The Most Evil Man

Richard C. Bentinck, M.D.


In all groups of social animals, there is a ruler – a dominant individual, usually a physically powerful male. His purpose is to serve the group as its leader, its protector and guide to food and often he is the source of most of the male complement of its gene pool. He does not share his power. He rules because he is strong and only so long as he can, by physical prowess, defend his position.

Man brought a new essence to life. As his brain expanded, so did the scope of his curiosity and he added guile to his armamentarium. No longer did the leadership of the group necessarily belong to him whose strength was purely physical nor was leadership vested any longer in a single individual. In the beginning, man’s curiosity extended from an investigation of what edible morsel might be found beneath the nearest rock to the world around him and the skies above.

But, even then, man went beyond. While nature decreed that he live in the present, his concept of self and his inability to accept the possibility of personal extinction, drove him to live also in the future. Thus, he supports two leaders; the one to protect and guide the needs of his physical being and another to assure him of meaning to his existence and to guide him into a later world where all his wishes are fulfilled and he may exist forever in ecstasy.

And, from the beginning, there always was one who said he had all the answers and knew well the path.

In the beginning, this ‘spiritual leader’, priest or medicine man probably was not malign although he was an opportunist. He was clever, guileful, probably physically weak or even congenitally deformed. If he should look or seem different in some way from his peers in the tribe, it is only human to hold him a bit apart and attribute to him facilities the others lack, particularly if he claims to have powers beyond their comprehension. He fascinated others by exaggerating his difference. In all likelihood he was lazy. He grew fat. He enjoyed the soft bed he had made for himself and found succulent and tasty the sacrifices he required to the powers he claimed to represent. He had no wish to destroy the basis of his relative luxury. He lived for his lifetime alone. He was brilliant and sometimes even insane. He honed to a pinnacle a characteristic that is almost exclusively human. This man’s prey was his own kind.

Agriculture was invented. As the tribes of man ceased their wandering and coalesced into stable city states, the lucrative business of religion was no longer left to the isolated medicine man. Religion became organized. It was the first privately held big-business corporation. As such, it assumed a life of its own that far exceeded the three score and ten allotted to its officers and their consumers. From the beginning, these corporate organizations were potentially immortal.

Just as no system of economics yet devised can see its immortal future as a mature state of static no growth, churchly religion, as a big business, is dedicated to perpetual growth.

Perpetual growth of a producing business enterprise requires an ever-expanding market for a product that fills a real or created need. It can achieve this either by building a limited useful life into its manufactured artefact so that it wears out and must continually be replaced, by continual improvement” of its product, by increasing the numbers of its customers or by a combination of all three methods. But, the churchly religion business cannot achieve its desired growth by these methods. It does not market a material product than can be obsolesced or continually “improved” so that the full cost of a replacement must be expended repeatedly by the consumer.

Its single product, a doctrinal notion asserted without regard to rational evidence, truth or basic need is based upon an alleged one-time event that is not susceptible to proof of either occurrence, quality or utility. It is a unique invention that cannot be improved. Organized religion advertises that the delusional system it sells holds the answers to all of mankind’s deepest questions while it promises the means to the fulfillment of his most arrogant hopes. It markets a lie dressed in pomp and ceremony.

It solves the marketing dilemma of a static product by requiring its consumers to buy the product in installment payments over their lifetimes with a balloon payment at death if the devout decedent has any remaining resources. This deathbed pauperization supposedly assures that the decedent will not face the same frustration as that stupid camel of “eye-of-the-needle” fame.

This is simply good marketing strategy as is used by any successful corporate enterprise whose claims and promises seldom confront reality.

One of the standard avenues to growth remains open to it. It can grow by increasing the numbers of its customers by converting existing populations to its product. This it does very effectively through hard- and soft-sell methods. But this does not solve its greed for consumers into perpetuity. Perpetual growth over time is assured and maximized only if subsequent generations of consumers can be enhanced in numbers and sensitized to desire an unchanging product and made to believe that it is unchanging because it always has been the ultimate in quality. They must believe that it could not be made better.

Organized churchly religion has devised a unique and highly effective means of increasing the numbers of its consumers into perpetuity that is available to no other business entity. It has incorporated into its product – its authoritarian dogma – the requirement that, in order to enjoy the full benefit package, the consumer must reproduce to his or her maximum capacity. This serves a two-fold purpose. First, it increases the numbers of consumers exponentially across generations. Second, by requiring parents to allow their children to be instructed by the church about the benefit package from birth onward, its salespersons are able to establish lifelong allegiance to the product as a conditioned reflex. It is as if a producer of diapers were able to brainwash its infant customers so that they would feel fearfully guilty and undressed unless they wore diapers to the end of their lives.

