The Political Soldier

A Statement

Derek Holland



To my long suffering parents and my closest political colleagues who have taught me the value of real friendship.


This booklet has been written with the expressed intention of acting as a spur to action. Heroic action, vital action. It is not a manual which is to be quoted from as though it were Holy Writ, but a personal statement of the principles that underpin our creed and our philosophy of life.

It makes no claim to originality, but is the result of wide reading. A debt of gratitude is expressed to all the Masters from whom I have learned, but especially to G.K. Chesterton whose wit and perception are a constant source of pleasure and inspiration.

I make no apology for the impassioned style in different areas of this short work. It is my country that is being butchered: I cannot look on this desecration without being moved to pity for her, and anger for her executioners. For too long our people have been inhibited by the cold calculations of the ruler and the test-tube – now is the time for the return of the Poet and the Musician with the gifts that will guarantee us final victory.

Finally, and especially for those who know me personally, I hasten to add that I do not present myself as a model for the Political Soldier, conscious as I am that my weaknesses far exceed my virtues. I am merely struggling on the path to the Political Soldier and I invite all true patriots to do likewise.

Huntingdon. 1984.



The modern tyrant is evil because of his elusiveness. He is more nameless than his slave. He is not more of a bully than the tyrants of the past; but he is more of a coward.

All Things Considered
G.K. Chesterton.

Wherever we look today amongst the nations of Britain and of Europe, we see mounting evidence of disintegration and of decay. The evidence is there for all to see; it is incontrovertible fact.

On the political level we find that the worst type of individual, the self-seeking and mean of spirit, has risen to the leadership of Establishment parties and structures, and in so doing, has guaranteed that government throughout Europe, from Lisbon to Leningrad and from Belfast to Belgrade, has made corruption and treason a way of life. Politicians and party bosses, caring nothing for the people they claim to represent, are lining their own pockets by selling out their countrymen to poverty, to degradation and to hostile, foreign interests. In our land, the Thatchers and Kinnocks, Owens and Steels, are junketting around the world at our expense, receiving the adulation of a deceitful media, whilst Britain slowly but surely bleeds to death.

On the economic front, our people are being constantly reassured that the world recession is drawing to a close, yet for those with memories that go back further than last week’s episode of ‘Coronation Street’, it is a fact that the Tories have been peddling this cheap lie since they first took office in 1979. Unemployment is still continuing to rise sharply from one year to the next and no amount of cynical manipulation of the figures by the Civil Service bureaucracy can hide the fact that the lives of nearly four million people, our people, are being destroyed by dole queue humiliation. It is a fact that most orthodox economists regard 10% unemployment as the threshold above which discontent and strife develop by stages in to civil disturbance and revolutionary upheaval: as I write nearly 14% of our people are without a job.

The country that Napoleon described early last century as “a nation of shopkeepers” no longer exists, having given way to supermarkets and hypermarkets, national and multi-national corporations. The figures for the financial year ending April 1984 revealed that over 12,500 firms went bankrupt, the highest figure ever in British history. And the picture for the coming years is no brighter.

The gathering financial crisis, highlighted incessantly by the media, has seen decrepit old men from the I.M.F. and the World Bank rushing to and fro across the globe to inaugurate yet more talks – and whilst they witter on without end our currency is becoming worthless. The media demands that we too should be concerned for the fate of the world banking system; that we should worry about a system that has destroyed the lives of millions of Europeans; that has condemned all peoples and cultures to grinding poverty; that has ransacked and plundered the resources and treasures of a beautiful creation. We are meant to lament the demise of a system that possesses the Midas touch of Death.

The social impact on our people of this political and economic decline has been catastrophic. Fewer new houses means that several million of our countrymen are living in houses not fit for animals, let alone humans; unemployment has severely distorted family life leading to more divorces, more abortion, more child-battering, more suicides. In an effort to escape this nightmare, Britons have turned in huge numbers to drink, drugs and gambling as a ‘solution’. Young people deprived of a job, a home and a little self-respect have sought an answer in innumerable ‘anti-Establishment’ groups and cults, much to the pleasure of our political masters. Whilst White Skinheads are beating the hell out of White Mods or White Hells Angels, the Westminster tyrants are going about their business unimpeded – destroying our country.

