“The Victim of His Generals”

Solution-oriented commentary for those
who realize that to change the world,

you must first change yourself!


Adolf Hitler and entourage

It is very important for all National Socialists to understand the real reason that Germany lost the war. Most of us are quite aware that Germany was out-numbered, out-gunned, and out-produced. Ordinarily, this alone would suffice to bring about a quick defeat of virtually any nation. But National Socialist Germany was not defeated quickly nor easily. In fact, it was not the lack of manpower or resources which destroyed Germany. Just as in the first World War, Germany was defeated from within! On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler told his friend and personal pilot, SS General Hans Baur: Baur, my gravestone must read, ‘He was the victim of his Generals. Indeed, it was nothing more than a despicable band of traitors, largely among the Officer Corps, which were primarily responsible for the defeat and destruction of National Socialist Germany!

Much has been told about the conspiracy of Military officers who attempted to murder Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944. But little has been said about how much this deplorable group of traitors sabotaged Germany’s war efforts, and knowingly and willingly gave significant aid to the enemy. These disgusting traitors were directly responsible for the lives of tens of thousands of German soldiers, and the lives of hundreds of thousands of German civilians, men, women, and children!

The Normandy Invasion

The devastating results of Germany’s military traitors are graphically presented in David Irving’s biography of Field Marshal Rommel, The Trail of the Fox. Irving points out that the invasion of Normandy could not have possibly succeeded without the unbelievable amount of complicity by the traitors within the German officer corps. It was virtually a foregone conclusion that without the success of the Normandy invasion, Stalin would have happily agreed to make peace on the eastern front (such negotiations were in progress), thereby forcing the war-weary and politically shaky (Churchill was in a very precarious political position) western powers to do the same. The war would have been over and Germany would have remained a National Socialist Folk-community.

But the traitors did not want to see this happen. They hated Adolf Hitler, and that hatred shrouded and distorted their loyalty and any real concern for the welfare of their Folk. They succeeded in manipulating Field Marshal Rommel into ignoring Normandy and putting his major defenses at Calais. Even after the Normandy invasion had begun, they worked together to convince Rommel that General Patton would soon invade Calais, thereby stalling critically needed reinforcements at the Normandy beachhead. This was all knowingly done so that the enemy could get a good foothold in France. While deliberately doing everything in their power (which was considerable) to keep desperately-needed reinforcements out of Normandy, these disgusting traitors watched thousands of young German soldiers shot to pieces as they tried to hold back Eisenhower’s crude, but ultimately effective, Russian-style attacks. (I am a combat veteran myself, and when thinking of that desperate battle, my emotions do not allow me to express in any words the feelings which I have for the plight of the common soldierson either side.)

The Shameful Cause

Why did these traitors hate Adolf Hitler? Bit by bit, the facts have filtered out through the shroud of misinformation, justifications, and bald-faced lies which always cloud the truth about these times. The sad, shameful truth is that they hated him only because he had not risen from the Officer Corps or the Aristocracy, but had come from the ranks of the common soldiery. Indeed, he was a heroic winner of the Iron Cross, but nevertheless, this corporal” had bruised many an officer-ego in his efforts to lead Germany during those desperate times. It was not lack of manpower or materials, but simple-minded, petty-classism which was the primary cause of Germany’s total defeat.

A Lesson for Today

As in National Socialist Germany, traitors in high places are a great cause of the desperate racial situation of today. But this, like the situation in general, is tolerated because selfishness, materialism, ego-pandering, cowardliness, greed, and indulgence rule our race today, and barring a miracle, there is little hope for survival. It is not the Jew, Negro, or Asian who is to blame; it is none other than ourselves! Realizing this, we are developing a prototype Folk-community, the primary purpose of which is to produce Aryan men and women who will not be affected by selfishness, egoism, and irresponsibility, and the heirs of whom will have the power to lead the remnant of our race not only to survival, but to ennoblement and ultimately to a golden age of prosperity and enlightenment.

But while we work toward this important goal, we should not forget those traitors of National Socialist Germany. Many of the traitors in the German Officer Corps were men who had proved themselves in actual combat, and who were awarded honors and medals for their service. Still, they had enough selfishness hidden within to bring about the disaster of 1945. In contrast, few of those in today’s National Socialist movement (or for that matter any of the other White racial movements) have such credentials. In fact, weve encountered a dismally large number of them who either avoided military service, were rejected from military service for mental or physical reasons, or were thrown out of the service (for political reasons, of course!). The very unfortunate point here is that one has to use some real discrimination in dealing with people in the White-racial movement, including those with long-term service in political organizations. We learned this the hard way.

Our initial strategy for creating a Folk-community was to bring together some selected individuals and families who had demonstrated their commitment by spending considerable time on staff of a National Socialist political organization or by long-term support of such an organization. The result of this was disastrous. The aforementioned petty-classism of the German Officer Corps was absolutely nothing compared to the insecurities and hyper-sensitive egoism which hid secretly behind a phoney façade of National Socialist idealism! We are now working with families who have demonstrated their worth in more viable ways than service on the staff of defunct political organizationsfamilies and individuals who understand that the first step to changing the future is to change themselves!

As long as we recognize the enemy, and we have the will and idealism necessary, we can prevail. Over and over again we have pointed out that our enemies are not Jews, Negroes, Masons, nor International Finance. Our sole enemy is the collective selfishness of our own race! This is a problem which only we ourselves can solveand we can solve it! Folkish Observations is produced especially for this task. By introspection and analysis we can begin to know ourselves and overcome ourselves, ultimately bringing forth that healthy Aryan Folk envisioned by Adolf Hitler!

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, August 1993

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