Through this ploy, the churchly enterprise is virtually assured of an exponentially increasing market that, procreating mindlessly, eventually must overwhelm the ability of the earth to support life. The principal by-product of organized religion is people. The only way it can grow perpetually is to provide that more people are exponentially produced in perpetuity. People exist only as producers of yet more people and as consumers. As consumers, religion’s by-product must, above all else, be prepared to consume religion’s own dogma. The by-product of organized religion has, then, only the functions of reproduction and allegiance to its dogma. These aspects of its market, along with quantity or sheer numbers, organized religion monitors and controls closely. Aside from the reproductive efficiency of its by-product, its only other quality concern is that its consumers be docile and accepting towards the administration and exist in mindless ignorance.

Herein lies one of its most destructive tenets since it cannot tolerate any increase in what civilization always has referred to as the quality of man and his life situation. It cannot tolerate a thinking consumer because a thinking consumer, a thinking human being, is a danger to any scam. A human capable of logical thought is the only thing that could destroy the business of organized religion. And this is why its over-all influence is to halt, not only evolution of the human animal, but also any socio-cultural evolution that might advance the quality of life on earth for all organisms. It thrives on ignorance, filth and poverty. Its consumers must scramble for sustenance. Whether the scramble is by legal or illegal means, is of no real consequence to the church. It can forgive. It leaves its consumers only sufficient leisure to perform the only act remaining to its pauperized mental and material resources: the act of fornication. This it holds sacred, next to allegiance, as the most basic of consumer rights and duties. It is an act, not to be enjoyed for its own sake, but only for the “joy” of having impregnated or conceived. The concept of responsibility for the consequences of the act is not to be considered by either party.

Organized religion is a monolithic hierarchical organization. Its Chief Executive Officer, its CEO, sits at the apex of a pyramid. It is anything but democratic and this, perhaps, is why it has lasted so long. There is no possibility of serious internal dissent. The CEO, the Pope, is not responsible to its Board of Directors, the College of Cardinals, for example. He may take their advice, but it is not binding upon him. He has declared himself infallible. Consequently, what he says, goes. He, then, is solely responsible for the actions of his organization. He, and only he, must bear the onus.

Organized religion is a system of beliefs supporting a monolithic factory. Its net product is reproducing machines from which it collects a profit. Its dogma, or by-laws, does not spring, full-fledged as a revelation from somewhere on high. It is an invented thing. All organized religions have been invented by a person or group of persons in the name of a person, either real or distorted or wholly invented, to whom, in retrospect, mystical powers have been attributed. The inventor – or inventors – had a reason to invent and establish, through the development of an elaborate system of deception, their organized delusional system. The reason, consistent with all human motivation – even of altruism – must be personal gain of some sort such as personal ease, luxury and power. While the person of talent may meet his expectations through his talent, the man with no talent and great expectations, like a politician or a priest, must exploit the abilities of others.

Unless these inventors were insane – and through the ages, they could not all have been insane – they had to know that what they had invented was just that – invention. They had to know that their invented doctrine had no basis in reality and was, in fact, as false as the attributes they had given the mythicalized figures they had named as the founders of their organizations.

But they also knew, as practice proved, that the increasing multitudes would accept their delusional system as fact. They, the priests, had to have become the ultimate cynics. They developed a profound contempt for all of mankind because of the self-seeking gullibility mankind demonstrated by their subservience to themselves, the priestcraft. This contempt, transmitted to the organization they served, became in the organizations grand and immortal view, contempt for all life. Bound by its own perverted ideology, it has no moral imperative and in no way is the fount or origin of moral precept and behavior. Mindlessly, it seeks to destroy that which it has come to abhor.

Paul, the inventor of Christianity, was just such a person. Today, he would be a successful television evangelist. Then, he was the opportunist par excellence. Upon the dogma he concocted from the myths of the world that preceded him and an otherwise obscure political activist, rose the Catholic Church in its awful eminence. The Pope who, under many aliases, serves this monolithic monster is the most evil man the world has known.

