The Aryan Family Is Our Most Formidable Weapon for Survival

The Nordic Press

The Aryan Family

The values seem small, of not too much importance in the great world of today. We look about us and we see the absolute necessity for a new and larger car, for a vacation in some “exotic” part of the globe, and for that bit of plastic which will provide it all – and thralldom as well. What can fleeting memories of a mother’s love, or a father’s guidance and care mean? Nothing, of course, if you have had little of the former and none of the latter.

Reflect upon your own life. If you grew to be an adult in a home with a mother and a father, you are becoming something of a novelty in Western lands today. If you lived in one home with your parents all during your childhood, then you are even more of an oddity, for we have become a population of wanderers. We seek the phantom of not only new and better mates but new and better jobs, houses, cars, all of the material things of this world which our society tells us are the important aspects of our life. Success is judged by the amount of one’s acquired wealth.

We look down upon the family with several children whose father toils each day to provide the necessities for his brood while his wife is forced into the menial role of “housewife.” The poor woman’s entire life is ruined because she is tied to her children, to their daily care, to their education. We blame it on today’s hectic pace when our own children are found to be drug users, our daughters are either the bearers of bastard children or are aborted by the friendly folks at the neighborhood abortion mill – financed by our tax dollars. We do not see the loving family circle about that other humble table as the family strength of our race as they unite to share a meal prepared by loving hands.

Nor do we look into the subject matter force-fed into our children at the public schools. Life is too short to be wasted on such trivia as understanding the contents of the textbooks, or investigating the background of the teachers, or the philosophy of the national organizations which now have complete – well, nearly so – control of classroom education. More important is our meeting on the golf course or attending the cocktail party where booze, dope, and sex reflect the fact we have “arrived” and are part of the “today scene.”

We take it for granted that man and wife must both work, must both bring in a pay check, for how else can the necessities of life be assured? How can the payments on the two cars, the jet ski, and last year’s drunken binge at the beach resort be paid for? How indeed? Life has become so simple. It is devoted to the acquisition of material signs of affluence, emotions are regulated by the intake of narcotics, and the care of our children can mercifully be left to the state. It is life in the fast lane – leading to oblivion!

As the material world comes crashing down, as the dopers and race mixers of the 20th Century look upon the world through the distortion of reality prompted by their governments, they just might see the passing of the Aryan family. Such is the goal of those who are nearly complete in their task of destroying the strongest bastion of Aryan strength – the family. The family has brought the Aryan through from the misty times of the past to today. It was within the family circle the lessons of love, honor, responsibility, and faith in our folk were learned. When we pass those responsibilities into the hands of the Jew-communist doctrinaires infesting the government and schools we have abrogated our racial heritage. Those who have lost the family have lost their reason for living.

Look closely at your own life. What have you given to your family? The new car does not count, nor the flashy clothing or television, nor any of the material trappings of our tinsel society. Have you given of yourself? Have you taken time to be with your children, to understand what they are reading, what they are being taught, and correcting the errors which the system drums into their receptive minds? Have you assured they have a home filled with love and care where they can escape the degradation of the materialism of today? Have you taken steps to insure they have Aryan children with whom they may play and associate, that your Aryan friends and their children may come into your home for an evening or day of wholesome recreation? These things cost nothing.

Your Aryan friends will not judge you by the outer trappings but by the inner strength of your life. They will rejoice with you in the warmth and love radiated by your Aryan family, they will find strength in the wholesome food which graces your table. Remember the simple fare of Adolf Hitler and the honor given to the family by the National Socialists in the Germany of the Golden Era. No higher honor was attained than the recognition given to Aryan mothers in that time. No value was placed upon the false, the unworthy. The value of one’s life was reflected in service to family and to folk, to the fulfillment of Aryan destiny – the betterment of our race through the purity of our blood.

The National Socialist of today must simplify. Reduce your material possessions to the absolute minimum which will insure good health and comfort. Escape the cycle of credit buying and you free yourself and your loved ones from the yoke of the Jew. Teach your children by example and guide them in the study of the lessons of our Aryan people and our accomplishments. Show them the true meaning of the Aryan’s love for family by example. A home where the mother raises her young securely, where all of the family come with joy at the ending of each day to share in the warmth and love of one another. Where the father is grateful for the opportunity to be responsible for the material, educational, and spiritual guidance of his family and shares these responsibilities with his wife who teaches the graces of love and sharing to her children. Sharing in the duties of the home, sharing in the obligations of one to another today, and through life.

The Aryan family is the most dangerous threat to the world view of the Jew. The Aryan family is rapidly moving to extinction by the deliberate manipulation of government. The government has already destroyed the Negro family in the United States, and the Aryan family is nearly gone. The route to survival lies in the family. Within the family the Aryan blood is secure, within the family is the hope for our future. There will be no “Aryan Nation,” no “New Order,” no tomorrow at all for the Aryan if the family is allowed to die.

Aryans group together not as individuals, we group together as extensions of our respective families. If we do not have Aryan values inculcated in the home from childhood, then the individual’s chance of random encounter with those who possess the Aryan spirit become slight. It is an Aryan community which has been our bulwark, for from the Aryan family come Aryan warriors. From Aryan warriors will come the survival of our race. As the Aryan family is deliberately destroyed, so too is the Aryan warrior. Only you, today, can stop the process which otherwise will destroy us. The survival and strength of the Aryan family is crucial. If the battle is won, we survive as a race, if lost, we sink into the oblivion of racial miscegenation and are one with the mud races.

He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, January 1987

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