But it is spiritually that our people have suffered the most. No longer believing fervently in the supernatural or the divine, they have been left prey to the manipulation of con-men, quacks and latter day Wizards of Oz. Man to be truly healthy must be balanced materially and spiritually. It is not enough for a man merely to feed himself or have a roof over his head. He must have a reason to live; he must know why family life is vital; why the bloodline must be perpetuated; why the Common Good of the British peoples must be protected; why we must ensure that our Nation and Culture survives and prospers.

This material and spiritual balance, which our forefathers possessed integrally, no longer exists. When we look at the great cathedrals that are to be found throughout Europe, and built many hundreds of years ago, we are overawed by their immensity, their complexity, their beauty, but their principle importance goes beyond mere masonry and into the realms of spirituality. Our forefathers possessed Strength, Vision and Faith and those qualities were lovingly inscribed into stone that would withstand the elements for a thousand years and would speak to their heirs in authoritative, profound tones. It would speak of permanence, endurance and sacrifice. Our age knows nothing of this plane of life and symbolically demonstrates its utter incomprehension by building in breeze blocks, a material that does not last and is not meant to last. It epitomizes the spirit of this age, an age which lives for the moment and where the word “instant” reigns supreme. As a result our people have become soulless, unhappy, frustrated and even dehumanized in some respects. No-one wants to help others unless there is something in it for him; no-one wants to get involved; no-one wants to take responsibility. But everyone wants an easy life; everyone seeks their own selfish ends; everyone wants to take the easy way out and if the easy way means that our family, community or national life will suffer that is held to be acceptable. It is when the Individual makes himself a virtual god, when everything must fit in with him and to hell with others, that you know that a nation is sick and dying.

These facts and many more – pollution, the arms race, diminishing natural resources – add up to one frightful conclusion: the culture of Europe is going to die within our lifetime. I do not mean that for 50, 100 or 200 years that we won’t play a very prominent role in world politics and that then we will probably witness a revival. I mean quite simply that as the mighty civilizations of ancient Greece and Egypt have passed away into the sands of time never to return, so will ours. The death of Europe will signal the end of the White peoples forever: it will be goodbye to you, your family and your friends. Britain will become a vague, unimportant memory.

Let us not fool ourselves. The fight to reverse this situation is going to be extremely arduous and not a little thankless; arduous because the enemies of civilization are not going to release their stranglehold on us until we force them to do so; thankless because no-one wants to be told that a tidal wave of catastrophe is looming that threatens life itself. Our people stick their heads in the sand and kid themselves that everything will be alright in the end. Unfortunately for such people, we live in a real world where happy endings are not automatically written into the script. There are no fairy godmothers who are going to rush to our aid, wave their magic wands and make everything perfect again. If the British peoples are to survive, they will have to fight back. If they are not willing to do so they had better start praying for a quick and merciful death for nothing else will avail them.


When a Nation rises up ardent to fight for its freedom and honour, it is always a minority that really fires the multitude.

Decline of the West
Oswald Spengler.

At the forefront of the battle against the forces of Evil swamping the entire globe in an ocean of Filth, Corruption and Treason are the various Nationalist movements of Europe. In Britain the only organized force is the National Front, but even it made quite fundamental errors in the Seventies about what was necessary to redeem our country. Discussion was always about whether we should have a march here or there; whether we should fight this election or that; whether we could do something to improve our ‘image’. These discussions were about as useful as arguing who could have what deckchair on the Titanic! Certainly, our name became better known though other methods would have achieved this too; it remains that all our time, money and energy did not stop the arrival of one single immigrant; it did not stop the closure of one single factory; it did not stop the rape, physical and spiritual, of our Motherland.

Our failure was simple, but crucial. It was and is not policies or doctrines or activities that we need – important though these things are in the overall political scheme of things – but a New Type of Man who will live the Nationalist way of life every day, who will act a beacon and an inspiration to those fellow Britons around him who despair of our situation. The other discredited parties have been offering policies and doctrines to our people for generations, but to what effect? To the average Briton why should the NF have been any different from the others? If we are to succeed we must strike to the heart of the matter: our people need as an example someone who practices what he preaches. That example we call the Political Soldier.

