“The Camp of the Saints” Revisited

Maj. D. V. Clerkin


Written in 1973, THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS, a novel by French author Jean Raspail, was an instant controversial hit. It described an invasion by an armada of over one hundred leaky ships carrying a million East Indians, an invasion of France and thereby the whole of Europe by filthy, disease-ridden, squalid Hindus who have had enough of the poverty of India produced by their own sexual profligacy and ennui. The “Monster,” as Raspail identifies the collective mass of people, manages to get onto the seas and progresses toward Europe with a relentlessness that defies nature and logic. Raspail tells how the “liberal” forces in charge of Europe’s psychological soul – the Church, the Press, the University – lobbied for the “Monster,” that it should be allowed to land on French soil as a “penance,” that white guilt demanded the sacrifice of the European culture and race to the “Monster.”

As the armada passed out of the Indian Ocean to the mouth of the Red Sea, only the Egyptians had a presence of mind and the determination to threaten the “Monster” with armed violence, thus turning the armada away from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. The “Monster” proceeded to steam toward the Cape of Good Hope, where the white South African government of the time sent out barges to the armada loaded with food, clothing and medicines. The Hindus threw the supplies into the ocean! The “Monster” would not be bought off with anything less than European land and white flesh.

As the armada progresses up the Atlantic coast of West Africa, the drumming of Third World propaganda became deafening in France and throughout Europe. Frenchmen in the south of France flee from the impending disaster soon to be visited on them and their country. The president of France orders the army to proceed to the south and repel the invasion. The French Assembly calls for the resignation of the president and the army suffers a revolt – the propaganda from the “liberal” forces for many years infecting the ranks of officers and men alike. They refuse to fire on the “refugees.” France begins to fall apart, the prisons breaking down and convicts streaming into the French countryside, raping, stealing and murdering. Hippies from all over Europe collect on the southern shores of France to welcome the Monster.”

Only one French officer stands by his oath of office – Colonel Dragases – and he is unable to do anything to stem the invasion because his own troops desert, one of his most trusted captains even blowing out his own brains rather than obey the Colonel’s order to fire his weapons into the hordes of Hindus pouring ashore from the rusted hulks run aground. Much of the French establishment goes over to the side of the invaders, seeing that making deals may be safer than opposition to the inevitable. French women willingly become whores for the insatiable desires of the Hindus for white flesh. Those who do not cooperate are simply forced into prostitution. More ships come to Europe, and slowly the Aryan motherland dies in an ocean of color.

Raspail decries the impotence of the European response to such an armed invasion, yet in his Afterword he begs the indulgence of the “liberal” forces by claiming that his motive in writing such a novel was not driven by “racism,” and that were he a soldier in such a circumstance he could not have fired on the invaders either. Such a cop-out after reading what Raspail describes in THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS concerning the overt anti-white hatred of the Hindu invaders – they were determined to spread their genes widely among the Europeans, thus wiping out the Aryan race (GENOCIDE!) – is sickening, making the reader wonder why Raspail entertained such a scenario in the first place?

If Raspail had not the fortitude of Aryan soul to repel the invasion of his country, the determination to defend his own race from extinction in this manner, then his book becomes meaningless. Raspail and all who share his cowardice in the face of the enemy are spiritually dead, racially moribund, and not qualified to speak as whites, let alone Aryans.


One need not wonder what Adolf Hitler would have done in his time had the threat of a Hindu invasion been placed against the heart of Europe. Hitler would have ordered U-Boat attacks against the armada in the Atlantic Ocean. The Lufwaffe would have attacked when the “Monster” steamed in range. The SS would have been deployed to repel the invaders who survived to land on the shores of France. Those who would call this response inhumane – an atrocity – should be reminded of the motive of the invaders from India. They intended to seize an entire continent for their own purposes, their own race and religion, their lust for white flesh, their concept of destroying the hated white man. As the U-Boats strike, the Luftwaffe bombs and strafes, and the SS mows them down on the beaches, who would claim that these actions are uncalled for? Those who shrink from the obligation to defend the soil wherein their ancestors are buried, where their culture was born, where their children hope to be saved by the courage and manliness of their fathers, where white Aryan women expect their men to do something to prevent such a calamity, such as these are not fit to speak for the white race in any capacity.

Raspail goes beyond fiction to claim that he would not have fired on the invaders, thus displaying his own sense of white racial guilt, probably fostered by his loyalty to Judeo-Christianity, wherein the Hindu concept of Dharma is strongest, sapping the will of its adherents. (Dharma is the Hindu religious concept of absolute tolerance, of perversions, of race mixing, of religious oddities, etc.)

Which is why Hitler and the SS concept is more relevant today than ever. I would not feel morally guilty in shooting such invaders. They have come to finish me and mine, If we had such a situation, then maybe we would be engulfed, killed, but not for want of showing the invaders what we are made of. To surrender abjectly in such a way as Raspail recounts in THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS, to give it all up without a fight, is beyond my ability to consider possible.

As I drove about yesterday in my car, I listened to a tape of the finale of “Die Götterdämmerung,” by Richard Wagner, “Brunhilde’s Immolation.” Thinking then of the Raspail novel, this is the music which should be in the ears of every Aryan when they meet their own personal test of will. Raspail is a Frenchman who cannot conceive that Hitler and National Socialism were right. He writes that the French music establishment played recordings of Mozart as the nation went down, while the Germans played Wagner, which Raspail scoffed at as being typical of the Germans. Mozart is essentially music of the salon, while Wagner is music that energizes the soul and the fighting spirit of the Aryan people. As the machine guns chattered and the mortars and napalm exploded, yes, Wagner would indeed justify the action.

published by the Euro-American Alliance.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, April 1998

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