Race or Religion?

(David Lane)

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Race or Religion? This is the most fundamental problem of our age. Since the majority of the remnant of the White Aryan Race at least nominally supports some branch of the Christian religion, and since the Christian churches have made it their fondest hope and fervent duty to mix, mongrelize, and murder this remnant, the Race or Religion issue is literally the choice between life and death for the White man and the type of civilization which he alone designed and which he alone can maintain.

The concept of a superior being, i.e., “God,” (something I refer to as either the “Godforce” or the “Godsense”) is as old and pervasive as the Aryan race itself. Some would say as old as all so-called humans, but it is my guess that any “Godsense” among the primitives is simply a memory of contact with the “White Gods” described in so many tribal cults. At any rate, this “Godsense” exists among our people, and while it could be used to secure our existence, it is currently being used to destroy us.

The conflict between “reason,” which now tells the rational White man that his dominant religion is suicidal, and his inherent “Godsense” is forcing thinking Whites in several directions. Some simply abandon any belief in a higher moral power altogether. Others abandon their race and a future for their children by choosing to remain with the suicidal religion. Another group has returned to the nature-based religion of their Teutonic and Norse ancestors. Still others have chosen the “Identity Christian” option. Messrs. Butler, Miles, Emry, and Gayman are the leading teachers of this Identity faith. I have met and spent time with most of these Identity teachers. They are all men of the utmost racial loyalty. Richard Butler in particular, with whom I have spent much time and for whom I have the highest respect, has attempted to teach his followers the eternal and unyielding laws of nature.

For myself personally, however, my beliefs must coincide with both the facts and the realities. The Identity teaching is that the Caucasian Race are the descendants of the “lost tribes of Israel,” and so must follow the Old Testament laws of racial separation and survival. This was apparently the belief of a great many of our American ancestors as they spread across the continent, establishing a White Nation and singing hymns such as “Ye sacred seed of Jacob’s Race.” Apparently, from an objective study of history, neither facts nor realities have anything to do with the success of a religion. This is determined by the motives of its founders and the fanaticism of its adherents. If indeed this religion can preserve the White Race on planet earth, then we should all promote it with the zeal of the desperate. After all, religions evolve and change just as do political and economic systems, and ultimate truth can be taught at a later date. Only the pollution of our blood and the death of our Race cannot be undone, once accomplished.

If, however, the success of a movement is based on fact, truth, and reason, then we must look elsewhere for our salvation. It is a fact that Stonehenge predates Abraham, the supposed founder of’Israel, by hundreds of years. So do the once White civilizations of Egypt, Sumeria, Minoa, and others. Furthermore, the Patriarchs of Israel far more resemble the evil tribe that has been working toward our destruction than they do us. Note here that when I use the word “evil” it is not meant as the subjective term common to religion. To me, “evil” is that which contravenes nature’s eternal laws and thereby destroys nature’s highest creation. To those who have studied history and are aware of Jewry’s unique rôle as the catalyst and engine in the decomposition and destruction of every civilization the White man has created, the word “evil” is appropriate, though an understatement, as there exist no words to properly condemn this seemingly eternal, parasitic pestilence.

Here I should like to take a moment and detail some of the characteristics of the Hebrew patriarchs. As a child, I was raised in a Christian family that forced me to attend Sunday School and venerate those deviates. I resent that to this day. My first example is my favorite since I was named after this character and since the tale of desiring another man’s wife is common to many, including myself.

In the second book of Samuel, in the 11th chapter, we find the story of David and Bathsheba. Now King David was the all-time favorite of the Hebrew God and supposedly the direct ancestor of Jesus Christ. One day King David sees a beautiful married woman next door and decides he wants to have sex with her. He promptly sends for her and enjoys her favors. As things turn out, however, he not only gets her pregnant but it seems she is the wife of his most loyal servant and general, Uriah. This is no problem for the resourceful King David though; he just murders his faithful general, and steals his wife. This story sort of hits home with me personally, because I, too, have loved a kinsman’s wife for some time. However, instead of murdering my kinsman and trying to steal his wife, I moved to the other end of the country so as not to cause problems in his family. I believe the difference is not personal but is a racial trait. Perhaps even more indicative of the Jewish nature of King David is the phallic worship found in first Samuel, chapter 18. Here we find that David slays 200 male Philistines and brings their foreskins to King Saul as a dowry. I cannot imagine a mentally healthy Aryan lopping off the ends of 200 penises for a present, nor can I conceive of an Aryan king degenerate enough to want them. In the first book of Kings, in the first chapter, we find that King David is getting old and stricken with years. The old leacher was close to his death, but he was still trying for a new lease on life. He sent his servant out to find the fairest young virgin in the land that she might lay with the king. Finally they found a sexy young virgin named Abishag. She used all her charms but the old goat just couldn’t perform, and shortly thereafter he passed on to the great Jew money bank in the sky.

