Don’t Draw Fire!

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Don_t Draw Fire - trojan-horse

The maxim of the combat soldier – Don’t Draw Fire!

It seems many of our Aryan warriors have forgotten the maxim and the reason for it. A soldier will not needlessly draw fire on his position for the very practical reason that to do so will bring needless casualties. The soldier keeps as low a profile as possible and springs upon his enemy at the time and the place of his choosing.

Aryan warriors today wage as deadly a war as any they have ever faced in their long, long history. What is at stake is not a piece of land, a form of government, or a given racial accommodation forced upon us by the political faction which now controls our once-Aryan governments. The outcome of this battle is the very survival of our Aryan race. To dissipate our strength and effort through futile gestures spells disaster.

In the World of power, the stakes are high, the game never called, and the winner takes all. There is no balm for the loser. Losers are that – losers. In the gambling world they leave the gaming table as the remaining players deal the next hand. In the grim struggle for racial survival losers fall into the ooze where the mud races breed and live. Miscegenation is the loosing hand and miscegenation is what the Jews who now control the once-Aryan governments of European peoples are forcing upon us.

Only the Aryan warrior can save the Aryan race. The Aryan warrior, as much a woman as a man, must fight the battle today by exclusiveness. The Aryan must live only with the Aryan. The Aryan must continue to abide by our ancient values, loyalty to the race, loyalty to the family, loyalty to one’s personal honesty and loyalty to nature’s law by respect for the purity of our soil. To heedlessly disrupt that system of loyalty and personal honor, to risk loss and defeat by drawing battle lines with the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG) at places and times of their choosing, is to draw needless fire upon our position.

Associate with Aryans, deal with Aryans, patronize only the Aryan merchant. Advance the Aryan position in every way possible without drawing direct confrontational fire. A group of Aryans live in Georgia, Forsyth county by name. Through the action of traitors, of pseudo-Jews living amongst them, the door was opened and a situation created for a massive intrusion of ZOG’s forces into their community. It was not an Aryan victory. Unnecessary fire was drawn upon the Aryan’s position and the body count is not yet complete, but ZOG’s forces have intruded into what was once a “white” county. Time will tell how many of the black or mud races must be imported into Forsyth county to insure those people will live in the squalor now deemed appropriate for our race. ZOG, through overwhelming use of force, has again extended the hand of “brotherhood” to kill an Aryan community.

Until Aryan warriors can muster sufficient force to win control of government, there can be no lasting victory. We must regain power by infiltrating the governments which we created and once controlled. As long as the hand of the Jew is on the trigger of the weapon pointed at the head of the Aryan warrior, his race, his family and his values, there will be no victory in an outright confrontation. We need no more of our Aryan warriors dead or in prison, we need each of them on the battle line, to wage war in the manner which we choose and at the time and place of our choosing.

Aryans have created the greatest civilization the world has yet seen. Aryans today, by their misguided acceptance of the mongrel concepts of Christian “brotherhood” and Jewish “equality,” have nearly undone the work of their noble ancestors. It is not too late to reverse the process. We have the strength of our race, both mental and physical, remaining to us. We only will lose them if we follow the dictates of ZOG and wallow in their cesspool of equality and brotherhood while following the miscegenation road to oblivion.

We will have brotherhood amongst our Aryan comrades, but equality is a term left to the losers. The noble struggle for existence knows no equality – only winners. By living with and among Aryans we regain our strength and our purpose. Once the Aryan warrior is ready for battle against ZOG there will be no defeat. The clean, proud Aryan people will again lead the world.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, May 1987

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