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A prophecy may be stated in such a manner that the prophet is unaware of his prophecy. What was given as a straight-forward statement, can, in retrospect, have a far deeper significance. This is illustrated in a short film produced by UFA for home consumption in Germany in 1942.

The film, titled “Fahnen-Junker,” shows the training of the officer candidates at an Alpine school for mountain troops. The film opens with a group of young men, skis over their shoulders, marching and singing. It could have been filmed at a university, but then we are shown these young men at various stages of military training, running, swimming, skiing, and in a combat exercise in their field uniforms. What could have passed for a group of young college men, became a group of seasoned veterans. Men who knew well the sting of battle, for nearly every tunic is decorated with assault and wound badges and many boast the Iron Cross. These, the viewer now knows, are combat veterans. German soldiers recommended by their commanders for this rugged training which produced the finest mountain troops ever.

The prophecy came in a brief scene showing a political indoctrination class. The captain asks his class why the struggle, meaning WW II, was so long and so hard. One of the Fahnen-Junker officer candidates rose and said, “The war is an ideological war. Ideological wars, as history shows, have always been long lasting and especially hard.” The Fahnen-Junker believed he was speaking of the war against the Jew doctrine of communism. He was wrong.

We do not fault the young man for his answer, but it was wrong. The ideological war was one which was to be waged within the family of Aryan peoples. The ideology was not National Socialism vs. Communism, but racial purity vs. racial ruin. The young man can easily be forgiven for his lack of foresight. Many of Germany’s racial laws of the 1930s had been based upon similar laws then observed in the United States. In the 1930s, the U.S. had the most sound racial and genetic laws in the world. Miscegenation was illegal in many states, and morally reprehensible in all. Legal sterilization was required in many states for those with serious genetic defects and with a record of certain criminal behavior. The rape of a white woman by a black meant execution, while today the nigger is probably patted on his woolly thatch and the woman damned for attempting to deny the nigger his “rights.”

With the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the great champion of the Jew, the racial barriers began to come down and the Jew was placed in the highest levels of government – executive, legislative and judicial – and has remained there to this day. Gone was the honest, scientific approach to race and genetic issues, and, to take its place, deception, coercion and lies – all under the banner of “equality.” It did not take place overnight, as the American people would not have permitted the destruction of a system which most regarded as sound and necessary for a healthy population. From 1933 to today, the process has proceeded at an ever accelerating pace and now we find those who believe in racial purity and the irrefutable evidence for the genetic cause for many of mankind’s woes labeled with the horrible tag of “racist.”

The young man filmed in that class would have thought it absurd to assume the Aryan people would one day be so inoculated with the Jew virus they would be tottering upon the brink of racial extinction, but such is the case. As he spoke, there was not one Aryan nation which willingly accepted Jews into their lands. True, many had opened their doors to those Jews who had left Germany, but it was a policy of political expediency, not one popularly accepted by the people of the countries concerned. Had Roosevelt, and his co-conspirator Winston S. Churchill, tried as hard to prevent war as he did to bring it on, Hitler would have resettled the Jew in the east and Europe would have been free of them. The North American continent would not have seen the massive influx of these unwanted scum, and our population, our government and our daily life would today be far more wholesome.

The prophecy, that ideological wars have historically been long and hard, is certainly true. We have been engaged in it since Adolf Hitler first raised the swastika banner as a rallying symbol for the Aryan peoples of Germany. Though the Jew may today be gloating over his apparent victory at the destruction of European civilization, he sits upon a precarious perch. The focus of racial unity is no longer centered in Germany, it has spread to every nation where Aryan folk live, and today we find our Aryan Warriors girding for battle. Our young no longer accept the “equality” myth and realize they have no genetic future if left in the hands of the Jew. They look at the despicable racial misfits dominating television and motion pictures and realize what is in store for them. The mongrel race is what the Jew seeks, for the Jew knows the mental and moral capacities of a mongrel are usually less than those of a Jew, thus a mongrel population is easily subjected. Those Aryans who are near any large, once-European city can vouch for the overwhelming mass of genetic scum which oozes over those doomed enclaves of contemporary Jew-culture. It is a terrifying look into the future, for if we, as Aryan Warriors, do not halt the rapid process of genetic disintegration, our future population will be mongrel, the Aryan will be no more. The Aryan will have been genetically lost in the cesspool of the mud races, and we Aryan Warriors will not permit this to happen.

The distributors of “Fahnen-Junker,” International Historical Films, did not intend this to be a prophetic offering but, rather, a look at the past from the perspective of those who lived in that past. For the racialist, who bears the honored title of Aryan Warrior, it is a clarion call to arms. The time is short and the struggle will be hard fought. We Aryans will emerge as victors, regaining control of our race and lands – or we will die – there is no alternative. Our first step must be separation from the Jew, it must be soon and it must be complete. The Jew’s influence over Aryan lands and peoples must end. The Jew has been driven from our lands in the past, it must now happen again.

There is no equality in racial selection. The strong prevail. Nature has no concern for second best, nor should we.

If Nature does not wish that weaker individuals should mate with the stronger, she wishes even less that a superior race should intermingle with an inferior one; because in such a case all her efforts, throughout hundreds of thousands of years, to establish an evolutionary higher stage of being may thus be rendered futile.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, September 1988

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