White Isn’t Enough.

Clerkin, Major D.V.


America has no future. A white man has no future in America. Don’t believe it? Think everything will work out in the end? The non-whites coming to majority status in America will be nice to an aging white population? WRONG! A white who lives long enough into the next century will experience the worst discrimination ever seen in this continent. As the non-whites become the majority, their representatives will dictate policy, especially hiring and tax policy. White who manage to be productive in the work forces of the future will carry a tax burden so crushing that their own families will diminish in size to the point at which there is hardly a white birth rate at all.

Social Security will go under in the second decade of the 21st century. There won’t be enough white taxes to collect sufficient to carry the soaring increases in minority slouches on S.S.I. grants to keep up their booze and drug habits. The federal budget already cuts into Social Security for interest payments on the Debt. White had better think again about having any government benefit well into the next century.

The new “health care” scheme Hillary and Billary propose will make life for the white aged and their grandchildren even more miserable. Anti-white discrimination in health matters will become government policy. How much will an old white life be worth, or the life of a white male infant? In combat medicine there is a policy known as Triage. Choices must be quickly made concerning whose wounds are treatable, who has the best chance of recovering. Those who it is deemed cannot survive are given a heavy injection of morphine to kill the pain and are set aside to quietly die. There will be racial Triage in the health care System of the future. I have written that whites are now considered to be tax farm and cannon fodder, but especially tax farm. What is the worth in minority terms of an old white who cannot work because of age or illness? Triage in civilian “health care” based on the race of an individual will be the standard of the future. See who are the doctors of tomorrow: Jews, Asians, East Indians, et al.

One day the old white man will wonder why his Social Security or military pension check no longer comes. A trip to the government office will see an ocean of color, non-white employees with a Jew overlord dictating the policy. The old white man will be sternly told that he has imposed on non-whites long enough; that he should go home and take his life, his old white wife too. Is this too stark a prediction? You don’t want to find out. Consider how much you have already lost in a country you once thought was yours.

Obviously being white isn’t enough. You must renounce loyalty to this Washington regime, this regime that has pulled the rug out from under you and yours. The only citizenship you now hold as whites is state citizenship. Washington is not a country, not a nation; it has no citizens, merely servants, officers and non-white wards. The “United States” is an international corporation. It exists only on paper and in its military bases, its possessions and territories. It cannot make a non-white a citizen of any state, no matter what the Fourteenth Amendment proposes or the Civil Rights statutes say. Washington’s dictates carry the force of law only among its servants, officers and wards. It is no more a nation than General Motors or IBM.

As a white you are an organic citizen of the state in which you were born or now reside. But the states have been corrupted by federal money. The same anti-white policies employed by Washington are generally in effect in your state. At least in the states you have a government that pays attention to what you say, if you say it loud and often. On the city or county level you can be heard even more. I am of the opinion that whites are much too silent on issues affecting their lives and future.

Aryanize your minds. Don’t think of yourselves as “U.S. citizens.” Washington knows you are not. Oh, they will wrench taxes out of you at the point of a gun. We are their victims, their farm. Look toward a future that includes only your race in a new governance. The Aryan Republic concept cannot thrive in an atmosphere that sees whites loyal to alien regimes, their false propaganda.

I walked recently along the shores of one of Wisconsin’s most fashionable resort lakes. I saw the mansion-like summer residences of the white wealthy, their huge, private swimming piers and their expensive power boats tied up at them. It was a bright Sunday and the whites were at play with their children and their dogs. And I thought of the French nobility in 1789 and how they must have viewed their own decaying society. The French Aristos never dreamed that in a few short years they would be loaded into tumbrels and taken to the Guillotine. Our white wealthy hope that their own dream, the “American Dream,” does not turn into a nightmare as it did for the French. Though it probably would do no good to remind them of what happened to people just like them in 1789. They think that being white and wealthy is protection against just about anything. They have no racial conscience, which is why I call them the “Blankos.” White skins and no souls. They might as well be black for all the care for their race they display.

No, being white isn’t enough. Wealth won’t save the “Blankos,” Aryanism will. How to teach the “Blankos” a racial conscience, how to get them involved in the preservation of our people and the making of a future for white children? That is the question of our age. We Aryans don’t like the prospect of leaving the recalcitrant “Blankos” to their racial fate at the hands of the operators of multicultural America. It is like throwing a lifeline to a drowning man who refuses to take it. It is very difficult for those of us who have sworn to protect our race and culture to grasp the reason(s) why the “Blankos” will not speak up for their own kind, why they actively assist in the empowerment of other races; why they cooperate with the Jews and the ZOG. Be certain that they are coming to a critical point in their refusal to speak up.

From The Talon, published by
Euro-American Alliance

SOURCE: Liberty Bell, December 1994

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