Aryan Victory in Supreme Court Decision

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Aryan Victory

The incongruity of contemporary political thought lies not so much with conflicting political ideologies as in simple ignorance. As an example, in June of 1987 when the Supreme Court of the United States voided the last vestige of creationist religious teaching in the public schools, Liberals hailed it as a great victory and conservatives bemoaned yet another loss. In reality it was quite the opposite.

The racial Weltanschauung gives the answer. The court’s 7-2 vote decisively upheld a decision striking down an Arkansas law which permitted the teaching of the Jew/Biblical creation myth in the public schools, and was then extended to cover a similar law in Louisiana. Aryan warriors sighed in relief, for at last no public school system could impose such a perverted philosophy upon the racialist’s children. The realistic outline and interpretation of the evolution of life upon this planet as propounded by Charles Darwin seems, at last, secure in our public schools, and with it must come the downfall of the “equality” farce.

That is the basic and fundamental difference in our racial world view and that of the Jew, a racialist looks upon nature, not as an enemy to be fought and controlled, but as the great sea of life upon which all living things sail. Human progress across those waters is governed by exactly the same laws which affect every other living thing. What insures the survival of one species will, in like manner, insure the survival of all.

The Aryan warrior cannot answer life’s fundamental questions – from whence did life spring and whither will it go – nor is there an attempt to do that. Religions have ever sought to answer those two unanswerable questions, and none have succeeded. The Jew, borrowing from earlier religious thought, decided that their Big Jew in the Heavens had reached down and created it all and then given it all as a play ground for them, his “chosen ones.” Each and every other religion has a similar story. That such a concept was imposed upon the once rational peoples of northern Europe, our Aryan progenitors, was a tragedy from which we are only now emerging. Charles Darwin (1809-1882) came upon the scene and, as is well known, published his two famous works, The Origin of Species, and The Descent of Man. His works were based upon observations which he made during extended scientific journeys aboard two British vessels, HMS Adventure and Beagle. These two books did not cause immediate revolution, but, as time rolled by, they did, for Darwin had found the key to unlock the Christian fetters binding the Aryan soul to the Jew.

In Darwin’s outline of the probable course which nature takes in stocking this world we see a beauty and a simplicity which is basic to the Aryan soul, for we see reality, we see truth, as contrasted to the sham and shame of the Jew doctrine, which is part and parcel of all mid-eastern religions, and which was nearly successful in the destruction of the Aryans, the finest race which has evolved upon this planet.

The U.S. Supreme Court kicked the final prop from under the Big Hebe in the Heavens’ religion and has restored the natural order. Aryan warriors must now insure the victory is not perverted by the Jew and his “running dogs” of the Christian-Humanistic perversions. Man evolves, races evolve, and individual genetic characteristics evolve as well. That which best insures survival is meant by nature to prevail. Thus we have seen the Aryan race emerge as the dominant race upon this planet, for it is the race which has best adapted to the requirements of living within the bounds set by nature. The Aryan has adapted to the changing natural order and has created a civilization second to none. Yet today, the dominance of the Aryans has fallen to an almost fatal level of self-destruction as the influence of the Jew religion, Christianity, has come to dominate his every action.

With the emergence of Christianity as the dominant philosophy in our Westem-Aryan civilization our actions became idiotic and self-destructive as we denied our own place at the pinnacle of the evolutionary process and sought to become one with those who have not had the Aryan’s genetic success. Today we see Aryans wallowing in the slave mentality of the Jew and manifesting such perverted concepts as “equality” and “brotherhood.” We Aryans have admitted into our homelands, into our daily life, and, most unfortunately, into our beds, the dregs of humanity. Those who have committed the vilest of racial sins, miscegenation, have been not only permitted to live, but have been allowed to bring their mulatto offspring into the public schools, into our political life, into our military services and, as one with sight cannot escape, have permitted them to dominate the Jewish industries of news and entertainment. Today, the Aryan children who watch the television programs which bombard them with propaganda see presented only the distorted features of the mulatto or the sinister face of the Jew – unless, of course, the concept of honesty and integrity is to be conveyed – then an Aryan is found to play the role. The Aryan’s identity with honesty and integrity is well illustrated by the use of a lovely Celtic woman – blonde and blue-eyed – to sell a particular brand of pain killer.

