No, We Do Not Need Another “New Approach”

James Harting

no new approach

With depressing regularity, some newcomer shows up and makes the suggestion that we need a new approach. The National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler was fine in its day, the newbie informs us, but only up to a point, and in any event, history has moved on and now we need a new approach if the movement for White survival is to be successful.

As the saying goes, if I had a nickel for every time that I have heard that suggestion over the last 47 years, I would be a rich man today!

White Man Newbie tells us that Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and the Swastika are so hated by White people that using or invoking them dooms the movement to political failure. Instead, he says, we should try a more clever approach. We should camouflage our real beliefs and intents so as not to alarm the people we hope to recruit and to mislead our enemies.

We should wear gray shirts instead of brown shirts, and devise some Swastika substitute instead of using the real thing. Or alternately, we should wear suits and ties and replace Mein Kampf with Imperium (or whatever the last book it is that Newbie has read). Instead of calling ourselves National-Socialists, we should use the designation National Conservatives or something similar.

Believe me, this kind of simplistic subterfuge certainly does not fool the Jews, nor the news media, nor the government, nor the other enemies of White survival. It is does not fool people who are already in the movement. It does, however, mislead the people whom we are trying to recruit. In other words, it deceives the very people we are seeking to educate.

In the end, the new approach gives up all of the considerable natural advantages of open National-Socialism, in exchange for nothing.

I speak from experience. From 1969 through 1971 I was a member and activist of the National Renaisance Party. The NRP was esssentially an NS group that was trying its own new approach. A lot of money was spent, a lot of blood was spilled, I and some other good men saw the inside of a jail cell on occasion – AND NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL OR LASTING WAS ACHIEVED.

Certainly the best attempt at a new approach was that of Dr. William Pierce and the National Alliance. Through the dogged determination and intellectual brilliance of Dr. Pierce, the NA flourished briefly, a bright flame for our Race in a darkening situation. But the “new approach” organization that he founded quickly sputtered to a halt upon his death. Without Pierce, the approach he championed went nowhere.

As Lincoln Rockwell noted, our Race is not dying from a dearth of new ideas, but from a lack of fighting spirit. We do not require a new approach or some new ideology. Rather, what is needed is for every National-Socialst and NS sympathizer to pull together to make the old approach work. And by “old approach” I mean pure, Hitlerian National-Socialism.

National-Socialism – which is nothing other than the application of the laws of Nature to human affairs – is PERFECT the way it is. It does not need updating, revising or altering. What is needed are not cosmetic changes to make it more appealing to the general public, but rather the faith and courage on the part of its adherents to make it work in the face of powerful and entrenched opposition


Got it?

The future of our Race is inextricably linked to National-Socialism. Indeed, how can it be otherwise? Aryan humanity will either once again live in harmony with the natural order, or it will cease to live at all. The present state of affairs, in which our people live in open rebellion to Nature’s laws, must be viewed in terms of great historical perspective as a temporary dislocation, for no people can flout forever the biological prerequisites which form the basis for its existence.

Our sickness will not be a permanent condition: either the patient will recover or die.

Those White Nationalists and NS sympathizers who propose some other cure for the ills now afflicting our folk are offering a false panacea, however well intentioned their suggestions may be.

No political ideology, no economic reorganization, no social uplift or cultural renaissance, none of the various forms of Christianity nor any appeal to the heathen past of our ancestors – no nothing at all, except as an organic component of a self-identified National-Socialist movement – offers any true hope for our people in this New Dark Age of racial disintegration and spiritual decay.

It will be National-Socialism, or nothing at all.

Let me repeat myself: we do NOT need a new approach, but rather we need all hands on deck working in a disciplined, organized, and energetic manner to make the old approach work.

There is ONLY ONE WAY forward for our Race at this crucial historical juncture: pure, Hitlerian NATIONAL-SOCIALISM. Anything else is just an illusion and a dead end for our folk.

SOURCE: No, We Do Not Need Another “New Approach” by James Harting, 2013

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