The next King of Israel is David’s son Solomon, who was given a blessing by the Hebrew God which made him the wisest man who ever lived. The story of his first act on becoming king is found in the second chapter of First Kings. It seems that Solomon and another of King David’s sons, Adonijah, both lusted after the fair young virgin named Abishag, who had been been procured to put some life into old King David. Now Solomon was his father’s son, heart and soul. Apparently he took careful note of how his daddy disposed of his faithful servant, Uriah, in order to steal beautiful Bathsheba. Therefore we read in the second chapter of First Kings how Solomon’s first act as king was to murder his brother to get the woman Abishag. This was apparently pleasing in the sight of the Lord, for he gave Solomon 700 wives, 300 concubines, and made him the richest man in the world.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the story of Lot, whom the Lord considered the most righteous man in the city of Sodom. In the 19th chapter of Genesis we read that Lot offered his two virgin daughters to a mob of perverts, then, later, gets drunk and sleeps with them himself. Of course, Lot was a piker compared to his uncle Abraham, from whom he must have learned the joys of incest. In Genesis, chapters 12 and 20, we read of how Abraham married his own sister, Sarah, and how twice he pimped her off on Egyptian Pharaos in order to steal the cattle, silver, and gold of the land. Later, in Genesis, we find the story of Judah who sold his own brother into slavery. In Esther we have the story of a Jewess pimped off on the King of Persia in order to eventually allow the slaughter of 75,000 Persians, which happy event the Jews still celebrate to this day in their feast of Purim.

In the 47th chapter of Genesis, we can find another revealing story. It seems that a large number of the Israelites had come into Egypt and now managed all the affairs of state. Now we read in the 14th verse, “and Joseph gathered up all the money that was found in the land of Egypt,” and in the 15th verse, “for the money failed,” and in the 16th verse, “and Joseph said, ‘give me your cattle and I will give you for your cattle if money fail.’” It seems that the International Jew Banker is an everlasting plague. I am tempted to continue, but a whole book could be written on the subject, and in any event, I could not do a better job of exposing these perverts than Ben Klassen has already done in his excellent, Natures Eternal Religion (available from Liberty Bell Publications; $8.00).

It may well be that since a large part of the White Race has been raised to venerate these degenerates that only the “Identity” teachings can preserve our people at this time. I, however, cannot accept that I am a descendant of these perverts, nor can I compromise with historical inaccuracies. For the vast majority of our people who at least nominally embrace the Christian faith, neither the racial nor moral aspects of their heroes is of any importance. All that matters to them is that every semblance of reason, and all understanding of Race in the events of history, as well as the future of higher man, must be mercilessly stamped out. To understand the implacable hatred that Christianity has for all that is beautiful and superior, it is necessary that we not only study its deeds but also ascertain its origins.

By the time of Julius Caesar (100 to 44 B.C.), Rome was already 700 years old. From the statues and busts we can tell that the founders were Nordics. The first beginnings of racial decay were recognized and condemned by far-thinking leaders, but as always, they were ignored or silenced by those who had the power of money and would sell their race for immediate gratification. At this time, Caesar and his contemporary, Cato, discussed the possibilities of a common religion to unite the factions, races, and cults of the Empire. Octavius, later to become Augustus Caesar, also discussed this with Cato around 42 B.C. It is probable that Cato was even commissioned to do what today we call a “feasibility study” on the subject. It was somewhere around 42 B.C. that Cato issued his now famous declaration on the subject: expedit esse deos, et ut expedit esse putemus, “it is convenient that there be Gods, and that we should think that they exist.” Cato, of course, is renowned as history’s greatest cynic, so we can forgive him for failing to differentiate between the “Godsense” and the obviously manmade religious Gods. It does show, however, that the question of a superior force, as well as the possibility of uniting the Empire through a common religion, was a topic at that time. This attempt to consolidate the many Gods of the Empire continued through the reign of Augustus and, intermittently, for the next 300 years. Finally, under Constantine and at the Nicea council, a new religion was established which formed the basis for the Holy Roman Empire.