His hatred for life is unbounded. In theistic terms, he is opposed to all that god has made. In secular terms, the “good” that god has made is all of nature – the universe and all that it may be and hold including the tiny particle upon which we exist, planet earth. And the greatest god, in earthly terms, must be the freedom for all that is natural of planet earth to realize its potential. The greatest evil must be that which opposes and frustrates the greatest good. Throughout man’s history, good and evil have been portrayed as locked in mortal combat. Depending upon the viewpoint and motives of the identifier, more often than not, each has been misidentified as the other. Within the bounds of human knowledge, neither good nor evil can be defined in the absolute, sense since we know neither the meaning nor the purpose of the universe or even if there be purpose or meaning. We do not know for sure whether or not there has been a beginning nor if there will be an end. After millennia of delving, science can say with certainty only what is not; things are not as they appear to be. Reality is ephemeral. Perhaps, even, there is no reality!

In order, then, to define both good and evil in terms that have meaning to our macroscopic conception of reality as cognizant beings existing in a minute portion of unmeasured vastness, an assumption must be made. It must be assumed that the reality of life on earth is “good.” And that assumption must refer to each and all of the living things that compose the biosphere. This is the ultimate equality, a unity against entropy. Each and every living thing has equal rights to pursue its destiny before the judgement of time. These rights are enforced by the precisely balanced interdependency of each upon the others. Disturb this balance and all suffer. Whatever promotes the balance of nature and permits every form of life, each species, to exist within a natural biosphere and to pursue its evolution to either perfection or natural extinction must be assumed to be the ultimate good. Conversely, whatever may act by unnatural means to frustrate or interfere with this balance of nature in a manner or to an extent that overwhelms nature’s ability to recover or brings to unnatural extinction a species, must be the ultimate evil.

Man had nothing to do with the creation of this homeostasis. Nevertheless, as painfully recent arrival upon this scene, he has been informed by Christian edict that it was all created specially for him and it was his right to use nature in any manner that he wished. What can make possible such a misinterpretation of all that surrounds him?

What is evil of this magnitude? It is not merely “bad.” What is ‘bad’ may befall anyone or anything at any time simply as a matter of circumstance. Even if contrived, ‘bad’ tends to be relatively minor. It does not send chills to the depths of being, it does not repel with horror when found. A shrug of the shoulders, ‘it was just bad luck’. It just happens. Unmitigated evil, on the other hand, must be contrived by an informed and highly intelligent mind. The ultimate evil must contemplate the ultimate harm and eventual destruction of the ultimate good. There must be malice and deception, deliberation and calculation of fiendish proportion. What is done must be done knowingly with full intent to utterly destroy its target. For centuries, the Pope’s unhurried aim has been directed against all that is good.

What qualifications must this paradigm of all that is evil possess? What character of man is he? Male he must be – and have been – because the doctrine that supports him reviles and demeans women as lesser creatures whose sole function is to serve the male as a receptive vessel of all which may be tossed her way.

He cannot be a mental defective. The mental defective cannot be evil. While he may do ‘bad’ things, isolated acts that conceivably could be as bad as an isolated act of the evil man, he could not, with limited abilities, integrate over the millennia these individual acts into a plan which at its fruition will utterly destroy the earth’s ultimate good. Forgive of doing evil him of low intellect, for he knows not what he has done. His limited span of attention could not allow him to devote himself single-mindedly over his many lifetimes to such a goal.

No, the paragon of evil is not a retard. He is not stupid. Nor is he ignorant. While ignorant man may have a superlative brain, his mind is undeveloped either because the will to know and learn is lacking or the opportunity never occurred. Without a broad and deep knowledge, the evil man could never have selected and then maintain through the changes of the ages the single thread that surely must bring about the end of all life on earth.

It takes intelligence. It requires an informed, educated mind to have selected and maintained with dogged purpose a means of destruction that can masquerade as the greatest good. While ‘good’ has no reason to masquerade as that which it is not, the repugnance of evil will always require that it cloak itself in a mantle of ‘good.’

Perhaps this man may be forgiven because he is insane. After all, the destruction of all life on earth cannot be the goal of a sane man, can it? Perhaps he needs help.

While he may be the ultimate psychopath or sociopath, he is not insane. He knows what he does. He does it consistently, without variation except superficially in order to adapt his malevolence to changing conditions. There is none of the unreliability of behavior that is the mark of insanity. Insanity could never bide its time, could never persist through generations so unrelentingly to its goal. With the charisma that often marks the sociopath, he inspires the ignorant masses to worship and follow him blindly in their march to his hell.

