The Tarnished Emblem

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The Tarnished Emblem - german_ss_cap_eagle_insignias_original

Anyone engaged in a battle against seemingly impossible odds finds, on more than one occasion, feelings of frustration, even despair. I felt those feelings today as I held a metal cap badge in my hands. Its metallic surface was dark and tarnished. The stern eagle, grasping in its talons a wreath-encircled swastika, was barely visible. It was as if the dreams and ideals of those who had created this symbol had gone, forever, leaving but a tarnished bit of stamped metal behind, as an artifact of a time gone by.

What could I, one individual, do to salvage those ideals? The tiny eagle in my hand was a far cry from the massive eagles once adorning the public and party edifices in Germany to reflect the concept of Aryan purity and unity. Their ideals, their Weltanschauung, represented by the eagle and the swastika it proudly carried, were, it seemed, as distant from me in time and reality as the days and people of nearly half a century ago who lived for those symbols and those ideals. Here I sat, alone, holding an SS symbol of glory and honor now deemed abhorrent by a large portion of the Aryan people. A sense of futility nearly overwhelmed me. What can I, one individual, with no power, no means of influencing others, hope to do in this time of darkness?

Then, by habit, I found my old Blitz cloth and began to rub the surface of the badge. In a few moments it glowed with life. Its gleaming surface no longer carried the accumulated tarnish of neglect, the proud eagle once more said, “Aryan, Awake!” Perhaps none but I now hears its message, but I hear it. As I hear it, then I can share it with others. The sharing may be no more than my living my life as an Aryan, shunning the services and products of the destroyers of my race and culture, and honoring my family, my blood and the soil which nurtures us.

The time of depression passed and, for me, the glorious dawn of the New Order again brightened the horizon. The success or failure of the New Order depends upon one person, and one person alone – me! If I am true to the Blood of my race, then my race will continue. If I boycott the products and services of the Jew who would destroy me, then I make him weak and strengthen my own race. If I honor and support my family, insuring their wellbeing and education, then the Aryan family is alive and well. If I do nothing to contaminate the soil, water, and air which gave me birth, while shunning the products of the contaminators, then there is still one patch of Mother Earth dedicated to the natural order of Aryan life. My circle of influence may be small, but it is real. The eagle and its precious burden flourishes here!

One man, Adolf Hitler, carried the same vision, the same dream for an Aryan future. His struggle, too, was uphill, blocked at nearly every turn by those he came to lead. But, through his genius, his determination, he gained a foothold in history, he placed the New Order upon the plane of the attainable – he showed, through his lifes work, what I, too, may obtain. The New Order is not dead. It lives and flourishes in me!

The will, the yearning and indeed the strength of thousands of people are in each individual.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, January 1987

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