In order to gain acceptance among the diverse cults of the Empire, a multitude of concessions had to be made in the new religion. Over the last several hundred years, the primary Roman God, Jupiter, had been merged with the Greek God Zeus, and Zeus was then the primary Roman God to the time of the Nicea council and, as we shall soon see, he still is. The second major God of this era, and the primary God of the Legionaries, was the sun God called Mithra. A giant temple was erected to Mithra on the field of Mars in the year 215 A.D. Every year a huge festival was held at this temple on the 25th of December to celebrate the birth of the sun God. The date December 25th being Christmas is no coincidence either.

The name “Jesus” is further proof that the new religion of 325 A.D. was completely contrived and formed by powerful men of that time, using the currently popular Gods. By 325 A.D., the cult of Chrestus, i.e., Christ (Chrestus was the individual name given to the teachings of the Essenes), was ranked behind only Zeus and Mithra in acceptance by the populace. The problem was to combine the three major religions. The solution they used was to change the name of Chrestus to Zeus, or perhaps more correctly, to ‘the same as Zeus.’ In Spanish, Italian, and most importantly in Latin, Jesus is pronounced ‘aa-zoos.’ Zeus is pronounced ‘Zoos.’ Furthermore, the Latin spelling of Jesus is ‘Iesus.’ ‘I.E.’ is the short form for ‘Id Est,’ in Latin meaning ‘the same as.’ Thus we find the new God is named, ‘the same as Zeus Chrestus,’ or in English, Jesus Christ. The major concession to Mithra was to make the birthday of the new God fall on the same day as the Legionaires celebrated the birth of the sun God.

But now let’s see how this explains the pathological hatred that Christians have for the beautiful and the superior human being. Religions reflect both the racial soul of the people that adopt them and the historical era in which they are created. The religions of a hardy, independent, and expanding Aryan nation worship Gods of strength and beauty, such as Apollo, Woden, Zeus, and Thor.

However, when the nation becomes sedentary, and especially after it has come close to being all powerful, then the rulers begin to desire a less aggressive populace. In addition, although the nation is created by strong Aryan stock, the fully developed nation inevitably submits to the subtle takeover by Jewry. There are those who claim that Julius Caesar was surrounded and controlled by Jews and that is why patriotic senators found it necessary to get rid of him. I have no reason to doubt this. Already 400 years earlier, the Greeks had complained bitterly that no commerce could be carried on anywhere in the world without first paying the Jews their accursed usury. We know also that the Roman historian Josephus was a Jew. Poppea, the wife of Nero, was a Jewess. Probably all affairs of state were already dominated by the tribe. The best interests of both the race traitor nobility and of the Jews was then best served by the introduction of a pacifist religion. Let’s break the train of thought here for a moment and define that term “pacifist religion.”

In no way is the religion meant to be passive or tolerant in defense of itself. The whole idea is to be totally intolerant of all ideas which are not beneficial to the founders and promoters of the religion. “Resist not evil,” “turn the other cheek,” and “love your enemies,” were meant for the destruction of those who would defend their race, nation, and culture. Luke 19, verse 27: “Those that would not that I reign over them, bring them hither before me and slay them,” was the creed of those who would benefit from the new religion.

The Gods who inspired the Legionaires as they conquered most of the known world were no longer necessary. There was, to be sure, the problem of the still free Germanic tribes and their neighbors to the north. These people would have to be conquered by subversion, though. This was demonstrated when Hermann destroyed the Legions invading central Europe in 9 A.D. The religion of the fiercely independent men of the North was unstructured but functional. The Gods developed from the Norsemen’s observance of nature and all its laws. As such, their Gods furthered their sense of kinship and gave them a realistic attitude towards both life and death. The defense of one’s territory, kinfolk, and family, were exalted as life’s greatest duty and honor. In accordance with nature’s laws, reverence for the beautiful and the superior was never questioned.

