A Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires

Guillermo Coletti


The Jewish Century

Today’s World Politics has shown little tolerance for neutrality on the Jewish question. The current status quo demands that Jewish issues be discussed with utmost reverence. Allegations of Jewish misfortune are treated with more compassion and sympathy than those of any other people. The rule of foreign policies for Western countries is that Israel is to be protected regardless of violations to basic principles otherwise upheld to the rest of the nations. Whatever criminal atrocities Jews have perpetrated, and still do up to this day, in the name of Israel’s security, are shamefully tolerated. The many times that Israeli military personnel have massacred Palestinians or Lebanese civilians, the Western democracies limited themselves to simply writing symbolic letters of complaint; letters which were never intended to pressure Israel to modify its human rights policy or to suggest correction. The Jewish state has never been punished for the repeated violations to the borders of the nation of Lebanon. The community of self-proclaimed “law abiding nations” has created a double standard for Israel. Professional politicians in the West are on the Jewish side in a wide variety of issues. When freethinking intellectuals call to question governments’ allegiances to the Jewish state, they become ostracized dissidents who endure all kinds of adversities, from losing their jobs and careers to losing their freedoms and even, in some extreme cases, their lives. As this nameless century nears an end, it becomes more appropriate to deem it the Jewish Century, since the Jewish rise to power is one of the most determining factors in the lives of nations. At the heart of the most dramatic events of the last one hundred years are the children of Judea and their Talmudic beliefs.

The most sensational examples of this allmighty influence are to be found in the Bolshevik Revolution, the two World Wars, the Marxist inspired Maoist takeover of China and all the Middle Eastern armed conflicts. Jewish power is no more a matter of suspicion and it must no longer be called a conspiracy: it has become an “in your face” kind of force. Everything is now in the open and made official by laws, decrees and other types of documented policy. Deeming the Jewish power as a conspiracy implies that the basis of its existence are concealed and available only to the selected few. Reality is so grotesquely explicit that it has become self-evident. We need not to imagine what goes on behind closed doors; what they allow us to see has surpassed all levels of healthy tolerance.

Shrines to Jewish Power

Great civilizations have always erected their most magnificent monuments to praise their leaders. In Ancient Egypt, the pyramids and the sphinxes, largest structures known to man of those days, were raised to honor the lives and deaths of the masters of Egyptian society: the Pharaohs. The Ancient Greeks have also built great monuments, too many to mention, to their higher figures, their gods as well as their worldly rulers. The European cities, to this day, are adorned with thousands of statues, museums and monuments dedicated to those who once ruled the land and led the people. Exception to this norm aire monuments to “unknown soldiers”, so many of them tainted with cheap demagoguery! Today, that tradition has not changed. As in the 1980’s cities were ‘modern’ only when subscribing to avant-garde cosmopolitanism (gay pride parades, easy accessability to recreational drugs, etc.), in the 1990’s the most ‘modern’ requirement to be met is also the final architectural tribute: a Holocaust Museum. All over the West, edifices bear witness to this dramatic Jewish overstepping into our values. The Holocaust memorials, museums, monuments and other similar structures, are shrines to Jewish power that as long as they stand, will remind us all who the real rulers of our nations are. These buildings are pantheons to national surrender; a solid document of massive submission.

Argentina and the New World Order

Democratic Argentina is a country that has embraced the New World Order and, rather consequently, all the trends and mannerisms that come with it, with a willingness almost passionate. No opportunity to demonstrate allegiance to the influence of the World Stock Exchange and the United Nations has been spared. During the Persian Gulf War, Argentina sent three warships to the region to incorporate itself to the multinational effort to oust the Iraqis from Kuwait, their former province. Later, Argentina’s navy was also present at the multinational blockade against Haiti, a country with national defense forces inferior in number and fire power to those of the Los Angeles Police Department. Members of the Argentinean military have also worn the “blue helmets” of the United Nations in the Balkans and currently they keep peace (at least allegedly) in parts of Africa. A few Argentinean young men (the actual number is less than 10) have died in the black continent due to regional viral diseases they have contracted, while some have brought new viruses to the otherwise healthy population of the South American country. Argentina has opened its doors to non-White immigrants from the Orient, Koreans being the most largely benefited by this politics of “open borders”. Amnesty was granted to all illegal aliens during the early 1990’s, thus giving legal status to nearly half million mestizos from bordering Latin American countries (the Amnesty Law had initially been promoted on the basis that no more than fifty thousand illegals would be using the advantages of that piece of legislation). Argentina’s lackey submission to the New World Order has been reinforced with the enactment of antihate laws, which curb constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech. It all seems to indicate that the unwritten policies of diplomatic-economic-cultural apartheid that once made Argentina a pariah nation, since and due to its neutrality during World War II, are finally changing. The government of President Menem and his allies in the Legislative branch of political power, have gone one step further in their effort to get closer to Washington, Tel Aviv and Bonn. Now Buenos Aires will have its own Holocaust Museum, a respectful shrine to Jewish power.

