The Political Battle for Victory

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the political battle 2

Two aspects of National Socialism readily become apparent for those of us who seek to follow its philosophy. First is the idealistic. This encompasses the ultimate goals of a racially pure population living in a society in which we may exercise our rights over our own lives, property, and natural resources without outside interference from other races. This is our Weltanschauung, the world-view around which our actions and philosophy revolve, the central issue of life which is the perpetuation of our race through the purity of its blood and the purity of the soil from which comes our sustenance.

The second aspect is one which many National Socialists today find distasteful for it involves direct action in the competitive, and vicious, world of politics. To bring the Weltanschauung into reality it must become the philosophical basis for the government of the racial community. Unless you subscribe to the concept that some great, all-seeing and all-knowing super being nestled in the heavens is going to reach down into the affairs of our race and set everything right for us, then you realize the political road is the only one open to us for accomplishing our goals. Distasteful as it may be, Aryan warriors must become involved in politics if we are to be victorious.

National Socialists today look to the racial concepts of Adolf Hitler as being the most meaningful to the struggle in the contemporary world. Hitler did not conceive the concept of racial purity, he was but one in a long line of racial realists who understood the workings of nature and the role which each race must play in fulfilling its destiny. What sets Hitler apart is that he realized the necessity for entering the political arena to attain his goals. The world of German politics in the 1920-1930 decades were as corrupt as those in contemporary Western countries today. Hitler entered the battle under the swastika banner of the National Socialist German Workers Party, the NSDAP, or “Nazi” party, to use the German name and abbreviation by which the party and its philosophy became known in Germany and throughout the world.

This will not be a retelling of history so well documented in Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, meaning, “my struggle,” or, “my battle.” Suffice to say, Hitler’s first attempt to attain political power was at the muzzle of a gun – and it failed. He then realized the only avenue open to the National Socialist for realizing the Weltanschauung was the rocky road of politics. His success followed long years of dedicated, altruistic work and sacrifice. It did not come easily for Hitler, nor will it come easily for his followers today. The battle must be fought in the world of contemporary politics.

Fine, you say, but how is this to come about, how does it affect me? Each of us who accept the National Socialist philosophy eagerly await its Führer, its leader. But, we wait in vain, for we have not prepared the way for the arrival of a leader. A leader cannot lead without a body of followers, and today our racial ranks are so scattered, and so divided the leader’s role lies in the future. Today it is our duty, as followers of the racial dream of Aryan unity, to prepare the way for the leader of our people.

To do this, we, as Aryan warriors, must be infiltrators, we must be vicious, we must be cunning, and we must never lose sight of our ultimate goal. Each of us must enter the political arena in our immediate community. We must become involved in the political process. We must become active as individuals and as Aryan families in making our views known and felt. One does not accomplish this today by marching into the PTA or city council meeting with a swastika armband. One accomplishes it by seeming to join forces with ZOG – our Zionist Occupation Government. We will remove ZOG as the minions of ZOG sought to remove us, by infiltrating the existing system and working from within to regain control. Some few will be able to work in the open for our goals, but others, just as the great mass below the icebergs tip, will remain unknown.

There are still Aryans. As you express your Aryan views in the political arena, you will find you serve as a magnet to attract others. Do not be too ambitious. A string of minor victories are needed to insure each victory of major significance which will ultimately lead to our final triumph over ZOG. Do not hesitate to join or to affiliate with any of the existing political parties, for an Aryan warrior is not there to further their aims, but to farther the Weltanschauung of National Socialism. If you must, resort to deception and even falsehood, the weapons now available, for surely our goal must justify the means by which we will achieve our victory. Become active in your community’s political life. If you are still a member of ZOG’s various churches, make your voice and philosophy known by citing the many Christian biblical references which show an abhorrence for sodomites and race mixers. To aid in your research, refer to the book lists offered by all of our racial publications – help is available.

Any victory, no matter how small, is a firm stone in the foundation of National Socialist power. As our foundation grows, it will eventually support a political organization of tremendous power, and from that base will emerge the racial leader destined to carry our Weltanschauung to the victory which will be ours in the 21st Century. The contemporary policies of racial destruction through miscegenation are false and contrary to the natural order; they will collapse when struck by the force of Aryan power derived from strength founded upon the natural order. Do not feel cheapened by entrance into politics, it is the means by which our end, just as was Hitler’s, will be attained.

As our Aryan goals begin to be realized in the political and educational arenas, then will emerge the party which will be our vehicle to political victory. In Germany it was the NSDAP, and may well be again, in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and all of the other countries of Aryan foundation and population, it may be a party of another name, yet the goals will all be identical – the foundation of a National Socialist Aryan state. Today our task is neither easy nor pleasant, for we must travel under colors not of our choosing to attain our goals. Deception does not come easily to the Aryan warrior. We must look at the Jew to see the pathway of deceit which he used to infiltrate our Aryan governments. His path is easy to follow, and, though distasteful, we Aryans must also follow it to destroy our foe and thus insure the victory of our Weltanschauung. Tomorrow’s world will be better for our struggle, and our children, and their children to follow, will live in a world of natural harmony.

And it must be clearly recognized that if a highly energetic and active body of men emerge from a nation and unite in the fight for one goal, thereby ultimately rising above the inert masses of the people, this small percentage will become masters of the whole.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, February 1987

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