Into this harmonious and natural society the new religion struck like a berserk buzz bomb. Priests of this new religion roamed the land teaching that healthy and natural instincts were now something called sin. Where once the pride and duty of a man was to have and defend a large and beautiful family, now this priest taught the words of ‘St. Paul,’ namely, that only men who had never slept with a woman would be the highest in some life in the hereafter. Where once a man was revered for his courage in defense of kin and culture, now he was admonished to “love his enemies,” and soon the words of the new religion, “I have come to turn father against son,” came all too true. In fact, in the name of this new God, more White men would slaughter each other in the next several centuries than had been killed from all causes in the known history of the race. Soon reverence for beauty and knowledge became crimes even among the Aryan remnants in Greece, as exemplified by the story of Hypathia. By orders of Cyril, the Archbishop of Alexandria, in the year 415 A.D., a Christian mob dragged a woman named Hypathia from her coach and, with typical Christian zeal, used oyster shells to scrape every ounce of skin and flesh from her still living body. Her crimes were twofold. First, she was reputed to be the most beautiful woman in Greece. Second, she taught the works of Plato at the University. The Christian God decreed, however, that every two-legged creature on this planet is equal in his eyes, and if an individual or a Race is so obviously superior that the Christian cannot deny the evidence of his own eyes, then he must either destroy the superior beings or admit that his God is a liar and his religion is a hoax.

At this point it is necessary to discuss the reasons why the unnatural sexual repression and hatred of beauty were incorporated into the new religion. In the entire history of our people there has never been anybody that defended their heritage, culture, territory, and kinfolk with the courage, wisdom, and determination of the Spartans of ancient Greece. The tales of homosexuality among the Spartans are a base canard and a Jewish lie. A Spartan soldier was not even permitted to go into battle until he had fathered a child. If there is one period in history where it can be said that our people loved and promoted their own kind, this is it. In art and sport, this extended to a visual appreciation of bodies. Sex was recognized as a natural, pleasurable, and necessary part of life. That the male is stimulated visually to perform sexual union, and that there is no higher calling than the perpetuation of their species, was recognized as a fact of nature. No White man except one that is racially dead, i.e., mentally ill, can deny that the White woman is the standard of beauty over every female creature on earth. Nature made her so in order to inspire the White man to perform otherwise undreamed of deeds of aggression and heroism in the pursuit of sexual union and in defense of this female treasure. Nature has, likewise, decreed that it is the duty as well as pleasure of the woman to reveal the charms of her body in the subtle and mysterious ways which I, as a mere male, do not understand but by which I have been conquered on numerous occasions. We can conclude then that the stimulation of a beautiful, provocative, and sexual woman is both healthy and necessary for the life of a people. We can also conclude that no red-blooded young White man who has ever studied the charms of a nude White woman is going to be persuaded by any amount of either Christian or Communistic equality garbage, that his woman is of no more value or beauty than a central African negress. The founders of the new religion even then were promoting their “one race,” “one religion,” “one world government,” where all are exactly equal except, of course, for themselves, who would reign over the muddy brown, ignorant Goyim. Incidentally, for those who don’t already know, the Jews refer to a White women as Shiksa. The literal definition of Shiksa is “unclean piece of meat;” so next time you see a Jew, think about what he calls your daughter, wife, and mother. Anyway, as I was saying, the founders of the new religion knew that a nation of sexually healthy and aggressive White males could not be conquered by force of arms, so sexual repression and hatred of beauty became integral parts of the faith.

But hatred of beauty was far from being the only trait of the new religion, nor was it confined to the formative years. On 16 February 1600, one Giordano Bruno was dragged to the center of Rome. There the Christian guards of the Vatican burned him at the stake. His crime: he refused to recant his belief that the earth revolved around the sun. The life of the Christian Church, of course, is founded on the absolute suppression of “Reason.” Any evidence of the surfacing of reason among the masses, even on unrelated subjects, is dangerous and must be ruthlessly and quickly suppressed. For anyone who thinks that this is a thing of the past, I might point out that no group on this earth more frantically desires and promotes the death of the White Race than the Christian churches.