He knows the meaning of the “balance of nature” and what could most surely upset it for he has always had at his disposal all the knowledge that man has laboriously gleaned over the millennia. He is always a highly intelligent, educated man. And he is jealous of his knowledge.

Over the centuries, his organization has systematically sought out and destroyed those who delved into the workings of nature. Writings, contrary or dangerous to his own dogma, were buried or burned. Cleverly, he selected himself as the appointed guardian of all that is true and right. Those who disagreed were, quite simply, wrong. If they could be made through torture to retract their writings and admit their wrong, they were spared further torture and killed quickly. If not, they were killed horribly and their writings burned or secreted from unauthorized scrutiny where knowledge that could change history still exists today. If, at times, it became awkward to maintain older ideas for which men had been killed, he would reverse himself in effect while cleverly mouthing circumlocutions that made him paradoxically seem correct in each of his opposing views. He promulgated ignorance and has always looked upon education, other than that sanctioned by himself and given by his minions, with displeasure.

Why should this man who enjoys the adulation of billions and the fantastic wealth and power mulcted from them through devious deceit wish to destroy the basis of his position? Through his many lives, he has lived in ultimate luxury with every material benefit that life could offer. He has denied himself nothing though he professes poverty and abstinence from all earthly pleasures. Strangely, his duality blinds the eyes of his adulators. Somehow, they fail to see his deceit. But he has more. When all the material things of life are at hand, man still has the capacity to desire more. Power is both the ultimate aphrodisiac and the ultimate orgasm. The power of life and death, the power to destroy, is absolute power. In his little way, the terrorist feels that the sacrifice of his own life is worthwhile if he is able to inflict even greater sacrifice upon others. The greater the damage, the greater his happiness in his own death. The greater the evil created, the greater the evil creator. Through the millennia, it is this that has sustained this man of many lives in his direction of the organization called the Christian Church. At once, its evil transcends him as it creates him while it chains him to its contorted icons.

The doctrine of total death, the ultimate power of powers, has marked his single-minded purpose of his dominance of this diabolical entity. The end of all life is simply the final manifestation of united hatred and contempt for the billions who, in their blind ignorance, had adored him and had followed his church to their deaths, bringing all living things with them. He is the most successful huckster of all time.

This most evil of all men whose brilliant mind is twisted by hatred and power-lust cowls his ugliness with the ultimate arrogance of dominion over all of nature by right of his personal goodness. His practical sense advises him to avoid naming himself as god. He retains the idea of a remote and all-powerful being upon whom he can blame, as misinterpretations of unclear commands, his own machinations to retain his status in the face of the results of scientific inquiry. But he leaves no doubt that he is god’s right hand man.

How best accomplish the destruction of all living things?

Life on earth is a syncytium that makes of the earth itself a living thing. In this delicate balance of nature, life makes life possible. The biosphere is a marvelous interdependency between the living and the non-living, the animate and inanimate, between organism and stone. The elements themselves, the atoms of the earth – even the nature of the universe – are parts of this balance. Without the precision of proportion of everything from the force of gravity to the metabolic requirements of a bacterium, life could never have existed. Science now recognizes this incredible coincidence of conditions necessary for the existence of living things as the “anthropic principle.” The “anthropic principle” holds that if the universe had been only slightly different in any of many ways to do with the laws and constants of Nature and to do with the properties of the substances to which those laws give rise, neither we nor any other living thing would be here to wonder at the marvel of it all. The existence of life on earth seems to be due to the delicate interplay of an immense number of individually incredible coincidences. A perversion of any of the innumerable permutations and combinations of the elements and forces of nature from the instant of the “big bang” some fifteen billion years ago to the beginnings of life in the murky waters of our early earth some three billion years ago and these words would never have been written. The biosphere, that thin layer of living things at the surface of our earth, would never have existed. And even now, we now can so vividly see if we but look, the perversion of that delicate balance which is destroying it.

In this marvelous interdependency, each species has its niche and by its existence provides a niche for yet another. No species that lives within the bounds of nature’s law is redundant. Each owes its existence to another and is essential to the survival of all. Each has its consumptive quota, its share of the earth’s resources. Sooner or later, the numbers of each, the very existence of each, is under the control of natural forces in a relationship so complex as to be beyond human understanding. It may be through a feedback mechanism as simple as rabbits multiplying beyond their food supply leading to a massive die-off or as complex as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in central Mexico resulting in a flood in Bangladesh as ‘Chaos Theory’ tells us. Chaos Theory tells us, in fact, that we can neither know nor predict the ultimate effects of our actions. We cannot – and will never be able to – predict the weather with accuracy more than a few days in advance. We cannot know when the despoliation of our biosphere by our sheer numbers will kill us – only that it will.