Just what is a Political Soldier?

If we look at the highest periods of European history we can easily identify the type of men who embody or express the spirit that our nation so desperately needs.

In ancient Greece there were the Spartans, an austere, highly disciplined people who have gone down in history mainly because of their heroic stand at the battle of Thermopylae. It was here that 300 Spartans, led by their warrior-king Leonidas, took on 100,000 Persian troops under the Emperor Darius; far from cringing in fear at such enormous odds the Spartans proudly sang their battle anthem, The Song of Castor, and then died to a man in a crucible of fire and blood. Although the Spartans lost, it is they that History remembers.

In ancient Rome, it was the Roman centurion whose military skills and commitment to Eternal Rome, to the Pax Romana, led him to build one of the finest, well-ordered empires in world history and as a consequence left us so much to cherish in our heritage.

In medieval Europe there was the Christian Crusader whose devotion to the ideals of Ascetism and Chivalry so embodied Europe, East and West, that even today “knightly conduct” is regarded as a high form of praise. These knights, a supra-national community drawn from one culture, were described by Pope Urban II as those “ready to hasten wherever war erupts, bringing to it the fury of their arms in order to defend Honour and Justice.”

In our century perhaps the most outstanding example of Political Soldiery was the Rumanian Iron Guard, the Legionary Movement, founded and moulded by the genius of Corneliu Codreanu. The spirit that this movement generated was so strong, so pervasive, that in its brief 15 years of existence it infected an entire people. Even today the Communist authorities denounce the Legionaries, so frightened are they by its spiritual and inspirational power – a power that grows as the drudgery of Marxist Eastern Europe kills everything it touches.

But Europe does not have a monopoly on Political Soldiers and all peoples and cultures have the potential to produce this type of man, each fitted to his peculiar circumstances. Take for example the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in the Iran of the mullahs. It is not necessary to agree with any or all of their aims to appreciate and respect their courage. Their belief in their Cause is so strong that they will am through minefields unarmed to attack enemy positions; their ideals are so all consuming that they will drive truck bombs into enemy camps knowing full well that death is inevitable. Whether they are right or wrong is not at issue, but it is clear that this power, this contempt for death, is the stuff of which victories are made. This power drove the Yankee war machine out of the Lebanon – whilst U.S. troops were fighting for job security, a wage packet and a pension, their opponents in the Revolutionary Guards were fighting for an Ideal, an independent Iranian Iran. We must learn that the power of Idealism is beyond calculation.

When we look at the few examples that I have cited, one thing will be immediately obvious to most readers – to wit, that all of them are warriors, military men. However, it would be utterly wrong to believe that this aspect, the military, is the most important aspect, or even one of the most important aspects. The common denominator that allows all of these men to be put in the same category, despite their manifest difference, is the fact that they were inspired by a spiritual and religious ideal that totally dominated their lives. Nothing came between them and the Ideal. They were willing to sacrifice anything and everything for the victory of their Ideal. If, for some reason, their Cause had been denied to them their lives would have ceased to have meaning, to have any importance whatever. They were fine warriors because a flame burned within, a fire that could only be extinguished when they drew their final mortal breath. It was a flame that their enemies frequently did not possess or understand, but which they feared and respected. It is that flame, that burning spirit, which we must rekindle if our Culture is to have any future worthy of the name. If this proves to be beyond our abilities then all our material achievements, our science and technology, our intellectual grandeur will stand revealed as perfectly useless, for the most important thing in life is the Will to live. If this Will is absent in our people, no scientist and no gadgetry will save us.

It is the task of the Political Soldier to promote the Will to live by revealing the true nature of life – as opposed to the materialist nightmare of this century which is mistakenly taken to be “life” – and by living this life. In order to do this the Political Soldier must undergo a Spiritual Revolution, an inner revolution which guides, directs and pervades his life. When this has been achieved substantively the Political Soldier will judge all his actions according to whether or not they, advance the Cause. He Will be the man who does not say: “What is in it for me?” but the man who says: “What can I do to help?” For this type of Man certain words will hold the key to the very meaning of Life itself: Honour, Justice, Self-respect, Honesty, Faith, Humility, Compassion, Love.

