Nicholas Carter

Carter - Minorityism 2

Minority rights are acclaimed by everyone in the American Establishment as a moral principle of a high order. But this principle, which forbids discrimination, is applied in a discriminatory manner to non-White and Jewish racial minorities.

Any dictionary will provide as one of the definitions of the word “minority” the following: “A racial, religious or political group that differs from the large, controlling group.” Although there’s no dictionary description for the word “minorityism,” I composed the following definition of the term for use in my book, The Late Great Book: The Bible:

A raging social disease; one of the four horsemen of the modern American apocalypse: Marxism, Freudianism, Liberalism, and MINORITYISM.

American minorityism involves several politically and/or numerically significant – and, to a considerable degree, unassimilable – racial groups that differ largely from the white Gentile majority population. The social disease of minorityism rears its ugly head when the majority is literally held hostage by large numbers of minority members who consider themselves to be anointed victim groups – i.e., professional victims of “social injustice.”

The victim’s complex, rooted in self-pity and self-righteousness, always results in a seething resentment against society. Recent charges made by a member of the Black Employees Association of Los Angeles exemplify that resentment: “We as Black people are ‘married’ to racism, and we are ‘estranged’ in that marriage when we watch the White power structure victimize us and our children,” Also worth considering are the comments of minority activist and columnist, Rodolfo Acuña. Within 11 years, he predicts, 90 percent of the state prison population of California will be “people of color,” meaning, Blacks and Latinos. Why? They will be “victims of Gov. (George) Deukmejian’s policies” – not of their own actions. (Italics added.)

Minorityism is nurtured by a litany of holier-than-thou excuses for, and justification of, minority crimes, failures and overt racist activities. There isn’t an American citizen, regardless of race or religion, who hasn’t been conditioned to believe that Blacks, Jews, Asians, Indians, and Latinos have been discriminated against, and persecuted by, White Americans. Consequently, no public discussion of minority problems is ever free of frequent references to racial oppression, societal neglect, unemployment, single family homes, welfare dependency, hopelessness, boredom, and depression, along with the lack of availability to the best neighborhoods and the right country clubs – and on and on, to the point of inanity.

Why are so many Blacks and Browns doing poorly in school? Why are so many of them incapable of grasping the fruits of educational achievement? Why has low achievement for Blacks and Browns become an expectancy? “Institutionalized racism!” charges Los Angeles school board member, Jackie Goldberg. Regardless of how much money is pumped into the educational system solely for the purpose of educating and socializing the “underclass,” it seems that the underclass always wind up on the short end of achievement because they’re “denied equal access to a balanced and enriched curriculum.”

From another educational source, we hear that more minority teachers are needed to serve as role models. Why? “Minority students can be best educated by minority teachers.” Really? Weren’t we told a few years back that minority students could be best educated if they were sitting beside White students in integrated classrooms? But then, as I recall, something untoward happened. Suddenly, there weren’t enough “little white bodies to go around,” as Judge “forced busing” Eggly commented in a Los Angeles courtroom. And just as suddenly, some new excuses had to be invented.

As if public education isn’t screwed well beyond the sticking point as it is, contemplate the case of Sally Peterson, a kindergarten teacher with 25 years of experience in elementary classrooms, who made the mistake of suggesting that the approach to bilingual education should be changed. “I’m not opposed to bilingual education,” she explained, “I just want to reform it.” BANG! Charges of racism immediately erupted within the unhallowed halls of the school system in Sun Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. And before you could say Schickelgruber, 50 Latino parents were marching outside her school carrying swastika posters and charging that she was hurting their children.

“Tragically, laws alone cannot eliminate the prejudicial attitude toward certain minorities in our society,” laments a California university study. The report advised that, since the days are long gone when college students were predominantly White, ethnic study courses, required like English and history, should be part of the undergraduate curriculum. The study also recommends that minority faculties should be increased – even though it’s common knowledge that few students attend classes taught by minority professors. The further point is made that all teachers should be trained to instruct students of different backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic levels and ability, so they’ll be able to recognize and nurture the specific and distinct package of racial strengths that each minority group would bring to the classroom. WOW! This is a job for ROBO-TEACHER! Who else could absorb both the wisdom and prescient insight necessary to do the job, especially considering the fact that native tongues in Los Angeles now number up to 80 different languages.

No doubt our racism-obsessed educators will soon be taking pages from the book of an education officer in Hertfordshire, England. “When the sin is racism,” evangelizes Ray Wallace, “age is not a factor.” According to the Wallace scheme, all children, even those as young as three, should be given a special file if he or she should utter a racist remark or be involved in a racist incident. The file would then become part of the child’s personal record and follow him throughout his educational career. (Good show! Nip the little racist buggers in the bud, as it were.)

The message instilled in minority communities via the inundation of absolution delineated above is clear: “You’re not responsible for anything that goes wrong at home or at school. If you fall short on any score, blame anybody or anything but yourself. Drop out of school; turn to crime, or live on welfare; and let somebody else sort it all out.”