A detailed history of the expansion of Christianity from 325 A.D. to the present time would fill many volumes, so here I shall detail just a few of the tactics.

The conversion of the White man to the new Eastern religion was accomplished in three ways. First was conversion by the sword. Either you were baptized or you got your head lopped off. Charlemagne, in the late 8th and early 9th centuries, was a leading practitioner of this method. Second was subversion of reason by the priests. This laid the groundwork for the great civil wars, which were the biggest cause of bloodshed. In the Thirty Years War alone, one third of the people of Europe slaughtered each other in the name of Christ. In addition, five-sixths of the housing in Europe was destroyed in this war. This same war is, of course, still being fought in Ireland today.

The third method of conversion was economic oppression; this method was used successfully in the conversion of the Scandinavian countries in the 12th and 13th centuries.

So what have we gained by this study of the formation of the Christian religion? Hopefully, knowledge of both, who is destroying us, and how to build a defense. Why do we need to know more about those who would destroy us? Primarily because we need to end any illusions that we may harbor about neutralizing the Christian monolith by force of reason. Our numbers and our time are too scarce and too valuable to be wasted on “dead-end streets.” Except for the few who can be converted to “Identity,” they are totally, if unknowingly, dedicated to the murder of their own Race. The unholy Three-C triumvirate of Christianity, Communism, and Capitalism share a common disregard, and often hatred, of all that is wisdom, beauty, reason, and superiority. Do not doubt that if and when the time comes that the last White men who care about the life of their Race gather into small communities, both here and abroad, that it will be the Christians, many of them White Race Traitors, flying the star spangled banner, and singing “Onward Christian Soldiers,” who will come to slaughter the last hope of their own kind. With the same fervor they scraped the flesh from the body of the beautiful Hypathia for being too beautiful, with the same fervor they burned Bruno alive for being too wise, with this same fervor they will murder the last searchers for beauty, truth, and wisdom. Do not waste your time seeking recruits among the Christians.

Potential recruits for the White survival movement will come from among the already disillusioned and disenfranchised. The “Godsense” exists among our people and millions of them are searching for answers. A total unity of belief will not be attained among our people at this time. Rather, we must strive for the common goal, which is the survival of our people. Race is the issue and all other issues are secondary. For those who retain the “Godsense” but cannot accept “Identity,” there are other alternatives. To be sure, there are those who have forsaken all belief in a higher power and some of them function extremely well in the White survival movement. The majority of us, and I include myself, while basing our actions on reason alone, retain a conviction that there exists a higher power, some greater order, some cosmic purpose, that I define as the “Godsense” or “Godforce.”

From time to time, throughout history, a truly superior man appears. It has not been given to mortal man at this time to know if supernatural or as yet undiscovered natural forces cause their appearance. If courage, honor, intelligence, leadership, sacrifice, truth, and perseverance are attributes of a God, then on the 20th day of April, 1889, at a place called Braunau on the Inn, on the German-Austrian border, the nearest image of a God yet seen on earth was born. While he was known as the “Leader,” he made no claim to be a God, and often spoke of one greater than himself who was yet to come. According to Savitri Devi, who studied the ancient Sanskrit writings, the “Leader” was the last divine image before the coming of Kalki, the final avenger. I am not a student of the ancient Sanskrit writings, but if Kalki can bring on Ragnarok before the last Whites have been either mongrelized or murdered, then I pray for Kalki.

At any rate, the “Leader” made a statement that relates to the “Godsense.”

“When human hearts break and human souls despair, then from the twilight of the past the great conquerors of distress and care, of disgrace and misery, of spiritual slavery and physical compulsion, look down on them and hold out their eternal hands to the despairing mortals. Woe to the people that is ashamed to take them.”

When I despair for the life of my people, when I am near conceding victory to the Jewish Hydra, I often go out alone to a forest or hilltop. There, as I contemplate the vast expanse of the universe, the exact interplay of all the forces of nature, I marvel at the perfect order. It doesn’t take long to realize that whatever force or power might have been involved in the originating of this expanse is far beyond the ability of mortal man to describe. No wonder all religions are man-made, and since any definition of the “Godforce” is limited by the knowledge and vocabulary of mortals, no wonder these religions are imperfect. To stand in awe of nature, and to obey her exact, perfect, and eternal laws, is my best understanding of the “Godforce.”