He will not allow his honour or that of the nation to be attacked or undermined by the unworthy; he will not stand idly by when his people are being exploited, but will become a focal point in the fight for justice. He will not lose his self-respect and worth through becoming dependent on externals like drugs or drink, for he knows that if he possesses the Inner Strength that sustains life then he will be invincible. He will be honest in all his dealings, great and small, because the Nationalist Militant leads through example. He will have total, unquestioned belief in the righteousness of his Cause; he will be the man who will strive to the limits of his abilities to advance the welfare of his People and Nation, but he will do this without any thought of praise or publicity. He will remain humble knowing that his actions are a matter of duty inspired by a higher way of life. He will be stirred to action by the physical rape of our beautiful country and the destruction of our rich culture; his compassion will be such that he will cloak the weak and needy of our nation with his towering strength. His love will be pure and refreshing, reviving and inspiring everyone and everything that it touches.

The Political Soldier is the man sustained by an Eternal Ideal who will act positively in any and all situations in the defence of what is Right, Good and True. Never in the history of Europe has the need for battalions of Political Soldiers been so urgent, so vital.

The ranks of pur enemies are immense: the banks, the Communists, the masons, the Zionists, the Capitalists. They have money and power; they dominate the media; they control whole armies through their control of governments; they inject corrosive ideas into the bloodstream of the nation which enfeeble us, make us apathetic, make us a pushover.

And what do we have to combat this? A few thousand patriots in every country in Western Europe. We have no money, no power, no influence, no media to speak of. We are the Spartans, the Few. They are the Persians, the Many. Confronted by this horrible reality, our countrymen, after sizing up the odds, are leaving the battlefield in droves arguing the “inevitability” of things. “We cannot win”, they say. “Things have gone too far”, they say. “Perhaps Communism won’t be too bad”, they say. How right was Emrys ap Iwan, the 19th century Welsh Nationalist to remark: “The Inevitable is not the high tower of the Wise, but merely the sanctuary of the Timid.”

The Political Soldier will look at this grim reality in a totally different light because he is an Idealist and a Realist. The Ideal is the goal of our struggle, realism is that quality which dictates how best we can achieve that goal. The Political Soldier, weighing up the weaponry of both sides, will acknowledge that we are outgunned in every respect, but one. This exception is our Faith, our Ideal, which we hold dearer than Life itself, and which cannot be intimidated, nor bribed, nor tortured out of existence. This faith is but a dim memory, a glowing ember in most of our people it is the task of the Political Soldier to fan and fuel this ember until its flicker grows stronger and more intense, until it becomes a raging inferno engulfing our People and our Land in the quest for National Freedom, Social Justice and a truly Free Europe. The Political Soldier by his attitudes and actions will serve as a model, an example, to those of our countrymen whose courage has temporarily failed them. Wherever he goes the Political Soldier will encourage enthusiasm, comradeship and dedication by his mere presence. He will be a Light pushing back the frontiers of Darkness. People will seek his advice; they will heed his counsel; they will collect themselves and return to the fight stronger than the hardest steel.

Every day that passes witnesses the seepage of blood from the mutilated body of the nations of Europe. It is a sight that only the cynical or the disinterested can view without being moved to a profound compassion and a holy anger. The beautiful woman that had once bewitched the world with her intellect, her grandeur and her vivaciousness now lies in the gutter, kicked senseless by the barbaric hordes of the Super Powers. Only the army of Political Soldiers seeks to defend her from a torrent of violent blows. That army is tiny, its task immense, yet it fights on. It will not allow our heritage, culture, traditions and noble values to be ground into the dust, lost forever, because of the cowardice of the majority. This army fights to win, but if defeat is to be the verdict of destiny then it will be a battle to the last man, sword in hand – a tribute worthy of our finest ancestors.