Appeasement and absolution notwithstanding, minority crime has been on the increase in America for decades, with law enforcement statistics now revealing that Black Americans, in particular, a mere 11 percent of the population, commit nearly 50 percent of most violent crimes, and well over 50 percent of the rapes. Is there any other country on earth – excluding those involved in civil wars – in which so small a minority commits enough violence to hold an entire nation hostage? Portions of every big city in America are now in a state of anarchy – and law enforcement appears to be helpless in the face of this assault.

The Big Apple is the rottenest in the barrel of American cities. The comments of prominent New Yorkers bear this out. Ex-mayor John Lindsay, for one: “Now we are living in the most devastating climate of fear of Blacks we have ever known.” And Mary Mohler, editor of Ladies Home Journal, for another: “It’s the absolute filth all over the place, the new heights of rudeness. And nowhere is racial tension so bad, and yet so untalked about.”

One of the more ghoulish incidents of racial violence in Sludge City occurred in April of this year. A 28-year-old woman was assaulted by Black teenagers, some of them as young as 14, while she was jogging in Central Park. They ran her down, hit her with a brick and a lead pipe, raped, slashed and left her for dead, with two-thirds of the blood drained from her body. As of this writing, the victim’s identity hasn’t been revealed, probably because she’s White, perhaps even Jewish – and, undoubtedly, an ultra-liberal who believed that her aura of all-encompassing tolerance for the minorities would protect her from the chaos and cruelty in urban America.

At least eight teenagers were originally arrested; and even while they were singing and rapping in their jail cells, excuses were being invented for their savagery. “They have the wolf of indignation in their bellies,” the apologists plaintively avowed. “They’re hungry, not for food or shelter, but for acceptance. They’re raging because they feel rejected, humiliated, shut out of the good life.” Should we apply the word EVIL to their acts? Heavens no. That would focus attention on the evildoers, and distance them from the rest of us, and that would be unfair, since we ALL share the same motives, drives, and pathologies that motivate the inflicting of terrible suffering on our fellow humans.

Good Lord! Talk about undergoing “too strict a paradox,/ Striving to make an ugly deed look fair…” (With apologies to the noble Bard.)

The fact that racial tension is so bad and yet so untalked about in N.Y.C., is because of today’s anti-reason climate regarding anything racially disquieting that doesn’t point directly to non-ethnic Whites. Young Blacks are raging because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe that they’re VICTIMS – “outcasts in a society that calls itself democratic and egalitarian; social pariahs who can never be successful because of their color.” The conclusion of the “victims” they’re entitled to be violent and murderous is the next logical step in the scenario of minorityism.

Way out West, life isn’t a whole hell of a lot better. Black and Latino gangs have roamed the streets of Los Angeles like Road Warriors for decades, slaughtering people at will. Despite all attempts to limit gang activities, their numbers have increased, the power of their weapons has increased, their involvement with drugs has increased, and the number of their victims has increased. Throughout Los Angeles County, there were a record 452 gang slayings in 1988. And during the first 3 months of this year, 78 men, women and children were shot, stabbed or bludgeoned to death by gangs in the county. One of the youngest scalps collected by the gangbangers was that of a 2-year-old Pasadena girl riding with her mother and grandmother. She was killed by a flurry of gunshots fired into their vehicle.

Apart from the gangs, violence against women is widespread in Black America. Ponder the chilling words of R. Masada, Chairwoman of the Daughters of Zion: “Virtually all of the institutions in the Black community are controlled by men who are mute when it comes to speaking out on violence against women… My experience as a journalist revealed this startling revelation: Every 18 seconds a Black female is sexually or physically assaulted and beaten, or murdered by a Black male in America. Black women are terrorized into keeping silent about it. They are told this is ‘in-house’ business.” That same “in-house” attitude was in effect when Idi Amin was in power. It was nearly impossible to find a single Black leader who would even whisper a word of criticism about the African cannibal king.

And how is the national racial quandary being handled by the Establishment Press? With liberal doses of appeasement, in tandem with the journalistic “in-house” posture of “speak no evil of the minorities.” Indeed, the harshest editorial I’ve read in any Los Angeles newspaper regarding gang savagery, was in the Herald Examiner. “Something awful is happening in Los Angeles,” whined the editorial. (Well, tsk, tsk!)

Imagine for a moment the screams of outrage that would emanate from every liberal-minority pulpit in the country if just one drive-by shooting by a few White skinheads resulted in the death of a child or a pregnant woman. There would be no pleas for funds to provide recreational, tutorial and personal-growth opportunities for the disadvantaged kids who became neo-Nazis, or to broaden job training opportunities for them. There would be no excusing them as victims of society’s failures. And they certainly wouldn’t be depicted as societal victims on film and television as are the lives of Crips and Bloods.

The nation would be inundated instead with newspaper editorials and television specials agonizing over the shocking outbreak of White supremacist violence; his eminence Walter Cronkite would probably unretire long enough to sonorously intone on network TV about “the specter of racism stalking the land of the free and the home of the brave;” and, from sea to shining sea, the smug righteousness of the liberal-minority Coalition would reign supreme. Totally ignored throughout this media feeding frenzy would be the fact that there are probably no more than 2000 so-called White supremacists in all of America.

