Why National Socialism?

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Why National Socialism

Northern Press recently received a letter from one of the national leaders of our Aryan struggle asking some pertinent questions concerning our belief in Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism which was born and came to power in Germany in the post-WW I period and lasted until his death in April of 1945. In answering his questions, we may also answer some of yours.

Let me quote from the letter: “I believe our religious ideas are quite similar. However my evaluation of history does not bring me to the idea that Hitler was near the champion of the overall white race that you seem to believe. Our situation has almost no parallel to what was happening in Germany. This does not mean I do not believe true National Socialism is generally a good program for whites or that I would trash the age-old swastika. One side has vilified Hitler for their reasons, the other side deifies Hitler due to his anti-Jew position. I believe both such views miss the mark of the real Hitler.”

As this 20th Century draws to a close, why should we remember and venerate the man whose government brought Germany to total collapse and destruction at the end of 1945?

Why should we, the torch bearers for our Aryan folk, still maintain loyalty and affection for Adolf Hitler, a man damned in nearly all history books and certainly in contemporary press and television reports?

Why then do we Aryans continue to read his monumental book, Mein Kampf, and to look upon the years of National Socialist government as an inspiration? It is because Hitler created a racial state and defined and lived the Weltanschauung of the Aryan, he gave us the world view which, to insure the survival of our race, we too must live. That world view is simple. It is based upon blood and soil – the pure blood of our race and living in harmony with nature. Racial blood free from the deadly contamination created by miscegenation, and a soil, or world, free from the contamination of industrial pollutants and the commercial rape of our natural resources now threatening our globe. A world view which embraces each branch of the Aryan family and seeks to promote the advancement of our race by the encouraged reproduction of the best of our stock, the men and women whom we call our Aryan Warriors.

Hitler further developed this world view from the general to the personal level. What that means is this, each Aryan Warrior views individual, political, and economic actions by one standard – is it in the best interest of my race? Those actions and peoples found to be harmful to the race are avoided. It is a view of racial exclusiveness. For those who hold the racial world view life becomes one of harmony with nature, for the Aryan knows the place which our race holds is completely dependent upon natural selection. The Aryan did not spring from a mythical Hebrew deity’s whim to “create” a world and people. Each race, just as each individual, is the end product of a long, long evolutionary struggle. If you look upon the human populations of the world as being some haphazard thing, then you are not a racist. This is the view of the liberals of this world who see no value in race and seek to interbreed the various races into one downbred mass of chocolate-colored mulattoes. If you look upon mankind as something which is still developing to its ultimate potential, then you are a racist. A racist sees in each race an evolutionary expression which must continue for that race to reach its fullest potential. It is in this concept that the racial message of Mein Kampf is as valid today as it was when it was written, for the racial truth expounded by Adolf Hitler is timeless. It is the only expression of racial unity and purpose which serves as a unifying beacon for all of the many and diversified elements of our Aryan family.

Hitler joined, and then led, the National Socialist German Workers Party, the NSDAP. The party was a vehicle for political action. The NSDAP was tailored to meet the goals and objectives relevant to the place and time of its creation. The NSDAP, as a political party with any chance of success today, is dead. The party’s name is still used by some in the racial movement and one organization is using it quite effectively in bringing light where darkness exists in Germany today. That organization is called The New Order and its overseas branch is the NSDAP-AO, the AO being an abbreviation for overseas organization. None doing the work in the New Order can realistically feel the platform of the 1920’s and 30’s would be of any political use in Germany today. While the name is retained, the party’s objectives are different, save for one aspect, racial purity.

In reading “Mein Kampf,” and in Hitler’s many public statements, we find National Socialism was not an export product. Hitler intended his program to unify the Germanic peoples of Europe. Where Hitler had respect for others of the Aryan family, such as Nordics, Celts and Anglo-Saxons, it was the Germanic peoples living in Germany and central Europe whom he hoped to unite. It is his message of racial unity and purpose under a racial government which we of Northern Press feel is valid today just as it was when Hitler espoused it during his life. Hitler did not create the racial message, he lived it and preached it as he had received it from others. Aryans have a long, written history of espousing racial purity and Adolf Hitler was but one of a long line with the same message, “The Aryans must maintain their racial purity.”

This brings us to the swastika as a symbol of racial unity. The swastika has been used by the Aryan from the earliest times and is found on all sorts of surviving artifacts from ancient Greece to the British Isles. The swastika represents unity as seen by the symbolism of the sun. It is a form of the “sun wheel” which is expressed in many ways. The swastika was not “invented” by Adolf Hitler, though it was Hitler who turned it at a 45 degree angle from the horizontal and vertical orientation of its arms. Hitler felt this gave a more dramatic effect, and he was right. National Socialists retain the swastika and respect it as an expression of age-old Aryan unity.

