Race, Religion & Samisdat

Eric Thompson


A great German statesman and philosopher once remarked that “One had to decide whether one would be a politician or a religious reformer.” Unfortunately, too many people in White America and Europe have failed to make this decision and thus remained neither one thing nor another. As long as they remain undecided, the world will go to the political forces of Evil by default and tyranny will triumph.

One of the chief paralyzing factors in the White Man’s struggle for survival is so-called “Christianity.” The alleged appearance of Christ is very recent in the White Man’s history – and very dubious. There is no proof of Christ’s existence outside the “New Testament,” nor archaeological or recorded evidence. History records instead the statements and actions of those who claimed to speak, write, or act in Christ’s name.

The origins of the Jewish fairy tales, the “Old Testament,” are equally recent in White history. The ancient civilizations of the Middle East – Greece and Egypt – were Aryan, that is, White. But when race-mixing creeds became fashionable, dark they became and down into ruin they went. Christianity, it is to be remembered, was to Rome as was Communism to Russia, a Jew-inspired movement of equality and race-mixing, led, staffed, and dominated by Jews who were at that time mainly of Afro-Semitic origin.

In regard to the “Old Testament,” it originated in the ancient Aryan history of Sumeria which was invaded and occupied by Semitic tribes, following the Aryan migration to the Indus Valley and their conquest of India. The Semites passed on the succeedingly garbled versions of this history from one generation to the next and finally wrote it down, according to their tastes and needs of the moment. And now, White Men everywhere kneel down before this product of wily Semitic camel-traders, market-hagglers, and slavers!

As the great Bible scholar, Friedrich Nietzsche, remarked about the “Old Testament:” “It is passing strange that the god of the Hebrews chose to write in Greek – and in such bad Greek!” Martin Luther admitted that the Jewish rabbis duped him when he translated the Bible into German. But he finally discovered “The Jews and Their Lies” when it was too late, and he died of mysterious causes after he published the booklet of the same name.

White Man’s history records only the existence of the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, during the so-called ‘time of Christ.’ The only White Men around the so-called Holy Land at that time were the Romans who were so superior to the Afro-Semitic hodgepodge around them that they disdained to ape these creatures’ religious pretentions any more than did their successors in the Middle East – the British soldiers and governors. Then as now, no White Man would drop his spear/rifle or quill/pen to gibber and gyrate with the desert dervishes and mad Mahdis. Nor would he adopt the ‘religion’ or the leadership of any stinking bunch of ‘Hebrews,’ which, in the original language, meant “bandits of the desert.” Unfortunately, the White Man had no fear in regard to the absorption of these aliens who would bring about the destruction of the White Man’s race, culture, and civilization wherever they went. Thus it is that only Jew history records the existence of a man called Christ, and the reports in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John so contradict themselves in regards to his birth, death, and statements that we should have sufficient reason for doubt. In Anglo-Saxon law, contradictory testimony is dismissed as unreliable and no judgements are based thereon. Why have Anglo-Saxons stopped honoring their own tradition of justice in accepting so uncritically the “New Testament”? As we have seen throughout recent history, far more depends on the “New Testament’s” truth or falsity than the life of one man, yet we accept as sworn evidence such far-reaching hearsay testimony with less thought, consideration, and logic than we weigh the evidence for the life of a single accused person. This is certainly a disordering of our survival priorities.

If Christ had been a White Man, he could only have been born of Roman parents, the only Whites in the otherwise Afro-Semitic “Holy Land” of the time. And since J.C. was not a Roman, he could not have been White. The White Greeks were long gone by that time. Whatever Christ’s race could have been, his preachings have been used against the White Race and mean, in fact, suicide for any race which adopts them.

The statements attributed to Christ are indeed a formula for race-suicide: “Love thy neighbor as thyself” (regardless of race). “Love thine enemy” (as we should the Soviet Union). “As you do unto the least of these, so you do also unto me”, hereby translated as maintaining the unfit at the expense of the fit. “My kingdom is not of this earth.” Right on! For by following the alleged teachings of Christ, the White Man is losing more and more of Planet Earth, just as he lost ancient Rome to the non-White slave population. Rome did not fall to the Aryan invaders misnamed “barbarians” by the decadent, race-mixed dweller-in-Rome. Rome had already fallen from the lack of White Romans, just as ancient Greece fell for lack of Aryan Greeks; Race-mixing means ruination for all White civilizations.

