It Is The Law!

(David Lane)


How many times have members of the White Resistance heard this phrase from the Kohnservatives. Of course, neither the writer of this article, nor anyone who publishes it, would advocate breaking the laws of the Jews and race traitors who run this country. However, it is still at least semi-legal to point out the differences between the higher law of self-preservation, as practiced by our ancestors, and the present system of so-called “law”, whose greatest aim is the mixing, mongrelization, and abolition of the White Race.

I have often pictured in my mind the reaction of my ancestors, in both Viking Scandinavia and Teutonic Europe, to the present-day tyranny of the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) of the United States.

Can you, for instance, picture a 10th century Jerome Kurtz, former Jew head of the I.R.S., arriving at the longhut of one Eric the Fierce? Here, the kosher tax collector presents a document asserting that it is now the “Law” of the land that Eric and his clan must turn over half of their worldly possessions, and in the future must submit half of the fruits of their labor, to the tax collector. Furthermore, announces the tax collector, the tax money will be used to import Negroes and Mexicans as breeding stock to mix with your children. Is there anyone so naive as to doubt the certainty that the head of the forefather of Kosher Kurtz would soon have decorated a pole near the door of Eric’s abode, both as punishment for such impudence and as a warning to any of the parasitic tribe who might follow in his footsteps?

Picture, if you can, a Teutonic tribe in Northern Europe in the 2nd century, headed by a chieftain named Balder. One day a certain Richard Cohen, head of the Civil Rights division of Northern Europe, arrives. Mr. Cohen announces that in a neighboring province, just two hours sleigh ride away, the government has created a village of imported Negroes. It is now the “Law” of the land, announces Mr. Cohen, that every member of your tribe must supply a sleigh and horses five days a week so we can transport your children to school in the new village of Ape-Eden. There your sons will be taught to feel guilty for being White, and your daughters will become the sexual attraction of the Negroes. To what avail, I wonder, would Mr. Cohen’s Civil Rights Laws have been when Balder cleaved the Jew from scalp to scrotum with his battle-axe?

Now we, of course, would never advocate disobedience to the Jew laws of our land, but merely contemplate the differences between generations. Today’s conservatives have submitted to the things mentioned above, and worse. Furthermore, in the near future they will submit to far more degrading laws. When the laws come, as they will, that all remaining White men must pay for, and attend, a sensitivity training class, if they want to hold a job in the Jewnited States, they will arrive dutifully at the appointed place and time with money in hand. They will be wearing kneepads for crawling; they will have their ears pushed out like pistol grips, and they will have their lips puckered up like fish, and, quite literally, they will kiss the buttocks of the Jews’ assorted foot soldiers, for, after all, it will be the “Law.”

When it becomes the “Law” of the land that every White man with a daughter between 12 and 17 years of age must bring her to an inter-racial, bi-sexual sensitivity class, he will obey – for it is the “Law.” There, his daughter will alternately be raped and brutalized by Negroes and bull dyke Jewesses, but the conservative can console himself with the knowledge that he obeyed the “Law.”

It is now the “Law” that you must sell your Race in order to have a job. If you want a government job, you must agree to promote race-mixing. To get a license to sell real estate, you must agree to promote race-mixing. To be a teacher, or be recognized as a church, you must promote race-mixing. As a Race, we go to our death as responsible conservatives – obeying the “Law.”

In the religion of our Norse and Teutonic ancestors, the highest duty and honor of a man was the protection of his kin and family, even unto death. Either we as a people will abandon the foolishness of an Oriental religion, i.e., “love your enemies,” “turn the other cheek,” “be meek and humble,” “resist not evil,” and return to the healthy laws of the Gods of our Fathers, or we and our civilization are dead and gone like the dodo bird. If we fail to do so, the last Whites, as they are being slaughtered by the Jewnited States Army and their Christian hand-maidens, can proudly proclaim to the end, “We obeyed the Law.”

I must mention Don and Dan Nichols, the two so-called Mountain Men, who abducted a woman, intending to make her a wife for the younger Nichols. The problem they faced is common to hundreds of thousands of White men at this time. As the White men drop, or are forced, out of the system, many return to the mountains or forests which fit their racial soul. The White women, who are the most beautiful and most desired of all the females on this earth, however, are staying behind in the cities. There the Jew “Affirmative Action” programs make them economically superior to the remaining racially true White men who are denied good jobs by the Jew system, if they do not promote the race-mixing schemes of the Zionist Occupation Government, leading to a breakup of marriages and families. There in the cities, the well-to-do Jews get the most beautiful White women, and even the average White woman is courted, wined and dined, and spoiled by every racial specimen that dominates the cesspools we call cities. The woman the Mountain Men abducted was as pretty a Nordic beauty as any I’ve ever seen. It was no accident that her boyfriend’s name was Alan Goldstein. Let us pause for a moment and all shed a tear for the dear departed Mr. Goldstein whom the Mountain Men shot and sent to the great Jew money factory in the sky!

Not only is our Race being destroyed by this state of affairs, but the removal of the most beautiful of our women is breeding the beauty out of the remnant. But, getting back to the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of disenfranchised White males in the United States today, I can’t help but compare their situation to that of their Viking forefathers. Would their forefathers have submitted meekly, passing up the chance to have families, to continue their seedline, and to enjoy the pleasures of a beautiful White woman? I dare say, hardly; they would have, and did, sharpen their swords, prepare their battle axes, load provisions on the longboats, and then set sail in the style which befits a proud and noble race, to conquer, subdue, and to bring home wives. Perhaps the Nichols men were far more true to the memory of their ancestors than the emasculated wimps calling themselves White men in the rest of America. Of course, we know that the Jews have the money, that they have our women, and that the justice system, the “Law,” is in their hands.

White man, your choice is here and now. You may follow Jesus, love your enemies – and die; OR, yon can raise Mjollner, the Hammer of Thor, and smash your enemies – and live. Will you follow the “Law” of JudaeoChristianity and die, or will you follow the highest LAW, that of self-preservation – and live? The future of your children is in your hands.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, December 1985

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