And if the gutless, the preachers of the “Art of the Possible”, should assail you with accusations of ‘fanaticism’ remember the words of John Jenkins, a son of whom Wales can justly be proud. “I will say three things about fanaticism; firstly, that if it is true that a fanatic has the strength of ten men, it is necessary because the other nine men cannot be bothered. Secondly, it is not always true that a fanatic doesn’t count the cost of action; I became a fanatic because I was not prepared to accept the result of inaction. Lastly, if Wales is to survive and her culture and heritage flourish, it will be done only by the ferocious and unswerving devotion to Wales above all else. “All else” includes family, prospects, careers, health, freedom and life itself. I believe, in fact I know, that Wales can inspire this sort of fanaticism, and that this fanaticism is the essential catalyst required to move the majority of the people.” What Jenkins says of Wales is no less true of the other British nations and their cousins in Europe.


“Thou must diligently make it thy aim, that in every place and in every action, or outward employment, thou be inwardly free and master of thyself, and that all things be under thee and not thou under them.

Les Imitations de Christ
Thomas a Kempis.

In Lausanne, Switzerland in 1965, Marcel de Corte made the following observation: “I often hear it said that means, taken as such, are neither good nor bad. I confess that this assertion leaves me at a loss, for I ask myself where can we find means that are purely means, without being by the same token inert, unusable, non-existent, ressembling perhaps some strange Heath Robinson gadget. A means can never be considered as such, except purely in the mind. A means is always considered in relation to an end.”

It is a frequent assertion of the modern age that “the end justifies the means” and it is an assertion to which too many nationalists unthinkingly subscribe. As Marcel de Corte’s statement makes clear, means and ends are a unity, organically linked and mutually dependent in practical politics. For the patriot the ends that we strive for are completely at variance with those of the Establishment, so naturally the means will be different too. Methods used by Reds or Big Business drones to install their regimes of terror cannot be legitimately used by nationalists without doing immense harm both to the militant and to his Cause, a point upon which Codreanu built his movement. Take for example the tactic of terrorism; – something that must be distinguished from mere political violence or assassination – this is utterly alien to nationalist tradition for its objective, theoretical and practical, is to instill fear into the population at large through the indiscriminate murder of ordinary folk by bullet and bomb. We reject this method for the good reason that we seek the support of the people in order to improve their lot, and this is hardly likely to be achieved through exterminating them! It is also an interesting fact that the ‘Nationalist’ groups who use this approach – the IRA, the Stern and Irgun, ETA, the reactionary military dictatorships of Latin America – are precisely the groups whose ‘Nationalist’ credentials we find highly questionable. If we proclaim that we love our People and Culture, what possible role in Nationalist politics can there be for methods that breed fear and hatred? If we proclaim that Absolute Truth is closest to our heart, how can we in our actions lie and cheat without distorting the very Truth we set out to defend and advance? Let no man say things will be different after the National Revolution, for the man who cannot uphold his principles when he is powerless and has nothing to lose is hardly likely to maintain them when he does obtain power and has everything to lose. Practice, so they say, makes perfect and it is something we must bear in mind every day of our nationalist lives. The paths that our opponents took led to the Slave States of the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. – we take a different path for we seek the National Revolutionary State.

This is not to say that we cannot be discreet in our actions or have recourse to agility of mind, indeed the opposite is the case. Our principles dictate that we draw upon every sinew of our being mental, spiritual, physical – stretch ourselves to the limit in advancing the Cause whilst simultaneously maintaining our purity of spirit. It is far too easy to abandon our principles and values arguing pressure of circumstance. It takes strength of character, fortitude and resilience to resist the corrosive ideas of our enemies who bid us take the easy way. We have only to compromise once and we are on the slippery slope that leads to betrayal. Our way is not easy. It is arduous, it is ascetic, it is a landscape of blood, sweat and tears. The day that it ceases to be these things is the day that Revolutionary Nationalism sells out.

Now, an understanding of the relationship between means and ends is not a mere academic exercise, but an essential qualification that determines not only the recruitment of Political Soldiers, but also how they are to be moulded into National Revolutionary warriors. It is the condition for realizing why certain methods will never be acceptable to us.