A Holocaust Museum in Buenos Aires

Law 24636, sanctioned by the Argentinean Congress and published in the May 7, 1996, edition of the Official Bulletin, mandates the construction that will “honor the memory” of the alleged 6,000,000 victims of the Holocaust (one of the proponents of the law stated that 1,500,000 “victims” were Jewish children). For this purpose, the national government has donated an expensive piece of property in the area of the Congress building. This donation was made in 1995 to the Fundación Memoria del Holocausto (Foundation Memory of the Holocaust), On paper, the Museum has been proposed by a number of legislators who bear no Jewish last names (their backgrounds appear to be Spanish, Italian, Irish and English). Ruben Beraja, the Argentinean Jew banker vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, said in an interview published in the daily Clarin (May 8, 1996) that “this was a spontaneous initiative of the legislators and we support it because it will put Buenos Aires among the cities of the world that repudiate the horror of the Holocaust”. Mr. Beraja’s assertion that the initiative was “spontaneous” is difficult to believe, considering the background of some of these politicians and the intrusion of the pro-Israeli lobby in the national affairs of Argentina. Also suspicious is Mr. Beraja’s sincere interest on what is best for Buenos Aires. Worthy of mention is that while the above mentioned parties were trying to sell to the Argentinean populace the notion that this whole operation was “spontaneous”, the Jew Gilbert Lewi, president of the Foundation ‘Memoria del Holocausto”, takes credit publicly for the whole idea. His foundation will get a piece of the estate, as it’s explained in the latter portion of this report.

Holocaust Museum = Germanophobia

Although the construction of the Holocaust Museum was approved only in May of 1996, by November of the same year the architectural work had already been assigned (to architects Berdichevsky, Cherny, Pfeifer, Huberman, Schmunis, Triskier, etc.). The Museum is described as a “narrative museum” (in other words, a Talmudic theme park), suggesting that what the attendants won’t see it will be narrated to them; not necessarily the best method for stimulating critical thinking. Traditional museums offer attendees opportunities to observe and draw their own conclusions without the emotional burden of having speakers placed all over the areas where they walk, inciting them to approve or disapprove, rejoice or cry. Judging by the emotionally charged anti-German overtone of the plans for this museum and previous similar projects, this one is expected to be a house of propaganda, a Hollywoodesque recreation of the all too often seen scenes of mean Aryan villains abusing helpless, righteous Jews. The top two floors of the structure will be taken over by the foundation “Memoria del Holocausto”, from where they will coordinate activities for the advancement of traditional Jewish interests.

A Congressman Loyal to the Jews

One of the most relentlessly pro-Israeli members of the block of 14 legislators is deputy Claudio Mendoza, who sits in the Argentinean Congress as a representative of the impoverished province of Chaco, near the Paraguayan border. Mr. Mendoza is no neophyte in the field of promoting Germanophobia; in 1994 he inaugurated a Holocaust Museum in the city of Resistencia, the capital of his native Chaco. The monument in question consists of seven columns representing; in Mendoza’s words, “the advance of humanity from primitivism toward spiritual evolution”. That first monument was designed by a Jewish architect, Claudia Aranovich. Coincidentally, in 1994, Mr. Mendoza received a Human Rights Award from the worldwide B’nai B’rith. It is interesting to notice the pro-Jewish record of Mr. Mendoza’s agenda. Certainly the same energy and devotion has not been applied to represent the members of his poverty stricken constituency. The Chaco province has quite a pathetic record of backwardness; 9.7% of its population live in residences with dirt floors; illiteracy runs at 16.5% of those over 10 years of age; 36.1 per 1,000 of newborns die before ever reaching their first year of age (official statistics as of 1992). Nevertheless, Mr. Mendoza sees it appropriate to campaign, as a paid representative of the Chaco province, for Holocaustmania. Mr. Mendoza’s willingness to comply with the mercurial desires of the chosenites seems to know no limits.

May this be a case of innocently misplaced loyalties?

Personal Skepticism

In spite of the millions of dollars spent throughout the globe, I have not found any evidence that the type of projects that aim to perennially remind us all of alleged Jewish sufferings have contributed to any of the supposedly desired objectives, namely: promoting peace, understanding and justice among all men; reconciling and healing old wounds; fighting ethnic stereotypes and building a society where tolerance rules, without political persecutions. Isn’t it about time that we evaluate the results and the purposes of this international campaign to perpetuate sorrow and solidarity for a dubious Jewish defenselessness and victimization? I believe that none of the previously mentioned objectives will ever be achieved in any Western nation, as long as the success of some of these goals remain in the hands of frenzied anti-White aliens.

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, August 1997

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