Also ignored would be the fact that the number of crimes committed by 160 million Caucasians are proportionately trivial when compared with the number of crimes committed by minority groups composing much smaller percentages of the population. Are these startling statistical disparities indicative to any degree of the likelihood that non-White cultures, wherever they may prevail, are still in the limbo between savagery and civilization? Like it or not, the findings of sociologists and criminologists who are probing the criminal mind are imbued with this devastating implication. More and more of the scientists involved in these studies are reaching the conclusion that the direct cause of criminal behavior is criminal thinking. People become criminals not in response to forces beyond their control, but by choice. (Beware! In a minoritiocracy such as ours, scientific evaluations of this nature are considered heretical.)

Always in sync with non-heretical points of view, his mayoral majesty, Tom Bradley, recently elected for four more jaded, and self-serving years in Los Angeles, displays remarkable equanimity when confronted with the city’s crime, drug and gang problems, gridlock conditions on the streets and freeways, runaway economic growth, pollution and homelessness, along with an ever-increasing number of illegal, aliens, as the declining quality of life in “The City of Angels” rapidly approaches that of an untended zoo. Hizzoner’s only recent outbreak of indignation was aimed at the American majority-held view that Japanese ownership of American plants is an economic threat, describing it as an attitude that contains “a dangerous strain of racism… that at its worst… must be rebutted.”

Characteristically, any criticism of the alien invasion problems facing the country, or efforts to minimize the problems, are always “rebutted” with charges of racism or barbs of ridicule. The statements of the first health experts who warned that dangerous diseases were being carried by undocumented aliens were dismissed as being motivated by bigotry. From then on, health workers were too intimidated to speak out. The four-mile fortified ditch being built along the border to interdict vehicular drug traffic has been called an “underground Berlin Wall.” The decision to erect a tent city in Bayview, Texas, to house Central American immigrants and speed up the weeding out of frivolous claims about persecution, has been condemned as “racist” – with the Catholic Bishops of Texas declaring that they foresaw “the creation of the largest concentration camp on U.S. soil.” These are the same people who preach that “a farseeing God will never allow world population to get out of control.”

“Remember Immigration Reform? It failed!” enthused an editorial in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. The reference is to the Immigration Reform and Control Act enacted in 1986. That policy is almost completely in tatters, according to the editorial, since many illegals clearly continue to find work despite the employer sanctions; and since the flood of illegals across the border has not significantly abated. Naturally, Herald editorialists advise that, rather than trying to keep illegals out, we should be concerned with how best to allow them to come in. (So what else is new?)

The failure of the IRCA is understandable. Overly concerned about complaints from the business community, the gutless wonders in Washington, D.C., injected the legislation with an appeasement virus; and by the time the ink was dry, the bill was terminally ill. The immigration law demands that employers check job applicants documentation proving either citizenship or legal residency in the country. BUT – they don’t have to verify those credentials. Ergo, before you could say “presto-chango,” the energetic small business known as the “counterfeit document industry” mushroomed into a Fortune 500 contender. On any street corner in certain parts of any major U.S. city today, these phony documents can be purchased: Social Security card, $10-20; birth certificate, $50-100; alien registration card, $20-40; temporary residency card, $30.

How many illegals are there in the U.S. today? The bureaucrats love to play fast and loose with the figures; so who really knows? But we can speculate. In a mere 20 years, Latinos within the Los Angeles school district’s student population increased from 20 percent to nearly 60 percent, a jump far exceeding that which would have been the normal Latino-American birthrate during those years. There have been an estimated one million unlawful entries into the country each year for nearly two decades, with approximately 90 percent of them crossing the line stretching over about 200 miles of the border with Mexico. As an example of the tiniest tip of a gigantic iceberg of illegals – with more coming every day – the following incident is worthy of more than casual rumination: A raid on a Los Angeles depot in the underground railroad used by smugglers occurred in February of this year. Acting on a phone tip, sheriffs deputies found 45 illegals crammed into a barren three-bedroom house in an outlying Los Angeles community. The 43 men, one woman and one infant were from Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Residents of Los Angeles should be thrilled to know that demographers now estimate that by the year 2000, nearly 40 percent of the city’s population will be Latino; and Anglos – like Blades and Asians – will be just another minority. The Tijuanazation of El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de Los Angeles will be well on the way to completion.

Meanwhile, alien criminals are giving the Sicilian/Jewish Mafia a race for its loot, since the Cosa Nostra is no longer the premier criminal industry in the country. We Americans are now the proud possessors of crime families from the four corners of the globe. The South Americans are particularly inventive. One criminal cartel is composed of platoons of members, with many of them having been trained in the School of Seven Bells pickpocket academy in Bogota. Aware of all the cracks in the ridiculously complex American legal system, they fan out over the country like hordes of locusts, cashing stolen traveler’s checks, and stealing clothing, gems, cash, precious metals – you name it. They carry false identity papers from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other countries; If arrested they simply post bond and jump bail – time after time. Without weapons of any kind, they are succeeding in the kind of criminal rape that would be impossible in any other country but America. Another army of alien criminals, mostly from Columbia, has turned Los Angeles into the drug distribution center for the country.