Finally, yes, Hitler is damned by most, but he is also loved deeply by his contemporary followers. He is damned by the Jew and the Jew-dominated liberal world. Hitler’s views and actions were the antithesis of everything the Jew signifies. Hitler stood for honor, loyalty and the German folk and soil. He sought to drive the Jew from Germany because at the root of every corrupt and degrading practice he found a Jew. He demanded Germany be returned to the Germans. He wanted no domination of the professions, business, education, entertainment, or the news and publishing media by the Jew’s alien Weltanschauung. He wanted all that was German to reflect Aryan values. Nature does not recognize the Jewish concept of “equality,” nature only recognizes the strong, and so did Hitler. For the Jew to dominate, the Jew must subvert, and the process of subversion was well along in Germany. Though far advanced, it was not nearly as advanced as the Jewish corruption of contemporary western society. The Jew, just as an untreated cancer, metastasized from the point of infection in Germany and has, today, spread throughout the Aryan world. Far from eradicating the Jew in some mythical “holocaust,” Hitler’s attempt to move them elsewhere, caused their spread, and today they infect all western nations.

The Jew has built an entire industry on the holocaust myth. The Jew has invented some of the most preposterous stories since the Old Testament and has used them to blackmail Germany and the United States into supporting their terrorist state of Israel. The “guilt” for the treatment of the Jew is now broadened to include all who profess to be Christian, for the Jew has ridden upon the backs of the Christians from the time that religion was first conceived. It is no coincidence that the Christian hero was a Jew, and all who are listed as the cult’s early propagators were Jews. Thus, many National Socialists are not of that faith. An Aryan Warrior sees nothing of value coming from the Jew and contact with Jews, their products and services are avoided.

A final thought, and this concerns the “socialism” of our name. The socialist program of Adolf Hitler was neither the socialism of the Marxist, nor the Jew espoused communist doctrine. National Socialism is an economic system based upon racial loyalty where each produces that which is essential to the wellbeing and progress of his race and is within the individual’s capacity. This may be a product or a service and the Aryan is honor-bound to produce the very best which he is capable of producing. That he may realize a profit for his efforts is accepted, for it is work which sustains the Aryan family. The social welfare system in Hitler’s Germany was dedicated to returning each member of society to productivity. None capable of work was denied work. Care was provided for those who could not care tor themselves. No underclass of welfare recipients, such as is seen today in the west, was created. It is unfortunate the ravages of WW II did not permit the fruition of the National Socialist state, for it would have shown the world a nation living in peace and plenty, an example of racial harmony and progress worthy of emulation.

National Socialism is today honored within our Aryan family, even though its concepts are as applicable to the Negro as to the Aryan, to the Asian as to the Australian aborigine. National Socialism seeks the realization of the potential within the genetic pool of one’s race and consciously seeks the benefits of racial selection by the reproduction of the finest elements of that genetic pool. National Socialism is honor and loyalty. Honor in the worth of one’s word and in the loyalty to self, family and folk – unto death. National Socialism is honoring nature by protecting that fragile balance which she has created to enable this planet to bring forth life in abundance. National Socialism is placing the collective good of the race above any individual and the individual accepting and honoring that concept. Above all, National Socialism is a joyous way of life.

Personal observation of Germans in their homeland over a period of many years and discussions with them about their life under National Socialism has given this writer a picture of a people united in purpose during the years of Hitler’s government. Existing films of that time show a happy, prosperous people, though the films today are dismissed as being propaganda. However, discussing the period with those who had lived it did show that most were not only happy but also materially better off under National Socialism than they had been before. It was a time of active, productive programs for all ages, for economic plans enabling the purchase of homes and other material things which had never before been possible, and, above all, a time of full employment. The war brought a change in their physical life, but the faith in their leader, Adolf Hitler, remains to this day, for they remember his time as one of unity, accomplishment, and joy.

The filmed scenes were not contrived, happiness was the hallmark of life under the swastika banner. Northern Press feels that joy can be had again, if we but accept the racial concept of Aryan purity and purge from our lives the parasites who have come to destroy us. We National Socialists, just as did Adolf Hitler, look to our children and the young men and women of our race to insure our survival and the advancement of our Aryan culture. With this goal our Aryan Warrior of today, just as did the NSDAP counterpart before, can truly say, “Tomorrow Belongs To Me!”

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, September 1988

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