No wonder that Christianity and Satanism, that is, Judaism/Talmudism/Kabalism, have been so cozy! On the one hand, the Christians give credence to the dogma that the Jews are ‘God’s Chosen People,’ while, on the other hand, the Jews worship the Prince of this Earth, or Satan. For the Christians, the Messiah has come on their behalf in the ‘world to come,’ and for the Jews, their Messiah (Satan) will come when they have captured all the world’s wealth and when they have enslaved all the world’s peoples. The Christian is taught to expect nothing in this life but to “lay up his treasures in heaven,” to work hard, long, and honestly, to trust his leaders, and to “render unto Caesar” his work, earnings, his children and, finally, his own life, when “Caesar” requires them to. The ‘religious’ duty of the Jew, on the other hand, is to take, and take, and take!

What a symbiosis is shown by the relationship of Christian and Jew: like a master and slave, an oppressor and the oppressed, a hammer and anvil, a sadist and masochist. The Christian must work honestly to store up goodness in some airy-fairy afterlife, while the Jew must take the fruits of the Christian’s labor as his right and duty in order to store up the goods of this world and so hasten the coming of the their Messiah (Satan).

While some benighted Jews accuse the Christian churches of persecuting them, we must view the situation more objectively. The Christians forbade their own believers from practicing usury and medicine during the mighty days of Church rule which are recorded in history as the Dark Ages. Only Jews were allowed to take interest and drug Christian rulers. And when the Jews became ‘too much with us,’ who protected them against the righteous wrath of the masses? Who, but the Christian Church! Even the clergy of the Church wear the clothing of orthodox Jews, from caftans to pork-pie hats, and even ‘God’s representative on earth,’ the leader of the Catholic Church, wears a kosher crash helmet, or skullcap! Are we blind we will not see?

In regard to the Jews, it is necessary to point out that most Jews were Khazars, not Semites, which means that they have no more historical title to the so-called Holy Land than do the Chinese Roman Catholics to the land of Italy. It is thus that the Khazars who converted to Judaism/Talmudism/Satanism around 700 A.D. never came from Palestine, which land they now hold in fee simple by fraud and brute force.

God created the Races. Man creates the religions. This is enough for us to respect the former and to suspect the latter. The ancient Aryan Greeks said: “Whom the Gods will destroy, they first make mad.” The Tower of Babel was about the creation of madness through race-mixing, not through language-learning. One does not think a man crazy for the mere fact that one does not understand his language. Madness is more concretely expressed and conveyed by actions than by words. We do not think the French, whose language we may not understand, are crazy because we cannot understand what they are saying. Since they behave much as we do, we can understand their actions. But of other races, any similarity with our own is purely coincidental. A Black man is not a dark-skinned European and never will be. He is a creature on his own, just as is a Yellow man or a White man. The madness comes through the mixing of races, which, as we see in the mongrel par excellence – the Jew, produces conflicts within the individual so profound as to be destructive. The Jews do not lie when they state that their composite race has one of the highest insanity rates of all mankind. It means death to forget the eternal warning of the White Man to his posterity: Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and out of this, all evil!

All Jew religions, including Talmudism, Christianity, and Communism, have one thing in common: they place Man in opposition to Nature. Man is part of Nature, however, and it is because Man has been misled by Jew-type thinking that he has lost his understanding of his place in the Universe. He has lost his identity and thus his Nature-prescribed path, and now thrashes about like a panic-stricken person trapped in quicksand, and his blind and foolish motions only thrust him downward toward extinction. Adolf Hitler tried to pull his people, and, by extension, the White Race, out of the mortal mire of darkness and chaos, but we refused his hand, and the foremost specimen who betrayed their race in this fashion were the “Christians,” who even today brag of their suicidal deed.

No White Man should strive to emulate or act like a Jew, much less want to be an ‘honorary’ Jew in the form of a ‘Christian’ or even ‘Identity Christian’. As Pat Boone said: “There are three branches of Judaism – Orthodox, Reform, and Christian.” When the White Man has once again discovered his true virtues and Identity and once again acts like a White Man instead of as an Ersatz Jew, he shall once again enter into harmony with Nature. This is our present, most pressing task, and this great work merits the best efforts of all of us. How about it, fellow White Man, are you ready to do your share by supporting those organizations and publications who have set out to accomplish the job?

SOURCE: The Liberty Bell, November 1985

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