The Nigerians are fairly enterprising, too. Half a dozen of them defrauded stores from coast to coast out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with worthless checks and forged credit cards. In Charlotte (NC), this petite crime family took 7 banks for $50,000, and local merchants for $25,000.

Apparently, Washington D.C. has decreed that no criminal organization on earth will be denied access to the vast supermarket of goodies known as the United States. Indeed, we Americans – the world’s first equal opportunity victims – are in the enviable position of being available for mugging, robbing, raping and murdering by almost anybody from almost anywhere. (Isn’t integration wonderful?)

And what are we Caucasians – 160 million strong – doing while our civilization crumbles around us? Well… if we lump together all the turn-the-other-cheek Christians, the arrogant liberals, the timid conservatives, and the left-wing freaks of every color of the rainbow, we’ll find that very few of us remain who aren’t nurturing minorityism with repressive tolerance – the kind of tolerance that shouldn’t be tolerated: undeserved tolerance rooted in the personal guilt and shame felt by so many white Gentiles who have been conditioned to believe that this society has failed to understand the problems of the minorities and to meet their needs. Across the American Establishment board – politics, religion, education, communications, entertainment – Caucasians submit to, and support, the claims and the complaints of the always oppressed and disadvantaged minorities. Socially, politically and morally, the cards always seem to be stacked in their favor.

The elimination of IQ tests in California is a prime example of how the deck is rigged via minorityism. Prior to 1970, state law permitted giving standardized group intelligence tests to students. But the continuing failure of Blacks and Browns to score well on the tests sent shockwaves through the liberal-minority community and in no time at all new legislation prohibited such testing – except for students who appear to be gifted and talented. In other words, only those students who indicate that they will do well on the IQ score are tested. That’s like having four aces up your sleeve when you enter the game.

Not surprisingly, the principle of racial maximization – the ability of minority groups to do their own deck-stacking – reaches its apex with the organized activities of American Jewry. From a Jewish Council in every major American city, to the American Jewish Committee, to the American Jewish Congress, to the United Jewish Appeal, many Yiddish organizations blanket the United States. There is even a Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The payoff; Jewish leaders are always in touch with whatever is going on throughout the country that might affect Jewry in general and Israel in particular. Even the slightest outbreak of Gentile discontent regarding Jewish excesses – a letter to an editor, for instance, criticizing the use of excessive force on the West Bank – results in scores of letters from both Jewish organization officials and average Jewish citizens countering the charge with exaggerated rhetoric.

One lengthy response to a letter favoring a separate Palestinian state to occupy the West Bank demanded, in effect, that American critics get off Israel’s back, since U.S. history is no better. “The U.S. is American Indian country taken by force from the indigenous population,” charged the incensed correspondent. “The Jews have a historical and biblical and therefore legal right to the land of Israel.” Really? What then of the Canaanites and Philistines who occupied Palestine long before a desert tribe of primitive Semites, who later came to be known as Israelites, wandered across the Jordan river?

Even ultra-liberal Paul Conrad, political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times, got blistered when he aimed his acid-tipped pen at Israeli soldiers slaughtering Palestinian teenagers armed only with stones. The Times was deluged with critical correspondence, many of them form letters. (Out of all letters, 12 were friendly.) Beyond that measure of protest, Jewish anger expanded into overt intimidation, boycotts, and even threats to picket Conrad’s home.

I’m reminded at this point of an incident that occurred prior to the New York City primary when Jimmy Carter was running for reelection. For some innocuous reason or other, Carter wasn’t quite in full favor with the Israeli lobby. At a pre-election campaign rally, a nearly-shrieking Jewish harridan rose to her feet to exclaim – “Every Jew in power should use his influence to keep Carter on the line!” Now, HOW, I wonder, are American politicians, even presidential candidates, kept ON THE LINE? The Jerusalem Post frankly admits that American. Jews control Congressional members by threatening to cut off their financial Support. With characteristic candor, however, former Prime Minister of Israel, Menahem Begin, lays it on the line: “The strength of the Jews is such that Washington quails before us.” The little words under Begin’s big words come across loud and clear: Politicians who can be bought so cheaply, or intimidated so easily, are not worthy of respect. (Right on!)

The degree to which the American Establishment knuckles under to the “strength of the Jews” is evident in the manner in which the Israeli occupation of Palestine is deliberately ignored. Around the time of the election of George Bush last fall, Israeli soldiers outdid themselves on the West Bank by murdering a 5-year-old boy. Three days later, they broke that record with the murder of a 3-year-old. Were there any comments from the Bush campaign? (Do frogs croon in June?)