We should never have allowed ourselves to be lulled by a false dogma into believing that we are the ultimate of all evolution, that all of nature’s bounty exists only for the willful profligacy of human beings and that we, of all creatures, are exempt from nature’s laws. As living beings, we are only part of a being that is all of life and living things. When a species passes into extinction because our numbers have expanded into its living space or have poisoned its ability to survive, all of life loses a part of itself. It is maimed and the whole being suffers. It has become a little less than it was.

When ingenuity, misidentified as intelligence, has allowed a species to temporarily overcome nature’s constraints, that species becomes deformed, a tumorous thing that no longer can function as an organ of the greater body of living things. As a cancer invades and destroys the solitary body, a species gone cancerous invades and destroys the very being of life on earth. And as its malignancy spreads, it destroys the mindless thing it has become. The touch of a man was the touch of death; the touch of mankind, diabolically managed, can be the death of all life. Because of his ingenious power to kill, mankind will at last remain as the solitary lord of the lifeless devastation he has created only moments before he too passes into oblivion.

Long ago in one of his earlier lives, the Pope had seen the way to the goal of his organization. He had seen the rains come and the earth blossom. He had seen the flocks multiply and then he had seen the dry years when death reaped the flocks of their excess. He had seen men ingeniously tear at the earth for the wealth and power it brought today with no moment given for intelligence to consider that a bill might be tendered tomorrow. Shrewdly, he saw that in each man there existed a greed, that, coupled with ingenuity, could accomplish his purpose. Go forth and multiply. The Pope’s existence, his power and his goal depended upon numbers of a being whose contemplatory intelligence could be dulled as his ingenuity was sharpened. No matter were his flock” to consist of the poor in spirit, he realized that sheer numbers, even of paupers, under his aegis would give him control of princes and kings, of tribes and nations. Numbers would make him greater than all. In the beginning, that much he knew. Rule them, he would, but not by the sword. He would rule by word alone.

He is clever, devilishly clever. He would rule, not by his word, but by HIS. He studied the myths of many cultures and then in his own image he created the single god who would reveal to him the laws by which he would rule as that god’s representative on earth. As god’s special intermediary, he reasons, he has the best of all possible worlds. Rule by revealed law sets a divine and mysterious basis for a hierarchical authoritarian structure with him at its earthly summit. It gives his word unquestionable authority since no person could possibly be in a position to question that which he concocts in the privacy of his own brain. His own word is beyond refute. He has at once become infallible. Yet he leaves himself an avenue of escape should he, in his many lives, contradict himself. He can always claim that as a mere human, he had misunderstood the divine revelation – or that his petulant god was testing him.

Since he had placed himself beyond scientific or worldly proof, he realized that he must build his edifice upon a different rock. Its validity must be based upon belief. Belief – faith – must be established as a valid route to truth – as the only way to the ultimate truth. The critical senses of his followers must be overcome and replaced by faith and trust that his words were true and divinely revealed to him alone.

To overcome the critical logic of human reasoning and intelligence, he knew that his dogma must appeal to the most basic of human desires, exploit the most fundamental of human drives, stunt the development of human intelligence, foster ignorance, and channel natural human curiosity of the origins and meaning of life into seeking the answers through him alone. He knows that as long as he can control these modalities of human existence, his power will grow and his evil purpose ultimately will be accomplished.

With care and precision, he designed his dogma to conflict with natural laws of survival while hiding its depravity behind a veil of goodness. Its appeal was directed to the weak, the poor in spirit, the slaves and the downtrodden because there are so many of them and because, in their ignorance, they are so gullible. To them, in their misery – and because of it – he promises a reward proportional to the degree of misery they suffer. He made of earth a vale of tears. He abolished joy and established a darkness upon earth that it might contrast with the brilliant realm that he promised lay beyond. He knew that the true rulers of the secular world would not oppose his dogma since it made the masses tractable and docile in their misery. It gave them a currency with value in a later world while the currency gained by their masters in this world became, to them, an insurmountable barrier to the next. Cleverly, he made it possible for the rulers of the secular world to pass miraculously, like a camel through the eye of a needle, into the kingdom of his heaven by deathbed surrender of their earthly wealth to him.

