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There is little doubt the racial movement within the Western nations is in disarray. Some will place the blame upon the connivance of government, the Jews, the overwhelming influx of non-Aryan people into our midst, the hand of the Almighty, and so on. Few place the blame where it really belongs – upon the racialists themselves.

All of the factors above do contribute to today’s disorganized and fragmented racial front. We have on one hand the “conservatives,” the adherents to the various Klan organizations, and the minuscule but vital adherents to the National Socialist concepts of racial reality. On the other hand are the millions of Aryans still identifiable as Aryans who live their lives in ignorance of their racial responsibilities or who have accepted the Jew-Christian-Communist philosophy of “equality.” None of our Aryan groups seem too anxious to work together and, as of this date, we have no leader of national stature in any Western nation who speaks for the Aryan.

There have been some disturbing developments which, it seems, will be detrimental to the entire Aryan movement. We can not, in a piecemeal fashion, go about bombing, robbing, and slaying, nor can we expect the Aryan cause to be carried into the Consciousness of the Aryan people by the inhabitants of the prisons. To look for Aryan guidance from those who cling to the Jew inspired and founded faiths of Jesus or Muhammad is equally as futile since the tenets of these faiths are exactly what led us to the the sorry state in which the Aryan now finds himself. Nor can we seek to manufacture some new religion which will miraculously sweep the Aryan from the gutter and onto the place of racial purity and accomplishment from which we have fallen. We have had only one leader of stature for our Aryan people up to this point of the 20th Century, and our prospects for another one appearing in the near future are not promising.

Adolf Hitler was that successful leader. He was able, through his genius as a political leader, to secure for the German people a government based upon racial principles. Blut und Boden! (Blood and Soil!) was the slogan of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, the NSDAP. Hitler did not dwell upon the philosophical aspects of his movement, he stressed – always – the obtainable. He lived in the political arena and he knew he could only realize his racial objectives through the political process. Despite adversity and the nearly total rejection of his plans by those outside Germany, and many within, he did succeed. Had the calamity of World War II not been forced on Germany, the world would be a much more stable and happy place today. The “blood” of the National Socialist philosophy was racial purity. It was as much racial purity for the Aryan people as for the Orientals, the Negro, or any other race. It was a realization and acceptance of the natural law. Nature’s forces of selection have given us the races of mankind, and it behooves each race to strive to further that selection process by keeping its racial blood intact, with the hope and conscious effort of insuring that the best of their racial stock are allowed the opportunity to provide children for future development, and the denial of children to those who possess genetically passed defects. Such a realization of racial destiny looks with abhorrence upon racial interbreeding. No examples exist of a viable, productive society of human mongrels. Quite the contrary, every known example from the contemporary world and from our historical record shows the disastrous results of such racial mixing.

The “soil” of the National Socialist philosophy was a harmonious partnership of man with nature. It was the acceptance of the superior rôle which nature plays in the lives of all living creatures and the interdependency of each with the environment. The National Socialist philosophy is the 1930 and 1940 version of today’s ecology movements. Had the National Socialist philosophy been permitted to develop, it is doubtful the world today would be literally dying in an overwhelming sea of poisonous wastes dumped upon us by the the industrialists’ quest for profits. Each of our Western nations finds its people, its flora, and its fauna seeking survival in this sea of poison. It could have been prevented and it most certainly can be stopped – if we have the will as a people to do it.

It should be obvious to every Aryan that we can not sit back and await the arrival of the proverbial knight upon his white charger to save us from our destruction. We must do that for ourselves. To effect this survival, it is necessary for each of us, each Aryan warrior, to gird his or her loins for the battle in the political arena – just as did Adolf Hitler and his followers. Hitler realized, as we must too, that to survive as a race we must justify our survival, we must again take control of the Aryan’s destiny.

To begin the fight, each who would bear the title of Aryan warrior must live as an Aryan and recognize and accept the inviolate concepts of Blood and Soil, and to place those considerations at the forefront of every activity of his or her life. This must take place upon the personal plane. It means we make each choice a choice based upon Blood and Soil. Do we buy the organic food, or do we purchase that which has been laced with the chemical contaminates, or, better still, do we grow at least a part of the food which our family consumes? Do we associate with those who would destroy our race, do we patronize their stores, do we buy their services? Do we permit our children to bring those of other races into our home? Do we stand up for the Aryan’s accomplishments and right to exclusivity just as is done for other races? Do we take every possible opportunity to force government to control the rape of our planet by the greed of the industrialists? Do we require our families, our community, our city, and our state to respect nature by prohibiting the rape of the planet by the Christian mandate to go forth and plunder her for personal benefit? Every voice adds to the volume, and once the Aryan again finds the voice of our ancestors, then the rape of our race and of our planet will be halted.

There is no other avenue for our success. Hitler was the practical politician who guided the Germans and provided an example for all Aryans. He was not a saint. Hitler did not live in a world of mysticism, nor did he attempt to; he lived in the here-and-now of the reality of his world and his time while fully realizing the potential which did then and does today exist in the Aryan peoples. Adolf Hitler shunned the intellectual approach in favor of a direct appeal to the common man and woman of his time – the you and I of today. He led by example in the political arena of his day.

It is doubtful that anyone could have won political support in Germany in the post-war period of Hitler’s time if they had appealed to some vague philosophical concept based on the old Gods of the Germanic-Aryan people. The National Socialist program was based on attainable goals which would affect the daily lives of the German people. True, others within the National Socialist Movement were looking into the future to redefine and to realize a philosophical basis for their movement. This activity, primarily by members of Himmler’s SS, was well along its way, but they did not materially change the political nature of Hitler’s political activities.

There are available accounts of the deeply spiritual nature of the National Socialist programs and rallies. Many are living today who experienced those moments. Others must share them through the documents and films left by history and through the accounts of those who experienced them. The torch-lit processions, the dedication of one’s life and honor to the folk, the daily living of a life dedicated not to profit but to one’s race and soil, are left in faded accounts. In some sense, the Klan gatherings and cross burnings rekindle this sense of racial community and personal dedication, and as such are moving and powerful forces which kindle again our sense of Blood and Soil – thus they are roundly damned by our present governments, and in most once-Aryan nations are not even seen.

Our avenue of racial victory is not easily discerned at this time. Yet each Aryan warrior can, within his own home and community, live for the Aryan. Our men and women bear the responsibility for providing for their children a home in which Aryan values are taught and lived. As the Aryan community emerges within each Western nation, Aryan leaders will emerge to lead us. Our path to victory lies not in our withdrawal from the world of political reality onto some dung-heap of contemplative thought. Regardless of the purity of such thought, it is action which is required, not the withdrawal as exemplified by the mystics of Eastern religions. Hitler was not a mystic, he was a realist. Hitler fought in the bloody arena of politics – and he won. His victory must be an example to all Aryans, for it shows what is possible if one has dedication and the will to victory.

In Hitler’s Germany the swastika banner was raised. The swastika was and is an ancient symbol of Aryan thought, for it personifies the purity of the sun and man, the oneness of man with the universe, and the dedication of a people to those concepts. Though the banner faltered and nearly fell, it did not disappear and today Aryans again lift it up high. Aryan warriors today renew their belief in the concepts it represents, and Aryans live again for Blood and Soil – shouldn’t you?

Man’s effort to build up something that contradicts the iron logic of Nature brings him into conflict with those principles to which he himself exclusively owes his own existence. By acting against the Laws of Nature he prepares the way that leads to his ruin.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, September 1987

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