For those who feel the need for the trappings and rituals of a religion to enhance or express their “Godsense,” there is, of course, the old Germanic and Norse Odinist faith. I confess an affinity for this religion since, as far as I know, it is the only one developed solely by and for our people. It evolved from a study of nature and it fits our Racial Soul.

The greatest White man it has ever been my privilege to personally know was Bob Matthews. He was slain in a gun battle with 1700 agents of the Z.O.G. (Zionist Occupation Government) of the United States on the 8th day of December l984. He was a devotee of the Odinist faith and his favorite quotation came from an old Icelandic saga: Cattle die, kinsmen die, we, too, will die, the only thing I know that does not die is the fame of dead men’s deeds. To die a noble warrior in defense of Race, Nation, or Family, gives eternal life in the hearts of our kinfolk. This is the religion of the Norseman.

Compare that with the alternatives offered by the Judaeo-Christian. The best that can happen is an eternity of untold trillions of years sitting on a cloud, playing a harp, and shouting “Jehovah is Great.” If, however, you miss out on this deal, you get to be the hotdog at a divine and eternal Wiener roast.

Some might say that in this dissertation I have discussed too much the insanity of the Christian religion to the near exclusion of the real menace of Jewry. Be assured that the author is well aware that the unholy Three-C triumvirate of Christianity, Communism, and Capitalism are composed of a blind mass of Goyim being led to the slaughter house by the hidden Jew.

What I wish to point out is that the human mind has a limitless capacity to rationalize, and to deceive itself when in the short term it appears beneficial to do so. Therefore, the recruits necessary for the defense of our Racial existence will not be found in the Christian community. These people are already dead, and I mean that in the almost literal sense. They have traded the future of their children and their Race for a religion of death. Complete peace of mind can be found only in the complete absence of thought. The Christian is fond of saying, “I found peace when I found Jesus.” This is absolutely true. There is peace of mind for those that abandon all reason. It is the same peace of mind that comes to the dead. These people are brain dead; they have deliberately short-circuited and disconnected any mental process that might conflict with their safe, profitable, and respectable religion.

Before I sum up the points I’ve been trying to make, I want to head off a pointless debate that the Christians like to bring up. Those Christians who are aware of the evil of Jewry inevitably bring up some of the statements in the New Testament condemning Jews. Let me remind them that Jewry has always led the “Loyal Opposition.” Jewry runs Communism and Capitalism. Jewry runs the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Jewry leads the Liberals to victory and Jewy leads Conservatives to defeat – but Jewry leads. There is absolutely no defense against Jewry except to call our sons back to a pride in their Race.

What, then, can we conclude from this study of Race and Religion?

First of all, that in the majority of our people the “Godsense” exists and must be accommodated. Second, that the “Godsense” and religion are exclusive and different entities. Third, that, except in the highly unlikely event that the majority of our people were to return to the form of Christianity called “Identity,” the Christian religion is our deadly enemy. Fourth, that our religion must not contravene natural law, or rational thought. Fifth, that the Gods of a healthy Racial organism must represent beauty, strength, wisdom, heroism, honor, vengeance, duty, and natural law. Sixth, that the Norse religion of Odinism is the only one designed exclusively by and for our people through their observance of the laws of Nature.

Odin or Woden, also known as All-Father, has wisdom and strength. Thor defends the Nation. Freya represents fertility. Heimdal represents loyalty. Loki represents the court Jew, forever the chameleon subverting from within. Tyr represents sacrifice, honor, and heroism. Valhalla rewards courage. As a man of reason, I, of course, realize that even this religion is an attempt to define the “Godsense.” Nonetheless, these are the Gods of my fathers, the expression of my Racial Soul; they are the Gods of my people and no other, and to them I shall be true. I pray for the day when Woden’s sons, led by Thor and his mighty hammer, Mjollner, smash the false temples of Judaeo-Christianity and lead my people out of this dark age.

Only then will the words of the Leader come true: “My spirit will rise from the grave and my people shall know I was right.”

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, October 1985

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