During the first 17 days of 1989, 26 Palestinians were shot and killed by the Israelis – 9 younger than 16, with the youngest being 11. Two were girls, ages 12 and 15. Of the rest, only 4 were out of their teens. In all of America, not one political voice, democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, and not one Christian voice, from the invincibly ignorant Catholic hierarchy to money-grubbing Evangelists, pronounced a single word of criticism about holier-than-thou Israel. What better proof is needed to demonstrate that both American politics and religion are held hostage by Jewish intimidation?

Jewish racism is also enhanced by what might be labeled the principle of preventive anti-Semitism via the existence of two powerful watchdog organizations: the Anti-Defamation League and the Jewish Defense League. An anti-Black Violence League, for instance, along with an anti-Jewish Racism League, would imply that all Blacks are potentially violent and all Jews are potential racists. Similarly, the existence of the Jewish organizations cited above implies that all Americans are potential anti-Semites, even those who appear to be pro-Semite at any given time. Hence, powerful anti-defamatory leagues are necessary for the purpose of spotting and eliminating brush fires of bigotry wherever they may erupt.

This eternal vigilance includes the collection of files on thousands of individuals who have crossed into the no-man’s- or woman’s-land of anti-Semitism. Remember Vanessa Redgrave and her encounter with world Zionism when she narrated a documentary supporting the establishment of a Palestinian homeland? “Oh, we have a file on her activities,” an ADL spokesman casually admitted when Redgrave entered the U.S. to attend an academy awards ceremony a few years back. Was Redgrave really a threat to world Zionism? No complaints, by the way, from the bleeding hearts of Hollywood about McCarthyism. (Minorityism strikes again!)

Even Jews are not exempt under the provisions of the preventive anti-bigotry principle. In the history of American broadcasting, no program has done more favorable stories about Israel than the CBS video magazine, “60 Minutes.” But it isn’t what you’ve done lately, that counts; it’s what you’re doing now. Last fall, “60 Minutes” devoted a segment to criticizing the America Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC), because the powerful lobbying group was funneling tens of thousands of dollars into a campaign to fill the seat of Rhode Island Senator John Chafee with Jewish democrat, Richard Licht. Since Chafee had proved himself to be a sound friend of Israel, “60 Minutes” had the temerity to ask why he was being treated like an enemy.

The AIPAC representative was introduced by Mike Wallace as a Rabbi Miller, who, in turn, was as noncommittal as possible in response to Wallace’s questions; but his eyes spoke volumes – a burning resentment seldom seen in television interviewees. “How can you, Mike Wallace, a Jew,” charged those eyes, “do this to your fellow Jews!?!” Following the program Don Hewitt, the show’s producer, who also happens to be Jewish, was savaged by AIPAC criticism. His response, in part: “… hollering about ‘anti-Semitism’ at anyone who has an honest disagreement with you trivializes, demeans and makes a mockery of ‘anti-Semitism.’” It would appear that an “honest” disagreement with Jews over their beliefs and policies is impossible. One must agree totally with them, or be considered an enemy. Could this be one of the reasons why Jews have been criticized and even condemned throughout the ages?

And that brings us to some intriguing questions…

If there’s nothing wrong with the lobbying methods employed by Jewish organizations, and nothing questionable about the source of monies used to finance these activities, why do Jews insist on operating in virtual secrecy? If there’s nothing wrong with the reasoning and the statistics used to justify Holocaust claims, why do Jews object to open debates on the subject with people who assert that the claims and statistics are exaggerated? Similarly, no open debate is allowed regarding the practices of two rabbinical groups that collect thousands of tax-exempt dollars each year from the producers of household items – virtually everything from Comet to Yoghurt – for the right to bless those items, thereby making them acceptable for purchase by Jews. The “K” found on some of the items indicates approval by the Committee for the Furtherance of Torah Observances; and the “U” on other items by the Union of Orthodox Congregations. Is this, or is this not, a form of religious blackmail that favors one racial group to the exclusion of other racial and religious communities in America?

For 3000 years, the Jews tell us over and over again, they have been persecuted and discriminated against, solely because of their religious values. But is there more to this story? Organized racism, perhaps, of the kind practiced in the U.S.? Undisguised contempt for all other races, perhaps (according to rabbinical teachings, Jews were blessed with 9 of the 10 measures of wisdom the Ancient of Days gave to the world)? Obnoxious arrogance, perhaps, of the kind that demands special privileges not available to Gentiles? Racial nepotism, perhaps, guaranteeing that Jews will be over-represented on college and university faculties, and in government employment, book and magazine publishing, movies, television and the media?

A prime example of racial nepotism at work was uncovered during the Kissinger/Nixon administration. It seems that President Nixon learned about a “Jewish Cabal” infesting the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of the 35 top positions in the Bureau, 13 were held by Jews – a number ten times their proportion of the population. Under normal conditions of retiring, firing and hiring, this racial imbalance could never have occurred. Nixon ordered an investigation that resulted in at least two of the Jews being transferred to different areas of the government. And who got blamed in the end? Jews, who saw to it that only Jews got most of the available jobs? Or Nixon, for anti-Semitism?

