Hitler Had It Easy!

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Hitler had it Easy

Hitler had it easy! That’s right, Hitler had an easy job of uniting his Aryan comrades in Germany if compared to the problems confronting today’s racialists. Hitler lived in an Aryan community in an Aryan nation. Hitler’s contemporaries knew they were Aryans. Hitler’s followers were sick of the treachery and debauchery of their leaders. Hitler’s followers were able to see the gleaming future which National Socialism offered the Aryan peoples.

Few today live in an Aryan community. Our country is filled with the world’s “wretched refuse.” Since the end of World War II our schools have preached the Jew doctrine of democracy and equality. From kindergarten (my, does that German word still survive?) through the university, our young are taught race is a myth and it is only the environment which shapes the individual. The genetic inheritance our Aryan ancestors passed to each of us counts for nothing – only environment determines our destiny. Therefore, the downbreeding of the Aryan with the mud races of the world is of no consequence, in fact it is desirable, our children learn, for all artificial barriers created by race will be eliminated and we will be one happy band of downbreeds wallowing in the mud of “equality.”

Those who march today under the symbolic banners of the Siegrunen and the Hakenkreuz find it difficult, often impossible, to awaken fellow Aryans to the racial issues confronting them. Germans of the Hitler era knew the facts of genetic life. They were aware of the disruptive influences caused by the incursion of the Jew. The Jew was correctly identified as an alien. Despite the time of residency in Germany, for a few years or generations, the Jew remained a Jew. There was no confusion as to the genetic pools, one was Aryan, one was foreign.

In Germany of the Hitler era there were pockets of degeneracy which would match anything in contemporary society. The faggots of Berlin were as brazen as their degenerate fellows mincing the streets of America today. The moral degeneracy of the Weimar politicians was equaled, if not surpassed, by the cesspool called Washington and reflected in the fifty state capitals. The major difference was the queer and the degenerate government sickened the vast majority of the German population. Today, from every direction, the queer, the doper, the corrupt politician become the norm. The materialism of our contemporary world leaves everything to a “me-too-ism” which permits any activity, no matter how corrupt or depraved, as long as it pushes the individual up a notch or two in the consumer society. To Hitler, honor and loyalty were important, the concepts of the spiritual values of our ancient Aryan peoples remained. Find them in today’s world!

Hitler and his followers had a vision of a world returned to the concepts of Aryan purity. Of Aryans working within an Aryan community, for the advancement of Aryan values – family, individual honor, genetic purity and folk before self. The National Socialists of today must show these values by their personal life and conduct in this land of foreign occupation, for the majority of Aryans today are so lacking in racial spirit it is difficult for them to combat the corrupting influences of the gutter values of a Jew-dominated society.

Despite the differences, Hitler’s battle was monumental. National Socialism was elected to political power following his years of struggle and sacrifice. Hitler’s first attempt at political power ended in failure before the Feldherrnhalle in Munich on the 9th of November in 1923. It was only by the hand of providence Hitler’s name was not amongst the sixteen who died in the abortive putsch. From Landsberg prison Hitler then wrote Mein Kampf in which he described his political philosophy and his determination to attain his political goals. The domination of the Hitler will was to be reflected in the monumental film “Triumph des Willens” produced by Leni Riefenstahl in 1934 to show what was indeed the triumph of the will of one man who had emerged to lead the Aryan peoples – Adolf Hitler.

Despite the adversities of the contemporary Aryan world, there is no shrinking from the task. Hitler’s ideals are more valid today, for we see National Socialism as the sole means of survival for our Aryan folk and culture. When our Aryan people regain their self-respect and identity as a people unique in culture and genetic potential, then, once again, a leader will emerge to bring us to victory through Aryan unity. Each National Socialist must continue the struggle and lead by example in a world of increasing darkness. The light of those lives will draw other Aryans to the warmth of the Aryan hearth and to the growing family of Aryans gathered there.

Raise the fallen banner, march to victory under the Hakenkreuz of old. The Siegrunen, the sign of victory and Aryan purity, shines from the hearts of our Aryan comrades leading us from darkness into light. Each one must act today or the Aryan tomorrow will never come.

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, December 1986

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