Preservation of human life regardless of its value to either the individual, though he lived in pain, or to society, though he brought only pain and harm to its members, was commanded. The tenet of infinite compassion assured that nature’s unfit might prosper and multiply at the expense of the strong. He feared the strong since only the strong in mind and knowledge might overthrow him. Devolution of the species was inevitable.

He is the first true master of doublespeak. He took hate and called it love. He perverted love into a sick thing that is the ultimate nemesis of individual and group survival. He taught submission, not just to himself, but to all. To insult and injury, turn the other cheek. Submit and in submission, reap your glory. Love your enemy – and when he kills you – or those you love – love him most of all. This concept of love destroys the process of natural selection upon which evolution is based. It replaces survival of the fit by survival of the unfit and makes inevitable that man will become more brutish as he descends into the pit of inviability where he will perish taking all other living things with him. Bitterly, he attacks any concept of human evolution while holding that mankind is the ultimate of all creation and exists as its perfection. From this stand, it is but a short step to his doctrine that all living things have been created for the celebration of man, for man to use, exploit or kill however he sees fit. It is the ultimate song of hatred for all that is living – including humanity.

Throughout this dogma, he wove one of the most intensely basic of human drives, the sex drive. Into this tapestry, he wove his doctrine of original sin into a complex pattern that imposed a vague, over-riding guilt that attached itself to every action his believers might attempt. From birth to their death, he rode their backs like a life-sucking incubus. Like a fish twisting in torment from the pricks of a swallowed hook, the devout can never escape the barbs of implanted dogma.

Women, he reviles. Yet women worship him. He made of women mere property, vessels into which man could pour his sperm in order to later withdraw his image and servant. Conceived in sin and corruption, he taught, each must seek his salvation through devotion to him. And between birth and death, he placed as hazard those most unavoidable of human functions and named them as sins for which only he could give absolution – always at a price. In the name of morality and as its fount, he perverted life processes to his own ends. From requiring that his believers seek his forgiveness for having followed the natural dictates of physiology, it was but a short step for him to grant absolution, usually through his minions, of any crime, no matter how heinous. Forgiveness always comes at a price, but always could be bought.

He seemed to require so little of his believers compared to overlords who could only promise so much less. He demanded above all absolute loyalty and, something new that had not been required in the annals of folklore. He imposed an obligation upon his followers to recruit others into the ranks of his subjects. The absolute requirement to proselytize in order to remain in good standing in his organization coupled with the assurance that it was the recruit who had the most to gain by being recruited was a master-stroke of evil genius. If, one way or another, an outsider could be brought into the fold, he was guaranteed all the promised delights while his recruiter, no matter what his method of recruitment had been, stacked up currency for his own future. It was, perhaps, the first “win-win” situation even though it began the collapse of civilization. The organization grew as it must – and as its evil brain had willed – to a world-wide scourge.

As sales staff, enforcers and interpreters of his authoritarian rule, he recruited an army of often deluded, more often depraved deviates, lazy and greedy in their parasitic existence. Under his tutelage, most became masters of dissimulation to the extent that few of the laity can believe the obscenity of their secret lives. Over the centuries, his dogma was polished and preened. While his autocratic rule was able to stifle the natural tendency of humanity to advance itself during the centuries now known as the “Dark Ages,” human ingenuity ultimately overcame his suffocation. Cleverly, he gave way and adapted his dogma to changing circumstances. But always, unchanging, was the doctrine calculated to bring about his ultimate goal: total destruction of life on earth. To maintain his authority, like a chameleon he at times enticed and cajoled; at other times, he tortured and killed. All the while, he wrapped himself in a mantle of treacly goodness. All his transgressions were done for the ultimate good of the transgressed, he taught. And the ignorant masses deprived of their souls, of their minds, by the pomp and splendor, the power and promise of this great organization, believed. He had the wile, the cruelty and the viciousness of a Satan – and the patience of Job. He knew he would win. He knew his target and his instrument. He fostered the natural ignorance and cruelty of man while he destroyed the singular man who might rescue his brothers from the bottomless pit.