You guessed it! Hundreds of millions of dollars are collected each year by the United Jewish Appeal and other organizations (Israeli bond salesmen raised a record $631 million in 1988) for the exclusive use of a foreign country, Israel. Among wealthy Jews, there are some who frequently brag about contributing a million or more dollars per year to Israel. The obvious consequence of these enviable tax deductions, is that a good deal of tax money that should be paid to the U.S. government is drained off because of the special tax privileges granted to American Jewry. Even the Mafia’s numero uno Associate, Meyer Lansky, always donated part of his yearly portion of skim money from Las Vegas casinos to Israel – after it had been carefully laundered, of course, so he could take advantage of the tax write-off.

There is much evidence – both historical and current – to indicate that Jews have never been able to walk with contempt lightly. Best exemplifying Jewish arrogance are the events that occurred following the devastating defeat of the Arabs in the 6-day-war in 1967. All over the world, the Jewish people crowed over their conquest. In Los Angeles, a film industry victory celebration was staged at the Hollywood bowl. The portion of the program I heard on a local radio station included the telling of a joke by the late character actor, Ross Martin (of “Wild, Wild West” fame), an orthodox Jew. It seems that an, Arab army is about to invade Israel. Suddenly, a single bayonet appears above a sand dune at an Israeli outpost in the distance. Two scouts are dispatched to investigate. Before long, they can be seen running back, frantically waving their arms, and shouting, “Retreat! Retreat! There are TWO of them!” Needless to say, the joke was received with much hilarity.

To the Arab, shame is a living death – although nobody in our minoritiocracy seems to give a damn. The latest success of the officious Jewish lobby, by the by, is the forcing of PBS to back away from airing the documentary, “Days of Rage: The Young Palestinians.”

As surprising as it may seem, most Americans have never heard a single objective critical word about the ethnic nation within our nation. They aren’t aware that approximately 90 percent of American Jews, as Jewish writer James Yaffe informs us, will only hire Jewish lawyers and doctors. Logically, this code of behavior – selling to Gentiles but only buying from Jews – rather than being restricted to Law and Medicine, is probably applied across the professional board from Accountants to Wedding Supplies. (Would anyone care to speculate about how many Jews would be out of work if Gentiles lived by this same code?) Another Jewish writer has reported that at least 50 percent of the Marxist-oriented Students for a Democratic Society were Jewish. In other words, there were hordes of young Jerry Rubin’s and Abby Hoffman’s screaming “F–k a nun!” and “Revolution for the hell of it!” on university campuses during the 1960s.

From the atom bomb spies to literary terrorists who describe white Gentiles as “the cancer of the human race,” and “humanity’s greatest criminals,” Jews, far out of proportion to their population numbers, have been in the forefront of many of the movements dedicated to “achieving radical structural changes” (euphemism for a crusade to create a Socialist Worker’s State) in the United States. Among the longest surviving members of the violent Weathermen group of radicals – a spin-off from SDS – were 3 Jews: Susan Saxe, Bernadette Dorne and Kathy Boudin. Who, I wonder, taught these young women to hate America? (Would anyone care to speculate on how long a Caucasian Lenny Bruce, or Abby Hoffman, or Susan Saxe, would last in Israel?)

Throughout history, Jews have been expelled from numerous countries – from Spain, for instance, in the 15th century. Why Spain? Could a 14th century book used to instruct all Jewish children {of} Spain in the belief that non-Jews ought to be the slaves of Jews “because Jews are the elite of the human race and were specially created to give homage to God” have had anything to do with the expulsion? Dr. Israel Shahak, a citizen of Israel, writes that the Israelis have resuscitated that very same 14th century book for use as a manual of religious instruction in secondary schools.

As prophets exhorting their nation to do better, Israeli citizens are much less constrained in their censure than their racial relations in America. Amnon Rubenstein, a severe critic of the undemocratic posture of Israel, has complained in his writings about the Israeli Writers’ Union refusing to accept Arab authors because of their origins; about the Israeli law defining the citizenship rights according to the test of the grandfather and grandmother; and about the Chief Rabbi declaring that the rules of justice and equality do not apply to Gentiles.

Consider, too, the words of a sensitive young Israeli couple interviewed on the network TV documentary, “Fortress Israel,” a few years back. They freely – but somberly – admitted that their children were attending state-controlled schools where they were being “taught to hate Arabs.” Their exact words: TAUGHT TO HATE ARABS. According to even the narrowest definition of Human Rights, it’s evident that the Zionist character of much basic Israeli law makes discrimination a matter of national politics; and since the one hundred million or so Arabs in the world are Semites, it also means that (he state of Israel is officially anti-Semitic.

Just one of the tragic results of the appeasing of non-Whites and Jews in America is the fact that the minorities are virtually never subjected to censure or even moderate criticism. Censorship by intimidation not only prevents the majority of the American people from hearing (he kind of criticism set forth in this article, it also prevents the many decent minority members from criticizing the excesses of their own people.

