A Commie Shows the Route to Success

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A Commie Shows the Route

It will come as a surprise to some of the younger readers, but the government of the United States was, for a long time, responsive to the wishes of the Aryan population which had created it and the Constitution which regulates its activities. How, then, did the government become one which reflects the wishes and desires of an alien minority, the Zionist Jews, rather than those of its own people? The answer lies in a long, slow erosion. The first major landmark along the route was the slaughter between 1860 and 1865, and the shape of the present, or Zionist Occupation Government was formed in the 1930-1940 time period.

One of the most enlightening books describing the means used by the Communist Jew, as opposed to the Zionist Jew, to control the government is Witness, written by Whitaker Chambers, and published by Random House in 1952. If you can locate a copy in either a library or a used book store, buy it! Chambers was one of the idealistic dupes recruited by the Communists in the 1930s. Though he rose through their ranks, he eventually became sickened with the party and was a witness against them, particularly in the trial of Alger Hiss, a one-time advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What is important for our Aryan warriors today, is not that the government was effectively infiltrated, that is well known, but how it was accomplished. The means by which we lost the government is the means by which it can be regained. Chambers never ran for any political office, nor did Hiss, nor did the vast majority of Communists and Jews who moved into the Federal Government in the 1930-40 period. They came to power through appointment and selection for employment by those who had already found a place in government. It was a relatively slow process even though the Communists had the support of the Soviet Government in reaching their goal. Aryans today must act alone.

Chambers describes a labyrinth of espionage networks all working for the same goal but independent of one another. Not a single branch of the Federal Government was then, or is today, free of them. Jews wield tremendous power and have so subverted the Justice and State Departments they are, today, the tools of Soviet-Zionist interests. Jews are entrenched in the three branches of government, the legislative, judicial, and executive. The only way they will be routed out is by a massive revolution which will sweep the corridors of Washington clean, and this will not happen. Those who hold the power are not easily removed. Aryans can, and must, follow the path of the infiltrator.

It seems a degrading and demeaning thing for Aryans to be forced to regain control of their government in such a manner, but, it has one merit – it will work. It is simple, it is fool proof, and each of you employed at any level of government can begin at once to do battle with the enemy. Insure each action which you can take and control is taken in the interest of Aryans. Be a friend of those who hire and be quick to inform your Aryan comrades of job openings. Insure that necessary references are available from other Aryans. As one becomes secure within the system, then a second can be added, and a third, and so it will multiply.

Those with the necessary qualifications must seek appointments within the various agencies of ZOG’s system. It is not necessary at this time that any other action be taken. Once our numbers have increased to the point where more direct action is possible, then our Aryan cause will have the strength needed to proceed at a more rapid pace. As the current Attorney General, Edwin Meese, said, the decisions of the Supreme Court are not the law of the land, they can be reversed. Amendments of the Constitution can be rescinded. Federal appointments can be vacated, and, what is true on the federal level is true at every level of government.

Chambers, a pacifist and a Quaker, worked for an ideal which he felt was of benefit to mankind. It was only after the damage was done that he realized he had been the tool of the most evil system in existence. When Chambers denounced Hiss, the darling of the Liberals, it was as if the vampire in an old horror movie had been confronted with the “true cross.” Chambers was, and is still, vilified by the media and all of the Liberals. There was, however, sufficient force left in the system, to remove Hiss and send him to prison for perjury. He should have been hanged as a traitor, but the system was not that strong, for if Hiss had hanged, there would not have been rope enough to hang the rest of the traitors. Chambers shows us the plan for the battle which we, too, must wage. Learn from history, Aryan warrior, use the tactics of the Jew to defeat him. By using the tactics of infiltration we may retake our government before the enemy realizes he is under attack from within.

Some in the National Socialist Movement see no reason for saving a government which they feel to be beyond redemption. They long for the purity of a National Socialist Aryan state, but, they long in vain. Within our Aryan lands we have too many of the mud races. We have been invaded and nearly conquered. It will be by degree that we regain control of our destiny. Once the blasphemy of “equality” has been settled, there are then many avenues for dealing with the mud races in our midst, from segregation to complete removal into separate states. Whatever the ultimate solution, the Aryan warrior can win this fight if the battle commences now, and with the tools and knowledge available to each of us. Whitaker Chambers has left the battle plan, we have but to follow it to victory. It will be the Aryan warriors working from within the system who make it possible for the emergence of National Socialism – if not in our life time, then in that of our children.

One thing is certain: our world is facing a great revolution. The only question is whether the outcome will be propitious for the Aryan portion of mankind or whether the everlasting Jew will profit from it.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, May 1987

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