Only one crime he could not, would not forgive. He will not tolerate the crime of disbelief. Disbelief could provoke critical analysis of his dogma and this, he knew, it could not survive. This was heresy and this he punished unmercifully with the most hideous of tortures his cruelly depraved priests could contrive. At times of stress in order to squelch dissent and demonstrate his power, he named as heretics innocent women. He called them witches and turned them over to his depraved priests that they might vent the hatred of their own impotence in obscene tortures.

Whether or not these victims recanted, they died. He knew the falsity of belief bought by torture. The ability to believe without logic or reason cannot be willed. The ability to believe or to disbelieve a falsity, is innate. It is genetic. Those who could disbelieve his dogma are dangerous. Over the millennia, his organization would identify and weed out any dissenters and his dominion would grow as the genes of intelligent dissent passed into oblivion.

From birth, he takes charge of the brains of his followers before the neural pathways of independent thought have begun to function. Here and now, he instills his message. Like Pavlov’s dogs salivating to the sound of a bell, he has created an automaton who responds to his bidding without thought or question. The reflex arc has been solidified in place, unchangeable unto death. Thought, not only forbidden, not only unnecessary, has become unthinkable. The hardware of the brain, usurped by religious dogma, will never know the freedom to develop a mind and become the individual that nature had intended. Mindless, his followers exist a few short years to do his bidding before they vanish into the dust of forever. He has robbed them of the greatest reward life has to offer; the right to freely develop one’s own, unique mind.

As mindless things locked into an organized deception, robbed of the uniqueness that had lain dormant in each, never-repeated combination of genetic elements, his followers literally cease to exist as independent, sovereign beings. By being no more, they forfeit even that illusion the most evil of all men promises them. As non-entities, as non-individuals, they cannot look forward even to the dream of immortality by which he had trapped them. While it is unknown whether or not there may be more to life than the strictly physical machinery allows, the patterns of nature dictate that any such potential, should it exist, would be selective. It is not reasonable that such an option would be open to one who had never come into existence or who had voluntarily submerged his individuality into a mass delusion.

His worshipers are an immense army of all-consuming breeding machines. Control of fertility without limitation of sexual activity is forbidden upon penalty of excommunication and everlasting torment. Effective birth control is a sin. This is his method – so simple, so terribly effective.

Within limits, planet earth can survive the destructiveness of man. But earth’s life force is not inextinguishable. It can be overcome. Through his metabolic needs alone, even without the production of mountains of industrial poisons and wastes, man by his numbers can defeat the defenses of earth.

Through the numbers of mankind, this evil being proceeds to pollute the earth beyond the capacity of life to recover. The intelligence that could overcome his evil is powerless against his massive attack. He has created a brainless mechanism of terrible ingenuity with an infinite capacity to desire and the ability to kill all living things including itself. Catholic mankind has lost sight of all earthly beauty in his fascination with his own ugliness.

Now, the Pope can see the imminent fruition of the plan he has spent millennia in bringing to a conclusion. It is the beginning of the end. His worshipers have consumed and bred themselves to approaching extinction. The beautiful earth is dying, smothered in filth.

Were this evil man simply an ignorant fool, the remaining intelligence of earth might convince him of error, despite his claim to infallibility, and convince him to advise his followers how to reduce their burgeoning billions before all is gone. But he knows full well exactly what he does. He cannot fail to know that his billions of followers, living, starving in misery while they breed yet more of their kind are surely destroying all that lives. He knows, for this is his mission. Earth abides – for a time. By whatever power may lie behind the cosmos, this truly evil being can never be forgiven.

Mankind, by his sheer volume of pulsating, all-consuming protoplasm, has conquered the earth. It is not a magnificent conquest and it will not be a magnificent passing. As man has long demonstrated his ability to kill anything that lives, as species after species vanishes at exponentially increasing rates, he has brought nature to bay. He nears the goal of the most evil of his kind. The earth itself, its fragile beauty sullied, its skeleton laid bare, its waters and atmosphere made poisonous, is in its death throes.

And yet the most evil of all persists, against all reason, in promoting the exponential increase in human population so that even more may live a short while with hunger and pain to complete the murder of all life. He refuses any benefit of science and knowledge to his mindless billions that could alleviate their sufferings and their numbers while he, with evil illogic uses that same knowledge and technology to add to their numbers.

He has many imitators, this servant to the embodiment of all that is evil. There are many priests of many systematized religions of man who serve organizations devoted to the same ends. Evil they may be, but less successful and therefore, perhaps, less evil than the man who always had ruled from the Vatican.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, June 1993

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