A moment now for a few words about two of the most dedicated adherents to minorityism in the U.S., the morally bankrupt media, and the Hollywood film industry.

I touched briefly on the media earlier; but it occurs to me that something needs to be said about the rather simplistic charge that the media is liberal controlled and anti-conservative. There are a number of conservatives within the media – albeit, not the kind who would give the time of day to Barry Goldwater. Nonetheless, it would be more to the point, I think, to describe media people as being motivated by “correctivism” – the inclination to say and do those things that are acceptable in the eyes of the liberal-minority influenced Establishment; and to attack only those targets that are safe and conventional; racial segregation in South Africa; White supremacy; skinhead neo-Nazism, etc. In sum, media members look good, appear virtuous, and it costs them nothing to always be on the side of integrationists, egalitarians, radical activists of the left, gays, abortionists, feminists – and, naturally, the always wronged and never wrong, minorities.

Part and parcel of this carefully honed bias on the part of the media is the continuing emphasis on White racism, while always ignoring minority racism. By giving the impression that racism doesn’t exist among non-Whites and Jews, media members regularly betray the trust of the nation as a whole, as well as mocking the values of Caucasians by misrepresenting them before the entire nation. This social-distorting propaganda contributes to the ever-present odious double standard regarding racial pride and racial self-interest. White groups emphasizing racial unity are condemned as “divisive.” Minority groups emphasizing racial unity are considered “unifying.” White groups dare not claim that their culture is unique; that would be “chauvinistic.” When minority groups make the same claim, it is called “ethnic pride.” The majority must tolerate and understand minority values and customs; while the minority can proclaim that its soul is beyond the comprehension of majority members, who are blinded by racism. (Honky joke: How should Caucasians state publicly that they are proud to be White? Verrrrrry quietly!)

Now to Hollywood – that minorityized cesspool where old-fashioned values such as decency and fairness are about as rare as alligators without teeth. From “The General Died at Dawn” (1935), in which an American soldier of fortune strikes a White man for using a racial slur to describe Chinese peasants… to “Souls at Sea” (1939), a film dealing with the shipping of Black slaves to America, and in which the bottom of the sea is described as “being paved with the bones of Africans”… to “Gentleman’s Agreement,” and numerous other flics dealing with anti-Semitism in the 40s and 50s… to an endless parade of anti-Fascist movies including, “We Were Strangers,” the fight against a dictator in Cuba; “Keeper of the Flame,” a scenario involving a national hero who, unbeknownst to the millions who idolize him, is an incipient Nazi; and “The Fallen Sparrow,” a story about a returning hero who fought in Spain – on, of course, the right side… to the many productioris like “Betrayed,” “Mississippi Burning,” and the latest Don Johnson potboiler, “Dead Bang,” in which the attempt is made to link Americanism with racism and Nazism – Hollywood has preached integration, anti-Fascism and ultra-liberalism.

To this long and triumphant crusade against right-wing (never left-wing) evils can be added countless portrayals of Nazis of every stripe and hue, and a continuing parade of Holocaust productions (in October of 1988, 4 Holocaust movies opened at about the same time in New York City) carrying the message of Jewish “Tragedy and Remembrance.” Hollywood has plumbed the most perverse depths of dishonesty and hypocrisy, however, by deliberately manipulating both fiction and fact in order to placate the biases of the film-making community in particular and the minorities in general.

In the novel “Gone With The Wind,” the potential rapist of Scarlett O’Hara was a Black carpetbagger. In the film, the character was changed to a White Union soldier. A two-hour segment of the “Eischeid” series, starring Joe Don Baker, was obviously inspired by the Son of Sam killings in New York City. The killer in the TV production, however, was portrayed as a light-haired Anglo, even though the actual Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, was Jewish. A “Hill Street Blues” segment was loosely based on the Los Angeles Night Stalker murder case, for which the alleged criminal, Richard Ramirez, is now being tried. Once again, the killer was portrayed as a Caucasian.

It would have been too obvious to transform the Black child killer of Atlanta into a white Gentile; so Hollywood did the next best thing in the docu-drama filmed about the case. The production portrayed the Black officials of Atlanta as Uncle Toms railroading Wayne Williams into a rush to judgement conviction that would pacify the White community.

“Oh, my God, he stabbed me! Please help me!” These were among the last few words screamed by Kitty Genovese into the early morning silence of a New York Street. She was a 28-year-old bar manager on her way home in the wee, small hours of the morning, when she met a Black man bent on rape and murder. Over a period of a full half-hour, she was raped and stabbed 8 times – fatally. The case received national notoriety because there were 58 people in the neighborhood who witnessed part of the drama, but did nothing. Naturally, Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon with a film production about the tragedy. And, guess what? The killer was changed from Black to White; he was also portrayed as the rapist of Black women; and the detective who hunted him down was Puerto Rican. (How they must have loved this flic behind the Iron and Bamboo curtains.)

