Under Siege

Maj. D. V. Clerkin


Is the White race not under siege? The picture at least is a symbol of the type of siege the white race is subject to. This white woman seems content to miscegenate. Her example is taken as assent by blacks and other non-whites for sexual assault, denial of jobs to white males, and the mugging of elderly Whites. She probably doesn’t realize it, but the non-white males she consorts with see her as an example of white surrender. Every white miscegenator has thrust a dagger into the heart of the white race.

Phil Donahue is another example of a white renegade. He regularly has black activists on his show who make no bones about their hatred for whites. Donahue doesn’t become critical until the blacks start talking against Jews. Then he begins to bristle. Every time Phil Donahue has a show that is critical of whites, another black decides that victimizing whites is alright. And this goes on all over the media. Media are so hostile to even a moderately pro-white message, such as David Duke’s, that it is literally an invitation to anti-white violence across the country.

Whites may be threatened because media whites feel guilty for some perceived wrong they have committed against people of color. Jews, however, are a ‘holy people,’ which absolves them of this special guilt that white liberals carry. This is the reason why whites are losing the struggle. Too many whites have come to believe themselves guilty, a form of original sin which comes with the genes. So they accept the white man’s burden and go to work for their worst enemies. The Jews beat the drum or this sick complex: it suits them to lower self-esteem amongst whites for their race and its wonderful accomplishments.

When someone such as David Duke utters a little peep about rights for whites, the paralytic white drones go into a frenzy, looking for a negro to play up to – some black they claim is their friend. Most whites don’t know any Jews, so they usually don’t go so far as to slash their wrists on the steps of a synagogue over their perception of collective racial guilt. The white drones do increase their contributions to the ‘United Way,’ which in most places is a conduit for white money transfers to the white race’s worst enemies. Dronish whites call talk shows to condemn white racism, to exculpate their sense of guilt, and to show proper support for integration and mongrelization, proper respect for the Jews and Israel, and anything else that is likely to eventually cast a shadow over white people and make monkeys out of them. The only thing all too many white drones today are likely to get angry over is the appearance of some poor sucker who dares to think that he can call upon white support for the white race. When this fellow goes on “Donahue” or “Geraldo,” or “Inside Edition,” it is certain that the audience of white drones and the host will carve him up for scrap.

We couldn’t lose this war if we didn’t have white renegades working against us. Nevertheless, this is the war we find ourselves engaged in: renegades and traitors within out race; vile opponents without. Still, it is a good war. We have all the honor on our side. Our enemies are moral slugs. We are going to win because we are right and honorable. Like the knightly orders of our mediaeval period, we fight for principle, the salvation of our race and culture. No more fundamental purpose can there be. When you choose to join the white cause, you breathe a sigh of relief – relief that you have come in, from the cold. You have come home.

We must be smart now. Those who seek our downfall, those who have us under siege, are waiting to pounce. This decade will see a great white awakening. We are seeing interest in the Aryan movement more now than ever before. Two national candidates, Duke and Buchanan, are actually talking about things from an Eurocentric perspective. More and more whites are fed up with the deadening, morally corrupt status quo. We are receiving requests for information from white professionals now because the assault on Eurocentricism is American life is beginning to hit home with those who had heretofore thought themselves immune from such things as ‘minority preferences’ In hiring and promotions. It is not just the white working class that is being victimized by government programs of reverse discrimination and hatred of whiteness. Have you ever seen such public denunciations as those directed in media against the white male? University students have been writing to us to complain about ‘political correctness’ on their campuses, which see their earned grades reduced for not properly Kissing up to non-whites, queers and feminists The Jews are beginning to worry that their psychological hold over the Aryan mind is faltering. In this the situation becomes more dangerous as the country approaches critical mass.

Solid Aryanist organizations with solid views are going to be more important from now on than ever. We see things without blinders. The true whites are seeking answers to their questions. They can’t get them from the established order, riddled as it is with Jews, non-whites with a grudge against racial Europeans, and just plain old white traitors. The Aryan movement is the only alternative to the coming chaos. What may seem like a great uphill struggle for recognition is finally coming to an end. Soon the slugs that run things will have to acknowledge the fact that no one believes in them any longer.

Being under siege has strengthened our mettle and our resolve. There is nothing like a protracted war to build stamina for the struggle. One learns to pace himself, to think out each move. I would imagine how our opponents wonder over our continued ability to stay in the fight after fifteen years of being under siege as an organization. Now we are starting to come into our own. White are beginning to pay attention to what we have so long been saying. We predicted that immigration would be the issue of the 1990s. It is becoming a national campaign issue. Duke and Buchanan are talking about the threat to the Eurocentric nature of the United States. Ten years ago when we began to talk about the faltering position of the white race in North America, few were willing to listen. Now that is all changed. Whites see nothing but color in their old neighborhoods, and not just blacks, but strange peoples who seem to come from other planets. The System tells is to welcome these odd peoples. What the System does not tell the white people is that the odd races and peoples brought to this country by the government at tax-payers expense are here to replace the white people. No one in government ever tells the Third World types that there is going to be a population problem in North America. But the white people are bombarded constantly with birth control and abortion propaganda.

I feel certain that we will have a great effect on white affairs in this decade. The tide is turning in our favor. But now is the time to stand up for the white race.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, March 1992

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