for daring to expose the Holohoax and sentenced to seven months imprisonment. The judge at his trial delivered this exquisite piece of liberal-democratic casuistry: “Even if there was no persecution of Jews under Hitler, that would mean that all Jewish witnesses are liars, and you are not allowed to call them liars, since this would be disturbing the public peace and would stir up racial hatred.”

Knowing he would be subjected to legal chicanery and that further charges would be pinned on him, Roeder jumped bail and went ‘underground,’ traveling extensively around the world and establishing contacts while keeping one step ahead of Interpol and his pursuers. In this time he discovered that throughout the whole of the ‘free world,’ and not just in Germany, many other patriots and nationalists were being harassed and persecuted.


It was the crudest of accidents that Roeder was found and arrested on 1st September 1980. Following a number of firebombing incidents, including one in which two Vietnamese had died, the police were conducting a large-scale manhunt. In a raid on the place that was Roeder’s hideaway in Hannoversch Münden, they unexpectedly came across him. After a last-ditch attempt to escape, he was carried off in shackles and placed in solitary confinement.

From then until his trial 17 months later, Roeder was a prisoner on remand subject to the same dire conditions accorded to convicted terrorists. Conveyed to and from prison and courts in chains, incarcerated In the maximum security prison of Stuttgart-Stammheim, locked in the foulest of detention cells at courts, with mail restricted and censored and family visits, severely curtailed, he was treated like a terrorist belonging to the Baader-Meinhof gang. During the whole of this time, the press waged a war of vilification against him in which the vilest insinuations, charges, lies, smears were laid at his door.

The ‘trial’ was, needless to say, a travesty of justice. Three other people involved in bomb and arson attacks on buildings housing Auschwitz exhibitions and on hostels and camps harbouring immigrants were charged and convicted, two receiving life sentences and the other six years. Roeder’s connection with them was tenuous. Although he knew them and had conversed with them, he played no part in planning, approving, or executing bomb attacks. Nonetheless he was accused of masterminding a terrorist group and of being an accomplice to the murder of two immigrants on the grounds of “spiritual influence” and “previous consent” and of taking part in the attacks “by omission” (!). The argument was that he could and should have prevented all the actions of his acquaintances – even if he did not know anything about them! As suspected terrorists, they were not tried before a jury but by five judges. Prosecution, defence, and court were all ‘arranged’ by the Zionist Occupation Government of West Germany. Even though Roeder had had nothing whatever to do with these mindless attacks (gnat-bites on the hide of a hippo), the trial Was billed “Roeder and others” and the court changed the indictment five times in its determination to ‘prove’ that Roeder had masterminded the operations. The five judges twisted and turned the evidence which did not substantiate the charges, even admitting that Roeder had done nothing, but intent on proving that he had known about the attacks and was therefore under the law obliged to inform the authorities.

As a Stuttgart paper wrote: “From the beginning, the main difficulty of the whole trial was to make Roeder responsible for the acts of his friends. This could only be done by some rather twisted and complicated legal phrases called ‘action by non-action’ or ‘commission by omission.’ With this very unusual theory, the court got the problem Roeder under control.” By this court’s criteria, God would have been sentenced for omitting to put away the Devil for ever. God had the chance to get rid of the Devil for ever but he did not do it. Therefore this court finds him guilty of omission!


The sentence of 13 years’ imprisonment was vicious and barbaric – but wholly in keeping with the system which pronounced it, terrified as it is of ideas and politics Manfred Roeder represents. In his summing up, the presiding judge expressed the hope that Roeder would be forgotten in a very short time, that his circle would disintegrate, that his newsletters would be discontinued, and that his wife and six children would undergo extreme suffering. Typical of the Talmudic spirit of spite and vengefulness, of visiting the ‘sins’ of the father upon the children! The essential purpose of the judgment was to silence Manfred Roeder for many years and to destroy the basis of his family’s livelihood. That judge was utterly wrong. It is he and his like, and the corrupt, imposed system that spawns them that will be forgotten long before the name and works of Manfred Roeder are forgotten. The German Citizens’ Initiative has now developed into Teutonic Unity, a worldwide organization that unites all Teutonic peoples in the fight against Communism, Zionism, and the shoddy system of bogus ‘democracy.’ Manfred Roeder may now be in prison for his loyalty to his country and for his stand on behalf of the self-determination of all peoples against Bolshevism and Plutocracy, but his newsletters continue to circulate in many languages around the world, and Traudel Roeder, his brave and loyal wife, is sustained by financial, moral, and physical support from friends at the family home on the Knüll.

Contact can be established for newsletters with A.E., P.O. Box 148, Buffalo NY 14225, U.S.A., and for support of any kind with Frau Traudel Roeder, Haus Richberg, D-3579, Schwarzenborn, West Germany.

Says Roeder in defiance from his prison cell: “They can do to us whatever they want, but our spirit will rise and our idea will triumph!”

Reprinted from Spearhead, May 1987

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, August 1987

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