Let us look at recruitment. In the past the warrior elite were a fact of everyday life and every bit as natural as sunny days and green pastures, but today they are at best a romantic memory. The stark conclusion therefore that we must face is that it is people like you – the readers of this pamphlet – who are going to have to lead the way, to become the Political Soldiers that will make victory possible. Some of you will chuckle at the idea. Some of you will draw back in fear at the idea. Some of you will confess that you don’t have what it takes. Unfortunately God, Destiny, call it what you will, has decreed that you and I must undertake this daunting task. Our forefathers had to confront similar situations and we must draw strength from their spirit which urges us on. It is upon the bedrock of their spirit that we must erect the banner of the Celtic Cross and defy all stupid enough to provoke the wrath of this nation.

And if you refuse to be those warriors, to whom can the nation turn? Those with their heads in a pint or a glue bag? Those seeking ‘reality’ in science fiction videos or heroin? Those who talk loud and long, who threaten a Twilight of the Gods, and yet begrudge a lew pounds in the funds or a couple of hours at a meeting? The moron in the street who thinks that a short back and sides, cheap beer and Princess Di’s new hat is the meaning of nationalism? The plastic patriot, the bourgeois drone, ever so devoted to “England’s green and pleasant pastures,” but not so devoted that he wouldn’t sacrifice his “patriotism” if it threatened the “respectability” accorded him by his neighbours and friends? None of us wants this combat, but duty calls. Those who refuse are quite simply cowards. The Political Soldier can respect his Enemy, but he can only despise the Traitor and Deserter. And when the birthright of your children has been stolen from them and parcelled out to enemies, will you be able to look them in the eye and say that you did all that you could?

Assuming you have the guts and determination necessary, how do you become a National Revolutionary? No two Political Soldiers can be completely alike, though naturally they will have much in common. The differences that exist will be due to our being individuals possessing both strengths and weaknesses. These differences need not present us with problems, indeed they can be turned to our advantage, for an effective army is made up of differing types of men. All chiefs and no Indians is just as useless as all Indians and no chiefs. Some of you will emerge as leaders, others as warriors, but all will be vital to our National mission.

The path of development, the programme of training, that culminates in the birth of the Political Soldier is a Cross laid upon our backs. It is through carrying this burden, through struggle, that we come slowly – and I mean slowly – to acquire the qualities we need. There are those who strive for physical excellence as their highest goal in life – they will confirm that this excellence is something that is not given away free with every gallon of petrol, but is something that requires hard work and much pain. In the same way becoming a Political Soldier is a matter for activists, not armchair dictators or self-professed Men of Destiny.

Having said that the path of development is simple and logical in its structure. You set out to achieve only small things at first, objectives which when achieved will provide you with the confidence and skill to attempt more ambitious targets. The most important thing at this stage is to be honest with yourself because if you cannot do so you will never be honest with your colleagues. Sit by yourself, and after a period of serious reflection, draw up a list of your good and bad points, remembering to avoid the extremes of excessive criticism or smug complacency. This done choose one good point that can be developed and improved, and one weakness that you would be better off without. On paper this sounds remarkably easy, but in reality it is a battle of titanic proportions. There will be times when you think you are going well, then suddenly you will fall flat on your face by returning to old habits. But don’t give up or be discouraged by failure because it is the getting up off your knees and trying again that develops your self discipline and the will to succeed against all odds. It is a process that will do for you spiritually what Charles Atlas claims his weights will do for you physically! You can only understand happiness when you understand sadness, you can only appreciate success when you have experienced the bitter taste of failure. If you cannot overcome yourself in little things, you will prove quite useless in a crisis. When things get really rough in the coming years, when repression is violent, systematic, total, you will want to know that you can count on your comrades in the struggle and they will want to know that they can count on you. The peace of mind that this trust in others will produce cannot be overestimated.

Let me give a few practical ideas of where to begin, but do remember that they are only general examples to get you to think along the right lines.

Do you watch TV night after night? If so, cut down the time that you do this because you are needlessly exposing yourself to the propaganda of our enemies, whether you watch a documentary or a soap opera. Use your time more constructively and in a way that aids the National Struggle. Read a political book or magazine. Go for a walk in the countryside or in a park and enjoy the gifts of nature. Do that extra bit of leafletting or newspaper selling. Organize a discussion group at your place for a couple of friends or get involved in local community groups like Tenants Associations, Friends of the Earth and so on and fight for local justice.

