Jack London – Aryan

Maj. D. V. Clerkin


Jack London, author of THE CALL OF THE WILD and THE SEA WOLF, among other books, was as he said, a Socialist, but before everything, London said nobly that he was a White man. Here he proves it: “Consult the entire history of the human world in past ages and you will find that the world has ever belonged to the pure breed and has never belonged to the mongrel. I give you this as a challenge: Read up your history of the human race….

“The Greeks died two thousands years ago when they mongrelized. Just because a lot of people talk the Greek language, does not make these people pure Greeks. [Ed. There are Aryan Greeks today, though many Greeks have Persian and Turkish blood, giving them a dark look while the Greeks of the time of Plato and Aristotle, of Demosthenes and Pericles, were in many cases blond and very Dorian Nordic]. Just because a lot of people talk Italian, does not make them Romans. The Greeks were strong as long as they remained pure. They were possessed with power, achievement, culture, creativeness, individuality. When they mongrelized themselves by breeding with the slush of conquered races, they faded away, and have played nothing but a despicable part ever since in the world’s history.

“This is true of the Romans; this is true of the Lombards; this is true of the Phoenicians; this is true of the Chaldeans; this is true of the Egyptians. This is not true of the Chinese; this is not true of the Japanese; this is not true of the Germans [Ed. In London’s time at least….] this is not true of the Anglo-Saxons [Ed. So too with the English, who have been lately on a rampage of race mixing with every piece of trash from their late Empire!]. This is not true of the Yaquis of Mexico [Ed. Old Indians of Mexico, who did not mix with the Spanish settlers, thereby not becoming Mestizos]. It is true of the fifteen million mongrels in Mexico; it is true of the mongrels that inhabit the greater portion of the West Indies, and who inhabit South America and Central America from Cape Horn to the Bio Grande. This is true of the mongrelized Hindoos….

“Bead up your history. It is all there on the shelves…. [Ed. Not any more!] And find me one race that retained its power of civilization, of culture, and creativeness, after it mongrelized itself.” (From Charmian London’s THE BOOK OF JACK LONDON, 1921, pp. 297-298).

Jack London of course was right, though no one today is willing to discuss his racial views, un-repentantly pro-white. His books are not even read, much less his racial essays and challenges, to the race mongrelizers of his time. Race mongrelization is not a new idea amongst the elite rulers of society. They preach integration, but do not practice it. The Jews preach it incessantly, but the rabbis tell the Jews not to mix with anyone but another Jew. And that goes for the so-called Falasha, or black Jews as well, Israel will take them in – and segregate them the way the old Jim Crow laws in the South used to segregate black from white. World Government depends on creating a “world race” of mongrels, devoid of spirit or individuality, with no aspirations but to fill the stomach and get off sexually. The conservatives and patriots who deny race as a factor fail to see that the Brahmins of the Oligopoly are either truly white, or Jews putting on the dog. The patriots rail against the concept of World Government, the New World Order, claiming it is a “Nazi” idea. As Jack London would say, show me a National Socialist who would force the white race to mix with muds and Jews.

published by the Euro-American Alliance.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, April 1998

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