So You Still Opt for Christianity?

J. W. Travis

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In recent years we have seen the emergence of an heretofore taboo practice of not merely calling into question, but actual condemnation of orthodox religion. This healthy step forward has been in evidence in various publications, including Liberty Bell. By varying degree, criticism of the Jewish con-game called Christianity has exposed, much as was the huff-and-puff Wizard of Oz, the reality of its anti-Aryan nature. Reaction has been as expected; most of those who have had their instincts anesthetized by this manipulative drug have reacted by springing to the defense of their sugar-pill; the relatively few who still think for themselves, however, have welcomed the chain-cutting words as vindication of long-suppressed thoughts of their own.

The racial nationalist, even though learned on the evils of Zionism, and open-minded on any other subject, still tends to cling to “his” religion, and shies away from informative thought if it is critical in the least of his fairy-tale world of salvation and an eternal hereafter. But as the constant pounding of the waves gradually erodes even the firmest of rocks, more of our people are beginning to take that second look and, thankfully, are having second thoughts about that albatross draped around the neck of the Aryan.

This article is intended primarily for those who steadfastly cling to the Jewish-created religion and it’s so-called holy book; to those who still perceive of the servile and defeated sign of this religion, the cross, as a symbol of “victory.” A little thought should bring one to the obvious conclusion that it was always the losers who found themselves nailed to the tree, and that any creed that denigrates the strong and beautiful and exalts the weak, the ugly, and the treacherous can in no way be suited to the Aryan inner-self, or soul, if you please. Christianity can in no way be a thinking mans religion. Ben Klassen (and others) have very capably and explicitly delineated this truism.

Though crippled by centuries of ingesting the lethal words of the Jew-book, the Aryan spirit still cries out, “This is not the answer!” Exhibited in our youth by their turning to other religions, or tangible drugs, it is obvious to many that were this “Christianity” truly the religion of our people, there would not be this lost and useless feeling, this virus, infecting so many today. Yet in the face of all this cold, hard reality we are STILL confronted by our brothers and sisters who won’t let go of their self-imposed darkness, and free their minds of the six-pointed shackles that are in reality dooming all of us to a REAL hell on earth.

I know that words from a pagan, heathen, non-believer, or whatever else Christians call those of us who dare to think for ourselves, will not enlighten you. For that reason, I give you witness from one of your very own as food for thought. And if you are knowledgeable about how the Jew has perverted and destroyed (but only with the help of you devout Christians) so much of our Aryan culture, and turned much of what was once a proud and brave people into unthinking, servile cowards, maybe – just maybe – after reading this, you, too, will have that enlightening second thought, and be on your way to spiritual freedom.

There is a book in circulation today in various denominations and religious circles titled “The Return.” Any Christian will probably grasp immediately the gist of the book from the author’s introduction. Written by one Mike Evans and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers in 1986, it contains 232 pages of … well, you judge for yourself.

If you are still buying the poison sold you by the salvation hucksters, from the local pulpit to the TV playboys, this may not mean a tinker’s damn to you. Then again, who knows? Though totally repugnant, the words of Evans (or is it Goldstein?) are in some measure enlightening.

On page 171, Chapter X, under “The Nazi Holocaust,” you will read:

If the Roman holocaust came after the fact, the Nazi murder of six million Jewish men, women, and children – the greatest single atrocity in the history of mankind – was Satan’s biggest play before the fact. The prophecies that had pointed to Jesus’ resurrection may have been laced in mystery, but the prophecies that foretold the restoration of Israel were plain for anyone to see. As often happens, Satan overplayed his hand so that the Nazi holocaust actually served to help open the door for the emergence of a Jewish state after World War II. That does not mitigate the cruelty, the incredible horror, or the enormity of what happened across Europe between 1933 and 1945.

It was an event of such immeasurable moment that we are compelled to search out its significance continually, never to be satisfied that we have fathomed it. I have already pointed to it as a precursor to the refounding of Israel, never again to be called by the hated name of Palestine, the name assigned by the avenging Romans (evidently as a Latinate rendering of Philistia).

I believe that the meaning of the Holocaust extends beyond its role in the establishment of the Israeli state. The Holocaust stands by itself as a great signpost of the end of the age.

Because he knew after the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that his days were extremely limited, Satan found a unique servant in Adolf Hitler. If any great head of state in modern history has been demonized, it was he. Hitler relied heavily on astrologers and fortune-tellers. His hatred of Christianity was almost as deep as his hatred of Judaism. He understood, more clearly than many German churchmen, the close affinity between Judaism and Christianity. He knew that authentic Christianity can never divorce itself from a sincere love for the Jewish people and a deep gratitude to them for their special place in God’s plan. Thus Hitler revealed himself to be a willing tool of Satan in attempting to thwart God’s purpose.

Do you still believe you can be anti-Jew, anti-Zionist, and a devout Christian? Well, read on:

Frederick the Great of Prussia (1712-1786) was known as “the enlightened despot” because he worked hard to establish efficient government for his people even though he was convinced they were incapable of governing themselves. He once said, “My people and I have come to an agreement which satisfies us both. They are to say what they please, and I am to do what I please.”

The title was also fitting because he liked philosophy and included Voltaire, the French writer and skeptic, among his friends. Frederick admired Voltaire so much, in fact, that he began to have doubts about his own faith. He was a staunch Lutheran in the old Prussian tradition, and his doubts troubled him a great deal.

One day, so the story goes, he was holding court with some of his advisers. The existence of God came up as a topic of conversation, and finally Frederick spoke his heart. “I am tired of these philosophical arguments. I would to God that someone would show me some firm evidence that He exists.”

At this, one of his older advisers, a man who had kept silent during the previous discussions, spoke up, but only briefly. He said, “The Jew, your majesty.”

Pat Robertson or ol’ Ronnie couldn’t have said it better! Now, if any of you who have read this are still not convinced that Christianity is a formula for promoting the interests of the Jew at the expense of the non-Jew, then you’re too far gone; take your ball and run with it to the grave. But any expounding on the proof that “God” exists that offers the Jew as that proof is indeed solid evidence of mental incapacitation. If anything, in your fairy-tale world, the Jew should be ample evidence of the existence of your so-called Satan!

To those of you who may agree with me, even slightly, yet throw up your hands and say, “O.K., but what would you substitute to fill the void, if you’re so bent on eliminating Christianity?” I say this: the Aryan whose instincts are not totally destroyed does not have to ask. Purity of the blood, honor, and living for the ennoblement of our people comes naturally – to us pagans.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, April 1988

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