Do you drink 4, 5, 6, or more pints when you’re out for the night? Cut it down to 2 or 3 pints; not only will you have more money to put at the disposal of the Cause, but your health will improve greatly. Besides, the Crusaders were not known for their beer guts!

Do you smoke a lot? If so, cut it down or better still cut it out. You are only keeping Big Business in business by damaging your health. There will be times when you will need to move fast and those who insist on taking on the appearance of a wheezing dinosaur will then have to pay the price!

Do you put going to football or a party ahead of attending an NF function? If so, learn to get your priorities right. Of course, everyone needs a break from the struggle, but remember that if the NF fails because of the half-heartedness of its members, it will signal not only the deathknell of the nation, but also of the very distractions that you thought so important.

If you are not in the habit of reading, get into the habit and always push yourself to higher levels. Knowledge is Power and the more you know the more of a threat you become to the System. Come to party seminars where you will be instructed in the production of local leaflets that will help you promote nationalist ideas in your local community; where you will be taught to silk screen posters and ‘T’ shirts; where our lecturers will explain our revolutionary ideals in simple terms and which will improve your ability to convert people through persuasion.

These things, and many more, the party can teach you, but there is a wide field for personal initiative: learn new languages, especially if you have Irish, Scots, Welsh or Cornish roots; learn to drive, to type, to speak in public. Go to evening classes to learn electronics, mechanics, shorthand or journalism, or take up a physical pastime like weightlifting or a martial art. There are a million and one things that you can do to improve yourself, things which will give you satisfaction and help the Cause achieve Victory. Whatever you do take up, resolve that you will persevere to the end. Sitting around doing nothing is just what the creeps in Parliament hope you will do, for you are thereby making their work so much easier.

For those willing to make the necessary sacrifices to become Political Soldiers, you will need to develop certain virtues:

* Patience: because the transition to the Political Soldier takes time and real effort and will not come in a week or a few months. It is a work that will consume a lifetime if Perfection is the goal.

* Calmness: because as State repression mounts, it will be the cool, calm and collected who will survive, not the panicky amateurs.

* Self discipline: because those who are Masters of themselves are masters of their situation. Possess the strength that cannot be seen, but is felt by both comrades and opponents.

* Sense of humour: because whilst life is not a bed of roses, it is not one long drudge either. It is a little of both. Develop the ability to laugh at yourself and your situation and you will be transformed into a spectral fighter who will haunt our foes.

The power of laughter was illustrated recently in Italy at the trial of 30 nationalist militants, militants whose average age was 20 years old. On trial for offences which if proven would lead in many cases to life imprisonment, these militants, innocent before God and Man, upheld the finest Nationalist traditions. The Italian media and judiciary fully expected these youths to be sitting there in the dock, stony faced, serious, worried. How disappointed they were to be as these comrades, ignoring the proceedings, played cards and laughed and joked with one another. They didn’t give a damn and why should they? Four years awaiting trial, offers of early release to those who would turn Supergrass – yet they didn’t yield one iota of their Faith. The judge demanded to be taken seriously and was greeted with howls of laughter. This is real strength – it proclaims that Death itself has no power over it. It is a strength that will make us unconquerable for what can our enemies do beyond this? The ancient Celts inscribed this strength into a proverb: “Fight for your country and accept death if necessary: because death is a victory and a liberation for the soul.”

We fight for the England of William Byrd and Thomas Tallis; for the wild beauty of Cornwall and the serenity of the Lake District. We fight for Wales – the Land of Comrades – not only for her soulful literature and music, but for the heroic spirit of Owen Glyndwr. We fight for Scotland, her Highlands and islands, her ballads and bards. We fight for Ireland, the land of paradoxes: tragedy and comedy, humour and short temper; for the purity that G.K. Chesterton stated thus: “The very lies of Dublin and Belfast are truer than the truisms of Westminster.”

Little remains to be said as the ultimate choice confronts you: Are you to become a Revolutionary Warrior fighting for National Freedom or the coward who will stoop to kiss the filthy boots of a festering System?





For my Legionaries – Corneliu Codreanu.

Action! – Jean Ousset.

The Aryan Doctrine of Fight & Victory – Julius Evola.

The Prison Letters – John Jenkins.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, November 1985

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