With the court’s decision, the Aryan warrior must insure the misguided adults of our Aryan family read well the lessons of natural selection upon which the court’s decision was based. Nature does not compensate for the weak, she destroys them. There is not a species alive which owes its existence to the benevolence of another species, nor has a single race emerged from mankind’s deep and hidden roots which has not struggled through the eons for that position. That each race occupies a different role in nature’s scheme is not for the races to question. Each race must, from within its own genetic resources, insure the furtherance of its being and the upward and continuing evolution of its racial stock. It is not within the power of the Aryan warrior to know what our future generations must be prepared to endure and to overcome so that our race may survive. Our responsibility to the future is to insure that the best of our race today provide children for that great tomorrow. What other races do is of no concern to the Aryan. The other races will continue their own evolutionary process – or will falter and disappear, it is of no consequence to nature, for by her iron dictate it is the strong which shall prevail.

Within the racial movement today are many voices. Each seeks to identify and to elevate their own particular dogma as being the route for Aryan salvation, and, there are even some of the Christian perversion in our ranks. For the most part they have missed the primer of racial history and wisdom which is readily available to them. Adolf Hitler wrote the book. It is titled, Mein Kampf. It tells of Hitler’s racial awakening and the means which he took to bring the racial philosophy of the Aryan into the political reality of the Jew-Christian dominated world of Germany in the post World War I period. The details of his “struggle,” for that is the meaning of the title, may be lost on today’s racialist as they tend to read it as the history of a movement which failed, but the National Socialist movement did not fail. The military forces of the Third Reich, which were the creation of Hitler’s political vehicle, the National Socialist German Workers Party, then and now denigratingly called Nazis, were finally overwhelmed in 1945 by the forces aligned against them. The racial realities of the natural order, the firm bedrock of truth upon which the National Socialist philosophy rests, is as alive today as it was for Hitler or for any other racial philosophy before or since Hitler that looks to reality rather than myth for its course of action.

Hitler chose the National Socialist German Workers Party as his vehicle to political power for the purpose of freeing the German peoples from the intrusion of the Jew into Germanic life. Today’s Aryan warrior is looking for a similar vehicle, but, too often, overlooks the profound wisdom spelled out in Mein Kampf. Hitler was a realist, and if he lived today in the flesh rather than in the spirit, he, too, would seek a means of freeing the racial strength of the Aryan from the sucking grip of the Jew and the other mud races. The party, the political vehicle which he would chose today would be of contemporary design and function, but Hitler’s message of racial purity, of individual honor and integrity, rings as true today as it did to his followers during his lifetime. There is no need to seek further for our Aryan doctrine for Hitler outlined it well. Hitler did not create the truth of racial evolution, nature did that, he only presented a program of racial and political reality for the Aryan peoples. It behooves us today to read and to understand his message and to seek the political vehicle which will free the Aryan from the Jew and leave us free to enter the future without the parasite upon our back.

Today’s Aryan warrior, just as each warrior in our long history, will often stand alone. To expect the bulk of those who pass for Aryans today to be aware of their racial obligations and potential is absurd. We carry upon our shoulders the accumulated racial detritus of two thousand years of alien thought and genetic retrogression. Had it not been for the Christian influence, ours would be a stronger race today for we would not have permitted the tampering with our heritage by allowing the racially unfit to procreate. We carry that burden today, but natural selection, if allowed once again to operate, will again cleanse our gene pool. Look not for some supernatural hand to save the Aryan, if we are to survive as a race, it must be our own work, each Aryan man and woman insuring our continuity upon this planet, and the working of the natural law which also governs our individual fate upon death. If man survives as a spiritual entity, and some fascinating contemporary studies do point to this possibility, then it is a survival within the natural order of life and not the intervention of some Heavenly Hebe. There is no need to give any further credence to the Jew religion. The divinity which created the Aryan is the long and continuing process of natural selection, not some imaginative supernatural creature created by the distorted and pathetic world view of the Jew.

The court has taken the burden from our racial shoulders, what we do now is up to each of you, our Aryan warriors!

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, February 1988

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