The English Language Amendment

Allan Callahan

The English Language - bilingual ballot

As the racial darkening of America picks up speed, some of the white lawmakers in Le Grande Cesspool, D.C. are getting downright uneasy. They see non-whites, especially the massive numbers of recent times, as tending to cluster together, creating myriads of societies within a society, while retaining their own customs and languages; and even, after a fashion, their own economies. This they want to stop. And they have a plan.

To understand how the plan will work, imagine a doctor, on discovering lumps of cancer in a patient’s body, doing nothing about eradicating them. Instead, he breaks up the lumps so that the cancer will spread throughout the body.

The vehicle for doing this will be the English language. Make all the non-whites learn English, and they will be more likely to abandon their enclaves and spread all through Caucasian society. English will need to be made the official language of the United States, and if this is done by a proposed 27th Amendment to the Constitution, then the courts cannot foul things up by demanding bilingual classes in Spanish or other languages, bilingual ballots, etc.

Getting down to specifics, Representative Norman Shumway has introduced an “English First” Amendment (H.J. RES. 96) in the House and a similar resolution has been introduced in the Senate by Senator Steve Symms (S.J. RES. 20).

Advocates say that America’s vaunted “melting pot” is not working so well anymore, tending instead to be more and more like a salad bowl, with each element remaining distinct. And some of these elements are getting so large that they are taking on identities of their own. One example is Miami. Mayor Maurice Ferre stated that “you can go through your whole life without having to speak English at all.” Miami has eight Spanish-language radio stations, three Spanish-language television stations, three Spanish-language newspapers, around half a dozen Spanish-language political and gossip tabloids, plus a batch of magazines; some of these its own and others that are Spanish-language editions of English-language magazines.

More “Miamis are going to spring up in the future. And bad as the situation is there, it is better to have these brown-skinned aliens living among themselves in a concentrated area than to have them spreading all out through white society and mixing their blood with ours. Language is the key. If the non-whites have to learn English, they will be less likely to stay put.

Most whites seem to favor the “English First” Amendment; at least this was the reaction of those in the audience of the Phil Donahue Show when this issue was discussed some time ago. No doubt much of this support on their part is caused by white anger and frustration over the massive brown invasion that is taking place in the U.S. today. Many ‘Hispanics’ don’t want to learn English, and Caucasians therefore think we can somehow “get back” at them if we make them learn it.

And, of course, there is the economic argument. It is said that if we don’t force them to learn English, many will not be able to get jobs and will have to live off welfare, not to mention the extra cost for schools to run classes in Spanish and other languages, the cost of bilingual ballots in elections, etc.

But one factor the “English First” sponsors overlook is the fact that, when the non-white enclaves get large, they tend to create their own economies. These do not cover everything, but they go a long way. However, there will be more welfare money paid out, no doubt about that, and there will also be other extra expenses for bilingual ballots, classes in school, and what-not. But, bad as these things are, I still think all this is much preferable to creating a whole army of mixed-blood offspring to have to deal with. Also, when the white man sees that the “melting pot” isn’t working very well anymore, maybe he will finally come to his senses and really come to grips with the race problem.

The real problem isn’t that many non-whites want to live to themselves and not learn English. No, the real problem is the darkening of America!! And making everyone learn English won’t solve this problem at all; on the contrary, it will only make it worse.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, June 1987

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