The latest example of Hollywood mind-bending, “The Accused,” starring Academy Award winner Jodie Foster, was patterned on events that took place in an Eastern bar – a gang rape in front of a crowd of cheering spectators. The actual rapists were described as Portuguese-speaking aliens, whether from Brazil or Portugal, I don’t know. Not that it matters, since both countries are macho-lands where gang-rape registers very little higher than shoplifting on the scale of criminality. The cultural factors in this case, which are enormously significant, since so many aliens believe they can get away with doing in America what they do back home, were ignored; and the rapists were portrayed as clean-cut Caucasians – a decision certain to generate greater profits for the movie moguls from the lucrative, world-wide, “Hate America” market.

Will Hollywood film the sordid “Joel Steinberg/Hedda Nussbaum Chronicle?” Bet on it. But it’ll probably be called the “Joe Smith/Letta Jones Caper.” To be sure, the couple will be Caucasian – with the disease of racism deeply buried in their psyches; the illegally adopted child will be Black; and the wise, and wonderfully warm psychiatrist who explains how the subconscious racism manifested itself in the brutalization and ultimate murder of the child, will be Jewish. (That’s entertainment!)

“Racism: Screams of Hatred, Tears of Despair!” and “Pockets of Hate: U.S. Racial Violence and Discrimination!” – are typical of the sensationalist signs of our racially-obsessed times. In abstract principle, how wonderful it would be if this were the best of all possible racially integrated worlds. But this isn’t the best of all world. We don’t believe in abstract principle. We live in a world in which all peoples prefer ethnic homogeneity. Their individual judgements, convictions and interests dictate that they are more comfortable in racially uniform surroundings. And what of the moral justification involved? Shouldn’t all human relationships be voluntary? Sure – in any country but America, where the minorities, deluded by the notions that they have a monopoly on anger and truth… that (hey are the only peoples in the world who have ever suffered… and that they are all VICTIMS – are convinced that they should be handed total racial equality and social acceptance on the proverbial silver platter.

Be it known to all and sundry, however, that racial segregation is A-OK for those minority members who desire it: the Harlem Globetrotters; the entire NBA of the near future (curious, isn’t it, that basketball teams don’t have to be integrated to be successful); and minority cults like the Organization of American Cultures, a newly established arts lobbying group, which has the backing of some elements of the National Endowment for the Arts. In the group’s multi-colored eyes, the only true American cultures are Black, Latino, Asian and Indian. Ergo, White members are flatly rejected. Even federally approved apartheid is okay for Indian tribes. Originally settled on the same reservation, the Hopi and Navajo peoples were never able to integrate. Hence, millions of federal dollars were spent to ensure that 2,650 Navajo and 24 Hopi families could live apart, free of conflict and violence. With wisdom and logic, Teddy Kollech, the mayor of Jerusalem, best describes the normal desires of most human beings regarding apartheid – a word meaning simply the separate development of culture. Interviewed on the GBS program. “48 Hours” in 1988, Mayor Kollech provided this frank assessment of segregation: “Different races should be kept separated. People want to be with their own… hear their own language, smell the cooking of their own food. Personally, I wouldn’t mind living next to an Arab. But – it wouldn’t work.”

Would Teddy Kollech make this statement if he was an American citizen? Not on your life. The racial double standard in America has led to a reinterpretation of the much tarnished Golden Rule: “Do unto Caucasians that which you will not allow them to do unto you.”

The “civilizing process” – the increase of individual responsibility among the human species – has developed to the greatest degree in Western societies. The basic principles of a rational view of existence, everything that contributes to what we call civilization, all of the values that we possess, have been defined in the Western world. Everything that contributes to minority successes in the West – sports, film and television, the recording, amplification and broadcasting of sound, the language and instruments of music, the birth of science, the English language, as well as the great universities, libraries and laboratories, in concert with ever-expanding technological developments – are all rooted in the efficacy of the white Gentile mind. (To the reader whose hackles may be reaching erections at this moment, I say that truth is not now, nor has it ever been, racist or bigoted.)

But the ruling Establishment of the Western world likes to pretend in the name of good fellowship and tolerance that these historical facts do not exist, or – are no longer relevant. Both the appeasing Caucasian and the intimidative minorityite spend their lives pretending that they do live in abstract principle. To pacify their feelings, they deny what their knowledge tells them.

Only the small-souled person will deny his own achievements, or pretend that they don’t exist; only the empty-souled person will betray his own self-esteem by seeking justifications for his failures in the psychic torment supposedly caused by social conditions beyond his control. No one can have rational pride in himself and in his moral character if he spends his life compensating for feelings of guilt and shame on the one hand; or wallowing in self-pity and self-righteousness on the other.

The values we live by must be created by standards based on reality. The standards based on minorityism are both hypocritical and unrealistic. Tragically, the ideational content of minorityism has been accepted on faith in America, not because it has ever been right, but because it has been able to fill a vacuum created by moral self-doubt on the part of white Gentiles.

Whenever evil triumphs, it’s always by default.


SOURCE: Liberty Bell, September 1989

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